Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 3


Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 3Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 3Kennedy was surprised, but more than interested in what she had walked in on. Not only was Willow here naked in front of her, but Buffy and Dawn too. This was so hot to her that she immediately felt her pussy become damp.As each of the three girls gave her a soft, warm kiss, she could feel the hot liquid building up inside her pussy. She wanted to fuck Willow more than anything, and now she had two other girls here, and all three were inviting her to join them.She smiled at them and took a deep breath. “Hey, you guys,” she said looking around at the mess in the kitchen, “You have sure had a good time baking here.”The three smiled at her and pulled her over to the kitchen table.”Umm, Kennedy,” said Dawn with a cute little smile on her face. “Are you ready for something very tasty?”Kennedy canlı bahis gulped, suddenly feeling very hot all over. Willow reached out now and began to slowly undress her. Kennedy didn’t res*st. Dawn and Buffy stood watching.Willow kissed Kennedy passionately, as she slowly removed all her clothes.Kennedy was naked, and all three girls stood back and admired her soft full body. They smiled at her, as they took turns reaching over, and caressing her firm, round breasts, and moving their hands over her amazing ass.Buffy and Dawn stood on either side of her, and began to lick and suck at her breasts. Willow came up behind her and put her arms around her waist, and held her tight as the other two licked eagerly, and sucked on her hard, pink nipples. They then worked their warm mouths all the way down her stomach to her hot, wet pussy. Willow bent down behind her and took her soft, firm ass in her bahis siteleri hands and began to caress it.Kennedy began to shake as she felt the girls tongues move down to her eager pussy. She felt Willow moving her hands all over her ass. She was so excited that she could hardly stand up. She began to moan as the three girls continued to tease her.Buffy and Dawn were down on their knees in front of her, and were both moving their eager tongues up her soft, firm thighs to her throbbing pussy. Willow was licking at her ass with her warm tongue. Kennedy moaned louder now.”Oh do you like that?” murmured Willow, as she continued to move her tongue slowly all around Kennedy’s ass hole. Kennedy couldn’t speak. She was so excited.Willow continued to hold her around the waist, as the other two girls spread her legs apart wide and took turns lapping up and down her slit, and teasing her by sucking on güvenilir bahis her, now swollen, clit.Kennedy was shaking hard as she felt Willow slide a finger inside her ass. Her body began to convulse in spasms as Willow fucked her ass at the same time as Buffy and Dawn took turns fucking her soaking wet pussy with their expert tongues.The three girls then began to fuck Kennedy hard and deep. Willow fucked her ass faster and faster with her fingers. Buffy and Dawn fucked her pussy so deep and hard now that soon they were both covered with her hot, wet pussy juices that had dripped down all over their faces.Kennedy moved her hips back and forth faster and faster as the three fucked her ass and pussy harder. She felt herself cum first from Willow fucking her ass, and again as Buffy, and then Dawn, fucked her dripping wet pussy. Kennedy kept cumming over and over until she fell to the floor totally exhausted. The three girls continued to kiss and caress her as she lay there naked, relaxed and happy.All four girls lay on the kitchen floor exhausted.Soon they fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.

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