Broken Bliss


Broken Bliss
I couldn’t believe it. What was she thinking? And with Jones, of all people! I needed to get away. Jumping on my motorcycle, just a modest Honda 500, I took off out of my neighborhood, away from my cheating girlfriend. Images of walking in on her fucking that douche, Jones, refused to leave my mind.

I never saw the car, before it hit me.

* * *

An annoying beeping sounds wakes me up. My eyes are slow to open, and even slower to focus. What happened, and where am I?

“Ahh, Mister Dickens, glad to see you are finally awake. Do you know where you are?”

My eyes finally focus on a figure in white. “Am I dead?” I ask, or try to. Something is over my mouth, and my throat is dry.

“Hmm, let’s get this off you, and see if that helps.” The thing is removed from around my head and mouth, and I see it is a respirator. I can also now see the comely nurse that was asking me questions.

“Why am I here?” I ask, a bit more successfully than my last attempt at speech.

“You had a nasty accident, Mister Dickens. I am afraid you broke some bones, and will have to spend some time recovering. Is there anyone who can help take care of you in the meantime?”

At first I think of my girlfriend, Jenny, but then the image of her riding on top of Jones, ecstasy painted clearly on her face… Till she saw me, that is.

“Any family that can help you?” The nurse continues. “I am afraid you will need a lot of help over the next couple months, till your bones mend.”

I tried to sit up, but my arms refused to move right. It only took me a moment to find out why. Both arms were in casts, and propped up in what I now call the mummy stance.

The nurse was still looking to get an answer from me, so I said the only person I had left. “My mother.”

The next little while was a blur, as my mother, who was already there, filled out all the necessary paperwork and drove me to my c***dhood home. I found out that my bike had been completely wrecked, and it was a miracle I had even survived. She talked about how we were going to sue the crap out of the lady that did this. All I could think about was my bike was totalled, and so was my life.

“Your bedroom is right next to mine, so if you need anything in the middle of the night, you can just yell for me, and your sister won’t hear from upstairs.” Mom told me as she helped me out of the car, and into the house.

“Where is Lisa, anyway?” I asked, surprised that she wasn’t home to see her older brother. We had always been close, being only a little over a year apart, and I thought for sure she would be here.

“She’s at school, hunny,” Mom says, and I look at her in confusion. “It’s Monday, and she still plans on graduating early. She wanted me to tell you she wishes she could be here, but will see you when she gets home.”

Monday? MONDAY? I caught Jenny cheating on me on Saturday. I had been out for two hole days!

“Are you alright, hunny? Here, have a seat. You don’t look so good. Do you need any of your meds?” Mom fusses over my like a worried hen (which in a way, I guess she is), and tries to shuffle me off to bed, even though it is only early-afternoon.

I see that there is a computer set up, and I sit down to use it, after I get mom out of my room. I find I am able to type one letter at a time, if I turn my whole body to do so. I very slowly check my email, and see I have one from Jenny, telling me she is sorry, and she doesn’t know what came over her. She will do anything to make it up to me, blah, blah, blah. I reply that I want her out of my apartment as soon as possible, and that if anything is missing when I get home, I WILL call the cops on her lying, cheating ass.

Satisfied, I turn off the screen, and decide that taking a nap might not be such a bad idea, as I am in a fair amount of pain, and my last dose hasn’t kicked in yet. I stand to go to the bathroom, and stop. How on Earth am I supposed to go to the bathroom with my arms in these casts?

At first I just figure I’ll have to hold it, and get what sleep I can, but I realize I can’t hold it forever. Finally, face beet red, I walk out, and look for my mom.

“Oh, dear, you surprised me,” she says, as she puts down the food she was preparing for dinner. “I thought you were asleep. Is there anything I can do for you?” The worry and love I can see in her eyes, makes what I have to ask her seem all the more obscene.

“I need to pee,” I say, lamely, dropping my head in embarrassment. At that point I would have almost rather had Jenny there to help me, I was so mortified.

“Oh… Right. Well, I guess since you can’t do it on your own, come along.” The way mom took it so matter-of-factly helped alleviate some of my embarrassment.

I follow her to the restroom, and wait patiently as she undoes my pants. I fight hard not to get an erection as a women pulls my pants down, even if it is my beautiful, 5’6″, auburn haired, 125lb mother. As I stood there, I had to admit that in her late thirties, mom had it going on.

Oh, shit! Stop thinking about her that way, pervert! I thought desperately, as I had felt my cock coming to life. How sick could I be?

“Hmm, you’re just like your father,” she says as she stands up, and I can see that her face is a little flushed. I am stunned at what I just heard, and stare at her blankly. “Well, are you going to pee, or stand there with your pants around your ankles all day?”

I quickly sit down, but there is a problem. I don’t consider myself large, at only 7 inches fully erect, but as I sit down, the end of my penis lands on the seat, rather than in it. Normally this isn’t a problem, as I just tuck it down, but I can’t do that this time. “Umm,” I say, but mom sees the problem right away.

She reaches down, and gently takes a hold of my second brain, and tucks it under the seat. The touch is like electricity though, and again I have to fight with every mental faculty at my slightly d**gged disposal to keep it down. Somehow I manage, and am soon peeing into the toilet. My mom stands waiting for me to finish, and I am a little self conscious as she watches.

Is that a smile on her face? No, I have to be hallucinating. What d**gs did they give me?

Finally done, mom bends over and hooks her arms around me, and helps me stand. My face is pressed against her neck, and I have no idea why I did it, but I gave her a quick kiss there, before she got me fully to my feet. She steps back for a moment, touching her neck & looking at me oddly. I sway slightly in place, finding it hard to keep my balance.

Mom shakes herself, then bends down to pull my pants up. I can see right down her shirt to her belly button, giving me a great shot of cleavage. Once again, my second brain starts to wake, and this time I can’t seem to care. Mom bumps her head on it as she pulls my pants up, and she just stares at it for a moment, inches away from her face. Shaking herself again, she mutters, “Just like your dad,” and finishes pulling on and then buckling my pants.

“Do you miss him, mom?” I ask.

“Your dad? Yes… Every day. He was good to me, and took good care of you too. I wish your sister could have gotten to know him before he died.” I can’t think of anything else to say as we leave the restroom.

She guides me unsteadily to my bed, and tells me, “Looks like those d**gs finally took effect. Get some rest, and I will wake you when dinner is ready. I am asleep before she leaves the room.

* * *

“Come on, brother. Wake up!”

The world is falling down on my head as it spins out of control.

I open my eyes, to see my 18 year old sister looking down at me, her hands shaking my abdomen.

“There you are,” she says with a sweet smile. “Get up, it’s time to eat!” She bounds out of the room, her long auburn ponytail bouncing behind her. Somehow I am able to roll myself out of bed, and groggily follow her down the hall.

As dinner progresses, they explain their plan for caring for me. Mom was going to switch to working nights, so that she could take care of me during the day, and Lisa would take care of me after school. Mom had tonight off, so we all got caught up on each other’s lives. I felt bad, as both Lisa and mom took turns cutting up my food, and feeding me. They both laughed about it, Mom commenting, “It is nice having someone to feed and take care of. I played like a baby for a couple minutes, making everyone laugh.

As dinner finished, I felt the need to pee again, and signaled mom that I needed to go.

She immediately caught on, and to my surprise, asked Lisa to come too. “You might as well see what you’re in for,” she told Lisa, as we crammed into the bathroom. Mom undid my pants, and pulled them down. This time my embarrassment was too great, and I had no problem keeping it down.

As soon as I was done, mom helped me up again, and pulled my pants up, giving me a wide birth as she stood.

We retired to the family room, where and mom put in a movie, while Lisa changed into her pajamas.

My jaw about dropped when Lisa walked back into the room. She was wearing a spaghetti strip top, that left nothing to the imagination, as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts sat perfectly on her chest, compressed slightly by her top. Under that, she had on short, very short, cut-off sweats. I could easily see half her ass cheeks. I look at mom, but she doesn’t seem to care, so I keep my mouth shut.

I get the recliner to myself, as I take up so much room with my arms, mom lays out on the couch, and Lisa lays on her stomach, face propped on her hands. Her legs are bent up, blocking my view of her tiny ass.

It dawns on me what I am thinking, and curse myself again for being a demented pervert. My one major curse in life is my horniness. That was probably the best thing about Jenny. We screwed 7-10 times a week, and that was if it was a slow week. She could always count on me being ready, and I, her. I guess she was just a little TOO ready, the other day.

I shook my head, to try to forget about Jenny, and focused on the movie. It was some cheesy romance, but the main actress was hot, so it kept my attention. That is, until a rather steamy sex scene came on, and the movement of Lisa dropping her legs, brought my attention to her. Her legs were spread, and she was slowly humping the floor. That wasn’t even the most shocking part.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear!

Any hope of keeping my cock down went out the window, as it sprang to full attention, hampered only by jeans. I glanced at mom to see if she noticed, and was surprised to see her watching her daughter hump the floor as well. I even think I saw her lick her lips.

I jumped up, and announced that I was too tired to stay up, and was going to bed. I had to get out of this room.

“It’s still early, Hunny. Are you sure?” I glanced at the clock, and it was barely 7:30, but I was sure. “Let me tuck you in then. You will never do it with your arms like that.

Tuck me in? I didn’t want to get tucked in! I wanted to get off, thinking of something other than my mother or sister. How would I do that if I was tucked in? Then I remembered that I wasn’t going to be able to take care of it anyway, with my arms in these casts.

Cursing silently, I went to my room, followed by mom.

“Let’s get you undressed. I will tuck you in when you are ready.” Now another problem reared its head. I was still rock hard, and I knew there was no chance of this monster going down, short of getting off, or going to sleep.

“I think I can do it, Mom.” I said, “I think I can just slither under the blankets.”

“Relax, will you? I changed your diapers when you were a k**, and let’s not forget I’ve already seen you twice today. Now hurry up, I’m missing the movie.”

Resigned to it, I let her take off my shirt, which wasn’t easy, considering my arms, and I think that I am going to get some button up shirts tomorrow. Mom seems to struggle for a moment with the zipper as it is under some extra pressure. She finally gets it, and as my pants hit my ankles I hear a gasped, “Oh!”. I look down between my arms, and see mom staring at my raging hard on, covered only by my boxers. “Maybe not so much like your father, after all.” I hear her mutter, then looks up at me. A guilty look crosses her face, and she quickly shuttles me into bed. Giving me a quick peck to the cheek, she rushes from the room.

I close my eyes, and try to sleep, but my mind keeps going over the events of the day. From waking up in a hospital, My mom and sister having to take care of me, the first scene with my mom, then watching my innocent sister humping the floor in front of me… I tried to force the images from my mind, but try as I might, they kept coming back, like ninjas in the night. Cute, sexy ninjas, with auburn ponytails that bounced as they ran. Ripping their clothes off, and making me–

I woke with a moan, as I started to cum in my boxers. I can’t remember the last time I had a wet dream, but this one was powerful, leaving me short of breath.

The light turns on, blinding my momentarily. “Everything alright, hunny?”

Just what I need, I think. “Yeah, mom. I’m fine. Just a dream.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Do I…? Hell no, I don’t want to talk about it with my mom, and shift uncomfortably on the bed. I can feel my spooge move around. Can this night get any worse?

Turning beet red, I say, “I need to get cleaned up.”

Thankfully mom understands immediately, and doesn’t say a word as she walks into my room. She pulls back the covers, and I wish I could hide the dark stain on the front of my underwear. As mom leans over to help me out of bed I realize for the first time what she is wearing. A loose camisole, and cotton white panties. I can see everything as she starts to help me up. Her nipples are big and hard, hanging slightly from her chest. I can see that she is slightly bigger than Lisa, and while not as firm, still terrific!

Stop! I screamed in my mind. I am not a pervert. I am not a pervert. I kept repeating to myself, trying to convince myself more than anything.

Once on my feet, mom pulls my boxers down, and once again pauses. I don’t dare look down, afraid of what I might see, and wanting to.

“I thought this was supposed to go away after one of those dreams…” She emphasized the word those, and in confusion I did look down.

I was still hard. Great! Dreams like that usually end up turning me on, more than relieving me, and now my mom was staring at my hardon, wearing next to nothing.

“Do you–” she stops to swallow, “Do you need me to take care of this?” She then seems to realize what she is wearing. “Or did I cause this?” As she asks, she touches the tip of my penis, and I can’t stop the moan that escapes my lips.

I can’t lie to my mom, not after her willingness to take care of such a broken k**. “Dreams don’t usually take care of me, but seeing you like that made me worse.” My voice cracks as I speak, and I can’t bear to look at her.

Mom gets up and leaves the room, and I think I have ruined everything, until she returns with some tissues, lotion, and a tremulous smile. “Sit on the edge of the bed, and I’ll see if the old hands still have any magic.”

“You’re not old, mom!” I protest.

She simply smiles as I sit down, and wraps her hand around my cock. If her touch before was electric, it was burning fire now. “Just don’t say anything to your sister, got it?”

I simply nod, as that is all I can do. She squeezes some lotion onto the head of my cock, and it’s coolness is an interesting juxtaposition to her hot hand. She starts to rotate her hand around the sensitive head, rubbing in the lotion, and making me moan loudly. “Let me know before you… You know.” she says, and waves the tissues.

Again, all I can do is nod. Her hand starts to slide up and down my shaft. At first her grip is soft and light, teasing, but slowly grows stronger, till I am thankful for the lotion as lubricant. It only takes a few minutes, before: “Mom, get ready… I’m about to… Yes, just like that!” Her hand does an odd rotation at the head, back down the shaft, slide up, and another rotation. I have NEVER had a handjob like this, and despite my warning, my first shot arcs high, and lands on mom’s cheek. She is able to catch the rest with the tissue.

I fall back on the bed, exhausted despite not having done anything but sit there.

Mom throws the tissues in the trash, and comes back over to tuck me in. I can still see my cum on her cheek, and point it out to her.

She smiles, and realizes she doesn’t have the tissues anymore. “Oh, well,” and to my surprise she scoops it up with her finger and sucks it off. I am left speechless. “Hmm, I think we need to put less salt in your diet, and more fruits.” I still don’t know what to say, as she pulls the covers up to my arms, and kisses my forhead.

Sleep overtakes me, before I have any other thoughts.

* * *

The morning sunlight wakes me, and I can hear my sister getting ready in the kitchen. Events from the night before play over in my mind, and I decide I am going to try to get myself dressed.

I am able to pull some loose basketball shorts out of a drawer, and by setting the on the floor, putting my feet in, then laying on the bed, and using the edge of the bed, I slide them on. I struggle getting them around my waist, and finally give up, leaving them crooked, but on.

Feeling overall triumphant, I walk out, to try and get some breakfast.

Lisa enjoys feeding me, even making airplane and train noises at times. It annoys me, but I know I am putting her out, so don’t complain.

As we finish eating, mom comes out of her room, thankfully wearing more that she was last night. “Morning, you two. How did you sleep?” She acts like nothing happened, and I am grateful for it.

As soon as Lisa leaves for school, mom turns to me. “Is everything alright?” When I only nod, she continues, “Look, son. What happened last night shouldn’t happen between mother and son, but when I said you were a lot like your father… Well, in some aspects you are, and in others, not so much.” I am completely lost by what she is saying and just stare at her as if I understand, hoping she will stop.

It didn’t work. “What I am trying to say is, it seems you got my drive, and a slightly better build than your father. He was a great man, but he never could keep up with me.” I could feel my face burning, and she obviously noticed. “Look. What I mean is, I understand what you are going through. Don’t be embarrassed, and let me know if you need any… Help.”

“Yeah, okay, mom.” I leave the room, trying not to run.

Thankfully mom leaves me alone for awhile, before coming and asking if I wanted to go get some better shirts.

I agree, hoping that we can both put last night behind us.

We drive in silence to the mall.

We enter the first clothing store we see, but don’t see any shirts that would work for my condition. Nor in the second. But the third had a few worth trying on.

Mom follows me to the dressing room, and the woman behind the counter pipes up, “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t let your girlfriend go back there with you. It is men only.”

I open my mouth to correct the associate, but my mom, winds her arm around my waist, and ducks under and into my arms. She has such a big smile on her face, I just laugh. “I can’t get dressed on my own, with my arms like this,” I say instead, and we are able to convince her to let us both go back.

Mom gets my shirt off me, and she is still smiling from ear to ear. “Did you hear her? She thinks I am young enough to be your girlfriend!”

“Well, I DID say you weren’t old, last night. Remember?”

This seemed to please her even more, and she got on her toes, and gave me a quick kiss to my lips. I don’t know who was more surprised by the gesture, and we quickly tried on the shirts, and got out. We purchased a few more, but nothing else extraordinary happened, other than from time to time, mom would break out into a huge grin, and I could see her eyes twinkling. It had been many years since I had seen her this happy, and I got an idea.

“Are you hungry, Mom?”

“Yeah, I guess I could eat. What are you in the mood for?” I pretended to think about what food joints this mall offered, before answering with the Japanese steakhouse.

“Really? You want to go there?”

“Well, I am on a date with my girlfriend, aren’t I?” If the rest of the day went to pot, then it was worth it to see the smile that split my mother’s face. She truly did look young enough to be my girlfriend.

We were seated at one of the grills where they cook the food in front of you, and everyone around us got a kick out of the chef successfully lobbing some meat into my mouth. Mom helped me eat of course, and we both grinned as we heard someone mention what a cute couple we made.

We made it home shortly before Lisa was scheduled to get home. I wasn’t in the least bit bothered when I had to have Mom’s help urinating. She asked if I needed any ‘help’ with anything, and I laughingly said we didn’t have enough time, as was evidenced by my sister walking through the front door.

“Well, you two seem to be in a good mood,” Lisa says, as she lays her book bag on the counter. we just laugh, and mom winks at me before going to get ready for work.

Lisa went to her room to change out of her school clothes. She came out wearing some baggy, but obviously comfortable clothing. “Will you help me with some of my homework?” Lisa asks. “I’m having a hard time in math, and as I recall, that was your specialty.”

I am surprised that she is struggling in math, as I recall she was rather good in that department as well. I quickly agree though, happy to do anything in return for the help they are giving my broken self.

We both sit at the counter, and she starts to go over the problems she is having. Mom leaves for work, but not before giving us $20 and telling us to order pizza for dinner.

We get back to work on the homework, when we come across a particularly tough problem.

“I just don’t get it. Every time I do it, it come out different than what is in the back of the book. Here, you do it!” She shoves the book in front of my, and I wonder how she wants me to do anything with my arms like this, but I start working on it in my head, and mumbling as I thing. Lisa leans in to listen to me, and as I look at her, I realize I can see right down her baggy shirt… And she isn’t wearing a bra again.

I don’t remember her being this free when I lived at home less than a year ago, and can only gulp as I note her hard pink nipples.

“See! It is impossible!” Her words bring me back to what I am supposed to be thinking about, and I realize I have completely lost track of the problem.

I concentrate harder this time, ignoring her as she leans in again, and come up with the answer. It still doesn’t match the end of the book. After going over it a third time, and coming up with the same answer all three times, I conclude that the book is wrong.

“Oh, thank you, bit brother!” Lisa wraps her arms around my torso, and starts to hug me. I can feel her firm breasts through her loose shirt, and mine. “I don’t think I could have done it without your help.”

“I’m sure you could have figured it out on your own!” I lightly chide her. “You know I think you are at least as smart, if not smarter than me.”

“Really? You really think that?” She jumps up and down, and gives me another hug, that seems to linger just a little too long. “I’m hungry. Let’s order that pizza.” She says, finally pulling away.

I am once again hard, and it is because of my sister. It is about this point I realize I am going to hell, whether I try to or not.

As Lisa orders the pizza, I try to get my manhood back under mental control, and only manage to do so as she hangs up the phone.

“They said it will be here in 30 minutes. I hope you don’t mind, I ordered meat-lovers.”

“You know that is my favorite,” I tease back.

We both sit in the family room, me on the recliner again, and this time Lisa took the couch. Thank goodness, I thought, unsure if I could handle another night like last night. Images of Lisa grinding her crotch against the floor surfaced in my mind, and I had to fight for control again. This was going to be a long few months, till I could be on my own again.

The doorbell rang, and Lisa paid the deliveryman, bringing the pizza and breadsticks into the kitchen. As we sat and ate, I noticed that Lisa was eating the breadsticks a little odd. She would put one in her mouth like she was going to take a big bite, then slowly slide it out, running her lips along it, before taking a much smaller bite. It didn’t take me long to see how erotic this was, and I had to stop watching. I couldn’t figure out why I was so sick and perverted lately. There must be something seriously wrong with me. I was just glad that Lisa fed me normally.

After dinner, I had to go, and was shy about telling Lisa. She just smiled though, and followed me to the bathroom. When she pulled down my shorts, she stopped and stared for a moment, before standing back up with a huge grin, saying, “There you go.”

I sat down and luckily fit within the rim of the toilet.

When I finished, Lisa had a wad of tissue in her hand. “What is that for?” I asked.

“Don’t you need to wipe?”

I explained how men shook their penises, and usually didn’t wipe, and she seemed disappointed, until she remembered that I still need to have my shorts pulled back up. As she dropped down, she looked up at me, and again I could see everything down her shirt.

“Can I touch it?”

I was shocked, to say the least, by the request. “No, you can’t touch it! You’re my sister, and that would be wrong.” My cock did twitch though at the thought of her slender fingers touching me, stroking it, till I– NO! Too late I realized I had just gotten hard mere inches from my sister. “Are you going to pull those up, or not?” I asked, more cross than I meant to be.

She gave me a pouty look, but pulled up my shorts, and I am certain her fingers brushed me intentionally.

“Let’s go watch a movie,” she said, suddenly her chipper self again.

Glad that she wasn’t going to stay mad at me, I quickly agreed.

As I headed to the recliner though, she told me we could share the couch. There was plenty of room, if she laid down, while I sat against the armrest. Unsure if it was a good idea or not, she had me seated before I even had a chance to argue.

She laid her head in my lap, and I was thankful it was closer to my knee, than my groin. I soon regretted agreeing to watch a movie, as it was one of those college movies, where there were a lot of tits in it. The opening scene showed some blonde getting it on with the main character, and there was no stopping my erection. To make matters worse, Lisa decided to get more comfortable, and ended up resting her head directly against my hardened cock. I sat in discomfort, worried about what she might say through the movie.

At one particularly nude scene, where three naked girls were jumping on a trampoline, Lisa looks up at me, asking, “Do you think that is what college is like?”

“No,” I immediately answer. Thankful for something to distract me from the flesh on the TV. “This is Hollywood. There are a lot of parties, and probably even a few orgies, but scenes like those in this movie are extremely rare.”

“Oh,” was all she said, before turning back to the movie, but this time she put her hand under her head, and directly against my cock. I couldn’t stop a moan from escaping my mouth, much to my chagrin.

Lisa looked back up at me, and I quickly explained that my arms were hurting again, and it was time for my next dose of pain killers. She jumped up, and ran to get my pills. Thankful for the respite, no matter how short, I tried sorting out my thoughts.

She is my sister damn-it, and the only one I’ve got. It is wrong to feel this way about a family member. She would hate me forever, and rightly so, so taking advantage of her. No matter how hard I thought, though, my erection refused to diminish. I was in the same boat as last night.

Lisa returned, bounding, and I could see her breasts bouncing under her shirt.

“Anything else I can do for you?” She asked, her eyes twinkling, and I am sure that for a moment they dropped down to my crotch.

“No, thank you. This should do it.” I quickly swallowed the pills as she put them in my mouth, and took the offered drink to wash it down. I almost spit it back out. “That’s alcohol!” I accused.

“Yeah. So?” was her intelligent and logical reply. “I heard you didn’t sleep well last night, and I know alcohol helps with the pain, so I thought…” She didn’t finish the sentence, and I felt guilty for snapping at her, so quickly downed the rest. This was only my second time drinking, ever, and she had poured a whole glass. I choked it down, and then gasped a “Thank you,” and smiled, hoping to make her happy.

She giggled, and ran the glass back to the kitchen. She seemed to be gone for awhile, and by the time she returned, I had a really good buzz going. What had she given me? I wondered, in a slight state of bliss.

When she finally returned, I groaned. She was in a similar outfit as last night, but this time instead of cut-offs, it was a thong, and the top was basically see-thru.

“Are you ready for me to tuck you in?” She asked innocently, bouncing on her toes, which was doing wonders for her anatomy.

I just nodded, not trusting myself to speak right then. She giggled, and as she leaned forward, her barely covered breast brushed my hand, and I swear I heard her moan.

“Do you need to go pee, before you lie down?” Again her tone was innocent, and I agreed that i did indeed have to go.

She guided me into the restroom, and quickly had my shorts around my ankles. “It’s all sticky at the end, and it is really big,” she said, looking up at me past my bobbing cock.

“That’s because I have been turned on all night,” I reply before I can think better of it.

“Really? Did I do that?”

Somehow her innocence makes me angry, and I glare at her. “Yes, you did that to me, and I am likely to hurt tonight, because of it.” I sat down, a little harder than I meant to, and somehow bent over far enough to get it into the toilet. Try as I might though, I just could pee with a hardon. “Great, just great!” I mutter.

“Big brother, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it would make you hurt. I just found it fun that someone thought I was sexy enough to get hard over. I really am sorry. As soon as you are done, I will leave you alone. I promise.”

I could see tears welling up in her eyes, and once again, I felt like a heel.

“I can’t go pee, Lisa. It is nearly impossible for a man to go pee with a hardon.” I try to make my tone tender, but the tears, overflow, and I stand up, to try and comfort her, only I can’t wrap my arms around her, and instead I end up merely pressing my mostly naked body against her nearly naked one. I feel her arms wrap around me though, as she cries against my chest. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” she kept repeating.

It took me a couple tries, but when I finally had her attention, she looked up at me. Her eyes were liquid pools of blue, and I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned forward a little, and kissed her. I don’t know which of us was more surprised at first, but she quickly returned the kiss with ardor.

I kicked off my shorts, and guided her out of the bathroom, and into my room. When her legs bumped the bed, she fell over backwards, and noticed where she was. I could see fear in her eyes, quickly smothered by steely determination.

She sat up, and took my cock in her hands, and began rubbing it slowly between both hands. I have never had a woman play with me like this before, and it felt different, but good. I moaned, to let her know she was doing good, and she smiled, and surprised me by wrapping her mouth around the head of my penis. What she lacked in skill, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. If it weren’t for the pain killers and alcohol, I have no doubt I would have been shooting my load deep down her throat.

Remembering the poor way I had treated her a moment ago, I decided I wanted to return the favor. My arms may be useless, but my mouth wasn’t.

“Lisa? Stop for a moment, please.” She pulled her head back and looked up at me with worry.

“What? Am I doing something wrong? I’ve never done this before.”

“No, little sister. You are doing great. I just had another idea. Let me lie down on the bed, and then you can lie on top of me, and I can return the favor.” I smiled at her lovingly, and was happy to see the smile returned. A small voice in the back of my head tried to tell me that is was wrong, but it shut up as she quickly stripped off her remaining clothing, and helped me to lay down. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was completely shaved.

She straddled my face, but kept herself out of my reach. Looking down between us, she asked, “Do you like it brother? I just shaved it for you. I understand men like them shaved.”

“I do, indeed, sis,” I smiled, and tried to lift my head to get a taste. She saw my movement, and finally lowered her small pussy to my waiting lips.

A low moan escaped her body as I started to kiss her outer lips. I felt my cock engulfed in her mouth a moment later, and let out my own moan right into her pussy. Her inner lips were small, and actually took me a moment to find with my tongue. This is so much easier with hands, I though, as I located her hole, and shoved my tongue as far as I could inside it.

Her legs clamped around my head, when I finally decided to go for her clit. “That tickles,” I heard her say, muffled by her legs. I kept licking her clit, occasionally flicking it with my tongue, and when it came into reach as she rocked her hips, I would suck it in, and even let it catch on my teeth.

Pretty soon she was squealing and moaning as she slurped and sucked on my cock. I knew I was getting close, so I pulled away just enough to warn her, then attacked her wet pussy with a vengeance.

