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craigslist hook upI had been looking at men seeking men ads on craigslist for a while.I think it started with my wife funny enough.She had started fingering my ass while sucking me off,and I liked it a lot.Then every time she wanked me off,I ended up pushing her hand to my ass while I wanked myself off.That escalated to me secretly using her dildo on my ass,and I could get it all the way in.I had started wondering what a cock would feel like in my ass.I even started fantasising about men while fucking her or while wanking alone.So I started checking out the ads on craigslist.I soon seen a number of similar ads that I thought suited.Married man seeks similar for mutual satisfaction.That sort of thing.So I picked one.Mike,aged 44,want to suck you off.We exchanged emails and naked pics.He seemed nice.Married,wife away on a girlie weekend.Wanted to explore his bi side.I told him I wanted to suck a cock but did’t think I wanted a man to suck me off.He sarıyer escort said he understood,and was happy for me to suck him off.Delighted in fact.I said I might let him fuck me in the ass,but I wasn’t sure. No worries he said,we’ll go at your pace.Lastly I said,no kissing,no way.Mike was fine with that.So that Saturday I turned up at his house at just after ten.I brought a nice bottle of wine.He laughed,said this wasn’t a date.We watched match of the day and soon finished the wine.Then we had a few beers.He made me feel very at ease.Then he said he was going to have a shower.He said if you want to leave while I shower that’s fine.He put a blue movie on to get me in the mood,and said if I wanted to get myself in the mood,he would be about ten minutes.He went upstairs and I soon heard the shower running.My cock was hard as a rock.With the the sound of fucking from his dvd making me hornier still,I made esenyurt escort a decision.I went upstairs,stripped naked,and joined him in the shower.He was surprised,but delighted.I looked down and seen he was very happy to see me. I went behind him and rubbed his hard soapy body.My erect cock was between his ass cheeks I cupped his balls and grabbed his hard cock.It was throbbing.He turned around and I sank to my knees and immediately took him in my mouth.It felt so good.He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth.He tasted so good.It felt so good.He pulled me up saying he did’t want to cum yet.He grabbed my cock.I almost came .I buried my face in his neck.Biting him,biting his shoulder.No marks he said pulling me away.I kissed him.My first kiss with a guy.I was so caught up in the passion.He squeezed my ass and I grabbed his.He was so firm,so hard,I didn’t have to ask if he worked out.He spun me around and rubbed avrupa yakası escort the head of his cock on my tight hole.I gasped.After a few minutes playing he pushed it in,just the head at first,then all of it.Slowly.In fairness I had been pushing back on him.I wanted him.It hurt. I can’t say it didn’t. But hurt good,and not for long.He asked me if he could cum inside me.Although the last thing in the world I wanted to do was make him pull out,I did.I dropped on my knees again and wanked him off.He came on my face.And he came loads.It wasn’t at all unpleasant.I loved it.We switched positions and soon he was sucking me off.All my original objections long gone.He let me cum in his mouth.Insisted on in.And after I shot my load he swallowed the lot,even licking me clean.He stood up again and we kissed again,slowly,like two lovers.Another of my no-no’s forgotten. We got out of the shower,and dried off and went downstairs.We had a few more beers.We already had each others phone numbers so I left.I didn’t think it would be too long before I seen him again.I had my first cock and wanted more. I hurried home to check craigslist again,my cock hard in anticipation.Hope you enjoyed this fantasy of mine.Comments very welcome and

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