camping with mom


camping with momvisit on to see full series of these story It was the middle of the school summer holidays and I was bored, I even went through my mothers underwear drawer last week finding her sexy knickers and bras. I went as far as trying on a pair of her knickers, getting so turned on thinking that my balls were where her pussy rubbed that I came in them.My mother had three days off from work and she suggested we go camping for a couple of nights, just the two of us. My father is a truck driver and is never at home during the week so it didn’t matter if we were at home or not.She saw an advert from a camping store offering every thing you needed to camp at a cheep price, little did we know about camping and bought it. We set off to the lakes and found a campsite on the shores of Derwent Water and started to set up.We didn’t have a clue to what we were doing and how the tent was supposed to look like. With it laid out on the ground, my mother crawled about on her knees with the poles and that was when I noticed how sexy she looked in her jeans and tee shirt, her ample breasts swinging back and forth as she threaded the poles in through the tent material.We had a good laugh while erecting the tent but it wasn’t as big as my mother expected when it was up. She thought it would be divided between the two of us, thinking two-man tent meant two bedrooms and high enough to stand up in.I followed my mother inside the tent as she crawled on her knees, seeing her jeans tight across her bum and wondering if she was wearing the same knickers I came in last week.“Looks like you will be sleeping with your old mam tonight,” she saidMy mother is 35 years old with long black hair, she is a size ten and wears a 36dd bra, I’ve only started to notice how sexy looking my mam is compared to my mates mam’s.After getting our stuff inside we walked in to Keswick for something to eat, we decided to try camping first before buying every thing else wanted for cooking and the site did hot drinks and breakfasts in the morning.By nine o clock, it looked like it was going to pour down so we went to the toilet block for the last time that night and had to run back as it started to rain, my mother having to hold on to her breasts as she ran back.“I’m cold mam,” I said after ten minutes of sitting in the tent“It’s not the warmest is it; get in your sleeping bag”“Do I have to change?”“Just take you mucky trousers off and put some clean one’s on”I crawled in to my sleeping bag and sneakily watched my mother take her trousers off in the dim light and undo her bra, pulling each strap out of fethiye escort her shirtsleeve and off her arm before pulling the bra from under her tee shirt.“It is cold,” my mother saidShe climbed in to her bag next to me and I saw her nipples hard with the cold pressing through her shirt. I shivered in the sleeping bag with my teeth chattering away, the wind had picked up and it had started to pour down with rain.“I think you can zip these bags together and I could warm you up if you want,” said my motherI was that cold and I couldn’t say anything, my mother give up the idea of trying to zip the bags together as it meant me getting out so she pulled both zips down to the bottom and tucked her bag over mine. She threw a blanket over the top of us and cuddled in to me, hugging me tight in to her body.My hands were shaking down the front of me and now were pressing against my mothers knickers“Poor thing you are cold”She hugged tighter, squashing her tits in to my chest and lifted her leg over mind making the back of my hand rub and shake on the crotch of her knickers even more. I didn’t care I was cold, eventually we must of dropped off to sleep.I was still tight against mam when I woke up the next morning, she was already awake“Did you hear all that noise last night” mam asked“I thought I heard something”Mam shuffled out the top of her sleeping bag and sat up“It’s still cold” she saidShe wriggled in to her trousers and then pulled her tee shirt off her head, my mother’s tits were on show to me only inches away, how big and soft they looked with large dark circles around her nipples“Look if you want but I don’t care how I do it, I need my bra on”Getting out from her bag my mother looked out the tent“Shit it’s flooded out here”I looked out and the tents nearer the lake had water in them and some swans were swimming between them, then someone shouted to mam“Sorry but we have to close this field off, the water is still rising, you can have you money back”We took the tent down throwing everything back in to the car and left the site before we got stuck. We were having breakfast in a café when mam spotted a bed and breakfast across the road“Do you fancy trying B&B tonight” she saidWe went to see what rooms they had after our breakfast“I’ve only got one left and it’s got a double bed” the owner saidMam looked at me and said“We’ll take it for the night, he’ll just have to grin and bare it and share with his mother, it will be better than that tent we had last night”We were lucky and got in to the room straight away and left our stuff for the night.We had the rest of the day exploring escort fethiye and a meal before coming back to the B&B when mam said“I don’t know about you but I feel