I was rewarded with a flow of her cum, as I began to go off deep in her throat. I heard her gag, but couldn’t stop if it meant my life. I seemed to cum for what felt like hours, but was likely only seconds.

As I finally stopped spewing, Lisa got up, and spun herself around on top of me. I was still a little dazed, but it soon occurred to me what she was trying to do.

“No, Lisa. We can’t. That would be i****t, and it is absolutely wrong. Besides, I’m not hard anymore, and won’t be for a bit.” I tried to be stern, but kind.

“Why not? Get it hard again.”

“It’s not that simple. A man only cums once, then has to recover. Women are lucky enough to have multiple orgasms, but they pay for it in other ways.”

“You mean, we can try again tomorrow?”

My mind was slowly clearing from the fog of d**gs, lust, and alcohol, and guilt was beginning to set in. “No. We can’t do this again. It was wrong to even do this. We are likely going to hell for it. I am so sorry I took advantage of you, little sister. I hope that one day you can forgive me.” Tears began to well up in my eyes at the horrible things I had just done with my sister.

“But… But, you didn’t take advantage of ME. I took advantage of YOU!”

Suddenly everything she had done since I had been home made sense. She had seduced me! And all the while, I had been afraid of what I was thinking of doing to her! Then something she had said earlier flashed through my mind.

“Wait. Are you a virgin?”

She looked at me sheepishly for a moment, then said, “Yes. And I want you to take my virginity!”

“Absolutely not! Not only is that i****t to the worst degree, but you should lose it to someone you truly love and want to be with.”

“Exactly! I love you, brother. Oh, I know we can’t get married and all that, but who do you know that would be more gentle and loving than my own big brother?”

“But it is i****t!” I stubbornly clung to that argument.

“So! Do you love me?” I nodded, “And I love you. As long as you don’t get me pregnant, we’ll be fine.”

“I’ll think about it,” I finally relented and promised her. In the meantime, mom is going to be home soon, and I need to get some sleep.”

Lisa was so excited that she kissed me deeply and passionately, pulling away after a moment, with a confused look on her face. “Your kisses taste different from before.”

I had to laugh. “You are tasting your own juices on my lips.” I said.

She licked her lips a few more times, then smiled. “I like it!”

I awoke the next morning in a panic. What had I done last night? I had m*****ed my little sister, is what I’d done. The fact that she had seduced me into it, made little difference to my guilt. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was just after 6. Good, Lisa hasn’t left for school yet.

It took me a second to get out of bed, my arms being useless in their casts, and I tramped down the stairs to her room. There was light coming from under her door, so I used my knee to knock softly. I heard rustling noises, and the door opened shortly afterwards.

Lisa stood before me, her hair a half rustled mess of auburn tangles, no makeup, and in the same clothing she left my room in, which is to say, next to nothing. I could easily make out her slightly largish nipples through the worn fabric. She caught her breath at the sight of me.

“Listen Lisa, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for things to happen like that, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.” I said, before she had a chance to speak.

She looked at me for a few moments considering, before finally speaking. “No. I don’t think I will. Last night you gave me the best orgasm of my life, and if you think I am going to forget something like that, you’re wrong. I meant what I said. I expect you to take my virginity. Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to get ready for school.” She spoke so matter-of-factly, and such determination that I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she turned around and shut the door in my face.

Bemused, but feeling a little better, I plodded upstairs and back to my room. I somehow managed to get myself under the blankets, and was soon back to sleep.

* * *

“Wake up, young man. I need to talk to you.”

My eyes popped open as I heard mom say these words. Somehow she had found out about Lisa and me. Did Lisa tell?

I struggled upright, and waited for her to continue. “I have to go run some errands this afternoon, and I am afraid I can’t take you with me. It will only be for a couple hours, do you think you can manage that long?”

I quickly hid a sigh of relief. What was she doing that she couldn’t take me? Maybe she had a boyfriend or something. Somehow that thought made me jealous, and I quickly had to tamp down the feeling. “Yeah, I should be fine that long.”

“Good. Now, I did the math, and you haven’t bathed since you’ve been home. You haven’t started to stink yet, but why start?” She laughed softly at her own little joke. ” Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes, and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I had to groan. Not only would I have to be naked in front of my mom again, but she was going to have to wash me all over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my erection down.

Resigned to my fate (There was no way I was going to stink for the next few months!), I got up and waited for mom in the bathroom. Her auburn hair was tied back, and she wore somewhat tight fitting clothing that showed her figure off to great effect. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

She started the bathtub filling, then turned to me. “Better go pee first. You don’t want to have to go, halfway through.” She said, the smile never leaving her lips. I waited while she pulled down my shorts, and when I tried to turn around she stopped me. “Don’t men prefer to pee standing up?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t hold it myself.” I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“I’ll take care of that. Just face the toilet, and I’ll aim.” Knowing there was no arguing with her, I turned, and did as I was told. She placed her left hand on my hip, and brought her right arm around my body, grasping my penis right below the head, and aimed it for my feet.

“That’s too low, mom. Aim a little higher.”

“Okay, but you better not hit the back of the toilet. I don’t want to have to clean that up.” She lifted a little, and I slowly let my stream flow. Sure enough, it landed just inside the toilet, and Mom readjusted her aim. “No wonder you men always pee all over the place. This is harder than it looks.”

I wished my mom had chosen a different word than ‘harder’, as I could already feel my cock slowly start to grow in her grip. Luckily I was done before I was fully grown. She shook me a couple times, which felt nice, before I remembered who was doing it. Her hand seemed to linger just a moment longer, before she ordered me into the tub.

With her help, I slowly sat down in the almost too hot water. I couldn’t help hide a sigh of relief as the water began to envelop me. I usually shower, and had forgotten what a nice hot bath could feel like.

“Are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to give me your feet, so I can wash them?”

I opened my eyes, remembering my mom, and handed her my right foot. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts sat on the edge of the tub, as she sat on the floor and leaned in to grab my foot. Her hands were already soapy, and she began to slowly wash my foot. The washing soon turned into a foot massage, that I wasn’t going to complain about. Her fingers and thumbs dug into my feet, and a feeling of relaxation came over me. When she was done with that foot, she did the same with my left foot. She then moved up to my calves, doing the same for them as she had for my feet. My thighs soon followed, and I heard a moan, that I was embarrassed to realize had come from me. Mom’s hands felt like magic as she worked, and I was like putty in her hands.

“Hello. Looks like you really are enjoying this.” I look down, only to realize I had a raging boner, Johnbing above the surface of the water.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” I pleaded, and realized I had been doing a lot of apologizing lately. “I didn’t mean to, it was just so relaxing, I didn’t even know it was happening, I swear!”

“Relax, hunny. The same thing used to happen to your dad, before he died. I would give him a good massage after a hard day of work, and afterwards we’d… Well, anyway, it’s alright. Let’s just get the rest of you clean, then if you need me to, I can take care of that, too.” She winked at me, still wearing that beautiful smile, and I could feel my face turning beet red.

Mom moved behind me, and washed my hair, continuing the pattern of washing, followed by massage. She moved to my ears, and I never knew before how good an ear rub could feel. By the time she was done with my back I was once again lost in the feel of her fingers on my body. She had me lay back a little, and had to lean way in to get around my arms, to reach my chest. Her hands played across my pecks, and seemed to spend a little extra time on my nipples, which felt good, but again, I had never had happen before. She finished with my abs, and ordered me to stand up, so she could get the final parts.

She had to help me stand, my muscles felt like jell-o. I was once again forcefully reminded of my erection as it now proudly proclaimed itself in the air.

“Turn around,” Mom ordered, and I did as told, turning my back to her. Her hands began to roam my buttocks, and even slid between the cheeks as she massaged them. Finally her hands moved around to my front, but she didn’t have me turn around. Instead, her arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel her body pressed against me from behind, as her hands slowly began to was my most private of areas. She started slowly, softly cupping my balls, somehow rolling them around in her right hand. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, and began to twist as she slowly moved up my turgid pole. It felt so good, there was no way I was going to stop her, even though it WAS my mom. Her left hand finally reached the head of my penis, and she continued her twisting movement on it. I moaned loudly, unwilling and unwanting to hold it in. “That feels gooood!” I crooned. I heard a giggle behind me, and I smiled. Mom removed her left hand, but only for a second, as I felt it slip between my legs for better access. She really began to play with the underside of my crotch, and another loud moan escaped my lips.

I became aware of the feeling of her body sliding up and down my back, and her left hand started to move faster on my cock. I could feel her breasts, squeezed tightly between our bodies, and with the feeling of everything else, it amounted to too much. “I’m cumming, mom. Oh, gawd, am I cumming!” I started shooting all over the back of the tub, and mom had to support my weight to keep me from collapsing.

As soon as I was recovered enough to support myself, mom let go, and started draining the tub. She turned on the faucet, and pulled the knob to start the sprayer. She used it to rinse off the remaining soap, and the back of the tub.

I turned to look at her, and noticed that I could clearly see her nipples through her wet shirt. They were hard! I had never noticed before, but they stuck out pretty far from the rest of her areola.

“All better, now?” I heard her ask, and looked up to realize I had been busted looking at her tits. The twinkle in her eyes told me I wasn’t in any trouble.

“Uhh, yeah. Thanks mom. That was great!” Without thinking, I added. “I wish there were something I could do for you in return.”

“No, hunny. That would be wrong. I only do this to help you out. Besides, you already paid me with that wonderful date, yesterday!” Her smile brightened, and I couldn’t help but catch it at the memory of our ‘date’.

Mom dried me off, and when she was done drying my hair, I surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She stood frozen for a second, and I feared I had screwed up, as her hand raised to touch our lips met. Shock was in her eyes for only a moment, before the twinkle returned, and nothing was said as she finished drying me off. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, and I couldn’t pin in on any one thing. All I knew was that I was extremely grateful to have her for a mother.

Mom made brunch, and I was surprised to find how hungry I was. I devoured the food as quickly as she could feed it to me. Afterwards, I went back to my room, and painstakingly checked my email, while mom did chores around the house.

There was another one from Jenny, telling me how sorry she was for what happened, and please not to kick her out of the apartment. She was willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me. I deleted it without replying.

I spent the next few hours just browsing the internet, mainly going where a mouse click could take me, so I could avoid trying to type, when mom entered to let me know she was getting ready to leave, and if there was anything I needed. I decided I had better go to the bathroom one last time, so I wouldn’t have to hold it while she was gone.

I found that I was no longer embarrassed to do this, and didn’t mind as mom held me and aimed. After she pulled my pants up, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and told me she would be back as soon as possible, but if not, Lisa would be back in a few hours anyway, and she had left our neighbor, John’s, number on the fridge. I bid her adieu, and went back to the computer.

I was only on for a couple minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. As I got to the door, I began to curse. I could see her through the glass on the door, standing there, her curly red hair d****d around her shoulder, miniskirt that was just a couple inches short of decent, and green eyes sparkling as she saw me too.

I had to bend my body at an awkward angle to open the door lever, and I stood glaring at her. I didn’t say a word, as she looked at my naked chest, and arm casts.

She was the one to finally break the silence. “Oh, baby! I am so sorry this happened to you! I tried to see you in the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t kin.” I knew she lied by the way she blinked as she spoke. “Can we please talk. I am truly sorry for what I did, and just want you to forgive me.” Without waiting for me to answer, she ducked under my arms, and entered the front room.

Sighing, I closed the door, and turned to face her, still not saying anything. Walking up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, and looked me deep into my eyes. I am a bit taller than her, and as I looked down, I could see the massive cleavage of her 38DD tits. The green in her eyes glinted as she whispered, “I will do ANYthing, to make it up to you.”

I arched an eyebrow at this statement, and then nearly jumped as her hands slid from my chest, to my shorts. I just stood there, as she bent over to pull them down, releasing my cock. Despite my anger at seeing her, the forwardness of her actions were having an effect on me, and I knew I was getting hard. That was one of the best things about Jenny, she was always horney, and always willing to please.

I looked down as I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock, and begin to bring it the rest of the way back to life.

She was truly talented when it came to sucking cock, and soon had me at full mast. She stood up, and bent over in front of me, pulling up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. This minx knew all my turn-ons! She backed up to me slowly, until my cock sat between her small butt cheeks. She wiggled her ass, groaning, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to reach down and put it in, but that was something I simply wasn’t capable of doing. After a few moments of this, she finally looked back to see what was taking so long, and I almost had to laugh at the look of embarrassment that crossed her face.

She reached between her legs, grasped my cock at the base, and aimed for her glory. She slid back slowly, and I felt every delicious inch of this redheads pussy as it sucked and milked my cock deeper into its folds. I moaned, unable to hold back, and started moving my hips. This slut was so wet already, that I sank all 7 inches into her without a problem. Ahh, yes! Good ‘ole Jenny. The thought occurred to me that if she were taking care of me, I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassments of my sister and mom helping me do everything.

Then the image of Jenny on top of Jones flashed through my mind, followed quickly by the look my sister had after her orgasm last night, and the pleasure my mom had during our date, and I quickly dismissed going back home with Jenny. In fact, the whole thing made me angry, and I stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, baby? I was just about to cum.” Jenny asked in a whiny voice, that I usually found cute, but this time it annoyed me. I looked down at where I was buried in her pussy, and nearly pulled out and told her to get the hell out, but something else occurred to me instead. Right above my cock was her tiny brown asshole. The one thing she never let me do, was go back there.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” It was the first words I’d spoken to her since she had arrived, and I smiled as she looked at me with defiance.

“What? No! You know I won’t do that! Never.”

I started to slowly pull out. “Oh. Okay then. I just could have sworn I heard you say that your would do ANYthing to make it up to me, but if you’re sure.” I was now about a quarter of the way out.

“Anything but that, baby. You know I think it is disgusting. Please, I will do anything but that!” I could see the pleading in her eyes, and a small part of me (a VERY small part) almost pitied her.

As I talked, I continued to extricate myself. “No. I asked only one thing of you, and you won’t do it. I see what ‘anything’ means to you.” My tone was condescending, and I smiled as I saw the look of disbelief on her face. I have never treated her (much less any woman) like this, but she deserved it. This and so much more. I was now about half out of her.

“Baby, I love you! I know I screwed up, but please don’t ask that of me. Anything but THAT.”

“I either fuck you in the ass, or you get out, and I never see you again.” My tone was firm. I wasn’t budging… Well, except for my cock which only had the head still in her warm wet pussy.

“Fine!” She squealed, and I could see that all resistance had left her. I slammed my cock home, and was greeted by her cumming on my cock. She loved to be rammed like that, and I knew all of HER turn-ons.

“I’ll even be nice about it. I’ll lay on the floor, and you can put it in at your own pace,” I told her, the condescending tone returning.

She just meekly nodded, and waited for me to lie down. I felt almost foolish, lying on my back, my arms stiffly raised in the air, but quickly forgot about that as Jenny removed her shirt and bra, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were large and hard as she squatted over me.

“Okay, baby. I will do this for you. Only for you, baby, because I love you so much.” She refused to look at me as she spoke, but I felt her hand grasp me penis, and aim for her ass. She slowly started to lower herself, and I was surprised to find that I went in so easily. It only took me a moment to realize what was happening.

“I said your ass, Jenny.” I was not letting her out of this one.

“I know. I promise I will, but I want to make sure you are lubed up enough, so that it doesn’t hurt too much.” She began to rock her hips, and I could feel myself buried deep inside her. She grabbed her left breast and began pinching her nipple with one hand, while reaching down to her clit with the other hand. Once again I saw through her ruse. She was doing everything she could to get me off, in the hopes that I would change my mind, and who could blame her if I came while she was trying to get me ‘lubed up’ enough?

Knowing her game I could defeat it. Anytime I thought I might start getting close, I just pictured her riding Jones like this, and the feeling went away immediately.

It didn’t take her long before she started cumming herself, shaking and shuddering on top of me. When she finished, she looked down at me, a small apologetic smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cum too. I promise you can do me back there next time.” I couldn’t believe it. The woman actually thought I had cum, too. Granted, I have never lasted through one of her orgasms like this before, but still…

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I didn’t cum yet. By the feel of things, I am definitely ‘lubed up’ enough. Now either stick it in your ass, or get out. I’m not playing around.” I emphasized this with a thrust of my hips, like I was trying to throw her off me.

Fear entered her eyes, and I could tell that she understood I meant business.

“Okay, baby. I will.” I had never heard anyone so broken before. I reveled in it. She lifted up, and my cock slapped my belly with a wet splosh, as soon as it was free from her pussy. Oh, yes. I was definitely lubed up. She aimed me again, and this time as she lowered herself, there was no doubt which hole I was hitting. The resistance told me the truth.

Suddenly there was a pop, and her eyes were scrunched closed as she mouthed the word “owe”, over and over again. She had stopped as soon as the head had passed her sphincter, but I gave a slight lift to my hips to tell her to continue. She opened her eyes, and finally looked at me. I could see anger and maybe even hatred in their green depths, but I no longer cared. She was way too manipulative for me to ever stay with her. I wondered why I had never seen it before.

She started to lower herself, and I could see that there was still pain. I remained motionless as she moved, relishing the feel of her extremely tight asshole as it slid down my cum soaked cock. Finally, her ass rested on my crotch, and she stopped, trying to adjust to the feeling of me deep within her bowels.

I counted to ten, before ordering her to move. The look of anger in her eyes flashed again, but she did as she was told.

“Do you forgive me, baby? Now that you are finally fucking my ass?” Her meek tone jarred with the look in her eyes. Instead of answering, I just close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her.

I lay there for a few moments, eyes closed, as she rocked back and forth on me, until I started to notice a change. I opened my eyes, and saw that she had started to gyrate her hips, and was even biting her lower lip, eyes closed. An expression that told me she was starting to enjoy this. I started to rotate my hips in counterpoint to her, and her eyes flew open and locked on mine.

“Oh, fuck, that’s starting to feel good. I never knew it would feel like this, baby.” She began to pick up the pace, and even started grunting with each thrust. “Ahh, YES! I love having your cock in my ass! Yes, move it like that baby. Fuck me harder, HARDER!” She started to cum again, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed.

Watching her, I could no longer hold back, and started shooting off deep into her bowels. Her eyes went wide as I did. “Oh, baby! I can feel you cumming deep in my ass. It feels so warm. Oh, gawd, it’s making me cum agaaaaiiinnn!”

She collapsed on top of me, and I realized after a few moments that she had passed out.

I shake under her, trying to wake her up, and she smiles as she looks in my eyes. “Thank you for forgiving me baby!” She gets up, and there is another small pop as I leave her ass.

“I hate to ask,” I pretend to be meek, “but would you mind cleaning me up?” She quickly jumps at the opportunity, and soon has some wet clothes and is cleaning my crotch of our carnal juices. She kept going on about how thankful she was that I had forgiven her.

At the door, she gave me a big kiss, and looking into her eyes, I told her as sweetly as I could, “I want you out by the end of the week. You are a manipulative, lying, cheating whore, and I’ll have nothing else to do with you.” I slammed the door on her shocked face. Luckily I had enough time to lock the door before she recovered from her surprise. She began yelling obscenities at me through the door, but I just walked away.

I called my apartment manager (putting her on speakerphone, since I couldn’t reach my ear), and explained to her that Jenny was no longer welcome, and that when she returned, I wanted her watched as she packed. She said she understood, and gave condolences about my accident, before I hung up with her.

I then went and laid down for a nap, Jenny still pounding hard on the door, and screaming.

* * *

My phone ringing woke me up, and I sat up to answer it. It was my apartment manager letting me know that they had had to arrest Jenny when she started to break things in the apartment. I was needed to go down and fill out some paperwork, but due to my condition, it could wait.

I hung up, and noticed that I had slept for two hours. Lisa should be home soon, and mom might be as well.

I walked into the living room, and found mom on the couch, engrossed in some TV show. Something seemed very different about her. It only took me a couple moments to notice that her hair was done up, and her skin was a darker shade of tan. She must have been out dolling herself up. No wonder she didn’t need me with her.

“Mom, you look stunning!” I said, to let her know I was there.

She jumped, and I felt guilty about startling her, but couldn’t see how it could have been avoided.

“Oh, hunny. You like it? When I got home I noticed you were asleep, so I just let you rest. Those meds must really knock you out, huh?”

I thought back on it, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken any of my meds for awhile. I still hurt, but somehow with everything else going on, it just never occurred to me.

Instead of answering her last question, I just answered her first. “You really do look young enough to be my girlfriend, now. Wow, you are quite the stunner. My heart be still.”

She smiled broadly at my over-the-top compliments, and I couldn’t hide my smile either.

“How did things go while I was away? Did you need to call John?”

I thought for a moment on how to answer her, and finally said, “Things went better than expected, and I didn’t need to call him. Who is he anyway? I don’t remember him.”

“You wouldn’t,” she replied. “He moved in a few weeks ago with his girlfriends. He is about your age, I think.”

“Girlfriends?” I ask, emphasizing the plural.

Mom’s eyes twinkled as she answered. “Yeah. Seems he has three girlfriends, and one is pregnant, about to pop. Nice guy though. He even offered to mow the lawn once a week.”

I’ll bet he offered to mow your lawn once a week, I thought, then shook off the thought. I was getting way to comfortable with thoughts of my mom.

Lisa came home not much later, and we had time to eat a quick microwave dinner, before mom left for work.
“So, brother, are you going to help me with my homework?”

I knew what she was really asking. “I’ve been thinking about it, and I just don’t think I am the one that should take your virginity, sis.”

“Well, I do, and I’ll prove it!” I groaned as I heard the tone in her voice. When she got like this, there was just no convincing her otherwise. She stormed out of the room, and down the stairs. I followed as well as I could navigate down them, with my arms stiffly out wide. By the time I got to her door, it was shut and locked.

I knocked with my knee. “Go away. You obviously don’t love me, so don’t bother!”

This was the last thing I expected her to say. “Lisa! You know I love you. And not just because you are my only sister. You are a great person, too. Please don’t be like this.”

I could hear her rustling around in her room, moving things and I wondered what she was doing.

“You mean it? You love me?”

“Yes!” I said, some of my exasperation coming out.

The door flew open, and Lisa jumped onto me, and I had to set my balance not to tip over. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she kept saying, pausing only long enough to kiss me.

“Now, listen! I didn’t say…” I trailed off as I realized that the body d****d on me was naked. “What the?” I somehow managed to ask.

Lisa hopped out of my arms, and did a little pirouette. “To help,” she said mysteriously with a wink. She then got behind me and pushed me into her room.

“Now, wait,” I tried to protest, “I never said I’d–” She cut me off, spinning me around and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. Such was her ardor, that I soon found myself kissing her back. She took a step forward, forcing me to step back, right into her bed. I lost my balance, and being unable to swing my arms to recover, I fell on my back.

Lisa had my shorts and boxers at my ankles before I quite knew what was happening.

“Lisa, stop!” I nearly screamed, finally getting her attention.

She looked at me for a moment, still hunched over from taking my shorts off, and my undeniably hard cock between us. “Brother, if you really don’t want this, I will go over to John’s house, and let him take my virginity. He already has three girlfriends, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind a fourth.” I could see that she was serious by the look in her eyes.

“Okay, okay. If you really want it that badly, who am I to deny such a sexy little sister?” Inwardly I cursed at having lost control of the situation, but it soon left my mind as Lisa crawled on top of me, and started kissing me with more passion than I think I have ever been kissed with before. Her hands cupped my face, and our tongues fought a battle for dominance that neither of us ever wanted to end.

I could feel her pussy, pressing my penis between us, as she rocked her hips back and forth. She started to moan, and my own soon followed. I desperately wished I could enfold her in my arms.

She was getting wet fast, and soon I felt her hand reach between us, and position me at the entrance to her virginal hole. “Take it slow,” I cautioned.

She nodded, and biting her lower lip, started to slide back, slowly impaling herself on me. My head slipped past her slippery folds, forcing a moan that seemed to resonate from my whole being. I soon felt the forbidden barrier, and Lisa stopped.

“It kinda hurts, brother.” Lisa whimpered.

“We can stop if you want to. I never want to hurt you, Lisa, my beautiful little sister.” I looked lovingly into her green eyes, and saw determination reflected back at me. Without warning, she slammed her whole body down on me, decimating the last vestiges of her virginity. A scream that I am sure they heard in the next county over, rent the air.

Lisa’s head lay pressed to my cheek as she lay nearly motionless atop me. “Don’t move. Just get used to it.” I had to control myself, as her extremely tight pussy seemed to be convulsing around my cock. It felt great, but my greater concern was for my dear little sister.

Lisa nodded next to me, “It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid. Better to just get it over with.”

I turned my head, and started to kiss he cheek. I realized my lips were coming away wet, as she was crying. “Oh, Lisa. I knew it was a mistake. I’m so sorry.”

“Shut up, will you. I am crying because I am so happy, silly! Just–Just hold still. I didn’t realize how FULL I would feel down there.”

After a couple moments she moved slightly, testing, then held still again. I kept kissing her, and she finally brought her face to mine. I could still see the tears, but I could also see the happiness in her eyes. I don’t think I have ever loved my sister more than I did at that moment.

As our lips met again, Lisa began a slow steady rhythm on top of me. As our kissing became more passionate, so too did the thrusts, and sliding of our movements.

“Oh, gawd! Why didn’t we do this years ago?” Lisa bawled, and threw her head back. Her hips were moving in a frantic, almost desperate staccato. With her head back, I lifted mine and brought one of her sweet nipples into my mouth. This seemed to do it for her, and this time the scream that echoed off the walls was one of ecstasy and fulfillment. I could feel her juices gushing around my cock, and her sweet, tight pussy began to milk me in earnest.

“Lisa, you need to get off me. I am too close. I can’t cum in you!” Lisa just continued to rock on top of me. I’m not sure if she didn’t hear me, or just didn’t care, but I knew I was too close, and the bliss of feeling my beautiful little sister so sweetly engulfing my cock became too much, as I started to buck my hips, driving my penis in deeper and depositing my seed within.

“Oh! That is so hot. So warm! I can feel it shooting deep in me brother! Ahh, it feels so, feels so, GOOD!” And she convulsed again on top of me.

After catching our collective breaths, I gently kiss Lisa’s cheek, then whisper, “Next time we use a condom. You need to go get cleaned up so you don’t get pregnant.”

She looked to me, smiling sweetly. “Don’t worry, silly. It is the wrong time of my cycle.” She gave me a loving kiss, then got up, and looked at me. “Oh. I didn’t realize there would be that much blood.” She started to walk away, and stopped. “Or that I would have to walk carefully afterwards!” She waddled to her dresser, grabbed something, and returned with some wet wipes, and proceeded to clean us both up.

“As much as I want you to stay with me tonight, I don’t think mom would understand.” Lisa told me, and I could only agree. Despite the odd behavior from our mother, I am sure she would freak if she found out her son had taken her daughter’s virginity.

After getting dressed, Lisa walked me back to my room. Giving me a sweet goodnight kiss, she said, “I love you, brother. Sleep well, and get rested. Tomorrow we make love again.”

The sound of the door opening brought me awake, pulling me from a dream in which I had relived the last few moments with Lisa, my sister.

“Everything okay in here, hunny?” I hear mom’s voice. “I heard you moaning, so thought I would check up on you.”

“I’m good, mom, I Just started having another dream. Thank you.”

Mom enters my room, and by the moonlight streaming through my window I can see that she is wearing the same transparent camisole she wore the other night. My cock, already stiff from the dream, stiffens more at the site of her, causing another moan to escape my lips. She moves quickly to the side of the bed and sits down, placing her hand on my leg.

“Do you–” She pauses to swallow, “Do you need some help, again?” Her hand begins to rub up and down along my blanket covered leg, sending chills up my spine. Despite what I have done with my sister and even what my mom has done for me, I’m still nervous.

“I dunno. I think I’ll be fine, but thanks, mom. I love you.”

“Nonsense!” She yanked back the covers, revealing the large tent in my boxers. “See, look at that. Just give me a couple minutes, and we can have that taken care of.”

She began to tug at my boxers, and I resigned myself to her care. Lifting my hips, my boxers were soon around my ankles, and my erection in mom’s ever so talented hands. She smiled at me, as one of her hands cupped my balls, and the other one slid up and down my shaft.

