Dennis and friends.

Dennis and friends.
I was weeks away from my first teen birthday and Dennis had promised me something special before my celebration, I visited him on a Saturday morning and was shaking with anticipation. He led me into the living room where he’d previously fucked me and I was greeted by two middle aged men. Dennis introduced them as Guy and Tom, He said they’d been told all about me and couldn’t wait to meet.

Dennis switched on the TV and put some porno on, a woman on her knees three men around her with stiff cocks all needing to be sucked. I might have been young but I knew where this was headed. Guy was rubbing the bulge in his trousers by now and Tom was watching the film. I walked over to them and knelt down, starting to rub both men’s crotches. It didn’t take long for two decent sized cocks to appear in front of me, one as big as Dennis’ and one a little shorter but much thicker, the thought of it inside me made my mouth water.

I started with Guy’s 9 inches licking and sucking the head while stroking Tom’s thick one, it wasn’t long before I switched and attempted to fit my mouth around the other, thicker cock. It just about fit and I was able to suck the big shiny head for a while before Dennis walked back in, naked and erect. He had his usual box of oils, lubes and toys so I took them and put them down next to me and moved over to suck him next.

Tom and Guy stood up and undressed, I stopped sucking Dennis and did the same. Now I was on my knees with three hard cocks in front of me. I was in heaven! Taking turns to suck them one after another, still barely fitting Tom’s in my young mouth. Dennis grabbed a tube of cream and told me to bend over, I did and he started rubbing it around my hole, he told me it would help me take something bigger in my arse if I wanted to. All I could think about was that thick cock in me! I stayed on all fours and Dennis started to push his 9 inches inside me. It was much easier this time thanks to the cream and he started to fuck me. He obviously knew it was working as he was much faster this time using the whole length of his cock, I could feel his balls slapping against me now and to be honest that really turned me on.

Guy knelt in front of me and I opened my mouth, my first spit roast! The feeling of being filled at both ends was amazing. Dennis pulled out and asked Tom if he wanted to go next, this was the moment I’d been waiting for. Tom was behind me now I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole, Guy still with his cock in my mouth reached over and spread my cheeks. The tip started to enter and I let out a groan, it felt so good as it filled me. Tom grabbed my shoulders and kept going, I felt every inch slide in until I was completely full and Tom announced it was all the way in. I was surprised by this but stopped sucking Guy long enough to turn around and tell him to fuck me with it.

Tom obliged and started slow fucking me, Dennis switched with Guy and I now had his cock in my mouth. I looked at the TV and the woman had all 3 cocks in her at the same time and I decided that was what I wanted. I stopped sucking and asked Guy to lie down. Tom pulled out and told me I was gaping quite nicely, that was good I’d need it for what came next. I straddled Guy and sat on his cock, taking it all in, I told Dennis to get behind me and he seemed to know exactly what I was going for. He positioned himself as I bent over again and started to push a second cock into my arse. Tom now walked around and stood above me, as I took him in my mouth Guy and Dennis started to thrust. Two cocks in my arse and one in my mouth, this was the best day ever! After a good five minutes Dennis pulled out and told me to follow him to the kitchen, I could barely walk after what I’d just done but managed to stand up and follow.

Guy and Tom walked in behind me and Dennis told me it was time for my treat, He brought out a video camera on a tripod and told me to bend over the small kitchen table. I did and he set the camera up and hit record. Tom entered me again while I sucked Guy. Dennis now was holding the camera so he could get a good shot of this thick cock fucking me and then me sucking the other. The camera was set back down and Dennis produced some rope so he could tie me to the table, I told him to hurry so we could get back to the sex. I was tied around the wrists and ankles then Tom, Guy and Dennis all took turns using my holes. My young arse was fucked over and over by three men and I lay there groaning with pleasure enjoying every inch.

Tom was first to finish, he grunted and pushed his cock as deeply as he could filling me with hot cum. Guy was in my mouth and told me he was about to cum, pulled out and covered my face. Dennis was last and squirted all over my arse.

There I was bent over a table covered in cum and loving it. I met Tom and Guy again the following week…

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