shattered”“That will be all the wine you had with your meal” I saidShe went to the bathroom to change and came back wearing an over sized tee shirt that just covered her bits, her tits hung low and swung about as she moved, I got changed in to me pyjamas bottoms and climbed in to bed with my mother. I lay on my back with my arms down my side and my mother was on her side facing me“It’s nice this, you and me in bed together again”I used to sleep with my mother a lot when dad was way driving but things changed, I started to sprout hair around my cock and it started to get hard when you didn’t want it to be.Mam started to rub her hand over my chest pressing her palm over my nipples and my tummy in a circular motion; her circles were getting bigger as was my cock.Her hand glanced over the waist of my pyjamas, brushing against my cock end and then again and again, it was no accident now. I lay ridged in bed letting my mother use me.“Wow my boys turning in to a man” she giggled“Maam”“It’s alright your just human, does that feel nice”Her hand lay on top of my cock and her fingers kept nipping together“Maaam”I felt mam move her leg closer to me and it landed on my hand, gently moving her leg back towards herself and taking my hand with it. My hand was now touching the wobbly fleshy bit of the top of her leg and I could feel her moving her leg back against mine again.Then my mother slipped her hand in to my pyjamas and encircled my cock with her fingers slowly sliding back and forth“I bet you have all the girls doing this for you”“Maaam”“What, I’m just asking”“No never”“You must still be having naughty dreams then?”“Sometimes”“Wet naughty dreams“Maaam”“I can help you if you do; you just have to do this”My mother began stroking my cock more, keeping her fingers tightly wrapped around my cock. I often wank myself but this felt diferent, my whole body was shaking and my breathing became long and heavy. She was using long slow strokes on my cock and rubbing her thumb in my pre cum, massaging it in to my cock head.My mother moved her other leg away from under her and the feel of her soft hair fell in to my hand. I had my mother hairy fanny sitting on my hand and she was pushing and gyrating herself on to it, I felt her lips on my finger begin to part and the warm soft feeling of her insides.I couldn’t believe this was happening, my first touch of a pussy and it was my mothers, I lifted my finger wanting to feel her fethiye escort bayan insides and it slipping straight inside my mother’s fanny“Ohh that’s nice”I’ve heard my mother having sex before with dad and now she was sounding the same with me; she was lifting up and down on my finger and moaning. I wobbled my finger around inside her pussy, feeling how warm and wet she was and she pushed harder on to my finger.“Ohh yes, that’s it”I felt a strange feeling spreading up my legs and now in to my balls and knew I was going to come as she stroked and twisted her hand around my shaft“Maam”“I know son, just a little bit longer”We were both breath fast now and I could not hold back any longer, my cock erupted in glories fashion. My first squirt shooting up over my tummy before a steady flow pumped hot creamy cum out around my belly button. My cock jumped and twitched with every squirt in her hand and I felt how tight she had her hand around my shaft.My mother let out a sudden gasp, sinking her fanny deep on to my finger as she kept wanking my cock and rubbing her thumb over my cock end until it squirted no more.My finger was warm and wet now and she lifted off making a sloppy noise as I came out.She went to the bathroom getting some toilet roll and she wiped all my cum off my tummy,“I bet that feels better now”My mother took off her tee shirt as she lay down, her big mammoth tits with big hard nipples just about in my face“Give you man a cuddle before we fall asleep”We hugged tight together, the alcohol fumes sending me straight off to sleep.I felt myself get shaking a wake the next morning“Come on lazy bones” mam saidShe had just came from the shower and had a towel wrapped around her body while drying herself as she shook me, glimpses of her hairy fanny on show as her towel rode up revealing a thick bushy hairy triangle not far from my face.When I came out of the shower, she was busying herself around the room just in her white knickers and bra, her big breasts filling her bra to bursting point.“Are you alright?” she asked“Yes fine”“I’m sorry, I got carried away last night, it was the drink taking affect”“Its ok mam, I properly learnt a lot from you”I went to hug her and she hugged back“I used to worried about being with a girl but not so much now, thank you mam, was I doing the right thing,” I said“Son don’t worry, you were fine, I just wish you were practicing with some girl last night instead of your mother”“I’m glad I was not with some girl and making a fool of myself, I don’t know much about the birds and the bees”“Has your dad not told you things?”“Not yet” I said“Well I could show you some things a woman likes done to herself, if you don’t mind”“That would be good mam, you know more than girls, you are old and I can learn more from you”“Thank you for telling me I am old”“I didn’t mean it like that”

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