“Just relax, hunny. I’ll have you taken care of in no time.” Something must have dawned on her. “Damn, I should have brought lotion in with me.” She glanced around the room, but didn’t see anything she could use for lube. “Hmm, guess I have no other choice.” Her head dropped to my lap, and suddenly I found my cock surrounded by mom’s warm, wet mouth. Her hand continued to slide along my cock, while her tongue worked wonders on the head of my penis.

“Ahhh!” I moaned loudly, overwhelmed with bliss. I’ve had a few blowjobs in my time, but none, and I mean NONE, compared to what mom was giving me now. Her head began to bob up and down, and soon I found I was in the back of her throat. She pulled up, gasping for breath, and I could see that my cock was lathered with her saliva, a large string of it still connected to her lips. Her hand went into overtime, jacking my slathered cock, and making me pant and moan in ecstasy. This was better than some sex I had had!

Her head dropped back down, and I felt that familiar churning, letting me know I was close. “Mom, I’m… I’m… About–” she must have known what I was going to say, because if it felt good before, it was fantastic now as she redoubled her efforts, bobbing, sucking, and deep-throating me.

My balls tightened, and I emptied a massive load down mom’s throat. “ahhhahhhhhhahhhhhhhhh!” I moaned loudly, unable to hold back, and thrusting my hips up into her eager, sucking mouth. Finally, exhausted, I calmed down, and watched as mom lifted her head, and looked at me. To my large surprise, she blew a cum bubble, then slurped it back up and swallowed the load. If I hadn’t already had two great orgasms tonight, I have no doubt the site of her doing that would have revived me to full mast.

“Wow, mom… Just… Just wow! You truly are the best! Thank you.” I said with heartfelt emotion.

“Not bad for your girlfriend, huh?” She asked with a wink, referring to our little date before. “I must say the taste is improving.” She gave me a peck on my cheek, and I stopped her before she left.

“Mom, are you sure there is nothing I can do to repay all you have done for me?”

“You already are, hunny. You do it with the way you treat me.” She winked and smiled, then pulled my boxers up, followed by my blankets. Giving me another peck, she turned and left the room, my eyes locked on her swaying ass.

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I had resigned myself to this delicious i****tuous love.

* * *

I awoke bright and chipper as the sun came up. Not usually a morning person, I was surprised to wake in such a good mood, until the events of last night played through my head. I whistled a tune as I walked from my room, and saw Lisa sitting at the table. When she looked up at me, I winked and gave her my best smile, and laughed as she actually blushed. Who had seduced who last night?

Without saying a word to me, Lisa got up and poured a bowl for me. “How are you feeling this morning?” I whispered as I sat next to her.

“I’m really sore, but don’t you dare apologize.” She finally looked at me, and there was no mistaking the determination in her eyes. “I don’t regret any of it.”

I kept smiling at her. “Nor do I, sister. Nor do I.”

I sat contentedly while Lisa fed me, and then watched TV while she finished getting ready. Just as she was heading out the door, I gave her a passionate kiss, and bid her a good day.

Mom was just walking out of her room yawning, but still wearing the see-thru camisole, as I sat back down at the TV.

“Is there anything you want to do today, hunny?” She asked as soon as she spotted me.

“Oh, you know…” I said jokingly with a wink, and overtly checked out her body. She smiled and posed for me, and there was no way I could deny that mom was HOT!

“Is your sister gone?” She asked, walking over to me. I nodded, and she began pulling down my shorts.

There was a knock on the door, and mom jumped up, and backed away. I shuffled my hips to get my shorts back on, and by the time I did, mom had grabbed a bathrobe, and wound it around her sexy frame. “Who could that be?” I wondered, and we both went to answer the door.

The woman on the other side was a very attractive redhead, and by the looks of her belly, ready to give birth at any moment.

“Amber!” My mom greeted her, “Come in, and take a load off. You know you really shouldn’t be walking around this late in the pregnancy!”

Amber allowed herself to be guided into the front room, where only moments before I had been about to get another great blowjob. I quickly dismissed the thought from my head as I watched amber walk. Despite her bulk, she had a smooth grace to her that was undeniable.

“Forgive me,” my mom said, flustered, “I should introduce you. Amber this is my son, Jason. Jason, this is one of John’s girlfriends that I told you about.” I was slightly shocked to hear her referred to as only ‘one of John’s girlfriends,” But Amber didn’t seem to mind, so I ignored it.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, extending my hand. She took it and nodded, and I enjoyed how soft and delicate her hands were.

“We were thinking of having a BBQ tomorrow, and wondered if you cared to join us?” Amber asked.

Mom looked to me for a second, “Do you feel up to that, hunny?”

I just nodded. Who was this John fellow, to be able to get not only three girlfriends, but one as cute as this redhead as one of them?

I offered to escort Amber back to her place, but both women laughed at the notion, what with my arms and all. “What was the deal with that lady, yesterday?” Amber asked at the door. Until this point, I had completely forgotten about Jenny.

“She was my crazy ex,” I say with a self deprecating laugh.

After mom walked Amber home, she asked about Jenny. I just told her that she had come over, trying to get back with me, I refused and broke it off, and she flipped out.

“Well, according to Amber, she has a rather vulgar mouth. You can do better than her, hunny.”

“Like you?” I said, and tried to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but she was too fast for my broke self, and easily dodged.

“What has gotten into you, lately? I swear, sometimes I don’t know if you take more after your dad, or me.”

“Crap!” I cursed, as the conversation about Jenny sparked a memory. I still needed to sign those documents at my apartment. “I just remembered something I need to do today, if you can drive me there, mom.”

“Of, course, hunny,” she readily replied. I explained everything (except the sex), as we were driving to my apartment. “You made the right choice in getting rid of her, son,” Mom said, as soon as I finished. We arrived at my apartment complex soon after, and I went straight to the manager’s office.

I knocked on the door, and an attractive, slightly older bleach blonde, answered the door. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun, and as usual for her, she looked like she had just bitten into sour g****s. On her nose sat a small pair of glasses, which made her eyes look almost beady. If it weren’t for the fact that I always paid rent on time, and never caused any problems, I am certain she would have found some reason to evict me. Not that she has ever been rude, just that I had heard that she was quite the hard-nose when it came to managing this place. I am still somewhat uncertain why she was willing to give me time to sign these documents against Jenny.

“Sarah? Is that YOU?” My mom asked as she entered the room, and I looked at her in surprise. Mom knew my apartment manager?

“Diane?’ Came the shocked reply. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m taking care of my son while her recovers. I didn’t know you lived in town.” Mom replied.

“Jason is your son? Hmm.” Sarah’s manner slowly began to change, as she loosened up around my mom. Several times I was sure she was going to say something, then would stop, look at me, and say something benign. What would have been only a 30 minute signing of papers (which was awkward with the casts), took more than an hour, as they caught up on current events.

Sarah then showed us the apartment, and told me to document anything that was missing. Mom and Sarah continued to chat while I walked through my small apartment. A lamp was broke, and that was about it. Apparently after she became violent here, she was booted from the premises before she could do any further damage. I even found a bag of her stuff that she had packed, but hadn’t taken with her.

“Oh, son! I invited Sarah over to dinner this weekend, hope you don’t mind.” Mom told me as soon as I re-entered the front room.

Mind? Why would I mind if my stuck-up, prude of an apartment manager came to dinner? What I said, though, was, “Sure. That’d be nice.” I then noticed that Sarah had let her hair done. I have never seen her with her hair anything but in that tight bun, and I had to admit she was rather attractive this way.

After a bit more chat, Sarah finally let my mom go, and we drove off.

“So how do you know my apartment manager?” I ask. All through their chatting, I never did quite catch how they knew each other.

Mom looked at me out of the corner of her eye for a moment, before replying. “We met in college.” When nothing else was said, it made me even more curious, and I just stared at mom, making it obvious I wanted more of an answer.

After a couple minutes of staring, I could see mom was getting fidgety. “Oh, all right! I guess after what we’ve done, it shouldn’t bother me if you knew. In college we were girlfriends. ”

“But I thought you dated dad all through college…?”

“Uh, yes… Um, er, rather, you see, it was different back then. The truth is we were both your dad’s girlfriends… The three of us dated each other.”

I sat in shocked silence for a moment. I never knew my mom might swing both ways. It was honestly a turn on. And my dad had both of them? I couldn’t believe it!

“That is HOT, mom!” I exclaimed, seeing her face had gone red, and wanting to get her to relax. “Will you tell me about it?”

“Oh, hunny. You don’t want to hear about your old mother’s sexual past.” She said, chiding me.

“But I do! And quit with the old stuff! You’re my girlfriend, remember? Young and gorgeous.”

Mom placed her hand on my knee and gave me her dazzling smile. “Okay, hunny, but you can’t tell your sister!”

* * *

David sat cramming for his exam tomorrow, stressing. If he failed one more test, he would lose his sports scholarship. He was bummed, because he was missing out on a party with his girlfriend, Diane, but it was because of too many parties, that he was in the predicament he was in now.

Diane had left with their friend Sarah, to the party. He wasn’t too worried about Diane cheating on him, as they were in love, and planning on getting married after graduation. Sarah was also a good friend of his, even if she was a massive tease, and would keep an eye out for trouble.

The door to his apartment opened, and he heard two girls giggling as they entered. Looking to the clock, David realized it was already 2am, and groaned. He hadn’t planned on studying this late, but wanted to make sure he was ready for the test tomorrow.

“What are you doing up, mister?” Diane asked. She only ever called him ‘mister’ like that when she was drunk.

“He must have known that two hot women were coming to his place, and stayed up for us,” Sarah said, swaggering into the bedroom where David had been doing his studying, and sitting on the edge of the bed.

David couldn’t help but smile. He like when the two got drunk together. He usually saw some extra skin when that happened. Not for the first time, David wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with these two. He had mentioned it once to Diane, and been told that it would never happen.

“If you study too much, your brain will rot!” Diane said as she walked over and gave Dave a long kiss. He could taste the alcohol on her breath, but didn’t mind.

“Where’s my kiss?” Sarah asked Diane. They often made out when they were drunk too. David always liked watching, but also wished he could be a part of it.

David answered Sarah before Diane got a chance to. “You need to come over and get one, if you want one!” Sarah looked at him for a second, a little surprised. She knew that Dave would never cheat on Diane, and he had never made a comment like that before.

“Yeah,” Diane put her own two cents in, “I know how to treat a man. I went to him for a kiss. You have to, too.”

“Oh yeah? Well, I just might!” But Sarah didn’t move for a second. She didn’t want to cross any lines, and lose the friendship of either of these two.

When no one said anything different, Sarah got up, and leaning slightly as she walked, approached David. Diane smacked her lightly on the ass as she passed, saying only, “Kiss her good, Mister!”

David took the challenge, and stood to meet Sarah. He pulled her into his arms, and bent her back like in the movies. He looked deep into her drunken eyes, and then slowly began to kiss her. At first it was just lips to lips, but then he got daring when she didn’t pull away, and touched his tongue to her lips. Her reaction surprised him, as her mouth opened, and she aggressively attacked his tongue with hers. He could feel himself getting hard as he made out with this beautiful woman in his arms, and remembering that she wasn’t Diane; he broke off the kiss, and brought her back upright.

Both of them stared at each other, wondering what thoughts were going through the other’s head, when Diane broke the silence. “That was SO hot! David, I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to get jealous, but watching you kiss her has made my pussy really wet!”

David knew this had to be true. Diane was always horny, trying to get into his pants all hours of the day and night, but she never talked like that unless she was really turned on.

“Well, I’d better get going then,” Sarah said hurriedly, her face still flushed from the kiss, and her emotions scrambled. “I don’t want to be in your way.” She tried to get out the door, but Diane stood in her way.

“Believe me,” David’s girlfriend said, “you won’t be in the way.” Before Sarah could say anything, Diane pulled her in for a passionate kiss, that as far as David could tell, Sarah returned.

He saw Diane wave him over, and he approached, wondering what she had in mind. As soon as he was in reach, she grabbed him, and pulled his face to theirs, creating a three-way kiss. This was something David had never done, and while he found it really awkward, he thoroughly enjoyed it. The three tongues moved back and forth, finding one set of lips, then another, in a constant struggle to experience everything at once.

He felt a hand on his ass, and thought it was Diane’s at first, but realized the angle was wrong. Diane was on his left, this hand was coming from his right. Never one to pass up an opportunity, David dropped his hand to her jean covered ass, giving it a big squeeze. He let his left hand drop down to Diane’s rear, and gave it similar treatment. Both women moaned into their kiss.

This time it was Sarah that broke the kiss, backing away quickly. “I’m sorry. I have to go,” she told them, her face red, eyes wild, and breathing heavily. “I can’t trust myself to behave if I stay any longer.”

Again, Diane blocked her way, not allowing the woman to leave. “Then stay and misbehave,” she said. Diane brought her hand up to Sarah’s face and cupped her cheek and whispered, “I want you here.” She then reached down, and grabbed Sarah’s hand, pulling it up and placed it over her heart.

“Your heart is beating hard!” Sarah said. “Are you sure?”

Diane nodded that she was, and then Sarah turned to David. David in turn looked back to Diane, not believing his luck. When she said nothing, David did the only thing he could think to do. He told the truth.

“Sarah, you are beautiful, sexy, and if I weren’t so in love with Diane, I would have fallen for you long ago.”

Sarah seemed to melt, and then started crying. David went to her, thinking that he had said something wrong. Pulling her into his arms, she laid her head on his chest, and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him in a large hug. “I have been in love with you both for a long time, but never knew how to tell you. You are both my best friends, and I never wanted to lose that.”

She lifted her face from David’s chest, and he could see that her tears weren’t ones of sadness, but rather true joy. Feeling his heart about to burst with emotion, he leaned in, and kissed her tenderly. The kiss was soft and tender this time, rather than passionate, but felt all the more wonderful for it. When the kiss ended, David let Diane pull her away.

“I never thought I would be into women, but you are my best friend, too. I would do anything for you, and if that isn’t love, then David and I are in trouble, because I feel the same way for him as I do for you.” Their kiss too was tender and loving, but quickly turned passionate as Diane’s hands began to roam Sarah’s body.

David sat back at his desk, enjoying the scene, as both women began to grope each other. Every other time David had watched these two kiss, they had kept it strictly PG rated; kissing, but nothing else. This time their hands moved freely over each other’s bodies, seeking what pleased the other, and getting their answers in the forms of moans and sighs of pleasure.

Sarah was the first to go for the crotch, lifting Diane’s dress to get to her pussy. She broke the kiss immediately after. “Diane, your panties are soaked!” She said in shock. David knew how wet Diane could get, and also knew that she had to sometimes change her panties two or three times a day, depending on how horny she got, and if David was around to help her with it.

Diane moaned, as Sarah pressed her hand against the soaked panties, and began to rub. Diane stepped back, and quickly removed her dress and panties.

“You shave down there?” Sarah asked.

“Of course! David likes it that way.”

Hearing his name, David got up from his seat, and walked over to them. Sarah had gotten down on her knees for a closer look, and began to touch Diane’s pussy again. “How does it feel to have it shaved?” She asked.

“It is more sensitive,” she replied, then gasped as Sarah found her clit.

“I’ve never shaved mine, and never even thought about it, but yours looks so sexy and bare like that. I love it.”

“David likes to shave mine. He–” Diane shuddered. “He does a great job as you can see.”

Sarah turned to look at David and was taken aback to see him right next to her. She had been so absorbed in Diane’s pussy, she hadn’t noticed anything else.

“Would you…?” was all she said, before David went to bathroom and got everything he needed.

Sarah unbuttoned her pants, and lay on the towel David set on the edge of the bed. He put some shaving cream in his hands, and lathered it up. Looking to Sarah’s pussy, he couldn’t even see the outer lips through all the hair. He could, however, smell the unmistakable scent of a woman, no… Make that two women extremely turned on. He applied the lathered cream to her crotch, making sure to work it in all the way to her skin. Sarah groaned as he rubbed, and even began to gyrate her hips. Knowing that Diane never let him do this too long, because it turned her on too much, he pulled out the straight edge razor his dad had given him for graduating high school, and got to work.

It took longer than usual because of all the extra hair, but when he was done, he could see Sarah’s juices leaking from her vagina. Deciding that he may as well give her the full treatment he gives Diane, he wiped off the remaining shaving cream with a towel, and dove in for a taste. Sarah’s legs locked around his head as he began lapping up her juices. David noted that there was a definite difference in taste between the two women, but not in a bad way.

David could make out muffled moans as he worked her pussy with his tongue. He felt hands at his waist, and turned to let Diane pull his pants off. His cock sprang free, all 6 1/2 inches of it, thick as a 2 inch PVC pipe, and just as hard, only to be trapped immediately after by Diane’s warm, wet, mouth. Diane knew what she was doing, and soon he was moaning into Sarah’s pussy.

Diane’s mouth moved away from his cock, which was good, because he had been coming close to blowing, and he wanted this night to last. Diane pulled him from Sarah’s pussy, and he noticed for the first time that both women were completely naked. His shirt soon hit the floor.

Diane and Sarah had moved all the way onto the bed, while David had finished undressing, and Sarah was sitting on Diane’s face.

David stood watching, admiring, for a few moments. It didn’t take him long before he realized that those muffled moans he had heard before were in fact loud screams. Sarah was a screamer. Her large breasts heaved on her chest as she screamed in ecstasy at Diane’s ministrations. Apparently she was just as good with women as she was with men.

David decided he had watched long enough, and jumped on the bed, getting between his girlfriend’s legs. He began to rub his cock up and down her soaking pussy. He had never in their years of dating and screwing, seen her this wet. He let out a sigh as he sank his thick cock to the hilt with ease. With his left hand he began fondling Diane’s breasts, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples, and with his right, he finally got to touch Sarah’s large breasts. Breasts were David’s biggest fetish. Big or small, flat, firm, or drooping, he loved them all. He had seen Sarah’s on many a drunken occasion, but never been allowed to touch. Now he could not only touch, he even leaned forward, while still pumping in and out of Diane, and sucked her other nipple into his mouth.

This sent Sarah over the edge, and she let out an ear shattering scream as she came in Diane’s mouth. Sarah got off Diane, and then bent over to kiss her, as David continued to pump in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The kiss didn’t last long though, as Sarah began to work her way down Diane’s neck, to her chest, and then to her free tit.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good. Oh, baby, your cock feels so good in my pussy. I love the way you fuck me. Oh YES, suck that nipple in your mouth, you gorgeous woman. Suck it!” The profanities continued until Diane came hard, nearly biting her own tongue as she did.

David pulled out, feeling himself getting close again. Diane opened her eyes, and looked to both Sarah and David. “Are you gonna fuck her with your big cock now, Mister? Are you gonna make her cum like you did me?” The other two needed no further urging. David lie on his back, and smiled as Sarah threw her leg over his. She reached down and positioned David’s cock for her hole, then stopped.

“Are you sure, Diane? After this, there is no going back…” In answer, Diane kissed her forcefully, pushing her down at the same time, and onto David’s ready and eager pole. David moaned, and Sarah would have screamed in ecstasy at having her pussy so full of cock, if Diane weren’t kissing her. Sarah’s hips began to gyrate, and David loved the way she felt on top of him.

Without breaking their kiss, Diane swung her body around, and sat on David’s face. Thankful for something to distract him from the feeling of Sarah’s pussy milking his cock, David acted like a starving man at his first buffet.

David was overwhelmed with pleasure. Not only was he making love to his wonderful girlfriend, but he was screwing his best friend at the same time. He knew he was getting close, but just as he was about to warn her, Diane had a massive orgasm, slamming her vagina against his mouth, effectively cutting off anything he could have said. He started to ejaculate into Sarah, pumping his seed into her, as he convulsed beneath both women. David’s orgasm then sent Sarah off, and this time her screams did make them go deaf for a little while.

David passed his test the next morning, despite only having had a couple hours sleep. Sarah moved in with them. David was in bliss, having two girlfriends, until about five months later, Sarah left them with only a note saying she couldn’t stay around anymore.

* * *

Mom finished her story just in time as Lisa walked through the door, home from school. I couldn’t help but notice that during her telling she would sometimes touch herself, then remembering that I was there, stop.

“Hey dear. Make sure you don’t have plans for tomorrow night. We are going next door for a BBQ, and I finally have a night off.” Mom told Lisa.

Mom retired to her room to shower and get ready for work, and Lisa came out to join me in front of the TV.

“How are you feeling today?” I asked, concern filling my voice.

“Still pretty sore,” she told me. “I don’t think we can do anything tonight, but if you want, I’ll give you a blowjob after mom leaves.”

How did I get so lucky, I wondered, to have a girl so willing to please me? The fact that she was my sister no longer seemed to bother me.

I was extremely horny after mom’s story, but my love for my sister came first. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’d understand.”

She playfully hit me on the arm. “Listen, silly, I WANT to. I WANT to do more. I WANT to feel you inside me again. I just don’t think I can. So be ready as soon as mom leaves, to have your little sister suck that big cock of yours!”

I’ve created a monster, I thought. We settled to watching TV, and sure enough, as soon as mom’s car pulled out of the driveway, Lisa had my shorts down and my cock in her mouth. I marveled at the differences between Lisa’s and Mom’s styles. Where mom had skills, Lisa had enthusiasm. Remembering how mom did it, I started to give her pointers, and while she still needed practice, it wasn’t long before she was swallowing my load.

I was rather disappointed to wake up this morning, and realize Mom hadn’t come in to see me last night. Had I done something to offend her? If so I needed to make amends. But first things, first; I had to pee.

I walked out to the kitchen, hoping to catch Lisa before she left for school, but heard her driving off instead. Mom’s bedroom door was closed, so I knocked with me knee, but got no answer. I checked the garage, and saw that her car was still there, so went back to try her door again.

Before I knocked, however, I heard an odd sound coming from her room. I couldn’t find a proper position to put my ear to the door, as my casts kept getting in the way, but after a few seconds I was able to make out the sounds of moaning. Worried that mom might be hurt, I tried to open the door, but found it locked. I kneed the door again; calling out to see if she was hurt. Hearing shuffling on the other side, she eventually opened the door.

I was shocked to see the look on her face as she poked her head out. Her eyes were wild, and her hair was disheveled. Her eyes scanned my body, and I thought maybe even stayed a little longer on my rapidly rising crotch, before meeting my eyes. She was wearing the same camisole again; only it looked like it had been put on hastily, and bunched in odd places.

“Everything okay, hunny?” She asked, and I could tell her voice was strained.

For a second I could only stare at the woman before me. Her wild look was a turn on I never knew I had before. Then remembering my original reason for knocking, I told her I needed to pee.

“Can it wait a few minutes?” She asked. “I’m kinda in the middle of something.”

“I don’t think so, mom. I REALLY have to go.”

Mom sighed, then opened her door all the way, and led me to her bathroom. She pulled my shorts down, revealing my boner at seeing her in such a state.

“With that thing, you had better sit down to pee,” she told me. I sat down, and bent over, trying to get the head under the rim of the seat. My hands were practically on the floor, but try as I might, I couldn’t pee.

“Umm, Mom. I can’t go.” I said sheepishly.

“What do you mean you can’t…? Oh.” She said as I nodded to my erection. “I don’t know, hunny. I don’t think it is a good idea for me to keep helping you with that.”

“But mom…” I complained, “It hurts, and I really need to go, I just can’t.”

“Okay, but this should be the last time.” I don’t know what made my mom change, but I was disappointed to say the least.

She had me stand up, and I followed her to her bed. She’d grabbed some tissues from the bathroom, and a bottle from her nightstand. When she squirted the liquid in her hands, I caught the smell of strawberries. Looking at the bottle again, I saw that it was flavored lubricant. Why did mom have that? Much less have it already out? I wondered.

Mom used only one hand, this time, sliding it up and down my shaft quickly, as if she were trying to get me off as fast as possible. It had the opposite effect. It felt nowhere as good as her normal hand jobs, and couldn’t possibly compare to her oral skills.

“Are you even trying?” She asked after five minutes of her arm pumping.

“I’m sorry mom.” I told her sincerely. “It just doesn’t feel as good as the last times. I am trying, I promise.” I began to look at her body, slightly visible through the camisole, and began thinking about touching those parts, in an attempt to get off.

After another few minutes passed, she glared at me, but the look in her eyes was even wilder now, than it had been before. “Just… Just this one last time,” she told me again, “Then we need to figure out something different to take care of this.” Licking her lips, I swear I heard her moan as the head of my penis passed her wet lips. Again, it felt good, but wasn’t nearly as good as her last one. What had happened?

Returning to the thoughts of touching her, I twisted my upper torso in order to lightly stroke her hair. As soon as my hand touched her, she jerked back away from me. In her eyes was the wild gleam I had noticed all along, but now amplified ten-fold. She looked me in the eyes for only a second, before saying, “Ah, fuck it! I need to get off, and I’m going to hell anyway.” Before I could even think of a response to this odd statement, Mom ripped her camisole off, and stripped her panties away.

For the first time, I was looking at my mother nude. Her c-cup tits sagged only slightly, and her large red nipples were hard as I have ever seen a woman’s. My eyes then followed her slender waist down to her clean shaven pussy. There was no mistaking the gleam that was shining from her nether-lips. Mom needed to get off as much as I did.

“Hunny, I’m sorry to do this, but I need to get off too. I need you to lick my pussy. I want you to make me cum, and cream all over your face. Do you think you can do that for me?”

In shock, I could only nod my head. I have never heard my mom talk like this before, and it had me willing to do anything for her.

“Just this once, though, and never again. Nothing more, either. We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s wrong, but, OH!” While Mom had been talking, she was swinging her body around, and placing her wet pussy over my lips. The ‘OH!” coming as I lightly licked the side of her lips. Mom’s pussy was a little bigger in comparison to Lisa’s, but still really neat. I knew how to please a woman this way, and I knew Mom needed to get off as quick as possible; I sucked first one lip, then the other into my mouth, flicking my tongue around them while I sucked. I stuck my tongue into her hole as far as it would go, reveling in the taste of her juices.

I felt Mom’s mouth around my cock again, going down on me like she had the night before, but this time moaning as I licked and sucked her, adding a whole new dimension to the blowjob. I could tell she was getting close to cumming, and hastily sucked her clit into my mouth, and began to pop it back and forth through my teeth and tongue. This always invariable got women off, and it was no different with Mom. The first time I did it, she let out a long, heavy moan, muffled by my cock deep in her throat. On the second ‘pop’, I was rewarded with a face and mouth full of her cream. It was more than I could swallow, but I just concentrated on ‘popping’ her clit. Each time I did it, her whole body shuddered.

Knowing that I had gotten Mom off was enough to send me over the edge, and I began to hump my hips, as I pumped my load down her eager throat.

Mom tried to roll off me, but her legs got caught in my upraised casts for a moment, before she could extricate herself. It took us both a few moments before we were able to catch our breaths. Mom brought her head around and up to me, looking deep into my eyes.

“Thank you, hunny. You have no idea how much I needed that!” Her lips met mine, and I could feel her tongue seeking entry into my mouth. I was all too eager to let her, and soon our kiss became deep and passionate, as we expressed our love for one another through nothing more than our mouths. I didn’t even mind the taste of strawberry lubricant.

When the kiss ended, mom began to lick her juices off from my cheeks and chin. I felt myself getting hard again, and the original need that had brought me to her room resurfaced.

“Mom, I love what you are doing, but I really have to go.” I cursed my bladder’s betrayal, but knew Mom would be (literally) pissed if I urinated on her bed.

She stopped what she was doing, and I followed her back to her bathroom. She held my mostly flaccid cock as I went, and had to forcibly stop herself twice from stroking it while I went. It was the longest pee I had had in memory. After Mom pulled my shorts back up, I tried to kiss her again, but she backed up before I could.

“No, son. I’m sorry I did that to you. I can’t even begin to hope that you will forgive me, or imagine the therapy you will need. I got caught up in my own needs, without considering how it may affect you in the long run.” I was at a loss for words. How could my mom think I was anything less than happy with what we had done?

