DC Trip

Big Dick

DC TripI had gotten up to DC and finally got all settled in at the hotel. I texted you when I had gotten in to give you the room number and you answered me telling me to set my laptop up so we could talk. I bring everything up and you send me a webcam request. When I turn it on, I’m greeted by your smiling face but pointing right at your cheek is a big hard cock. You wink at me and turn your head to start wrapping your lips around it. Your eyes close as your lips stretch around it. It’s so thick you can only get about half of it in your mouth. You reach up and massage his balls while your lips work back and forth over the head of his cock, your tongue swirling all around, tasting every bit of it that you can. I can hear you moaning as you suck and stroke on the cock in your mouth, seeing you bounce your head, trying to get it even deeper down your throat. Suddenly you stop and I see his balls twitching in your hand as his white cream starts to leak out of the corner of your cock filled mouth. You slowly slide your lips off of him and open wide to let me see the huge load of cum he had just shot in your mouth as you let it drip from your lips onto your tits. He steps back away from you and pulls the camera back some and I can see why you were bouncing. Your legs are straddled wide and I can see another cock stretching your pussy open while you grind on his lap. You start rocking your hips, grinding his cock deep inside of you. You squeeze your tits together for me, rubbing the cum that had dripped on them into your skin. He stands you up and you lean forward on the desk, your cum covered tits hanging down in front of the camera, and I see you thrusting forward as he starts slamming his cock into you from behind. I lick my lips, seeing the pleasure istanbul escort on your face and hearing his thick cock sliding all the way into your wet pussy with each stroke.Suddenly there’s a knock on my door. I reach to pull down my screen but you tell me not to, it’s probably the other part of my present. I go to answer the door, still hearing your hot wet pussy being fucked through the computer’s speakers. I open the door and Jen is standing there in her six inch heels, long red hair pulled back in a pony tail, tight leather skirt, and low cut tight blouse, showing off her perky C cups, with a bag. She pushes me back in the room and to the chair. I glance back on the screen and you and your two friends are on the floor, you straddling one thick cock as it pushes up in your pussy and the other behind you sliding slowly up into your ass. Jen pulls some leather straps out of her bag and slaps them around my wrists and ankles, tying me to the chair. She reaches into my boxers and pulls out my hard cock and tells me to just keep watching you get fucked. My eyes stayed glued on the cocks pounding into both your holes as I feel her hands sliding up and down my cock. I glance down to look at her and she digs her nails into my balls, telling me that if I peeked without being told to again that she would stop and that if I came before she told me I could that my ass would be the next one getting fucked. I listen to you screaming and begging them to fuck you harder. Watching your pussy gush cum all over the cocks inside you and the floor under you. I feel Jen’s tongue sliding up and down my cock, fighting the urge to watch her, then my whole cock sliding effortlessly down her throat. avcılar escort I can feel her tongue tickling my balls as she hums on my shaft. She starts deep throating me hard just as the cock in your ass buries deep and starts shooting its load deep inside you. I fight the urge to cum down Jen’s throat as I watch the cum dripping down your ass as he pulls out of you. You turn around to face the screen, keeping the huge cock buried inside your dripping wet cunt. You tease me as you stare at the screen, “C’mon baby, she’s sucking that cock so good for you, don’t you want to watch? Don’t you want to blow your hot load down her throat? Hmm?” I bite my lip and hold back with every bit of will power I have. Then as suddenly as she started, Jen stops. She stands beside me and pulls her skirt up over her hips and puts her perfect ass in my face. “Lick it” she commands me. “Yeah, lick that sexy ass baby.” I hear from the computer. I run my tongue up and down her tight ass cheeks, biting and nibbling as I go. She then turns quickly and rips her blouse open. She grabs the back of my head and pulls it to her and makes me take in a mouthful of her tit. Keeping her nipple in my mouth, she straddles me and slowly lowers her tight pussy down on my throbbing cock. “Oh yeah, Jen, your hot little pussy is so hot swallowing up his cock.” I hear you moan between thrusts of cock inside you. She starts slowly riding my cock, rocking her hips in my lap, taking every inch of me in and out of her. She leans and whispers in my ear, “I’m going to tease the fuck out of this cock. And you’re about to see your favorite thing. But if you cum, I get my strap on. If you hold out, you get to finally watch yourself fuck me.” Almost as if on cue, şirinevler escort she lets me look over her shoulder to see the cock you’re riding exploding deep inside you just as she sits all the way down on my throbbing cock. I grab her hips to try and keep her from moving but it she just keeps grinding as I see the huge load of cum dripping out of your fresh fucked cunt. But somehow I hold out and fight back the urge to cum. You’re on the camera, dipping your fingers in your pussy, pulling the hot cum out and letting it drip into your mouth. Jen smiles and leans back, letting me finally see her hot shaved pussy wrapped around my cock, her tits bouncing as she rides it harder. You’ve gotten up off the floor and are back leaning over the desk, tits hanging, cum drying on your lips. Jen jumps off of me and does the same at the hotel desk, facing you in the computer screen, shaking her tight ass in my face, her wet pussy opened up to me. “Now come over here and fuck me in front of your wife. Let her see you pump your load in another woman’s pussy” I hadn’t even realized that she had untied me. I stood up and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips , reached around her to grab a handful of each firm tit and slammed my throbbing cock into her. I can hear you both urging me to fuck her harder and the slapping of my balls on her clit. Her hot pussy squeezes me, milking my cock for all it’s worth. Finally I hear the words I had been waiting for, “Cum for me, fill my hot pussy up with your hot load!” But I don’t. Instead I grab a handful of thick red hair and pull her down in front of me. She looks up and me and opens up wide as I shove my cock, all covered in her pussy juice, down her throat. I keep her hair pulled in my hand as I fuck her mouth like I was fucking her pussy until I finally can’t hold it in any more. I pull her head back as my cock pops out of her mouth. She stretches out her tongue as my cock explodes all over her, the first stream splashes on her librarian glasses, the next across her lips, the rest all over her cheeks and down to her tits.

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