“Mom,” I tried to say, then louder, “Mom.” She turned towards me, but refused to look at me. I cursed not being able to fully use my arms, as I wanted to wrap them around my wonderful mother, and show her how I felt. I wanted to lift her chin up, so that I could look into her beautiful eyes, and let her see what was in my heart. Instead, all I had were words, and they are never adequate for this. “Mom, I love you. I always have, and I always will. No matter what ever happens, you will always be my mother, and I wouldn’t change that if I could. I am happy that we did that.” She tried to turn away from me, but I stepped around, and back in front of her. “No, listen. For days I have felt guilty, not because of what you were doing for me, but because I couldn’t return the favor. Today I finally got the opportunity to make you happy, and if you think I am going to regret it, just look into my eyes.”

Hesitantly, jerkingly, her head slowly rose until her eyes met mine. When they finally did, I tried to pour all the love and affection I had in them out to her. She must have seen it, as I soon found her arms wrapped around me, and her head on my chest. “Oh, hunny. I love you too, but what we did was wrong. So wrong. It’s called i****t, and it is i*****l in so many places.”

“I don’t care what it’s called,” I told her. “I love you, and if it makes us happy, to hell with the rest of the world.”

“But I have been doing research. I have wanted to do more with you the last few days, but was afraid. So I looked online last night when I got home, and studied about i****t. There are a lot of bad things that can happen, and I don’t want to cause you any problems with having a happy life.”

“Mom, most of the bad things happen to u******e k**s. I am a grown adult, and can make my own decisions. I am making one now.”

Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked up at me, and I felt my heart break to see them. Then she kissed me again, and all was forgotten. The kiss lasted for some time, and there was nothing sexual about it; just a long tender kiss, between two people who love each other.

“We can’t let your sister know,” Mom said, breaking the kiss, and I had to stop myself from laughing. Up until this point I had completely forgotten about Lisa.

“I think I can handle that department,” I told her. Mom looked at me quizzically, but then shrugged, and turned to other matters.

“We need to do some shopping for the BBQ at John’s place tonight. I should have asked what to bring.” She called over to his place and got some ideas for food. We then drove to the grocery store, where I pretended to have my arm cast around her, and she was my girlfriend. We both laughed and enjoyed each other’s company the whole time.

When we got back, there wasn’t much I could do to help in the kitchen, and since I hadn’t checked my email in awhile I thought I’d better do that. It was the usual stuff. Some guy in Africa had a large amount of money that my ‘uncle’ supposedly left me, but was having trouble with customs, penis enlargement medications, and then a long list of emails from Judy. I read the first one, and seeing it was just hate mail, I deleted it, and then blocked her. That was a chapter of my life I would never have to deal with again.

I went out to watch TV, and about an hour later, Mom joined me on the couch. We cuddled as well as we could with my casts, until we heard Lisa come home and Mom jumped up, and went straight to her room. I sighed, and just shook my head.

Lisa walked in, a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She sat next to me, almost in the same place Mom had just vacated, and grinned up at me.

“Guess what?” She asked, excited. “I’m feeling much better today. You wanna do it again when Mom goes to work?”

I hated to disappoint her. “Mom has tonight off, remember? We are going over for the BBQ at John’s in a little bit.” Her face fell for a moment, and then brightened again.

“Oh well. We’ll just have to think of something then, won’t we?” She suddenly gave my crotch a squeeze, and jumped up heading to her room. I about followed her, but I saw Mom coming out of her room. I hoped she hadn’t seen the crotch squeeze.

“She seemed in a happy mood,” Mom commented. “There has been something different about her…” She trailed off, and then looked back to me, and I hoped I didn’t have a guilty expression on my face. “We need to get you dressed, hunny.”

We went to my room, and Mom helped get me into a pair of jeans, and a nice button up shirt, taking many liberties to grope and touch me while she did.

When I was fully dressed, we all walked over to John’s house, and I felt slightly uncomfortable between Mom and Lisa. Lisa was fine, but Mom kept avoiding even looking at her daughter. I really hoped I hadn’t screwed up anything there.

Lisa knocked, and a drop dead gorgeous strawberry blonde girl opened the door. She introduced herself as Jazmine Joe, but everyone just called her Geo. Mom dropped her 7-layer dip off in the kitchen, and I finally got to meet John. At first I thought he was a rather ordinary guy. He was well built, and I later found out he was a bouncer at a bar someplace. He was average height, and I am no judge of guy’s looks, so couldn’t say on that point. He was talking to a petite brunette, Dixie, when we approached him.

“Ahh, Jason, so good to finally meet you. Amber and your Mom have already told me a bit about you. Come, have a seat. How are things going after the accident?”

He seemed genuine and kind and I soon found I was talking freely with him. Mom brought me a drink, and I was surprised to find she had brought me a beer.

“You don’t mind if he has a beer, do you John?” Mom asked the man.

“Mind? No. Only my sister and Dixie are legally able to drink here. Well, I guess you are too, Mrs. Dickens, I tend to forget your age, and Amber could if she weren’t pregnant.”

Something John had said stuck in my head. “Your sister?”

“I’m sorry, I thought your mom told you. Geo is my sister. I don’t usually tell people that, but your mom figured it out AFTER I told her she was one of my girlfriends. You’ve got a smart woman there,” he said with a wink. I didn’t know what to say. This man was screwing his own sister, and everything seemed to be fine. Suddenly a lot of things started to make sense. Why Mom wanted me to meet John. Some of the changes in both Mom’s and Lisa’s personalities since they have been taking care of me, and a few other little quirks, that now made sense with an i****tuous couple living next door. “I’m sorry if I upset you,” John said, with worry. Whether worry for his own safety or for my well being I wasn’t sure.

“You didn’t,” I assured him. “Far from it! How did it happen?” I asked before propriety could stop me… The beer Mom was giving to me was really going to my head.

John started to tell the story of how he went to a strip club…{See’ I found my sister stripping’ series, for full details.}

By the time he finished, I really had to pee. Lisa jumped at the opportunity to take me, and I was afraid she had been too willing, but no one seemed to notice, or they just blamed it on the beer that she was being allowed to drink as well.

She knew right where the bathroom was, and locked the door as soon as we were in. She had my jeans undone and around my ankles before I could say a word. She tried to start giving me head, but I really had to pee, and didn’t want to repeat this morning’s escapade.

Lisa happily held it for me till I was done, then after patting the head with some tissue, wasted no time in getting her lips firmly around my cock. She had taken my lessons from yesterday to heart, and soon had me rock solid. “Hmm, tastes kind of like strawberries,” she commented, and I nearly choked.

“Hmm, odd,” was all I could think to say.

Lisa stood up, and lifted the back of her knee length skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and then bent over the counter. I needed no further invitation. Stepping up behind her, I tried to aim for her already wet hole, but without my hands to guide me, I kept slipping up her ass crack, or underneath and bumping her clit. Frustrated, she finally reached back, and helped guide me in. It took a second for me to get just my head in. She was wet, but still super tight. After a couple minutes of slowly sliding in till I felt resistance, then pulling all the way out with a ‘pop’, I was finally hilt deep in my little sister’s pussy. I stood still for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of being fully wrapped within her.

She looked at me through the mirror, and smiled. “You fill me up rather nicely big brother.” She wiggled her ass, and I couldn’t stop a moan of pleasure from escaping my lips.

I began to move my hips, slipping in and out of Lisa’s sucking pussy, when we heard the door open. Shocked, we both pulled apart, Lisa’s skirt fell to cover her, but I was forced to stand there in all my glory, arms out wide, on full display as Geo stepped into the bathroom, and re-locked the door behind her.

“Oh, please don’t stop on my account,” she said, looking me up and down. Then to my shock, she started to get undressed.

“But I locked the door!” Lisa blurted. Geo just smiled, and showed us the key.

When neither of us moved, she looked us both in the eyes. “Look. I was sent up here to find out what was taking so long. Now you have two choices, either keep going, but you will cum in me, or stop, and I tell what you were doing. What will it be?”

“Cum in…?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“I’m not asking you to completely fuck me. I just want to get pregnant. I see how happy John is with Amber being pregnant. I want that too, but he is too careful with me. So I figure, you look close enough to him, if you get me pregnant, no one will have to know it isn’t his. This whole BBQ was my idea, as a means to this end.”

“What about John? You can’t lie to him.” I said.

“He knows, and has agreed to it. Your mother is the only one who doesn’t know.”

“So you won’t tell?” Lisa asked, and I could see that same gleam in her eyes that she had the other night. The gleam of lust, but this time it was aimed at Geo, or rather, her body.

“Not as long as he shoots his load in me, and is willing to do so, until I get pregnant. I don’t want you to take care of the c***d, or even be a part of its life. That will be John’s responsibility. All I want from you is your semen. Deal?”

“Deal!” Lisa said, and I merely nodded. I didn’t know what choice I had. Mom might be okay with me screwing Lisa, but then again, she might not.

Lisa lifted her skirt again, and it only took a couple seconds for me to get fully hard again, with two beautiful women in the room. Geo helped guide me in this time, then stood behind me, moving my hips back and forth. I found this new and strangely erotic. Geo then stepped around us and started kissing Lisa. I could feel her hand down by my crotch and realized that Geo must be playing with Lisa’s clit.

Lisa began to moan, and squirm against my cock and her hand, but was thankfully muffled by Geo’s kiss. It didn’t take long for Lisa’s pussy to clamp down on me hard, as she came.

All of this was too much for me. “I’m cumming close,” I announced, and Lisa nearly whined as I pulled out from her. Geo bent over the counter, and quickly guided me in. She was already pretty wet, and I sank into her with ease. She was a lot looser than Lisa, but felt good all the same.

The small break between Lisa and Geo seemed to give me some extra time, however, and I began to pump in and out of Geo, while Lisa watched.

“Oh, fuck, that is a thick cock. Damn it fills up my pussy so well, yeah, that’s it. Fuck me with your thick cock. Fuck me hard!”

Following her demands, I began to pump as hard and fast as I could, slamming her against the counter. Her words turned to simple grunts as I did so. Lisa decided to return the favor that Geo had given her, and started playing with Geo’s clit and even put one of her tits in her mouth. This sent her over the edge. If Lisa was tight when she came, Geo’s pussy became even more so. Her muscles clamped down so hard, I couldn’t move, and then I started to cum. Unable to pump, or move, it felt odd to cum while being still, other than Geo’s own shivering.

“YES! Make me pregnant. Fill my pussy with your hot cum! Shoot me with your baby maker!”

After a couple more moments, Geo’s pussy finally relaxed, and I slipped out. She turned and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and a whispered thank you, then started getting dressed. Lisa helped clean up our mutual juices, and then we all went back outside to the BBQ.

“Everything go alright?” Mom asked, and I am sure I blushed.

“Apparently he had to do more than just pee,” Geo said, coming to our rescue.

The rest of the BBQ went pretty smooth, except for one point when John pulled me aside. “Geo explained things to you?” He asked as soon as I was out of earshot from Mom.

“Yes, and you’re okay with this?” I asked, embarrassed.

John just laughed easily. “I learned to conquer my jealousy issues long ago. Besides, you’re just there to get her pregnant. It is me she loves.”

I just shook my head at this man’s luck. To have three women so devoted to him.

By the time the BBQ was over, we were all a bit tipsy, and Lisa was downright drunk. Geo helped us get her home, and then whispered to me, before she left, “Next night your mom works, I’ll be over.”

Lisa was pretty much passed out as Mom tucked her into bed. We then went to my room, and Mom helped me strip, and started to tuck me in.

“Mom, can we talk?” I asked, not knowing what to talk about, but knowing that I didn’t want her to leave just yet.

She hesitated at the door, unsure of herself, then finally shrugged and sat next to me on the bed.

“What is it, hunny?” She asked.

I looked deep into her eyes till she looked away, cheeks going slightly red. “I really didn’t have anything to say, I just wanted you to stay in here with me,” I told her honestly.

“Hunny, we really shouldn’t,” she told me, but placed her hand on my blanket covered thigh.

“Why not, mom? I love you. Is there any other reason?”

When I spoke those words she looked back up at me, and I could see the happiness in her eyes. “Oh, hunny, I love you too, but you are drunk, and I won’t let you make any decisions while you are like this.” Despite her words, her hand began to draw circles on my leg.

“But I made my decision this morning, Mom. Remember?”

“Yes, but that was after we… after we… Well, you know!”

“And I have wanted to do it again all day.”

Now Mom’s hand was making circuits up my abdomen, down the other leg, and back again. “But it is i****t.” Her protest sounded weak, and even she had to know it.

“You are my girlfriend, and that is just the way it is going to have to be.” I said, daring her to challenge me.

Instead, her lips found mine for a brief kiss. “If I am your girlfriend, then it is alright, I suppose.” Her hand work its way under the covers, quickly finding my turgid cock, as our lips met once more. She began to kiss down my neck, to my chest, and even licked by my nipples. I have never had that done before, but I found I rather liked it, and moaned as she continued. Her hand was playing with my cock, but the angle was wrong, and it didn’t feel as good as it normally did. I kicked the blankets off me, and Mom started kissing her way down further, until she finally stared my cock in the eye. “My boyfriend’s thick cock,” I heard her murmur, and then slipped the head past her lips. She took her time, slowly licking around the head of my penis, he hands lightly tickling the sides of my cock. Somehow the actions of her hands seemed to make me even harder, and I groaned in delicious ecstasy.

“Mom, I want to taste you again,” I said, and she turned and looked at me sharply.

“I am your girlfriend, remember?”

Understanding the game, I corrected myself. “Diane, my love, I want to taste you.” She shuddered as if the words were caressing her soul, and in a daze slowly stood up and undressed. I had seen her naked that morning, but then it had been in a flash of mad lust. This time it was slow and deliberate, and all the more sensual for it.

As she finished, she climbed back on the bed, and straddled my face. My tongue was ready and waiting for her, and I enjoyed the sounds of her moaning as I started to suck on her inner lips. She was easily as wet as she had been this morning, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she had been thinking about it all day. “Ah, yes, hunny. Suck my pussy. I wanna cream all over my boyfriend’s beautiful face, I wanna feel your tongue deep inside me, yes! Just like that, hunny. Don’t stop!” I started ‘popping’ her clit again in my mouth, enjoying how she shuddered every time I did it. It didn’t take long before she was gushing in my face, this time a lot more than this morning’s had been.

As soon as she recovered, she turned around, easily avoiding my casts, and began licking up her juices from my face. Her ass kept bumping my hard cock, and I groaned in anticipation of what was to come. I began to buck my hips, trying to hit her hole, and Mom stopped what she was doing.

“You’re my boyfriend,” I heard her mumble, “My wonderful, loving boyfriend.” As she spoke, she slowly slid down my body, till I felt her pussy against the head of my penis. A moment later we both let out a deep sigh as we felt it go inside, passing between her outer lips.

Again she stopped, looking deep into my eyes. “I love you…” I almost said ‘Mom’, “my gorgeous, young girlfriend.”

That seemed to do it for her, as she planted her lips firmly against mine, and slid my cock home; back to the place I came out of. We both moaned as our bodies, writhed with one another, grunting as I used my hips to thrust up into her from below, surprised at how HOT it felt within her. Never have I felt such heat from a pussy, and it felt beyond measurably good. Her hips rotated on top of me, our kiss only breaking when one of us needed air, but neither of us desired air very much.

I felt Mom’s muscles contract, and she nearly bit my tongue, as her second orgasm took her. I just continued lifting my hips, trying to copy her gyrating motion. She sat upright on me, and grabbed both her breasts in her hands, squeezing her hard nipples. “Oh, you feel so good deep inside me, boyfriend. It has been so long since I’ve had anyone in there, and you feel so good boyfriend!” Her eyes opened, and looked at me as she continued, “I love the way my boyfriend’s cock feels sliding in and out of me. My boyfriend–No! I won’t lie anymore. I love having my son’s cock in me. I love feeling my son’s cock fill me to bursting and making me cum all over him!” Her words got to me, and I started to shoot deep inside her. It seemed to go on forever, each spurt lasting for hours.

Mom collapsed on top of me, and we fell asleep together.

Sunlight streaming through my room woke me up, and the first thing to greet me was a headache. The second was the realization that Mom was no longer lying next to me.

Groaning, I got out of bed and stumbled from my room, head throbbing. In the kitchen I found Mom and Lisa, both sipping cups of coffee. Upon seeing me, Mom rushed to pour me a cup. Rarely had I ever had a hangover, and they are never fun.

“I called in sick today for Lisa and I,” Mom told me. “I don’t think she is up to thinking much right now.” This was met with an agreeing groan from my sister. “I talked with Sarah, too, and she is coming over for dinner. So I need you two to take care of each other, while I go to the store.”

I couldn’t understand how Mom was dealing so well after last night, but as she started to walk away, I noticed she was walking a little stiff, and bow-legged. I hid my smile, as I kissed her on the cheek on her way out.

Lisa helped me drink my coffee, only burning my tongue once when she poured too fast into my mouth. “I’m sorry!” She exclaimed when it happened. “Do you want me to kiss it better?” I readily agreed, and our lips met, and tongues found each others in a dance that Lisa was really getting good at. After only a couple seconds, though, Lisa pulled back with yet another groan. “Ugh. Even kissing hurts. Remind me never to drink again.” She said sourly.

Thankful that I hadn’t drank as much as she had, I felt bad for her as she nursed her hangover.

“So, about what happened yesterday,” Lisa said, and when I didn’t reply after a moment, “with Geo?”

Her tone put me on my guard, but all I said was, “Yes?”

“I don’t think you should get her pregnant. It’s not right. If she wants to get pregnant, then she should have her brother do it, not mine.”

I saw the trap before me. If I agreed with her, I might never get to stick my cock in Geo again, and I had to admit she felt good. Also, Geo might tell our mom, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about that. On the other hand, if I disagreed with Lisa, it would look like all I was after was sex.

“What if she tells mom, though?” I decided that this was the best tact. I was wrong.

“Let her tell mom! We are both of age, and can move away like John and Geo did. Don’t get me wrong, I love mom, but I love you too, and don’t want you sleeping with someone like HER!” I didn’t know what she meant by that last part. All I could see was everything that I had going for me right now at the risk of crumbling.

“Lisa, be reasonable. Once it is done, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Things can go back to the way they were.”

“The way they were?” She stormed, and then winced as her own voice hurt her head. “And just what is THAT supposed to mean?” The last question came in a whisper, and was all the more menacing, because of it. When I couldn’t answer, at a complete loss to even understand what was going through her head, she stomped from the kitchen, headed for her bedroom. I looked down at my cup of coffee, only half-way done, and sighed. Based on our past, I knew to leave her alone when she acted like this. Eventually she would calm down, and seek me out.

I went back to my room to try and sleep off my hangover, only to be awoken by Mom a little bit later.

“I take it you and Lisa had a fight?” She asked, sitting on the edge of my bed. I just nodded in response, thankful it didn’t hurt to do so. “Care to talk about it?”

“No,” I told her, knowing there was no way I could explain it all. “She’ll calm down in time.”

“Your sister wouldn’t tell me either.” Mom said thoughtfully, and I feared she was about to figure things out. “Oh well. What do you think of pork chops for dinner? Sarah said she was bringing someone over, but wouldn’t say who.”

“That sounds fine mom,” I told her, thankful for the change of subject.

“Now I think it is time you had another bath. Too bad your sister is here. We could have some fun, eh boyfriend?” So it was back to boyfriend again, huh? I could live with that, I guess.

Mom filled the tub, and I shimmied out of my shorts; I was still shirtless from last night. The water felt great as Mom helped me slide into it. She started to massage my feet, and remembering where this had led last time, I immediately got hard. Mom’s eyes were drawn to it like a magnet to lodestone, but she only smiled, and kept rubbing my feet. She soon moved up to my calves, then thighs, before switching to my shoulders and neck. Her fingers were like magic, working out kinks I didn’t even realize I had. My back and chest came next, and I was feeling pretty relaxed by the time she had me stand up.

I got up, and eagerly pointed my member at Mom, but she had me turn around, and washed my buttocks. I did slightly jump as her hand slid between my legs, and she began to rub my taint. It was another new and interesting sensation, and again, not unpleasant, as I felt myself growing harder.

Finally she turned me back around, and stopped as she spied how hard I was. I was disappointed that she barely touched me, as she washed my crotch, before turning on the sprayer, and rinsing me off. As soon as all the soap was rinsed, however, Mom quickly dropped back down to her knees, and brought her lips to my throbbing hardon. She kissed the little bit of precum that was already coming out, and then licked her lips. “You seem to taste better every day, hunny.” Then like a woman starved, she swallowed my cock, and I could feel it going down her throat. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips as she sucked my in as deep as she could.

I moaned loudly when I felt her tongue on my balls, while my cock was still buried down her throat. She slapped my behind, and pulled away from me. “Your sister is still home, you have to be quiet.” She whispered fiercely at me.

“As you wish, my beautiful girlfriend,” I said with a smile. Mom returned the smile, but it turned to lust when she looked back at my cock before her.

“Oh, I shouldn’t do this…” She murmured, then stood up, and undid the belt and buttons of her slacks, before dropping them to the floor. Mom double checked the lock, then placed a towel on the floor and had me step onto it. “Your girlfriend needs your thick cock in her, now.” She bent over, and wiggled her lovely ass in my direction. I needed no further urging, and stepped up to her lovely hole. It took me a few tries, but I was slowly getting better at getting it in, without using my hands. As soon as my head slid past her lips, I thrust forward, and easily slid home. Mom had to place her hands on the door for balance as I continued to move in and out of her with force. The same fire I had felt from her loins last night was there, and she felt unbelievable wrapped around my dick.

“Mom? Are you in there?” Lisa’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Y-yes, dear,” Mom tried to say as I continued to feed her my rod from behind. She tried to wave me to stop, but instead I just changed my motion to slowly pulling out, then slamming it back in. Her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure.

“I’m going for a drive. I’ll be back later,” Lisa said. Knowing my little sister was on the other side of the door, started to get to me, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Okay, d-dear. Drive safe.” Mom was having difficulty thinking, much less talking as I continued my alternating rhythm. We heard Lisa walk away, and mom stood abruptly, pulling away from me. “I can’t believe you did that. What if she caught us?”

“Are you afraid of your daughter catching you with your boyfriend?” I asked with false innocence.

We could hear Lisa drive away, and mom grabbed my cock, unlocked the door, and led me out of the bathroom. “My boyfriend has something I need,” She said as she led me to her bed. I jumped onto it, and laid down, wondering what treat would come next. To my surprise, Mom went back down on me, licking and sucking up her juices from my cock. Luckily the small break had allowed me to reset, and I was once again safe from cumming anytime soon.

Once all of her juices were cleaned off of me, Mom looked up at me, my cock-head next to her lips. “Does my boyfriend want to try something new?”

“Yes,” I said in wonder, curious what she had in mind. She leaned over to her nightstand and brought out her bottle of strawberry lube. I had a feeling I knew what she had in mind now, and couldn’t wait.

She put some lube on her fingers, then got on her elbows and knees, ass facing me, and shocked me by reaching around behind her, and shoving two fingers in her ass. I could smell her pussy she was so close. For a few seconds, Mom, or rather, ‘My Girlfriend’, fingered her ass, moaning and panting as she did so. “Does my boyfriend like to see me fingering my ass?” She asked, and I tried to gasp yes, but couldn’t get a sound out. This was NOT what I’d expected. She must have understood anyway, for she continued, “What if I use my other hand to rub my clit? Ooh, that feels good. It feels good to have my boyfriend watching me play with myself. It really turns me on… In fact, Ugh, ah, ah, in fact, I’m about… to… CUM!”

Mom’s whole body shook with the force of her orgasm, and I felt like I wanted to as well, from just watching her! When she had finally recovered, her eyes met mine, and I could see that unquenchable lust burning deep with. “I want your cock in me NOW!” She demanded, and swung her legs over me. She positioned herself, and then slowly began to sink back. She was tight; too tight in fact for it to be her pussy. I was fucking my own mother in the ass. I couldn’t believe it.

As soon as I was fully ensconced within her rectum, Mom let out a heavy sigh throwing her head back, and I saw a huge smile split her beautiful lips. “I’ve never had a cock so thick back there. Thank you so–Boyfriend.” She brought her head back down to look me in the eyes again, the lust, if anything, burning brighter. She placed her hands on my chest, and began to rock her hips. Slow at first, but building as she went on. The entire time her eyes were locked on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel how erotic the whole scene was.

“I love you, Mom,” I said, forgetting to call her my girlfriend.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, but then softened. “I guess there is no hiding it. I love you son. I love having your cock in my pussy, I love the taste of your cum,” as mom spoke, she emphasized her words with a violent thrust of her hips, “and I absolutely love the feel of your cock in my ass. I love you son, and I love fucking you. I’m going to hell, but this is heaven with you inside me where you belong.” She was working herself up to a crescendo, thrusting her hips, biting her lips, and all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine.

This was nothing like when I’d fucked Jenny in the ass. This was good. This was loving and tender. Not manipulative and punishing as at had been then.

“I’m coming close mom,” I whispered, and she only nodded as she picked up the pace even more. My balls tightened, and Mom screamed as I started to shoot my load deep into her bowels. Mom dropped down, and began kissing me with more passion than I have ever been kissed with to date. Our tongues and bodies melded into one as we both reached the pinnacles of our climaxes.

Mom was the first to recover, and got up and grabbed some tissues. She began to clean me up, and I was embarrassed as I giggled when she cleaned my over-sensitive head. When she was done, we kissed again, tender and loving this time, and it felt good just to be with her.

Mom was the one to break the spell. “We’d better get dressed before your sister gets back.”

Soon we were both on the couch, Mom’s arms around me, and we were watching TV again. I must have dozed off, because I awoke when Mom got up to start making dinner. I heard her on the phone, arguing with someone a few moments later, and then she came into the family room, pissed off.

“Your sister is staying at a friend’s house.” My heart stopped. Lisa must have told Mom, and Mom must have sent her away to keep us apart. I was screwed. “It seems that whatever you two fought about, she is still angry, and won’t come home.” I couldn’t stop my sigh of relief, but thankfully, Mom didn’t notice.

“She’ll come home when she has calmed down. Is there anything I can do to help with dinner?” I tried changing the subject. Mom looked at me with a look that told me she knew what I was doing, but wasn’t going to push it.

“Hunny, if you could help with dinner, there wouldn’t be much reason for us to be taking care of you.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and went back to cooking.

Around 5 o’clock, the doorbell rang, and I went to see who it was. My jaw about hit the floor, as I opened the door. It was my apartment manager, but then again, it wasn’t. Her bleach blonde hair was down to her shoulders (freed from her tight bun), and it was obvious she had spent some time curling it here and there. She was even wearing make-up, which I had never seen before. Instead of her ultra conservative attire, she wore a deep v-neck shirt, which showed her amply bosom to great effect. She also had on a knee length skirt, showing some smooth, white, well-toned calves. In short, she was stunning.

Beside her stood a younger version of Sarah, only her hair was dark brown, and her chest wasn’t nearly as large as Sarah’s. She looked to be just a little older than me. She was wearing a summer dress, which hugged her features nicely.

It took me a moment to work moisture enough in my mouth to invite them in. I stumbled as I led them to the family room, when I remembered the story Mom had told me. My dad was a lucky man to have slept with not only Mom, but this woman too.

The younger woman was introduced as Faith, and she greeted Mom and me graciously. Mom looked at Faith for a few moments, before turning to me, “Hunny, why don’t you show Faith around, while Sarah and I talk?”

Knowing that Mom was just trying to get rid of me so she could talk in private, I led Faith away, giving her a tour of the house. She was quiet the whole time, but smiled often as I spoke. I found myself easily flirting with her, trying to more of her dazzling white teeth behind those smiles.

“So what did you do for a living, before your accident,” she asked me at one point.

“You mean you didn’t look up my file before coming over?” I asked teasingly, and was rewarded with her beautifully blushing. “Well, I get a monthly stipend from my dad’s death, that pretty much pays the bills, but I have been going to school, and do some computer programming on the side.” I sighed, as I looked at my arms. “Kinda hard to do that now, with these.”

She lightly placed her hand on my cast, and I saw that her nails were painted blue. I wished I could feel her touch through the cast. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was the one who watched your ex as she moved out. Sorry I couldn’t stop her from breaking the lamp.”

She had been the one…? “But I was told that she was physically ejected when she did that. I mean no offense, but I’ve felt her hits, and she was no weakling. I hope she didn’t give you too much trouble.”

Faith grimaced, and removed her hand. “Why do men always say ‘I mean no offense’, and then say something offensive?” I began to wrack my brain as to how to rectify my mistake, when she broke out laughing. “You are too easy! I’m messing with you. Let’s just say I have lots of extensive martial arts training. My dad was a martial arts instructor.”

“Was?” I asked, before I could stop myself.

She became somber for a moment. “He died a couple years ago, of a heart attack. Healthiest man I ever knew and it still got him.”

“I’m sorry. Losing a parent is never easy,” I say, feeling like a fool. Her smile quickly returns, and I begin to sense that she is a generally happy person.

“Dinner’s ready,” I hear from upstairs, and I follow faith up, admiring her tight ass in her summer dress. She turns and sees me staring, but only smiles as she keeps going, giving it a little shake for my benefit.

Mom sits next to me at the table, Sarah and Faith across from us. I am embarrassed to have Faith, much less her sexy mother, watch me get fed, but it is either that, or go hungry. Sarah pulls out a glass of champagne, and mom eyes it wearily. “You know what that stuff does to me,” she says. Sarah ignores her and pours a glass anyway. She then looks to Faith and I, pours one for Faith then asks if I would like one.

I’ve never had champagne before, and considering mom let me drink last night, I see no reason not to tonight. I take a sip when she hands it to me, and think it tastes like cat piss, but smile and nod graciously.

Dinner was fantastic, which it always is whenever Mom cooks. Afterwards we all retired to the family room. I noticed that Sarah grabbed the champagne, and she and Mom were getting pretty toasted. I took little sips from mine, finding that I was getting used to the taste, but still not enjoying it much. We all laughed and joked, till late. When Sarah got up to drive home, she fell back again, immediately. My mom tried to help, but she was too inebriated as well.

“You can’t drive home like that,” I said, noticing a slight slur to my own words. “How are you feeling, Faith?”

She looked at me for a moment, and I swear her eyes scanned my body, before she answered. “I don’t think it is a good idea for any of us to drive. Mrs. Dickens, would it be alright if we stayed the night?”

Mom looked hungrily at me for a moment, and I knew what she was thinking. If they stayed the night, she wouldn’t be able to have my cock inside her, but there really was little choice.

“I’ve already told you, Faith, call me Diane. No need to be so formal here. Yes, please stay the night. Since my daughter decided to stay out, you can have her room.” She turned to look at Sarah. “I am afraid you will have to sleep in my bed.” There seemed to be a different twinkle in Mom’s eyes as she looked at Sarah, and I guessed she was probably remembering past experiences with the other woman.

By the twinkle in Sarah’s eyes, so did she.

I showed Faith to Lisa’s room, while Sarah and Mom retired to her room.

“You know what they are going to do up there tonight, right?” Faith surprised me by asking.

I laughed a little. “Yeah, the wall between our rooms is pretty thin. I’m sure I’ll hear it pretty well.”

“Your mom is hot. I can’t blame mine for getting her drunk.” I don’t know what to say, and just keep quiet.

We sit in silence for a bit, and when I turn to go, I feel a slight touch on my side, stopping me. I turn to see Faith biting her lower lip, nervously. “May I come up and listen, too?” At first I am taken aback, but then figure, why not?

I try to give her my most winning smile, “I would be honored,” I told her. Faith follows me up the stairs, and this time I look back to see her admiring my ass. I give it a wiggle for her, and we both laugh.

As we approach my room, we can already hear moans of pleasure, emanating from Mom’s room. As we pass by Mom’s door, we notice that it was left ajar. I tried to keep going, but noticed that Faith had stopped to look inside. I knew she couldn’t see anything, because there was a sitting room before you entered her room proper. I just waited for Faith to join me. Instead, she dropped down on her hands and knees, and crawled into the room.

I tried to hiss for her to stop, but either she couldn’t hear me, or she ignored me. I tried to chase after her, and when I got to the now wide open door, I saw her sitting on the floor, peaking around the corner into the main bedroom. I dropped to me knees, unable to crawl with my arms in their cursed casts, and shuffled over to Faith.

“Oh, yes! Lick that pussy, Sarah! Make my cream all over your face!” The sounds of sex were much louder now that we were in the room.

“What are you doing?” I demanded in a whisper, though I probably could have talked normally and still not be heard by the two women.

“Isn’t it hot?” Faith replied, and I noticed that she had her hand under her dress, rubbing against her panties.

I peeked around the corner, and froze. Mom was laying back on her bed, one arm behind her head and the other pressing Sarah’s face into her pussy, while she ground her hips against Sarah’s tongue. Sarah was on her stomach, one hand between her legs, and two fingers buried in her own pussy.

While I watched, Mom was brought to another orgasm. I felt hands at my pants, and looked down to see Faith hungrily trying to get my pants down. I was all too eager to let her.

I looked back to our mothers, and saw that Sarah had slid up Mom’s body and they were kissing each other hungrily. Sarah then slid up further, and planted her pussy on Mom’s face. I was able to get a good look at her tits and noticed that they were bigger than I had even thought, at least D-cups. She immediately began to scream in ecstasy.

I felt Faith’s mouth surround my cock, and I looked back down to her. She looked even more beautiful, as her red lips slid along my shaft, and I couldn’t stop my own groan of pleasure. I could see that she had her hand in her panties, and was fingering herself furiously. She brought herself off, and I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue as she powerfully sucked me off while moaning in her own pleasure. She was starting to get me close, so I pulled back, reluctantly leaving her mouth.

“Let’s go downstairs,” I said, no longer being concerned over being heard above Sarah’s screams. We left the room, but instead of going downstairs, Faith led me to my room. I figured they still wouldn’t be able to hear us, and happily followed.

I stepped out of my pants, and watched as Faith stripped. Her body was phenomenal. He breasts were smaller than her mom’s, but still respectable Cs, her waist was tiny, and I could now see a small strip of brown hair, neatly trimmed above her pussy. I could just make out her swollen pussy lips and clit at this distance.

She shoved me back against the bed, and I fell with a grin on my face. She straddled my hips, but I stopped her. “Uh-uh. I want to taste you first,” I tell her.

“Really?” She asks in surprise. “No man has been willing to do that. They all say it’s gross.”

“Really!” I say, and before I know it, her pussy is pressed to my chin, and her legs are locked to my head. I start by sucking on her swollen labia, flicking it with my tongue as I do. I can hear her muffled moans above me, and know I am doing right. Her hands dig into my hair, and she pulls upwards, as if she wants to get my whole face inside her. Instead, I shove my tongue up as far as it will go, and begin swirling it around. Her hips begin to gyrate, and her moans get louder as I do this. Sensing she is getting close, I start to ‘pop’ her clit between my teeth and tongue, and hear her scream as my mouth is flooded with her orgasmic juices. Her taste is different than either Mom’s or Lisa’s, sweeter, somehow.

Faith lifts her hips, and stares at me in wonder for a moment. “I have never cum like that when a girl has done that for me. Thank you!” She then drops down and starts kissing me hungrily. I can feel her hips moving against my erection, and soon she has it in position without using her hands. As soon as I feel it lined up, I thrust at the same time she pushes, and we both grunt with the connection.

“That thing is HUGE,” she exclaims, her pussy is tight, and I realize the only reason I got it in so easily was because of how wet she had become. She began to rock back and forth. I lean my head up, and suck one of her large tits into my mouth, and she starts to scream in rapture. I no longer care if our mothers hear us, and begin to pound into this sexy little vixen with fervor. She lets out another scream, and I concentrate all my effort on moving my hips, and sucking her hard nipple. She spasms violently, and collapses on me with a final scream, and then lays there panting. I continue to thrust up into her, loving the way she whimpers as I do, and soon dump my load in her.

She unexpectedly sits up again, and I see a different pair of hands groping her breasts.

“I thought I heard the sound of my daughter cumming. How do you like the feel of your older sister on your cock, Jason?

Older sister? But she has different parents. I sit there shocked, still buried in Faith’s pussy, unable to think.

“You said she had a different dad!” I heard Mom screech from my doorway.

“There was another man that raised her. A good man, but not the one that sired her. Your late husband was her father. When I found out I was pregnant, you two were already engaged. I didn’t want to come between you two, so I left. When I saw you the other day, and heard about what happened to him… Well, I figured it was about time you knew the truth.”

“But why did you mislead me?”

“I never told you this, but my brother used to fuck me when I was younger. Only two men have ever loved me the way he did. Your husband was the second. I wanted that for my daughter.”

The realization that I had just cum in a sister that I didn’t realize I even had, started to turn me on again. I could feel Faiths hips rotating slowly on top of my softened cock, as her mother continued to fondle her daughter’s breasts.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about doing it with your son, Diane. I saw the way you hungrily looked at him during dinner,” Sarah accused.

Faith began to moan, as my cock started to come back to life within her, and she reached up, and pulled her mother’s head down for a kiss. I watched, enthralled, as mother kissed daughter passionately, and Sarah continued to fondle Faith.

“Yes, but you still mislead me,” Mom said, but there didn’t seem to be any heat in it. Instead, her eyes were locked on to where I was now fully hard in my older sister. “Oh, fuck it!” she exclaimed. She moved Sarah away from her daughter, and lifted Faith off of me. I couldn’t stop a wine from escaping as my dick suddenly felt naked. I was then shocked to see Mom turn Faith around, and start sucking my cum from her pussy. They lay next to me, and I felt forgotten for a moment.

“I’ll take care of you, stud.” I heard Sarah say as she planted her two large breasts on either side of my cock, and began to slide them up and down my shaft. With Faith’s and my cum as lubricant, Sarah’s tits felt wonderfully soft surrounding my cock.

I began to moan as she worked, Faith screaming in utter pleasure next to me. Sarah got up, and swung her leg over me, facing away. She turned back to me, and gave me a wink. “Go slow. It has been many years, since I have had one this big. I felt her nether lips touch the tip of my cock, and begin to slide over the head. There was a slight ‘pop’ as my head passed the entrance. “Oh, GAWD, that is big. Faith, how did you manage taking this fucker?”

“My little brother got me wetter than I have ever been before,” Faith replied, between pants of lust. “It helped.” Sarah began to slowly swivel her hips, taking me in deeper, bit by tiny bit.

“No more, Diane!” Faith screamed next to us. “I can’t take any more!” I saw Mom lift her head and smile, and then crawled up Faith’s body to kiss her, Faith’s juices covering Mom’s face.

Sarah was still slowly working her way onto me, grunting and groaning as I went deeper and deeper. Mom broke off her kiss, and moved to place her head between Sarah’s and my legs. I felt her tongue touch my balls, making my dick jump, and Sarah to grunt in pain. She then moved higher, and I guessed she was licking Sarah’s pussy, only to be confirmed a moment later. “Yes! Lick my clit! Get me wetter so I can fit your son’s monster cock in me, YES!” Suddenly she slammed down the remaining bit, getting my cock fully into her.

She shuddered as an orgasm hit her, and I moaned as her tight pussy convulsed around my cock. I noticed the same heat from her pussy that I had noticed from my mom, and wondered if it was an older woman thing, or not.

Faith leaned over and whispered, “How does my mom’s pussy feel?”

“Good. Hot,” I say, “But yours felt better.” I have no fear of Sarah hearing my confession above her own incoherent screams. Faith kisses me, our tongues entwining, and her hand on my cheek.

“Mom was right,” Faith said, breaking the kiss, “Brothers do make better lovers.” She returned to kissing me, and I felt Mom’s tongue start to lick around my taint. It dawns on me that I am getting pleased by three women at once, and it sends me over the edge.

I moan deep into Faith’s mouth, as I start to shoot my load. Feeling my orgasm start, Sarah jumps off me, but my cock is soon engulfed in my mother’s mouth, as she takes my seed. The most powerful orgasm of my life rips through my body, and for long moments, I can only lay there, panting.

My head finally clears enough to look around, and I see three gorgeous women exchanging my cum from mouth to mouth.

Drained, exhausted, and pleased beyond measure, I drift off to sleep.

The sun beat down on me, as I lay back in my lawn chair. The sounds of waves lapping against the beach a great counterpoint to the sound of slurping, as my sister, Lisa, licked and sucked my cock. I placed my hand on the back of her auburn hair, and marveled as it turned dark brown. She looked up at me smiling, and I was surprised to see her eyes turn to a shade of grey.

Coming fully awake, I realize that only part of the dream was false. My cock was buried in a mouth, and it did belong to my sister, only not the one I had originally been dreaming about.

Faith. The older sister I never knew I had, until after I came in her last night, was happily bringing my dick to full life.

“Good! You’re awake,” she said softly, and I realized we were not alone in my bed. Faith was only my half sister, by my father. Our different mothers were both naked and lying on either side of me, fast asleep.

Faith began to lick her way up my body, nibbling for a second on my neck, as she got her pussy in position. Once there, she began to push down against the head of my cock. She wasn’t nearly as wet as she had been last night, and it was a struggle for her just to get the head past her sensitive lips. If it weren’t for the fact that it was morning, the time I usually have the stiffest wood, she probably would have bent me in her attempt. As it was, there was a sudden release of pressure as the head of my penis finally broached past her entrance.

Faith sighed contentedly, and Sarah (Faith’s mom), mumbled in her sleep. We both froze, waiting to see what would happen next. When Sarah didn’t make any further noises, Faith began to slowly gyrate her hips, lifting slightly, then dropping down, bit by bit, trying to stuff my thick cock in her under-lubricated tight hole. This time it was me that moaned at the pleasure of the sensations. Mom (mine) began to roll towards us, and we quickly scooted down, out of her way, so that we were now at the foot of the bed, and Mom ended up cuddling next to Sarah. We both laughed silently, and I felt Faith slide a little further down my pole.

It took a couple minutes, but when her ass finally reached my nut sack, her eyes rolled back, and she sucked in her bottom lip to stop a moan of delight. She held still, obviously trying to become accustomed to me, even though she had had me last night. Seeing the look of rapture on her face, I was able to see the similarities between her and Lisa. This made my cock jump, and Faith’s eyes opened wide as there was apparently a little deeper I could go.

Somehow knowing this time that Faith was my half-sister turned me on even more than I had been last night, and I began to move my hips softly underneath her, so as not to wake our mothers. Faith leaned down, and moans into my mouth as our hips find a rhythm together, and we dance to it.

Faith (who is a natural screamer like her mother), accidently lets out a small yell as she has her first orgasm, and I freeze, looking to the two at the top of my bed. Mom is tightly spooned up against Sarah’s back, and her fingers are absentmindedly tracing up and down Sarah’s torso. Despite this, neither woman seems to be awake yet.

I look back up to Faith with a warning look, and whisper, “If you want this to be just us–” but she stops me with a kiss, and begins to move her hips in earnest. I can feel her muscles gripping me as she pulls up, and then loosening as she starts to slam back down. Our kiss is the only thing keeping her screams in, but it all crashes down when Faith has another orgasm, and there is no containing the wail of purest bliss that escapes from our lips.

“What do you two think you are doing?” Mom demanded.

“Yeah! You should’ve woke us up!” Sarah followed after.

Faith hadn’t stopped moving, as she came down from her climax, and she only smiled seductively at the two older women. Biting her lower lip, she beckoned her mom over to her. Sarah was all too happy to comply, and as soon as she was in reach, Faith grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her in for a powerful kiss.

Mom crawled over to me, and began kissing me as well, then kissing further down to my chest and nipples. I loved when Mom did this, and at this angle, it left her beautiful breasts dangling above my lips. I suck first one rubbery nipple then the other, as I felt Faith pick up her pace, and her screams getting louder. Mom kissed her way down my body, over to where Sarah was kneeling next to us, and then began to lick her way up the Blonde woman’s body.

Sarah broke her kiss off from her daughter, and pulled Mom up to kiss her. They collapsed next to Faith and I, as their hands began to roam each other’s bodies. I looked to Faith, and saw that her eyes were locked on the two older women. By the spasms I could feel around my cock, it was easy to tell that it was turning her on, and she was soon shuddering atop me in her third orgasm of the morning.

Faith rolled off me, and I saw that Mom had moved down, so that her mouth was plastered to Sarah’s pussy, and her ass was off the edge of the bed. I slid off the bed, and positioned myself behind her. It took me a second to get the right angle, but I relished in the fire I felt as I slowly fed my fat cock into her. As usual, her pussy felt like heat incarnate, as I thrust my hips, making her grunt and moan into Sarah’s slick slit.

Sarah watches me fucking my mother and playing with her ample breasts, as she screams her delight at what Mom is doing for her. I can see the lust burning deep in her eyes, and I know it is reflected in mine. I feel Mom shake under me, as she starts to push back against my thrusts. She is nearing her own orgasm. I begin to rotate my hips, remembering how she liked that before and this seems to set her off. Her legs buckle, and she collapses on the floor, moaning as her body is wracked with bliss.

Seeing Sarah’s pussy before me, my first thought is to put it in her, but then I recall that of all the women here, I haven’t yet tasted her. Unfortunately with my arms in their casts, I can’t get to it with her in that position.

“I want to taste you,” I tell her, then lie on my back. She is all too eager, as she sits atop me, facing my cock. She bends over and I can feel my cock part her sweet lips, as she starts to lick her daughter’s and Mom’s juices from my penis. I lick around her pussy, teasing her for a bit, before I lightly flick her labia with the tip of my tongue. She slams her mound down on my mouth, and I know she means business. I go straight for my signature move, and begin to pop her clit between my teeth and tongue. My cock reverberates from the scream it just barely muffles.

Sarah’s crotch parts from my mouth and she spins around, a look of wild hunger in her eyes. “That… Was…” She doesn’t finish her sentence as my cock slides into her well lubricated hole, and her eyes roll back. Her scream this time was nearly enough to make us go deaf. I turn my head, trying to protect at least one ear against the bed, and see Faith with three fingers in her twat, furiously frigging herself to the sight of her mom on top of me. I start to move my hips, and I see Faith match my rhythm. As I pull down, she pulls out, and as I slam up, she does the same. Watching her, I know I want back into her again. Both women are screaming in ecstasy, and I wonder where Mom has gotten off to.

Sarah’s large tits are bouncing under her hands as she tugs her nipples away from her body. Her hips are rotating on my groin as I pump into her tight cunny from below, and I can sense her orgasm coming on, as her screams get higher pitched. She reaches down, and begins to rub her clit hard. This does it for her, and her pussy clamps down on me hard, as her first silent scream escapes her throat.

Sarah bends down, and kisses me softly. “Thank you for that,” she whispers hoarsely. “I think someone else wants it back, though.” I follow Sarah’s gaze, and see that Faith is hungrily looked at us. Sarah gets off me, and I get onto my knees, and approach my half-sister.

She has a hopeful look in her eyes, as I look down at her. “I saved the last for you,” I tell her, and moan as she lifts her hips, and grabs my cock to slide it in. Sarah grabbed some pillows and propped them under her daughter’s ass, allowing her to relax a little. Faith’s legs wrapped around me, and she used their leverage to rock her hips, as I thrust. Her screams of pleasure were approaching those of her mother’s, and I knew I was finally getting close. I wasn’t sure how I had lasted even this long, but I knew I wanted to leave this load in my half-sister.

Sarah began to rub her daughter’s clit and suck her nipples, sending a tidal wave of screams from Faith, and I could feel her orgasm as it struck. This finally triggered my own, and it almost hurt with as much force as I shot my ejaculate into my sister’s sucking pussy.

I collapsed backwards, and my sopping wet dick popped out of Faith, only to be replaced by her mother’s mouth, sucking my cum from it. I could only lay there in a daze as I listened to Faith’s screams and moans as her mother worked her pussy. When Sarah was done with her, she turned her attention to cleaning me up. It felt nice, but there was no way it was coming back to life anytime soon.

“Breakfast is ready,” Mom yelled from the kitchen, and we all got up. Sarah and Faith helped me get dressed, before we left my room. Looking back, my room looked like wild a****ls had been living in it, which in a way, I guess they did.

Mom had made French toast, and waffles, orange juice and bacon. Now I knew where she had gone. Had we really been fucking long enough for her to make all this? I wondered. Then the smells reached me, and I realized just how famished I was.

There was a slight altercation as all three women wanted to be the one to feed me, but in the end, Mom won out on the simple grounds that she WAS my mother, and therefore it was her RIGHT.

About halfway through breakfast, Lisa came home. She sat down, and ate quietly, rebuffing any questions about how her night had been. She even only minimally reacted to the news that Faith was our half-sister.

Lisa finished quickly and went straight to her room. Faith and Sarah left soon after, with promises to return another time, or have us all over. Mom suggested I should go talk to Lisa, and see if I could figure out what was wrong. I figured I was the last one she wanted to see, but trudged downstairs, never-the-less.

I kneed her door, and it opened a second later. “Oh, it’s you,” she said listlessly.

“What’s going on?” I asked, worried about the change in my usually happy little sister. She pulled me into her room, and shut the door behind her.

“I screwed up,” she said. “I screwed up big.” I could see tears forming in her eyes, but I was powerless to comfort her with my arms in their cast. I stepped up close to her, though, just to let her know I was there. She wrapped her arms around me, and hugged me tight. I just let her cry, knowing she would talk to me when she was ready. “Can you ever forgive me, big brother?” she asked after some time had passed.

I looked down at her, asking what there was to forgive.

Slowly the story unfolded. She had gone to the mall yesterday, when she’d left here. She ran into some guys that were ditching school, and they assumed she was doing the same. They had hung out all day, and afterwards, they went back to one of the guy’s places. She had let him get her naked, and he’d fucked her hard and painfully. “It was nothing like how loving you are!” She told me. “It hurt, and when I told him, he didn’t care. He just slapped my behind and told me to ‘take it like the slut I am’. Oh, Jason,” she wailed, a new onset of tears coming, “I am a slut for letting him do that to me. I even let him in my ass, and that REALLY hurt.”

I was really upset that someone would treat my little sister that way. I wanted to go and kick their ass. I wanted to take a spike and shove it up their ass, and show them what it was like to be treated that way. Then I remembered my busted arms, and also the way I had treated Jenny. Jenny may have deserved it, but I still felt bad. Maybe I would find some way to apologize.

“Can you ever forgive me?” Lisa asked, bringing me back to the present.

“There is nothing to forgive,” I told her soothingly. “Besides, it sounds like you have already suffered enough.” I stepped back to look at her. “Why did you do it, though?”

“I was angry at you for being so willing to get Geo pregnant. So willing to stick your dick in her. I figured I would show you, and let some guy stick his dick in me, but it hurt. Oh, how it hurt. And he wasn’t loving or caring like you are. He only wanted to use me.” She looked up into my eyes, and I saw a small smile begin to blossom behind them, finally showing me the sister I knew. “I showed him, though. Before I left last night, I kicked him really hard where it counts. He won’t be using THAT again anytime soon.”

I had to smile too. At least I knew the jerk had gotten what he deserved. “Wait,” I said, something occurring to me. “You left last night? Where were you all night then?”

Her smile turned sheepish. “I slept in my car. I had a lot to think about, and I decided something.” She looked to me, and I indicated for her to go on. “I don’t care who you stick your dick in, as long as you still love me, and care for me like you have.”

Despite her confession, I felt it probably wasn’t a great time to confess just how many places my dick had been in lately.

“I will always love you, Lisa. Always.”

Lisa planted a hand on each of my cheeks, and pulled me down for a loving kiss. “Too bad mom is home,” she told me when she pulled away. “I could really use some brotherly loving.” I couldn’t tell her I was glad that she was home. I still don’t think I could’ve gotten hard right then, and considering my healthy sex drive, that is really saying something.

When we both went back upstairs, Mom greeted us with warm smiles. “I’m so glad to have my c***dren home with me. Aren’t we lucky that Jason is here, Lisa?”

I blushed at the attention, but Lisa just said, “Yes mom. We are VERY lucky.

Mom set about cleaning the house, and even cleaned my room. She reported that Faith had left her panties under my pillow, and I could only smile. She had known I was her brother, and still she seduced me. I marveled that I no longer worried about i****t, or the problems I had always heard about it. When it came right down to it, all it amounted to was a family that loved each other deeply, and shared with one another.

Mom got called into work, since she had called in sick yesterday, and as soon as her car pulled out of the driveway, Lisa started pulling me to her room. “Come on. I need you in me! I need to feel that loving connection again, to wash away that other guy.” Hearing about the other guy put me off a bit, but Lisa’s begging was also a turn on.

For the second time that week, I was interrupted by someone at the door. After the talk Lisa had had with me this morning, I wasn’t too pleased to see Geo dressed in a loose fitting sweat suit. Despite her attire, she somehow still looked stunning.

“I did say I would be over as soon as she left for work, didn’t I?” Geo said as she pushed her way past me.

“Fine!” Lisa said behind me. “But I get him first.” I was still shocked at the speed of Lisa’s turnaround in attitude, but just figured she was making the best of a bad situation.

Down in Lisa’s room, both women helped me get undressed and undressed themselves, and then Geo sat in a chair, letting Lisa “have me first.”

I felt like a piece of meat, but rather enjoyed it.

Lisa kissed me slow and tenderly, and I returned it, trying to show all the emotion and caring I held for her with just my lips. She broke the kiss, and began to kiss her way down till she reached my stiffening member. Tenderly, almost teasingly she planted light kisses from the head, down the base, and even kissed my taint, before returning to the head. She stared it in the eye for a moment, then opened her mouth wide, and sucked it in. I could feel her tongue swirling around the sensitive rim, and moaned. Geo got up from her chair, and knelt down next to Lisa. I was afraid she was going to try to fight for my cock, but instead, she used her right hand to pull back Lisa’s auburn hair out of the way, and used her left hand to lightly trace her fingers over Lisa’s exposed skin. I watched as both women’s nipples got hard, and Lisa actually got goose bumps.

I compared the two women’s breasts, and while I had to admit that Geo’s looked nice and neat, they were too small for my tastes. I preferred my sister’s bigger C’s.

Lisa started to make slurping noises, and another moan escaped me. Lisa moaned too, and I noticed that Geo now had her hand on Lisa’s pussy. I couldn’t tell from this angle if she was fingering my sister, or just rubbing, but either way, Lisa was enjoying the attention. I knew I was nowhere near cumming, so I continued to watch as Geo kissed her way down Lisa’s body, and then slid her face under my sister. I knew the second Geo’s tongue touched her, as my sibling jumped and moaned at the same time.

Geo must really know what she is doing, because it didn’t take long for her to get Lisa to cum. When she had recovered, Lisa looked at me with the wild look I have come to know so well lately. She shoved me back, and I fell onto the bed. She crawled on top of me, and I felt Geo line me up with Lisa’s hole. Lisa sat down hard, and more of me than I expected went into her.

Geo knelt next to us, and I could see that her face was covered in my sister’s juices. Lisa began to rock her hips, working me deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. Geo grabbed Lisa’s face, and began to kiss her, returning some of her own juices to her. Geo then brought her leg over my chest, and scooted back till I could taste her, all without breaking the kiss to my sister. I felt a hand near where I was connected with my sister, and Lisa’s already tight cunny squeeze me harder. I guessed that Geo was playing with Lisa’s clit.

I sucked Geo’s lips into my mouth, and began to run my tongue between them as I sucked hard. I was rewarded a few moments later by a mouthful of her cum. Geo hopped off me, surprising me, until I saw her pull Lisa’s face down to mine for a kiss. She wanted Lisa to have a taste of herself. I obliging kissed my loving sister, and was surprised by the hunger with which she began to kiss me back. I began to thrust in earnest as we kissed, and loved the sounds Lisa was making.

I felt Geo’s tongue on my balls, and groaned in delight at the sensation, but it was short lived as she worked her way up to Lisa. My sister broke the kiss, and turned to look at Geo. “It really hurts back there,” she said, and I realized that Geo must have been licking her ass.

“Relax. I know how to treat you,” Geo said, and pushed Lisa’s face back to mine. I felt Lisa tense for a moment as we kissed, then relax. She sat still for a couple moments, and I noticed I could feel something moving inside her. It took me a moment to realize that Geo had at least one finger in Lisa’s ass. After a couple seconds, Lisa began to lift her hips, and slam them back down on me. She began to moan in earnest, her tongue in my mouth fighting desperately, when she finally came, soaking my cock, and kissing me passionately.

I waited for her to calm down, and began to move my hips, only to have her roll off of me. “I’m sorry,” she told me. “I can’t take anymore. It felt so good! Thank you, Geo, for showing me that it COULD feel good. I guess I’m just too sensitive down there right now to keep going.” She eyed Geo for a moment, then sat up, and planted a big kiss on her lips. “I will trust you to take care of him. You are welcome to use him till you get pregnant. Thank you again, for being so kind.”

“Hey!” I protested. “Don’t I get a say in this?” Both women just ignored me, as their kiss continued.

“Thank you. I will treat him properly, and please know that I can be there for you too, if you need.” Geo said, as she threw her leg across my body, facing away from me. Lisa helped guide me into Geo, and all protests left my mind. While Geo wasn’t the tightest of the women I had been with recently, she knew how to move her hips, and use her muscles to great effect. If I hadn’t cum so much recently, I wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple seconds, which I think was her goal. She almost seemed disappointed, when I didn’t immediately give her what she’d come for.

I watched as Geo became more and more frustrated that she couldn’t get me off. Remembering how she had behaved in her bathroom the other day, I could tell she was trying not to enjoy it, as if it was just a job to her.

Up until this point, I had held still, letting her do all the work. Finally she turned to me, slightly in anger. “What’s wrong? Can’t cum for someone that’s not your sister?”

“Relax. I know how to treat you,” I said, using her words against her, and thrust up with my hips at the same time. Her eyes rolled back slightly, and I swear a heard a slight moan. I thrust again, sharp and hard, and this time I know I heard it.

“I’m not here to enjoy myself. I’m just here to get pregnant,” she tried to tell me, but it was ruined by another thrust, and moan. “I have someone–sigh–that I love, and I–ugh– am only doing–ah– this for us. Not–unh– for–to–ah–me–oh!–umm…” She seemed to forget what she was saying as I picked up my rhythm, and then changed completely. “Yeah, right there! Shove that thick cock up my pussy! Oh, it is so big. I can feel it stretching me. Yes!” Geo began to pant and moan, and as I felt her get wetter around me I knew she was finally enjoying it.

Movement on the bed brought my attention to Lisa, and I watched, as she placed her head between our legs. “Oh, fuck yes! Lick my clit while I ride your brother’s cock. Oh, Gawd it feels so good. No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop! I’m gonna CUMMMMM!” Geo slammed down hard on me, and I could feel her pussy absorbing my cock. I started to shoot my seed deep into her, moaning and half sitting up with the power of the orgasm. “Oh, I can feel it! I can feel it burning inside me! Oh, John, why can’t you share this with me? It feels so good!” I don’t know if Geo had a second orgasm, or just one really long one, but her muscles milked every last ounce of cum out of me.

Geo got up off me, and lay next to me, lifting her pelvis in the air. Lisa wrapped her soft lips around my cock, licking up the mixtures of cum that still soaked me. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long, before I was hard again. Lisa smiled at me, and then turned to Geo. “Think you can handle another load?”

Geo grinned back. “Absolutely. More likely to take that way!” She grinned, and surprised me with a kiss.

“Just let me get him close for you,” Lisa said, as she climbed on top. I had thought she was still too sore, but I guess she had recovered quicker than I’d thought.

Lisa easily slid onto me, and while she still felt like a too tight glove, it only took her a couple seconds before I was fully sheathed in her.

That’s when Mom walked into the room.

“I thought I heard you in here.” Mom didn’t sound angry. In fact, her tone was more conversational, but Lisa jumped off me as quick as she could, attempting to cover herself.

“Mom!” My sister wailed. “I’m so sorry! I know it is wrong, but I love him!”

Mom looked to all of us for a moment, and then looked into my eyes for a long time. “Is this true, hunny? Does she love you?” I didn’t know what game Mom was playing at, but only nodded. “And do you love her?” I nodded again. Mom then turned to Geo, “And do you love him too?”

Geo surprised me with her answer. “I love his cock, Diane, but I love my brother more. I’m just trying to get pregnant.”

Mom nodded to herself. “You say you love his cock. Hmm. This cock?” Mom’s hand reached out, and grabbed me around the base. I was still too hard for her hand to wrap completely around it. “This beautiful cock?” Mom’s hand started to slide up and down my pole, using Lisa’s juices as a lubricant. We all just stared as Mom continued talking. “This wonderful, thick, tasty cock?” Mom dropper her head to my lap, and began licking the head of my penis.

Lisa was the first to break from the spell. “You mean you’re not mad?”

My cock made a loud popping sound as it left Mom’s mouth. “Mad? No, sweety. I have been trying to figure out for awhile now, how to introduce you to your brother’s wonderfully large cock. I am happy to find you here.” Her eyes then focused on Geo. “I don’t know how I feel about you wanting to get pregnant by my son, but he is a grown man, and can make his own decisions.” Mom’s head dropped back to my lap, and I groaned with pleasure as she really started to give me a blowjob.

Again, Lisa was the first to act. “Hey, I had that first.” She forced her way between my legs, and started to suck on my testicles. I moaned loudly, and began thrusting my hips. This was absolutely a new experience, and between the skills of my mom, and the enthusiasm of my sister, I was in bliss. Looking at my arms, I chucked. A broken bliss, if you will.

Lisa helped Mom strip, and then had me scoot to the edge of the bed, so that my legs dangled over. Mom then climbed on top of me. I didn’t realize just how wet she was, until she took my whole length in one go. Lisa stood behind her, between my legs, and was kissing her neck, while simultaneously rubbing her clit, and playing with her slightly larger breasts. The sight of my lovely little sister m*****ing Mom, while she rode my pole had me harder than I’d ever been in my life.

“This is something special between your family. Cherish them.” Geo said in my ear. “I will be back for more, you can count on that, but for now, this should be just your family.” I barely noticed as she got up, dressed, and left.

Mom started to cum, rocking her hips erratically atop me, and I saw that she and Lisa were lip-locked as she ground herself against me. I thrust my hips up, trying to get her orgasm to last as long as possible. Gasping for air, mom finally broke the kiss. “Okay, sweety, now it’s your turn.”

Mom turned around, and sat on my face as I felt her hold my rod till my sister was safely seated around it. Knowing what Mom liked, I began to eat her out in earnest, trying to return the same pleasure she had given me just a bit ago. I could feel Lisa grinding her hips against me as hard as she could, and loved the echoing sounds of both women as they writhed on top of me.

Mom came first, and I delighted in the taste of her cum as it soaked my face. Lisa came soon after. Having both women climax on top of me, nearly at the same time was enough to get me off, and I started shooting off into Lisa. The feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing and pulling at me as I came was fantastic, and my orgasm just seemed to go on and on.

Mom pulled Lisa off me, and dropped down, licking my cum as it came out of her daughter’s pussy. I smiled, as I watched them get into a 69 position, and bring each other to another orgasm. By the time they reach their second mutual orgasm, I was ready to go again. There was just something about knowing that my wonderful little sister and my beautiful mother were sharing so much love, I wondered if I would ever go completely soft in the crotch again.

Looking at my options for where to put my boner, I decided that Lisa’s pussy made the easiest target. I got on my knees, and approached, but Mom stopped me.

“No hunny. Not in there again tonight. We need to put her on birth control. I think we need to put it somewhere else.” She winked at me, and then shoved two fingers in her mouth, coating them with saliva. Mom then reached around Lisa’s torso, and began playing with her asshole. Seeing what she had in mind, I approached, and added my own saliva to the mixture. Being this close brought my dick close enough to Mom, that I felt her lips wrap around my head, while she fingered her daughter’s ass.

“Be gentle, brother,” Lisa told me, turning to look at me. “I will only ever let you back there, but PLEASE be gentle.”

“I will, Lisa. I promise.” I told her and meant it. I added more spit to Mom’s fingers and she added a third, and finally a fourth. Lisa was writhing and mewling into Mom’s pussy by this point, and I figured she was as ready as she would ever be.

I pulled out of Mom’s warm wet mouth, and Mom spread Lisa’s ass cheeks with one hand, and guided me in with the other. As soon as the tip was firmly pressed against my sister’s little brown hole, Mom started sucking on her clit. This caused Lisa to jump, and her asshole to loosen enough, that the whole head popped in. I immediately stopped, waiting for some kind of reaction. Lisa mewled some more, and began to rotate her hips, simultaneously grinding against Mom’s sucking mouth, and pulling me in slightly further. In this position, I could just make out the shape of a red handprint, that I knew had to belong to whatever douche bag had mistreated my sister. I vowed then and there to always treat my family better, and to always love them, no matter what.

Lisa unexpectedly shifted back, taking a large portion of my cock into her ass. We both moaned in satisfaction at the feeling, and I knew she was ready. I began to slide in and out, while Mom continued to suck on her clit. Lisa was moaning and panting into Mom’s pussy, and I found out a second later doing more.

“That’s right, sweety. Stick those fingers in Mommy’s ass. Make your Mommy cum all over her gorgeous daughter!” Mom began to shudder under Lisa as a massive orgasm took her.

I picked up the pace in Lisa’s ass, relishing the way it undulated against my cock, her tight anus a pleasurable ring, sliding back and forth.

Lisa turned back to look at me over her shoulder. “Does my brother like to fuck me in the ass?” She asked, and I was shocked to hear my sweet sister talk like this. I could only assume she had picked it up from Mom. “I like the feel of his thick cock as it slides in and out of me. My big brother can have any hole he wants, any time he wants it.” Lisa started to move faster now, lifting her hips up, and then slamming them down, smacking her pussy against Mom’s face. “Ugh, I love the way my wonderful mommy licks my pussy. You can both have me any time, any way… Just as long as you make me CUM!” With the final word, Lisa’s ass clamped down on me, and I could see Mom sucking on her pussy hard as Lisa climaxed forcefully on both of us.

Lisa fell forward, and I slipped out of her. She lay there, giggling on top of Mom. “Happy… So happy…” she kept murmuring.

Mom got out from under Lisa, and then helped tuck her into bed. “I know that feeling,” Mom whispered to me. “She will be asleep soon, blissfully exhausted.” She looked down at my still stiff penis, and smiled. “Shall we go upstairs and finish?”

Mom gave me a quick peck, and then ran from the room. I followed as well as I could, but by the time I got to her room, she was already on the bed, three fingers buried in her pussy, and one nipple being rolled between the fingers of her other hand.

I got on the bed as quick as I could, but Mom stopped me. “We need to clean that, before you put it in me.” She then grabbed some tissues I didn’t realize she’d had time to grab, and slowly, lovingly, wiped all the juices from my cock.

When I was cleaned to her satisfaction, she lay back, and gestured me towards her. “Come here, lover. Mom needs your massive cock in her.”

I was all too eager to comply. I decided to try something different, and fell forward onto my cast-stiff arms, over Mom. Pain shot through me, but it was soon eclipsed by the feeling of Mom’s wonderful vagina, sucking me in. I started up a steady pace that Mom easily matched. I lowered my head as far as I could, and Mom lifted hers to meet my kiss. Our tongues played a smaller version of the game our groins were, and it wasn’t long before Mom started cumming again, triggering my final orgasm for the night.

Mom’s pussy clutched at my spewing cock as she writhed beneath me. I kept pumping for all I was worth, till I couldn’t move anymore and my nut sack was completely empty. I had to have Mom’s help to get back upright. I collapsed on the bed next to her, and wondered at my luck over this past week.

I had found my girlfriend cheating on me, wrecked my bike, been put in these miserable arm casts that made me almost useless on my own, been seduced by my own sister and mother, and even found out I had a half-sister AFTER I fucked and came in her, and so much more… If this past week wasn’t fodder enough for daytime TV talk shows, I didn’t know what was.

I heard the steady breathing of sleep next to me, and decided that slumber sounded like a great idea. Tomorrow was Sunday. Hopefully that meant a day of rest, but in this family, who knew?

“Wake up, sleepy-head!” My bed bounced as a voice demanded next to me. “I could really use some brotherly loving before I go to school!”

Moaning as I open my eyes, I look at Lisa grinning down at me, and wish I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but with my arms in their cast, on my back is the only position I can sleep. This is how it has been ever since that night our mom had caught us and Geo in bed together. Every morning she comes in to visit, before going to school, and while I can’t complain about the attention, being kept up late at night by my mother doesn’t make waking up early any fun.

“Hmpf! I’ll bet even if you’re not willing to, your little man is.” Cold air pebbled my skin as Lisa pulled back the covers revealing my nakedness. I had stopped wearing clothes to bed some time ago; there just wasn’t a point anymore. “Mmm, that looks good, and not so little. I think I’ll just have a taste.” Despite how tired I am, I can’t stop a moan from escaping my lips, as I feel her warm, wet mouth encompass the head of my cock. I feel the corners of my mouth lift, as I can’t hold back a smile, while Lisa swallows me deeper and deeper. My morning wood is soon throbbing down her throat, while her hands fondle my sack.

“Ahh, I can still taste Mom on you,” she says as she pulls her head up. “I hope you have some left for me,” her hand starts to pump me, using her own saliva for lubrication, and I hunch my hips against the wonderful feeling. “Judging from your reaction, I’d say you do!”

“Can’t a man get a little rest around here?” I demanded, trying to act angry, but I think I failed miserably by the sparkle in Lisa’s eyes.

“Ohh,” Lisa put on her pouty face, “Does my big brother need some rest? I think you need breakfast. That should wake you up!” Lisa flipped her body around, and I noticed for the first time that she was completely nude. Her breasts pressed against my stomach, while she carefully guided her legs around my casts, and swallowed my member back down her throat.

Figuring I might as well get a meal of it, I lifted my head, bringing my lips to her nether-lips, lightly brushing, teasing her. Her hips slammed down, knocking my head against my pillow, and mashing my mouth against her already very wet slit. I felt, more than heard, her moan, all the way through my cock. Breakfast is served, I thought, driving my tongue into her as far as it could go. Knowing what my lovely sister liked, I started popping her clit between my lips, teeth, and tongue, until I was rewarded by a gush of her orgasmic fluids, and her body shuddering on top of me.

“I think that is enough of an appetizer, it’s time for the main course!” Lisa spun around, only barely hitting my upraised arms in her hurry, but after weeks of recovering, it no longer hurt. Sitting on top of me, her auburn hair framing her slender face, I could see the fire burning in her eyes, and despite the lack of sleep, I knew it was reflected in my own. My cock butted against her pussy as she slowly slid down my body. As my head slipped past her tender folds, she dropped her face down, and our lips met only seconds before our tongues entwined.

A deep moan resounded from my bedroom walls, either from her or me, I don’t know, as I felt the last few centimeters slip into her, and our pelvises met. Our kiss increased in activity, as we started up a rhythm together. Bodies molded together, I only wished I could wrap my arms around my lovely sister as I felt her start to cum, her inner muscles undulating around my hard cock. I increased the tempo of my hips, wanting to please her for as long as possible and smiled as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. This also thrust her chest out, and I gladly latched onto her hard left nipple. She suddenly felt like a vise around my tool, as another wave of pleasure cascaded through her body, and this time it was too much for me, as I emptied myself into her hungry canal.

“Thank you, Jason,” Lisa whispered into my ear, and then gave me a small peck on the cheek, “I’ll let you get some rest now.” She rolled off of me, and then swallowed my shrinking cock into her mouth, licking off all of our juices, before pulling the covers back up under my casts. I think she might have said something more, but I was already falling back to sleep.

* * *

I decided to check my email when I woke up, and was surprised to see one from Jenny. I hadn’t heard from her in some time, and decided to actually read this one. She went on to tell me that she understood why I did everything I had done to her, and that she had deserved the whole thing. She offered to pay for the lamp that she’d broken, and hoped that I could find it in my heart to just talk to her.

Wary of her manipulation, but also feeling bad for how I had treated her so poorly, I slowly typed back to her, wanting to know when she was available to meet.

The rest of the emails were the standard junk, until I found one from Faith, my half-sister. Apparently her mom and mine had already left on some trip together, and she was letting me know she would be by around nine this morning to help take care of me. I looked at the calendar, and was shocked to see that today was the day my mom, Diane, was going on her little trip with Sarah, Faith’s mom and my mom’s college friend. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember mom saying something last night about being gone by the time I got up.

I looked at the clock, and saw that I had about thirty minutes till she got here. Just as I was about to shut my computer down, a pop-up informing I had received new mail came up on my screen. Jenny had already replied that she was free all day, and sent me her new address. I forwarded it to my phone, and then shut down my computer.

It took me a couple minutes to work my hips into some basketball shorts, before I headed for the front room. As soon as I sat down, the doorbell rang, and I got myself back up with a huff, as I headed for the door. Who could that be? I wondered. It was still too early for Faith to come by, and for a moment I feared it was Geo from next door. Despite my best efforts, she still wasn’t pregnant, and to be honest, I was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing. Did I really want to get a girl pregnant that didn’t care for me?

It took me a second to get the door open, but I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Faith’s smoldering eyes, and big smile.

“Surprise!” She said to my obvious look of confusion. “I know I said nine, but I just couldn’t wait, and realized that there really was no reason to come over as soon as I was ready, so here I am. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why on Earth should I mind that a beauty like you wants to come see me?” I say with a smile as I step back to let her in. Instead, she hugs me tightly, kissing my cheek, and then pulling back with an unhappy look on her face. “I’m happy to see you, but you could do with a shower!”

I couldn’t smell myself, but thinking back, I also couldn’t remember if it had been one day or three since my last bath.

“Good thing you’re here then to help me,” I winked at her.

Her disgusted look turned into a wicked grin as she followed me back to the bathroom. She started up the shower, but I pointed out that I couldn’t get my casts wet.

“But I was going to join you,” she pouted.

“The tub is big enough for both of us,” I pointed out. “That is, unless you don’t want to get that close to your smelly half-brother,” I teased.

She smiled again, as she started filling up the tub, removing her own clothes, and revealing her large breasts. I couldn’t stop looking at them, at the way they sat on her chest, moving slightly as she breathed in and out. Her nipples were already hard, and standing out, demanding attention.

“Hello? Earth to Jason, are you there?” I shook myself to get out of the trance I was in, and could only smile sheepishly.

Faith pulled down my shorts, and I had to laugh as she became mesmerized by my stiff member only inches from her face. “Hello? Earth to Faith, are you there?” I threw her words back at her. She ginned up at me as she stood back up, letting her fingers lightly trail their way up from my balls to the tip of my penis.

“Better get in the tub, smelly brother, if you ever want to be clean.”

“What if I like being… Dirty?” I couldn’t help but ask, laughing.

“Dirty is fine,” she told me, “and we can be all sorts of dirty, AFTER you are washed!”

Both of us laughed then, as my wonderful half-sister helped me sit in the tub, and then climbed in after me, her smooth legs going around my sides, and her feet resting between my thighs.

The water was warm, and with both of us in the tub, it filled up fast, coming up to just under my sternum. Grabbing the soap, Faith started to wash my back, careful not to get my casts wet, and even turned it into a massage. After weeks of having my arms in one position, this felt wonderful!

She followed that up with pressing her large tits against my back, while she reached around and washed and massaged my chest. Grabbing a washcloth, she got it nice and wet, and carefully washed my face, neck, and hands.

“Okay, stud. Time to get the lower half,” she intoned, and helped me stand, facing away from her. I enjoyed the feeling of her soapy hands running up and down my legs, massaging my butt cheeks, and I even jumped a little when her hand slipped between my cheeks, and then slid under to cup my balls. She had me lift one foot, then the other, before finally having me turn around. By this point my cock was almost aching, it was so hard.

She couldn’t miss it pointing to the ceiling as I turned, and I know I saw her lick her lips before soaping up her hands, and washing the fronts of my legs. She seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time washing my thighs, her eyes locked on my manhood, before finally bringer her hands up to it. Gripping me at the base, she twisted her hands around it, keeping up the pretense of washing me, but making me moan too.

“Does that feel good?” She asked, finally taking her eyes off my cock, and looking up at me. In her eyes danced a mischievous smile that I could only return as I nodded my head. “Good!” She stated, and started moving her hand up and down my shaft, continuing the twisting movement. This felt new and wonderful, and I had to lock my knees to keep them under me. She hadn’t even reached the sensitive head yet, and I was already moaning like this. Despite how I was feeling earlier about too much sex, I was really enjoying this treatment.

I had to close my eyes when she finally reached the sensitive head, and stopped twisting her hand, only to apply pressure with her thumb to just under the bottom part of the rim. This was the most sensitive part of my penis, and I was glad my knees were locked, or else I would have collapsed right there.

Faith giggled, as she kept this up for a couple moments. “I’m getting close,” I warned, and she stopped, returning her hand back to the base, and applying pressure to it to cut off any orgasm.

“Not yet! We still have to rinse you,” she informed me, and I opened my eyes to look back down at her. She used the washcloth to squeeze water down my body, and even the feel of the runnels of water running from the cloth had somehow become sensual, with the talents of this sultry woman.

Finally I was fully rinsed off, and Faith stood, and to my disappointment, stepped out of the tub. She dried herself off first, then helped me from the tub, started draining it, and finally began to dry me off. She did it quickly, and for once, there was nothing sexual about it. I started to worry that I was going to end up with blue-balls, my only hope lying in the fact that she hadn’t dressed yet.

She led me back to my room, where she plopped herself on the edge of my bed, pulled her legs to her chest, holding them there with one arm, and used her other hand to reach around and start vigorously rubbing her cunt. “Oh, I need you in me now, Jason! I’m so wet, and can’t wait anymore! I hate doing it in showers, hope you don’t mind.”

How could I possibly mind, as I watched her slip her middle two fingers into her slick slit, frigging herself?

I stepped up to her, and she pulled her fingers out long enough to grasp me, and pull me into her. Thankfully my bed was at the right height that I didn’t have to squat down, as I sank to the hilt in one stroke. She released her legs, and they gripped my sides, trying to pull me in deeper. I let her set the speed, and was soon plunging into her as hard as I could. I loved watching the way her tits bounced on her chest as I plumbed her deepest depths to the loud sounds of her pleasured screams. They were sliding along her chest, up and down, up and down. I became so drawn in by their movement that for a moment I forgot my arms were locked into their casts and tried to reach for them, only to have reality come crashing back in, as my arms didn’t budge.

I groaned at the frustration of not being able to touch these large beauties, but contented myself with the knowledge that my casts would be off in a number of weeks. The doctors said I was more than halfway healed.

“Fuck me, with that huge cock! Oh, Gawd, it goes so deep. I love the way my brother feels in me! Yes, yes, YES!” Faiths legs locked against me, making me unable to move my hips, so I started making my little brain twitch inside her. Her eyes snapped open, and she sucked in her bottom lip, grinding her hips up and down against me, as her orgasm continued. The look in her eyes as they remained locked on mine was one filled with hunger and desire, as I continued to make my cock jump inside her. I fell forward, landing on my hands, and being supported by my casts. As I lowered my face to hers, she flung her arms around my neck, pulling me down a little further till our lips met, and she lustily sucked my tongue between her soft lips, treating it like a small phallus, bobbing back and forth on it.

I realized her legs had loosened up, and resumed pumping in and out of her. Faith’s head dropped back down to the bed, but her arms remained around my neck. “Ung… Ahh… Holy shit, you’re gonna make me cum again on that huge cock of yours!” I picked up my pace, as her screams picked up to a crescendo of ear splitting joy.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, and with her legs locked behind me, there was no chance of pulling out as I started to shoot deep into her little cunny. I didn’t think her screams could get any louder, but as this seemed to increase her orgasm, so too did the volume of her pleasure.

Faith rolled me onto my side, as I was too exhausted to move on my own, and I slid out of her.

“Phew,” she mumbled next to me, “I need to come take care of my younger brother more often!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “The door is always open for family,” I told her.

Faith cleaned me up, though not in the same way Lisa had, and we got dressed.

“Was there anything you wanted to do today?” She asked me, after she was done feeding me lunch. I had been surprised at just how quickly this day was flying by.

Remembering the email from Jenny, I debated on suggesting it, but figured I might as well get it over with, and it would probably go a lot better with Faith there, than my mom or Lisa.

“So this is the girl that broke your heart, and is the reason you’re in these casts?” She asked when I was done explaining the situation to her. I just nodded. “I don’t understand why you want to go see her? Are you a glutton for punishment?”

I debated for a few seconds on telling her the whole truth, and then when it occurred to me that what we were doing was even worse to most people than what I had done to Jenny, I explained everything; how I had tricked her into having anal sex with me, before kicking her out, and how I had treated her in general since then.

“Sounds like she deserved it, but if you really think you need to, I’d like to meet the woman that would risk losing a cock like yours.”

We got into her car, and she drove me to the address from the email. “You’ve already met her, remember? You said you were the one that watched her clean her stuff out of my apartment.”

“Oh yeah. She was that sexy redhead!” Faith replied. “Man, she had a temper on her. I remember thinking at the time that I wondered what…” Faith trailed off as she looked at me, and then continued driving, leaving me in the dark as to what she had wondered.

Faith knocked on the door, and it was immediately answered by Jenny. Despite how we had left things, I had to admit she looked stunning, with her red hair lightly curled, and her makeup done up. She was wearing a navy blue spaghetti strap shirt, and tight jeans, that both showed her figure off well.

By the look in her eyes, she hadn’t been expecting Faith. “Oh! I didn’t realize you’d be bringing anyone…”

“Kind of hard for him to drive himself, since his accident,” Faith told her before I could say anything. I watched as Jenny’s face turned beet red, and I wondered if she was thinking about the fact that the accident had only happened because I had caught her cheating on me.

Jenny turned to let us in, and we followed her down the entryway corridor. “So, are you Jason’s new girlfriend?” Jenny asked, and while I could tell she was trying to sound only inquisitive, I still detected a note of jealousy in her voice. I decided I’d better answer before Faith could. No telling what she might say and I didn’t know if the fact that Faith was my half-sister would get out.

“No. She has been helping me with things lately. Our mothers are old college friends.”

Faith looked at me suspiciously for a moment, and I wondered what she was thinking, before the look turned wicked, and she mimed squeezing Jenny’s ass, as she walked in front of us.

“Oh. That’s nice,” was Jenny’s only comment to my information.

We walked into the family room, and I had to admit that Jenny’s place looked rather nice. I wondered who she had to bone to get it, but shook the jealous thought from my head. I sat on the side of the couch as Jenny took the only chair in the room, and Faith sat uncomfortably close to me, despite there being plenty of room for her. This didn’t go unnoticed by Jenny, as she glanced at where our thighs touched, and I saw her lips tighten. A sure sign she wasn’t happy.

We sat in uncomfortable silence for a couple moments, before me ex finally spoke up. “I had hoped to do this privately, but I guess there will have to be an audience. I wanted to apologize in person for what I did, and…” She trailed off, looking at my stiff arms in their casts. “And for what happened after,” she finished in a rush, looking at her hands clasped in her lap.

“That’s it?” Faith said, surprising us both. “You’re sorry? You cheat on this man, he gets into a horrible accident, and is lucky to be alive, you try to trash his apartment afterwards, and all you can say is, you’re sorry?”

“Faith!” I had been trying to get Faith to stop talking, but she only seemed to hear me as she finished speaking.

“Well?” She turned and asked me.

“I can handle this,” I whispered to her, before turning back to Jenny. I saw tears dripping down from her cheeks, and felt bad, but decided not to comfort her right then. I still had my own apology to tender. “Jenny, I–” I cut off as her head lifted, and despite the tears, I could see pure determination in her eyes. The look seemed to pierce me to my marrow, and I could only sit there, stunned as she started to talk.

“Now I understand why you brought HER!” Jenny’s hand flung out and pointed to Faith. I could hear the sadness in her voice, but underneath it was pure iron willed determination. “It wasn’t bad enough that you humiliated me in your mother’s house, but you brought HER here to do it to me again!”

“No, I–” I tried to talk, but she just bulled over me, not willing to listen.

“At first, when you agreed to see me, I was so happy. I thought that here was my chance to get back the one man that ever truly cared for me. That I might have a chance at happiness again. I was even determined to do WHATEVER it is you wanted me to, in order to get you back.”


“But then when you brought HER, I figured you were rubbing my nose in the fact that you had moved on!” Jenny’s voice was heated, but somehow her eyes seemed to only grow sadder as she spoke. “You claim she isn’t your girlfriend, but I see how close the two of you sit, and I see the way she looks at you.” She finally paused for a second, but I couldn’t possibly think of anything to say, and then the moment was passed. “At first I wondered why you would say you weren’t together, when you obviously are, and then it dawned on me. You aren’t here to rub my nose in it. You want to humiliate me more by forcing me to join in!” I opened my mouth to protest, but Faith’s sudden grip on my thigh, and the look in Jenny’s eyes clamped my mouth shut.

Jenny stood and walked over to us, standing in front of Faith, but her eyes never leaving mine. “If this is what it takes to earn your forgiveness, then so be it!” She leaned forward, her eyes staying locked on mine, as she brought her lips to Faith’s. My half-sister’s grip tightened for a moment as she closed her eyes, and opened her lips to my ex. Faith brought her other hand up to kiss Jenny in earnest, and I wondered just what had happened here? I had come to apologize to Jenny, and hear her own, and now I was watching her make out with the woman I had just had sex with not that long ago. And what was Faith playing at, I wondered.

Faith’s hand travelled up my thigh to my crotch, and started to work into my waistband, pulling it down. At the same time, she pulled Jenny down into her lap, and I noticed that my ex was no longer looking at me, but really seemed to be enjoying the kiss. I moaned, as the hand in my pants gripped my rapidly hardening rod, and started sliding up and down it. My noises must have snapped Jenny back to the present, as her eyes opened wide, and she pulled herself out of Faith’s lap.

She looked down at the hand that was gripping my now visible cock, and a triumphant smile crossed her face. “You see? I know you so well. We were meant to be together. I will do anything for you, just PLEASE don’t leave me again.”

I was starting to think she was too much drama for me right now, and opened my mouth to speak, but once again, Faith’s grip on me tightened, and I only nodded my head. What had I gotten myself into?

Jenny’s whole face lit up then, and I knew I was doomed. She dropped her head down to my lap, swallowing the bulbous head of my cock between her lips, as Faith continued to stroke me into the other woman’s mouth. My half-sister leaned over, placing herself within my plastered arms, and started to kiss my neck, headed for my ear.

“Let me have this, and I promise you won’t be disappointed,” I heard her whisper, and I pulled back to look at her, surprised. She only smiled devilishly, before bringer her succulent lips back to my ear. “When she was in your apartment, all I could think about was how wild she would be in bed. Now I get to find out.”

It shocked me to hear this from her, but it occurred to me that I still really didn’t know my half-sister that well.

Jenny sucked hard and loudly on my member, recalling me to what she was doing for me, and I once again nodded, giving my answer to Faith. She released my cock, and brought both her hands to my face, pulling me in for a powerful kiss that left my head spinning, and my dick harder in my ex’s mouth.

Faith broke the kiss, but only to trail more kisses down my body, until her face was next to Jenny’s. Jenny didn’t want to give up my cock, so Faith got behind her, and reached around the redhead to start undoing her pants. When Jenny moaned against my cock, I knew that Faith was using her talented fingers. Jenny did pull away from giving me a great blowjob long enough to let faith remove her shirt and bra, but like a starving woman, she latched right back onto it.

I moaned loudly enjoying the wonderful feeling of Jenny’s lips and tongue lavishing my cock, and watched my now nude half-sister m***** my ex-girlfriend. Faith sat on her haunches, arms wrapped tightly around Jenny, one hand on her tit, pinching the hard nipple, the other hand furiously rubbing the redhead’s pussy. Jenny obviously enjoyed the attention, if her moans were any indication, and there was no doubt when she came. She released my cock, turned in Faith’s arms, and kissed the brunette as hungrily as she had been sucking my pecker.

Faith pulled Jenny down as she lay back, and helped her get her pants the rest of the way off. I stood, and shimmied my hips to get my own loose shorts to drop to my ankles, before dropping to my knees, and lining my cock up to Jenny’s pussy. Without looking back, Jenny helped guide me into her, moaning as I slid deeper and deeper.

Jenny’s cunt seemed to be on fire as I slid in. I had never felt her so wet, or so demanding of my rod before, and she seemed to pull me in as much as I pushed. Faith’s hands gripped both of Jenny’s cheeks, and I got a great view of her bunghole. I wondered if I would be going in there again, but dashed the thought as greedy. I was already enjoying what was happening.

As I sank the last couple centimeters, I moaned, unable to hold it in.

“That’s right,” Jenny mewled, throwing her head back, “Sink that cock back where it belongs. Oh, I love how I can feel you in every inch of me. Yes, pound it in me. Make me cum on your huge cock. I love it!”

Jenny’s inner muscles tightened forcefully, and I had to slow down, or I was going to cum quicker than I wanted to.

Faith rolled them both over, pulling Jenny off my cock, and then started kissing down the redhead’s body, till her lips were locked on Jenny’s freshly fucked pussy.

Seeing another rear in the air, I waddled over on my knees, till I could line my cum-soaked penis up with it. I had to lean forward a bit to get the right angle on my own, but I was soon buried in Faith as far as I could go. I looked up to Jenny, glad that Faith’s screams were being muffled against my ex’s sopping vagina. Jenny’s eyes were locked on me, an expression of delightful bliss painted across her face, and a nipple being rolled in each hand.

“Do you like watching her eat my pussy while you fuck into her from behind?” Jenny asked me, to my surprise. I was still uncertain how things had turned out this way, but Faith had been right. I wasn’t disappointed! “I know how much you like sex,” she continued, “and I don’t care how many women you screw, as long as I still get to be with you.” Faith voraciously attacked the meal at her lips, and Jenny had to stop talking as her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment. “Ah, yes! I never knew how good another woman could eat my pussy! Suck it! Suck my clit! Make me cum on your fingers while he makes you cum on his huge cock!”

Jenny started to pull her tits away from her chest as she started her next orgasm, and I picked up my pace in Faith to try and get her off. It only took a few extra strokes, and I soon felt Faith’s inner wetness increase as her screams grew loudly, no longer contained by Jenny’s crotch.

Faith pulled off me as she climbed up Jenny’s body, and the two women started to kiss, swapping Jenny’s juices between them. I started to debate on what I should do next, when Jenny took the opportunity instead.

“Do I get to feel you in my ass again?” She almost pleaded. “After that last time, I have tried to repeat how good it felt, but nothing has compared to having you inside my ass.”

“Do it!” Faith threw in her two cents. “I want to see you buried in her ass, Jason.”

Well, what was a man to do? My cock was definitely slippery enough, and with Faith’s added saliva, I soon found myself back in my ex-girlfriend’s ass, while she lay on her back and her rear propped up with some pillows, and I on my knees. She felt just as tight as I remembered, though I did feel a little self conscious as Faith leaned over Jenny, and stared as where I was plugging away in her. Faith spread the redhead’s labia with her pointer and ring finger, and used her birdy finger to lightly rub the other woman’s clit. Jenny started to go wild, bucking her hips, and moaning incoherently as she came.

I was only a little surprised by this point, when Jenny pulled Faith’s pussy to her lips, and started eating the brunette out.

“Ung, ooh, she is good!” Faith told me, before mashing her lips to mine. Faith’s screams started to echo around my mouth, as our tongues wrestled one another.

The combined feelings of Jenny’s tight sphincter gripping my penis, Faith’s kisses and barely muffled screams, and the knowledge that my half-sister was playing with my ex-girlfriend’s pussy was starting to overwhelm me, as I picked up my pace. The only reason I had lasted this long, was because of how many times I had already cum today.

The first string of my seed that splashed Jenny’s colon set her off as well, as she started to buck against my rod, and Faith’s fingers. Jenny must have been as good as Faith claimed, as she soon followed with an ear-shattering orgasm of her own.

I collapsed back against the couch, exhausted and warn out. The two women separated themselves, and crawled over to me, each planting a kiss on my cheeks, before kissing each other in front of me.

“So,” Jenny said when the kiss ended, “can we be together again?”

I started to think of all the women in my life, and for the first time, realized just how overwhelming they all were. There was no way I was going to be able to keep up with all of them, but I really didn’t know how to tell Jenny, after what had just happened. I didn’t have the anger in me I did last time, and I could see that she really did want this, and wasn’t just trying to manipulate me.

“Of course,” Faith told her before I could formulate a response, “but only if I am part of the deal.”

I groaned inwardly as Jenny happily kissed Faith again, and I looked at my casts, wishing they were off. My life had just become a lot more hectic.

Exhausted, I lay on my back, arms stiffly standing up into the air.

“Whew! You really know how to tire me out,” my sister murmured next to me, and I turned to smile at her. Despite having just unloaded my seed into her, I couldn’t help but admire her lithe naked body, as her chest heaved, and her auburn hair lay plastered to her head, full of sweat.

It was Sunday morning, and Lisa had wanted to get one last good screw in, before our mom returned from her little vacation with Sarah. Personally, I was dreading her return, not because I didn’t love or miss my mother, but between Lisa, Faith, and now Jenny too, I was sexually worn out. Her return would only mean even more sex in my future, and even though I was still young and had a healthy sex drive, five women were becoming more then I could handle. And then there was Geo…

“I’d better jump in the shower, before we go pick them up,” my sister turned and gave me a quick peck, before dropping her head to my lap, and cleaning me up with her mouth. For some reason she had started doing that, and I was the last person who was going to complain. Even though there was no chance of me getting hard anytime soon, it still felt great. When she was done, she helped pull a pair of shorts onto me, and then left to get herself cleaned up.

The doorbell rang, drawing me from my thoughts and relaxation. It took me a couple seconds to get the door open, but I couldn’t help the grown that escaped me when I saw who’d come calling.

“Your mom should be back this afternoon, so I wanted to get another load from you this morning.” Geo told me with a smile.

“Did I hear the doorbell ring?” Lisa asked, rubbing a towel against her wet hair, and wearing another towel around her waist. It was almost weird to see her covered in the towel, but it dawned on me that she must have put it on because someone was at the door.

There was no way I felt up to getting it on again, so soon after Lisa had just worn me out, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about Geo getting pregnant by me, rather than her own brother, John. It wasn’t that I had a problem getting a girl pregnant, but that I didn’t much like the idea of not being a part of that c***d’s life.

“Oh, it’s you,” I heard Lisa say behind me, as she walked to the front door. “I suppose your here for more of my brother’s sperm?” I noted the unhappy tone in Lisa’s voice, as well as the resignation. She wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing either.

“Yeah, I figured I might as well get another load, before your mother gets back. John is at some conference this weekend, but he comes home tonight.” Geo said as she stepped past me.

Part of me wondered how she hadn’t become pregnant already. Was she only using it as an excuse to have sex with me, and taking contraceptives? I have already dumped my spunk into her numerous times, and despite her protestations, I knew she enjoyed it. Why then, was she not pregnant yet?

All at once I felt completely overwhelmed, and the word slipped from my mouth before I could stop it. “No.”

“What?” Both Lisa and Geo chimed together.

“No,” I repeated, lifting my gaze to look at Geo, certain about how I felt. “No more. If you want to get pregnant, you are going to have to either talk John into it, or find someone else. I’m done.”

“But…” Geo trailed off, and if I hadn’t felt bad for her, I would have laughed at the way her mouth hung open as she looked at me, not comprehending what I’d just told her. “But…”

“You heard him,” Lisa said, coming up, and placing her hands on my cast covered shoulder as she gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “If you want to get pregnant that badly, go talk to your brother, and leave mine alone.”

Geo closed her mouth as she stared hard at us, before turning around and slamming the door shut behind her. I hoped John would change his mind, for Geo’s sake. Geo was a great girl, and there was no denying her sexual prowess, but I realized that I really needed to cut back on my women. Too many was just too many.

“Thank you, Jason,” Lisa whispered into my ear. “I don’t know what made you change your mind, but I think I know a way to reward you.” Her hand deftly slid inside my waistband, and grasped my flaccid cock, trying to bring it back to life. Good as it felt, I couldn’t be dishonest with her.

“I didn’t do it for you,” I told her, as kindly as I could. “I did it for me.” Lisa’s hand snapped out of my shorts quicker than I thought possible, as she walked in front of me, a curious expression on her face. “I’m worn out, and exhausted from too much sex,” I told her. “I never thought a man could feel that way, but I need a little break.” It was the wrong thing to say.

“A little break?” I could hear the heat in her voice, and I cringed. “I thought you did it because you loved me, but you only need a little break. I suppose that means from me too?”

“Wait, Lisa, no!” I tried to protest, but she spun and stormed down the hallway, her towel falling halfway to her room, and she let it fall to the floor. Even angry, her ass looked great as it slipped into her bedroom and a second door was slammed that morning.

Sighing to myself, I walked over to the towel, and using my foot, flipped it up, and caught it on my right cast. I knocked on her door, and could just make out her muffled crying on the other side. “Go away!” she screamed through the door, but I couldn’t leave her like that.

I tried the door, and found it unlocked. Taking this as a good sign that she really didn’t want me to leave her alone, I stepped into the room, greeted by the sight of my lovely sister, face down on her bed, still nude.

“I said, go away,” she was muffled with her face in her hands, and I wished that I could wrap her in my arms and comfort her.

“Sure,” I tried to sound calm but wasn’t sure if I pulled it off. For some reason I was nervous, and couldn’t figure out why. “But I wanted to talk to you first.”

My sister turned to look at me, and I could see that her eyes were red from crying. “What is there to talk about? You don’t want to have sex anymore. So fine, I won’t force you to fuck your loving sister anymore!” Her accusing eyes bore into me, making my heart ache, despite the language she was using.

“Lisa, you have the wrong idea,” I told her, and considered my words carefully, “I love you, and don’t want to stop or lose what we have.” I tried to pour all the love and caring I held for my little sister into my eyes, as I looked down at her. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but there is something that you should know.” I paused, as I continued looking at my beautiful eighteen year old sister. “I have never had sex with you,” her eyes grew confused, and I knew she was listening intently, “I have only ever made love to you. Please don’t take that away from me.”

I saw her heart melt as comprehension took root in her. “But you said you needed a break,” she said, and all anger and pain were gone from her voice.

“I need a break from them: Geo, Faith, and Jenny.” I knew it was a risk bringing up Jenny. Lisa hadn’t been too happy about her being back in my life, but Faith had made it clear that I had done it solely for her. Over the last week, I had rarely seen my red-headed girlfriend, and Faith had told me that she was keeping the woman quite satisfied, but sometimes they both needed a real cock. My half-sister knew just where to get one.

“What about mom?” She asked, and again, I knew I had to be honest.

“Do you really think mom is going to leave me alone after being gone all week?” I shook my head, knowing the answer. My mother was just as horny as my sister was.

“Maybe she found herself a man, while she was away,” Lisa said hopefully, and I knew I had been forgiven.

“Maybe,” I conceded, and then smiled as Lisa sat up, and threw her arms around my neck, her naked breasts pressed against my chest.

“Did you really mean what you said about making love to me?” She asked, and in answer, I leaned my head down, kissing her tender lips softly. She met my kiss with a gentleness of her own, and for a moment we sat like that, her holding me tight, and our lips together as one.

I felt fresh tears touch my cheeks, and pulled back to look at my sister. “What’s this now? Why are you crying?”

“You big oaf, it’s because I love you too!” she informed me, then brought her mouth back to mine, and this time the kiss was stronger. I felt her tongue start to press against my teeth, and I opened up, greeting hers with mine.

I fell back onto the bed, and she followed me down, climbing on top as our kiss intensified. Despite all my thoughts of not being able to get it up earlier, it wasn’t long before I was poking her slit through my shorts as she rocked her hips atop me.

Lisa suddenly pulled away, and looked at me confused. “Wait! You wanted a break. I am so sorry.”

“Don’t stop now!” I pleaded. “A break will be fine, but only after this time. I really need my sister right now.”

She grinned at me, and lifted her hips for only a second, before planting herself directly on my bulge. She started to glide her hips up and down, and I could feel her heat through the thin cloth of my shorts. I moaned to let her know I was enjoying what she was doing.

She brought her right hand down, and slid it into my waistband, easily finding my cock, and lifted it slightly, to press harder against her crotch. She picked up her pace, and started twiddling her left nipple with her other hand, moaning and closing her eyes at her own pleasures.

I started hunching my hips in rhythm to her movements, really enjoying the look on her face. Suddenly Lisa dropped forward, mashing her lips to mine as she started to cum, soaking the front of my shorts. I kissed her lovingly, as her hand continued to stroke me within my shorts. Pulling her lips from mine, she put them next to my ear, whispering, “I really need you in me, Jason.” I just nodded, and with one deft motion, she pulled the hem of my shorts down, lifted up, and impaled herself on my massive pole.

We both groaned loudly, as we became one, and I felt my head hit her deepest depths. Despite having been inside my sister not that long ago, she still felt tight, as her inner folds massaged me.

Our lips came together again, as she started to move her hips, and she placed one hand on my chest. She was extremely wet, and I couldn’t help but wonder if some of it was my cum from earlier. I was glad that mom had put her on birth control. I didn’t mind the thought of her getting pregnant, but I didn’t want k**s right away.

Suddenly I wondered if Faith was using any contraceptives. We had never talked about it, and yet I had emptied myself into her countless times.

Lisa pulled her lips from mine, flinging her auburn hair back in a long arc, as she started to cum again. I was just barely able to lift my head to her breast, and she grabbed the back of my head when she felt my lips brush her nipple, intensifying her orgasm. I continued to suck on her rubbery teat, moving my hips, thrusting as hard as I could, wanting her joy to last as long as possible. For what seemed like an hour, but was likely only a couple minutes, Lisa moaned and shuddered as her body was wracked with one powerful orgasm after another. I’ve never seen her orgasm so much, or this powerfully before, and could only think that our conversation before this might have something to do with it.

When her orgasms finally ended, she collapsed on top of me, pulling her wonderful breast from my mouth.

“I… Have… NEVER…” She tried to say, but was out of breath.

I leaned up to give her a quick peck. Then using my hips for momentum, tried to roll us over. I partially succeeded, in that she rolled onto her back, but it took me a couple more tries to prop myself onto my cast-stiffened arms, above her. By that time, my loving little sister was laughing at me.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” I asked, as I positioned my penis at her opening. She just smiled and continued giggling. “How funny do you think THIS is?” I asked, thrusting into her, and smiling to myself, as her giggle turned to a moan, and her legs wrapped around me, trying to pull me in deeper.

I set a fast pace, knowing my arms couldn’t handle this for very long, and wanting my own sweet explosion to happen. I admired how my sister’s lovely breasts bounced on her chest with every thrust, and how her moans grew in volume every time I slid into her.

I picked up my pace, going as fast as I could, feeling the onset of my ejaculation begin, and felt her clamp down on me as she had an orgasm a split second before I loosed my second load of the day into her. I tried to continue moving my hips, but the feeling of pure bliss that washed over my body was too much.

When I was finally back in control of my own body, I rolled off my sweet sister, out of breath.

Lisa placed her head on my chest, running her hands up and down my abdomen. “I love you, Jason,” I barely heard her whisper, before she started to kiss her way down my body, and started to lick out combined juices from my shrinking member. I was super sensitive, after such a powerful orgasm, but still enjoyed the attention she was giving me.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, noticing the time on the clock. “We’re going to be late getting mom from the airport!”

* * *

By the time we arrived, Jenny and Faith were already there, and waiting in the baggage claim area. My half-sister and my girlfriend were holding hands, till they saw us, then they both came running up, and hugged us. Lisa acted stiffly as she received her hugs, and I wished that I was able to hug them back.

“Mom just called to say they were getting off the plane, and should be here in a couple minutes,” Faith said, referring to her mother, Sarah, and not Lisa’s and mine.

We spotted my mom first, her auburn hair easy to spot, as she came down the escalators, and then Sarah was right behind her. Another round of hugs ensued, and my mom looked curiously at Jenny, but didn’t say anything.

The women loaded the bags, and once again, I felt useless with my busted arms, as we left in separate vehicles.

“Is Sarah and Faith coming over tonight?” Lisa asked.

“I doubt it,” our mother told us. “I’m sure she wants to spend some time with her own family, after being gone for so long, and I know I just want to be with my own two c***dren tonight.” Mom was sitting in the front seat, next to Lisa who was driving, but she looked back to me, and winked as she said this. I truly hoped I was up for whatever she had planned, though I had some idea of what it might be.

When we arrived home, Lisa busied herself in the kitchen, making dinner, and informing mom that she was to stay out, and just relax.

“But that is all I did all week!” She complained. “Relax!”

We all laughed, but mom and I went and sat down on the couch. Lisa brought us both drinks, and I knew it was alcoholic on the first sip mom gave me.

“So…” Mom trailed off for a moment before continuing. “Want to tell me what Jenny was doing at the airport?”

“Um… Well, you see…” I tried to figure out what exactly to say, but none of it sounded right in my head, so I just blurted it out. “She and I are kind of back together, but it is more like Faith and Jenny are dating, and only come to me when they need more.”

I cringed, waiting for mom to start berating me for a fool, but she didn’t.

“I see…” I looked up at her as she took a sip of her drink. “You’re quite the lucky man, to have six women constantly after what is between your legs.”

To say I was shocked that she was taking it so lightly would be an understatement. Somehow I had expected her to take it more like Lisa, and be jealous.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised,” she said, as if reading my mind. “I’m not so old, or stuffy that I’m going to get jealous over it. You’re a smart young man, and if you can handle it, then who am I to complain?”

I let out a pent up sigh that I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding. “Actually, it is only five now. I turned Geo away this morning.”

“Hmm, poor girl. I wonder if I should have a talk with John about her?” She seemed to consider it for a moment, and then shook her head. “No, it’s not my place, and he can make his own decisions.” She looked back to me, piercing me wither beautiful eyes. “But I am curious why you turned her down?”

After the argument with Lisa this morning, I thought hard on how to answer, but Lisa walked in then to refill our drinks, and took the chance away from me.

“We are wearing Jason out,” my sister said. “He said he needs to cut back on how many women he has.” Having said her piece and refilled our drinks, she promptly returned to the kitchen.

Mom fed me a sip of my drink, and I noticed that it was stronger this time. There was no doubt that Lisa wanted to get us drunk tonight.

Mom just continued to stare at me, and I didn’t know what to say, and wished I knew what was going through her mind. Finally, after a couple minutes of silence, she spoke up. “Do you need a break from me too?”

“What? No!” I blurted, before I could think of anything else to say. “I just didn’t think it was right for me to get Geo pregnant, and trying to satisfy so many at once was wearing me down. I truly hope John changes his mind, but it is for him to do it, not me.”

“So you’re saying you DO need a break.” Her tone was even, but I could still sense a slight edge to it. Damn you Lisa! Why couldn’t you let me explain it on my own?

“Not a break, and certainly not from you and Lisa. Just a little ‘relaxation’, is all.” I knew I sounded peevish, and I felt my face turn red as mom started to laugh.

“Son, relax! I told you I thought you were smart, and knew what you could handle. All you’ve done is prove me right!” She leaned over, and gave me a peck to my burning cheeks. “But if you ever do need a break from me, I hope you will let me know.”

“That’ll never happen,” I swore, and knew I meant it. Mom may be older than me, but as with Lisa, I’ve never had sex with her, only made love. There is no way I would willingly give that up.

We chatted amiably for the next while, Lisa coming in to refill our drinks, and by the time dinner was ready, I had a pretty good buzz going. Mom and Lisa took turns feeding me, and I noticed that Lisa was pushing the drinks pretty hard, until I told them I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in my stomach.

I stood unsteadily from my chair, and wobbled my way back to the couch, only to be joined a little later by the two wonderful women I lived with.

“I rented a movie, I thought we could watch,” Lisa told us, and Mom and I shared a look. Sure enough, it was just as raunchy as we had suspected it would be; some college romance movie, with a gratuitous amount of tits and ass.

In my slightly inebriated state, I found myself growing hard during the sex scenes, which didn’t go unnoticed as it propped quite the tent in my shorts, and I had a woman on either side of me. I noticed both women squirming as well, and knew that I wasn’t the only one being affected by the sex on the screen.

Mom was the first to speak as soon as the credits started. “Lisa, if you don’t start sucking his cock, I will!” Her hand grabbed my aching cock, and started rubbing me through my shorts.

“I had him this morning, and you’ve been away for awhile,” Lisa responded. “You go ahead, I can wait.”

Before she was even done talking, mom had the hem of my shorts pulled down, and her lips were headed for my bulbous head. She kissed the single eye of my peter before hungrily moaning, and swallowing as much of me as she could in one go. I too moaned, as I felt my cock get compressed in the back of her throat.

Movement on my right brought my attention to Lisa, and I saw that she was getting undressed. As soon as her shirt and bra were off, she pressed her breast to my mouth. “Suck my tits, while mom sucks your cock,” she demanded, and despite having been quite full a couple hours ago, I hungrily devoured her offering.

I moaned against my sister’s teat as mom sucked me in deeper and deeper down her throat. My fingers and arms twitched within my casts, wanting nothing more than to touch these two wonderful women, but the casts defeated them.

Lisa moaned loudly, and between her cleavage I was able to see that mom had her hand in her daughter’s pants. Mom pulled her head off of my member with a gasp for air, then quickly stood, and completely disrobed.

Lisa laid me back on the couch and removed her pants, before straddling my face, and I hungrily dove into her wet honey pot.

“Oh, I have missed my boyfriend’s cock in me ever so much!” I heard mom say a split second before I felt her pussy start to swallow me inside her.

That same fire that I have noticed every time I have been with mom surrounded my throbbing cock, and I moaned into my sister’s juicy cunt. Mom started to thrust her hips powerfully on top of me, and I could hear both women moaning to the pleasures I was giving them.

“Oh, Lisa! Your mouth feels so good on my tits, while your brother fills me with his cock. Holy shit, I have missed you two! Yes, rub my clit, darling. Make your mother cum all over Jason!” Mom’s frantic thrusting stopped as she convulsed on and around my penetrating tool. If I hadn’t already cum twice this morning, this would have likely gotten me off, but for some reason, I felt like I could keep going, so started bucking my hips, as I sucked hard on Lisa’s clit.

My oral efforts were soon rewarded as Lisa’s cum flowed around my lips and tongue.

“Mom, I think it is my turn,” Lisa said as she lifted herself from my face. She had to help our weary mother off of me. Mom lay listlessly on the edge of the couch, still occasionally twitching from aftershocks of her orgasm. Lisa pulled me to my feet, saying only, “I want you to take me from behind,” as she bent over the couch.

I stood behind my petite sister, enjoying how sexy her ass looked as she wiggled it impatiently at me. Stepping up to her, she reached back, and helped guide me in.

I easily slid all the way to her uterus, making her grunt as I hit bottom. I started up a steady rhythm, as I watched her start kissing her way up mom’s legs, to their juncture.

As soon as Lisa’s lips touched mom’s nether lips, her eyes flew wide as she looked down at her daughter. “What? Oh, Lisa… That feels good, but I don’t think I can handle much more right now,” she complained, but Lisa didn’t let up, and just kept licking and sucking. Soon mom’s denials became moans of pleasure. “Yes! Oh, fuck, who taught you to eat pussy so well? Damn, that feels so good. Yes, right there, keep sucking my clit, and you’re gonna make me CUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Seeing mom cum so hard, and Lisa being the one to do it was enough to start my own climax, as I started to empty myself into Lisa’s sucking twat.

Lisa’s legs gave way underneath her as she had her own climax, and some of my spunk ended up splattering her pale back, and I even got some in her auburn hair.

As soon as Lisa recovered, we noticed that mom was out cold. Lisa ran to get a blanket, and d****d it over our mother, before turning to me and giving me a big kiss. Her hand went to my flaccid cock, but only for a moment. “Oops, looks like I forgot to clean you up!” She grinned, as she dropped to her knees, and started licking me clean. She really started to get into it this time, fondling my balls, as she sucked on my manhood, and to my surprise, I realized I was getting hard again.

“Good,” she said, pulling away and looking up at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “It’s been a few days since you were in my ass, and I can’t wait to feel you in there again.”

I could only roll my eyes as she laid me down, and drooled a lot of saliva over my cock, before straddling me.

My lovely, sweet, horny, insatiable sister slowly lowered herself, impaling her ass upon my lance. The feeling of her tight sphincter gliding down my saliva soaked cock made me moan, as centimeter after centimeter gently entered her colon.

Lisa’s eyes were closed, and her lower lip was sucked into her mouth as she finally sank the remaining distance onto me. “Hmm, I can’t decide which I like more, how wonderful you feel in my pussy, or how full you feel in my ass,” she told me as she started rocking on top of me. She felt wonderful to me, and I couldn’t argue with any of her holes; they all felt fantastic.

Lisa’s hands roamed her body, tweaking her own nipples, and occasionally rubbing her clit. I knew she was getting close when she slipped two fingers into her vagina while I moved my hips in rhythm with her ass. “Oh, fuck, I’m so close! Fuck my ass, Jason. Make your sister cum on your thick cock. Oh…..” Lisa fell forward, mashing her lips to mine as my pelvis grew wet with her cum, and my cock was tightly gripped in her rear.

“You two were going to let me sleep, while you continued?” I heard, but I don’t think Lisa did, as she was still shaking on top of me. I opened one eye, and saw that mom was rubbing her tits together, the blanket thrown off her, as she watched her daughter cumming on her son’s cock.

“You looked like you needed the rest,” I said, and mom got a wicked gleam in her eyes as she stood up from the couch, and walked over to us.

“Well, maybe I want my son’s cock in my ass too,” she said, as she leaned down and kissed me. Lisa rolled off me, and I could hear her still panting next to me, as mom’s tongue swirled around my mouth.

Mom broke off the kiss, and looked over to Lisa, whose eyes were still closed as she tried to catch her breath. “I think I owe you one,” she told her daughter. Mom crawled over to Lisa, and started kissing her toes, working her way up my sister’s calves, thighs, and finally to her pussy. Lisa just moaned at the touch, but barely moved beyond that.

I got up on my knees, and came up behind mom, thinking to put my prick in her slit, but she stopped me before I could. “I want you in my ass, son. Fill my ass with you cock.”

Not one to argue with such a request, I dribbled some spit onto her sphincter, and then had her help guide me in.

Mom grunted against Lisa’s wet hole as my head popped into her, and I was surprised to find the same fire and heat that came from her pussy could be felt through the walls of her colon as I gently slid into mom’s ass.

Lisa finally started to come around to mom’s ministrations, as her hands were in mom’s hair, and she started moaning loudly.

“No, stop…” She moaned. “I can’t… Take… Too much… Feels too good… Too sens…itive.” Despite her words, she wasn’t trying to pull mom’s head away, but rather seemed to be pulling her in more. “Oh fuck!” She suddenly screamed. “Yes, don’t stop! Right there, nibble on my clit. Oh, I’m cumming!”

Mom was bouncing her rear back against me, as I pounded into her, and she came a second after Lisa. Watching both women cum almost together, plus the fire in Mom’s ass triggered my own. I unleashed a powerful load of semen, convulsing just as much as the two women were, in the throes of my orgasm.

Later that night as I tried to get to sleep, I imagined how great it would be when my casts finally came off, and I would finally be able to truly touch these wonderful women in my life.

Patience was never really a virtue of mine, but as I sat waiting, my legs fidgeting on the side of the bed, I thought I was going to go crazy.

A knock sounded at the door to the room, and all three of us jumped, as a man entered, a smile on his face, and a clipboard in his hands.

“Good news, Jason. Looks like your casts are coming off early.” Doctor Brown said. His wispy long grey hair stuck out from his head, but he has been our family doctor for years.

Lisa and mom jumped up to hug me at the great news, then mom walked the doctor out, discussing something with him.

“Isn’t that great?” I asked, but then noticed the look on Lisa’s face. For some reason she seemed sad. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said quietly, but I could tell she was lying, “I’m glad for you. Now you can go back to your life, and you won’t need us taking care of you all the time.”

I almost had to laugh. Is that what was bothering her? That I would move back to my old life, and leave her behind?

“Lisa, look at me,” when she had done as I asked, I spoke to her in a tone that left no doubt to my sincerity. “When I first got into that accident, I couldn’t imagine a worse way to live, than to be at the mercy of everyone around me for every little thing.” I could see tears forming in her eyes, and wished the casts were off now, so that I could enfold her into my arms, but I continued on, regardless. “But then you showed me that it wasn’t all bad. That there was some good to being stuck at home and under yours and mom’s loving care. Before the accident, I loved you as a sister. Now I love you as a woman grown. Yes, I will probably move back to my apartment, but that doesn’t mean I am going to neglect you, or even forget about you.” As I spoke, I’d watched the hope blossom in her eyes, dampened only a bit at the mention of moving back into my apartment, which Sarah had thankfully been holding for me. When I finished, Lisa’s arms were tightly around my waist, and her head on my shoulder.

“Well,” Mom said, re-entering the room, “That’s some good news, at least.” From her tone, I could tell she was sad too.

“Mom, I–” I started to say, but she cut me off.

“No, son. I heard what you said to Lisa, and I know the same goes for me.”

The rest of the visit seemed a blur as my casts were cut from my arms, and for the first time in months, I could bend my elbows, and move my shoulders. My arms were whiter and skinnier than I remembered, but I couldn’t hide my smile at the site of them. They had been hidden from me for far too long, but now they were back, and useable… If rather stiff.

Doc Brown gave me instructions on how to work my arms for the next few weeks, to return them back to normal, but the first exercise they got was hugging my wonderful sister and mother. Warmth seemed to infuse my whole body, as I held these wonderful women.

Mom let me drive home, and my palms were sweaty on the wheel, as I double and triple checked every intersection. There was no way I was getting into another accident. Mom and Lisa both got a chuckle out of my caution, until we pulled into the driveway, to find another woman waiting at the door.

She introduced herself as Carol, and asked if she could come in. Once we were all seated, she graced us with a warm smile, and I couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was. She looked to be a little younger than mom, but something about the way she moved told me that she was pregnant. I could just make out a slight bulge to her belly.

“I’m so sorry to barge in on you like this, but there are a few things that I need to discuss with you. Let me start by saying how happy I am to see your casts off, Jason.” Who was this woman that she knew about my casts? “I’m not sure if you noticed, but all of your medical expenses have been taken care of. Unfortunately your bike was completely totaled in your accident, but I am prepared to offer you a check in recompense, plus some to cover your… Shall we say, trauma?… Since everything has happened.”

“I don’t understand,” mom piped in, “Do you represent the woman that nearly killed him?”

“Let’s say that I represent a third party, which has an interest in what happened, but would like to put everything behind them. I am hoping this amount will be sufficient?” She showed us a figure scribbled on a notebook she was holding, and I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor.

“With that much, I could buy a new Harley Davidson every year for the next ten years, and still have money left over,” I blurted the understatement before I could think better of it. It was likely more money than I would see in my lifetime.

“Hmm, yes,” was Carol’s only reply to my statement. “Of course we haven’t forgotten about your caring family either.” The way she said ‘caring’ made me wonder if she knew just how loving this family was, but when she showed us another figure, what she might or might not know flew from my head. The second figure wasn’t as big as the first, but was still staggering. Mom and Lisa would be set for quite a few years, if they just lived off the interest that the second amount would get them. “I will take your silence as acceptance?”

Mom was the only one to spot the problem. “You seem to be throwing a lot of money around. What’s the catch?”

Carol smiled warmly, as she met each of our eyes. “There is no catch, but there is a stipulation.” Mom harrumphed, and I agreed. What was the difference? “You cannot seek any legal actions against the lady that hit you, nor even seek her out. This money is intended to make it as though your terrible accident never happened.”

Never happened? The thought struck me as a bad thing. If that accident had never happened, would I now have the relationship that I did with mom, Lisa, Faith, or even Sarah? Jenny and I would still be broken up, and my life would be drastically different than how it was now. No, I didn’t want it to be as if it had never happened.

I wondered briefly who the woman that hit me was, that they wanted the accident silenced so badly, but the money was too much to pass up.

“Where do we sign?” I asked.

Carol wrote out the checks, and then thanked us all for accepting the money. “I’m sure your family will be as happy as mine is,” she told us with a wink as she left, making me wonder again, just what she might know.

“I think we need to celebrate,” I said as soon as Carol pulled away. “My casts came off today, and now we’re set for life!”

We all hugged again, and as before I relished how wonderful it felt to hold these two women in my arms.

“I agree,” Lisa said, placing one hand on my crotch. “Why don’t we start right now?”

Mom turned my face to hers, binging our lips together, as she kissed me tenderly. “Sounds like a great idea,” she said when she broke the kiss for air. I could only laugh as I dropped my hands to both their behinds and gave a squeeze. My first feel of their rear ends was a delight, as I smiled to the giggles of both women.

As if on cue, they both dropped to their knees, taking my shorts down as well. Neither of them could miss the massive erection that sprang free. Mom grabbed the base of my member, as Lisa licked her lips before kissing the tip. I moaned loudly as Lisa swallowed my head between her soft lips, and mom leaned forward to lick my scrotum.

Lisa pulled away for a moment, and then brought her lips to the side of my length, while mom did the same on the opposite side, and they kissed each other, with my cock still between them. Remembering that my hands were free, I dropped them to the backs of their heads, running my hands through their auburn hair. My fingers seemed to tingle at the touch, and oddly enough, it turned me on even more. For so long I have wanted to touch them, and now I finally was.

Lisa started to kiss her way up my abdomen, surrendering completely my cock to mom. As she continued kissing her way upwards, she pulled my shirt up, till she lifted it over my head, and mashed her lips to mine. Her mouth opened as her tongue sought entrance into mine, and I opened my lips, not wanting to deny her anything.

“Are you going to take off my clothes, or do I still need to do that?” Lisa asked in a whisper, and then giggled as I hurriedly started fumbling with her pants. Even the simple act of pulling her pants down was a delight that I enjoyed. I hoped that never again would I be denied the full use of my hands and arms. Lisa’s shirt nearly flew off of her in my haste, and despite being out of practice, her bra soon followed. I had Lisa step back a half step, as I slowly brought my hands to her melons. It almost seemed unreal, as I watched her skin pebble at my gentle touch, and her nipples harden between my fingers. “How do they feel?” My beautiful sister asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

In answer, I slid my hands to her back, pulling her towards me, as I bent and brought her left breast to my waiting mouth.

Mom stood up from the wonderful blowjob she’d been giving me, and I let my hand drift down to Lisa’s shaved lips, feeling how wet she already was. I thought my fingers felt stiff and inept, but Lisa moaned letting me know she was enjoying my touch.

Two hands pulled me away from my sister’s teat, and I turned to see that mom was now completely naked as well.

“These want some attention, too,” she told me, hefting her breasts, and I brought my free hand to her one of them, squeezing gently. Mom’s tits were softer than Lisa’s, but from experience, I knew that they were also more sensitive. I slipped two fingers into Lisa, as I leaned forward, and used only my lips to stimulate and tease Mom’s already stiff nipple. Mom’s hands gripped the back of my head, pulling me tight to her breast, as she moaned, and I sucked as much of her soft flesh into my mouth as would fit.

I couldn’t tell who, but one of them grabbed my cock, and starting sliding their hand up and down my length, using mom’s saliva as lubricant. I let the hand that had been fondling mom’s tit drop down, and slipped a couple fingers into her fiery crotch. I noted that it felt just as hot to my fingers, as it did to my member, when it was buried in her. I picked up the pace of my fingers, as I sucked hard on mom’s nipple, and was soon rewarded with a handful of her cum. I am guessing that it had been mom with her hand on my cock, for as soon as the hand was removed, mom was pushing my hand out of her.

“Okay, hunny, I think I am ready for the real thing now,” she told me, as she led Lisa and me back to her room.

I quickly jumped on the bed, and even the simple act of waving the two women over to me was enjoyable. Mom straddled my hips, and Lisa helped guide me into her fiery depth, before sitting forcefully on my face.

“Make me cum on your face, Jason, so that I can fit that b**st in me next,” Lisa demanded, and I went to work alternating between ‘popping’ her clit between my teeth and tongue, and shoving my tongue as deep into her as it would go.

I reached up between both women and grasped a different breast in each hand. By this point, mom had fully sunk herself onto me, and I could feel the heat of her insides surround my entire length.

“Oh, fuck! I love how deep you feel inside me, son. You feel your mother to bursting!”

“Mmm, he knows how to suck on my pussy too,” Lisa moaned. “Ung, yeah… Keep going… Right… there… Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!”

My hands met as Lisa and mom leaned towards each other, and I can only assume they were kissing, while Lisa came in my mouth.

I dropped my hands from their chests, and placed my left-hand thumb against mom’s clit, feeling her tighten up on my cock as I did so, and placed the other one on her hip, speeding up her rhythm.

Mom started panting, as I kept up the pressure and pace. Lisa crawled off of my face, and I admired the look of pure a****listic lust and pleasure that painted my sexy mother’s face. Her eyes were scrunched up tight, her bottom lip suck between her teeth, and her chest was heaving with the exertion of our bodies.

“Oh, son, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

I happily obliged, as I pulled her down to me, and latched onto her right tit, and pounded my hips up at her. Her whole body froze as her orgasm started, and I felt our crotches get even wetter, as mom cried out her ecstasy. I continued to thrust up into, delaying the end of her orgasm, but bringing my own ever closer.

“I’m getting close,” I warned, and the next thing I knew Lisa was pulling mom off of me.

“No before I get that in me,” she stated, pinching me almost painfully at the base of my penis.

I just nodded, as she grabbed my hands and sat me up. She sat carefully in my lap, facing me, and wrapping her legs around my torso, and her arms around my neck. I easily slid into her already sopping cunt, and even though I couldn’t go as deep in this position, the intimacy of this closeness, more than made up for it. My arms pulled my younger sister tight to me, mashing her breasts against my chest, while her hips worked feverishly going back and forth, and even moving in circles against my own pelvis.

Her wonderful face, only centimeters away, was just too tempting, and she met me halfway in a passionate kiss that involved our entire bodies. I let my hands drop down to her ass and squeezed one cheek in each hand, knowing my culmination was imminent.

Liquid fire seemed to stream down from where our lips met in our fierce kiss, exploding in my chest, then again in my stomach, shooting down my penis, and finally firing off into my sister’s waiting vagina.

“Oh, Gawd, yes! I can feel your cum in me! It feels so HOT! It’s making me cum AGAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNN!” Lisa wailed as her already tight inner folds gripped my ejaculating tool like a vise.

I collapsed wearily back onto the bed, my head landing on mom’s thigh, and Lisa landing on my chest. Mom’s fingers started playing with my hair, while I tried to catch my breath. As soon as I felt my limp second brain slip out of Lisa, my wonderful little sister started to kiss her way down my chest, till she took my soaked penis in her mouth, and started to clean me up.

“Not that I’m complaining, but you know I can take care of that now, right?” I asked with a smile. Lisa just looked up at me, smiled around my cock, and sucked hard as she lifted her head. It left her mouth with a ‘pop’, and she looked at me in all seriousness, spoiled only slightly by the light in her eyes.

“You better not ever do it when I’m around! I love the taste of our combined juices.” She then immediately went back to work.

* * *

Mom hung up the phone, and turned to look at Lisa and me. “They will be here around six,” she said with a smile.

For the next couple hours I busied myself, enjoying my renewed ability to help out in the kitchen.

“I still don’t know what to think about Jenny,” Mom told me, while I was peeling potatoes.

I laughed lightly, wondering the same thing. “I don’t know what to think either,” I told her. “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t now be where I am, and I really have no complaints about that!” It was only a small fib, but I had been able to keep up with all of the women in my life lately, and hopefully now that I had the use of my arms again, I would be able to ‘hand’le things better as well. “It’s really more as though Jenny and Faith are dating, and I am just their willing partner when they need me.”

“Are you okay with that?” Mom asked me, and I wondered how I was supposed to answer that. Was I really okay with two gorgeous women wanting to use me for sex? Of course I was! But I didn’t want mom to think that I thought less of what we had. When I didn’t answer right away, mom continued, “I know we can’t be in any type of an open relationship, so Jenny offers you some semblance of normalcy, but I guess I just worry about her breaking your heart again.”

This time my laugh was louder. “Mom, can she honestly break what you and Lisa are holding?”

Mom’s liquid eyes turned and stared into mine for a moment, before she flung her arms around me, hugging me tight, saying, “Oh, Jason, I love you so much!” She pulled away from me then, and looked into my eyes, sadness filling them. “There is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” I asked, trepidation filling my voice. “Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

“I got a little worried about… Well… I decided to ask the doctors…” Mom seemed to crumple in on herself, and I pulled her to me in another hug, rubbing her back, until everything spilled out of her all at once. “I asked the doctors to run a couple extra tests on you, and they found out that you’re sterile. You can’t have any k**s. Something in the accident screwed that up, they said.”

Stunned, I just stood there, mom still in my arms, until she pulled away from me, to look up into my eyes. “I’m sterile?” I asked, wondering which tests the doctors had done to determine this. “No k**s?” I didn’t know whether to jump up and cry out in elation or break down crying. Instead I ended up laughing, remembering how hard Geo had been trying to get pregnant, and all to no avail. “I guess I’ll just have to adopt,” I told mom, who now had a worried expression on her lovely face.

“You’re… You’re okay with this?” She asked.

“I have to be. I don’t really have a choice,” I told her, meaning it.

The doorbell rang a little while later, and I went to answer, marveling at how much easier and quicker it was to open the door now.

“Hiya handsome!” Faith called as she stepped in, holding hands with Jenny. “Hope we’re not late,” she added with a wink.

“Oh, leave him alone for a few minutes,” Sarah said right behind her. “Let the poor boy get some food in him, before you jump his bones!” Despite everything I now knew about my landlord, it still surprised me to hear this once prim and proper women speak like that. “Where’s your mom?”

“I’m here, and you’re just in time. Dinner is served.”

We all sat at the table, my two sisters flanking me, mom on the other side of Lisa, Sarah sitting close to mom, and Jenny filled that last seat, between Sarah and Faith.

Dinner was a loud affair, as everyone exclaimed about our great luck with the new windfall and about me having my casts off. It was only slightly marred by my new knowledge that I was sterile. As I thought about it though, I realized that I really was okay with it. If I ever wanted k**s, I could just adopt.

Throughout dinner, I felt a number of bare feet rub against my legs, and I knew I was in for a busy night. No sooner was dinner done, when Faith stood up, turned on some music, and claimed, “I want to dance!” She grabbed my hand, pulling me up, and into her, as her hips started to sway against me. Lisa stood up, and ran over to us, sandwiching me between my two sisters. Mom and Sarah both got up, laughing, and started to dance with each other, leaving Jenny sitting there with a slightly put-out expression. Thinking back on it, we never have discussed the i****tuous relationships that went on around us, and I wondered what was going through her mind. I watched her for a second, knowing that she knew Faith was my half sister, but until now, I have never done anything with Jenny and Mom or Lisa.

Feeling bad for her, and wondering what she might do, I beckoned her over. As soon as she was within reach, I pulled her to me by the front of her shirt, and kissed her.

“Hey!” Lisa and Faith protested almost simultaneously, and I laughed as I released a stunned Jenny, and then kissed my sisters in turn.

As Faith’s and my tongues wrestled, my arms around Jenny and Lisa, I wondered if life could get any sweeter. A hand digging into my waistband, groping for my lengthening penis gave me my answer. As soon as my pants puddled around my ankles, Jenny dropped down, and immediately engulfed my rod between her lips. My redheaded girlfriend’s tongue languished around the rim of my head, eliciting a moan. She bobbed up and down my length, slowly taking me deeper and deeper down her throat.

I let my hands drop down to Lisa’s dress covered rear, and Faith’s denim d****d derrière. “Mmm, I think I like you being able to use your hands again, Faith told me, breaking the kiss.

“He really knows how to use them, too,” Lisa piped up, pulling my face back to hers for another kiss. While my tongue was engaged with my full-sister’s, my half-sister dropped to her knees next to Jenny, and they started to swap my cock back and forth between them. Having a free hand, I decided to put it to good use. Sliding my digits up her inner thighs, Lisa spread her legs, giving me better access. Soon my fingers were lightly pressing against her panty-less crotch, and I had to smile at my sister’s boldness. She was already pretty wet, as I slipped first, one, then two, and finally three fingers into her.

Lisa started to pant pretty heavily, as I picked up the pace with my hand, and I started to trail kisses down her slender neck, while my other hand travelled up her back to her zipper. I unhurriedly slid the zipper down to just over her small ass, and she shrugged it off her shoulders, allowing me to kiss my way down to her pert breasts. From the way she was breathing and reacting to my touches, I knew she was close, so I kept my fingers in her, letting the dress hang from my frantically thrusting arm.

My whole concentration had been on getting Lisa off, so I was a little surprised when Faith start screaming in the throes of her own orgasm, slightly muffled by my cock between her lips. A quick glance down showed me why. Faith’s pants had been thrown to the side, and she was sitting on Jenny’s hungry mouth. As my hand was simultaneously squeezed and soaked with Lisa’s orgasm, and Faith still hungrily slurping and sucking on my cock, I started to shoot my wad down my half-sister’s throat. She didn’t miss a beat, as she continued to suck every drop out of me. I had to lock my knees under me, to keep myself standing upright, until the tidal waves of bliss finished washing over me.

As soon as I finished, Faith pulled her face away from my member, smiled up at me, showing me a mouth full of my spunk, and then moved down Jenny’s body, till she could kiss the sexy redhead. As they started swapped my ejaculate between them, Lisa started pouting.

“Done so soon?” she said, looking down at my wilting phallus with disappointment, before smiling and shoving me back towards the couch. “I’ll bet she didn’t clean you well enough,” she informed me, before dropping her head to my lap, and stopping me from going completely limp.

I looked around for Sarah and mom, and finally heard mom’s moans coming from behind me. Turning to look over the couch, the wonderful sight of my sexy mother sitting nude on the edge of the table, Sarah’s bleach blonde head between her thighs, gave a jolt of life back to my penis, and I felt it start coming back to life, with the help of my sister’s talented technique. I continued to watch, until Sarah brought mom off to a great orgasm. By that point I was fully hard again, and Lisa was standing up, grinning as she straddled my thighs.

“Mom told me that all they did on their vacation was play with each other. They never even left their room.” I smiled as Lisa’s eyes rolled back in her head, and my second-head breached her lower folds. She was extremely wet, and it only took her a couple seconds to get my full length into her tight hole. “She also told me,” Lisa continued, while she rocked her hips, “that the only regret they had, was not having this huge cock of yours there to fuck them silly.” I leaned forward getting turned on by Lisa’s talk, and suckled her left tit into my mouth. “Just like you’re fucking your sister right now. Ung, that feels… Unh, I’m gonna…” I gripped Lisa’s hips, and started thrusting her back and forth, while I lifted my hips up slightly. “CUM!” Lisa started to shudder, but I didn’t relent on my own movements, until she finally relaxed. On weak legs, she tried to stand up, only to collapse next to me on the couch.

“I guess it is my turn,” I heard Sarah’s voice in my right ear. I turned to watch as my seductive landlord walked around the couch, looking down at Lisa still trying to catch her breath, and then laid down in front of me. “I want you on top. If you wear me out as much as you did her…” she left the rest unsaid, and I understood what she meant. If she became just as exhausted, she wouldn’t have to try and move off of me.

I dropped down between her legs, and started to kiss my way up her thighs, to squeals of delight. As soon as I reached her juncture, I sucked hard on one lip, then the other, before shoving my tongue as far as it would go inside her. She tasted great, as her juices started to flow between my lips and down my chin. I started to ‘pop’ her clit. “Damn! I don’t know which is better, your cock or your tongue,” Sarah nearly screamed, then did start screaming as she came hard.

While she was still shaking from her orgasm, I quickly moved up her body, lining my cock up with her twat, and sank into her with one swift movement. This must have triggered another orgasm in her, as her loudness increased. Not wanting to go deaf, I covered her mouth with mine, and could taste my mother’s sweet juices on her lips. I started to hunch my hips in earnest, driving into this sex-maddened woman with abandon, loving how hot her insides felt, as they gripped me with every pull, and welcomed me with every push.

I felt hands grab me under my shoulders, and pulled up to see Jenny behind me. No sooner had Sarah’s screams been unleashed, than they were muffled again by Faith as she sat on her mother’s face.

Jenny lowered her head next to mine, and whispered, “I don’t know how I feel about all this i****t, but if it means keeping you, and being with Faith too, then–” I cut her off as I pulled her face to mine, and kissed her thoroughly and deeply. I could hear Sarah’s muffled screams, and Faith’s not so muffled ones, as Sarah’s hot cunny gripped me in the throes of another of her orgasms.

Jenny pulled back from the kiss, and I could see the fires of unbridled lust burning in her eyes, as she grinned wickedly and shoved me back. With a wet slurping, sucking noise I slipped out of Sarah, and Jenny energetically straddled me. Her tight pussy felt like a soothing glove, after Sarah’s fiery heat, and I moaned loudly as I hit the deepest points inside her. She had to stop to get used to being filled so full so quickly. “Damn, I forget sometimes just how big you are. None of Faith’s toys are as big as you,” she informed me.

I only smiled, as I abruptly sat up, placed my hands on her back, and pulled her chest down to my waiting lips. My hands dropped down to her ass, and I started to pound up into her, as I sucked as hard as I could on her teat. Jenny’s hand on the back of my head, tried to pull me tighter to her, and it only took a few seconds before she was coming on top of me. Back when it was just me and her, this would have normally gotten me off, but with all the sex I’d been getting lately, and having gotten off once already tonight, I knew I could keep going.

I let my head drop down to the carpet, but kept thrusting into my girlfriend. Looking around the room, I saw Sarah and Faith locked into a familial sixty-nine, and mom’s face was buried in Lisa’s recently fucked snatch. Lisa’s head was shaking side to side as she came on mom’s wonderful tongue. Mom’s rear was only a couple feet away from me, so I shimmied my body around, till I could pull her wet pussy to my lips.

For the second time that night, I tasted her sweet wetness, this time, straight from the source. I felt Jenny’s chin touch mine, and I knew she was licking mom’s asshole. Despite myself, this turned me on immensely, and I soon found myself unloading into my redheaded girlfriend’s cunt. This seemed to set her off as well, as she started to moan loudly above me.

I didn’t slow down my thrusting, though, as soon as I was done, trying to stay hard. Unfortunately, Jenny rolled off of me. “No more,” she moaned. “I can’t take anymore right now.”

Deciding quickly, I pulled my face away from mom’s snatch, and knelt behind her, deftly slipping my slightly softened member into the whole I was born from. Whether it was the heat from her insides, the fact that I was surrounded by five naked and very beautiful women, or the fact that I was once again making love to my wonderful mother, my cock stopped deflating, and started getting harder.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck your mother hard,” mom said, turning to face me, as I picked up my pace. “Slide that huge dick of yours in and out of my pussy.” I moved my feet under me, so that I could have greater movement, and started using long, powerful strokes, until mom buried her face back in Lisa’s slit as she came. The fire inside mom’s inner folds seemed to triple, as she gripped me, and soaked my member with her cream.

I realized that the only person I hadn’t pleased yet was my half-sister, and I looked around, to see she was still locked in a sixty-nine with her mother.

Pulling out of mom, I walked around behind Faith. Seeing her brown little hole, I knew where I was going next. I leaned over, and dribbled a bit of spit down her crack, and smiled slightly as I watched her mom suck up what little dribbled down to her. Rubbing my head against her hole, Faith lifted her head from Sarah’s twat, and looked back at me.

“So my brother’s finally going to give me attention?” She asked, not angrily. I could see the desire in her eyes increase, as I slipped my head past her sphincter. She sucked in a big breath as I gently slid deeper into her, my path eased by all the slippery cum coating my cock, and a bit of saliva. “Ung, fuck my ass little brother. Make me cum on your cock, and my mom’s lips. Fuck me!”

Sawing my hips back and forth, I really enjoyed the tight feeling of her bunghole gliding up and down the length of my pole. Faith shoved her face back into her mom’s pussy, muffling the screams that were starting to escape her.

Mom stood up and walked over to me, planting a quick kiss to my lips, before stepping over Faith, and spreading her pussy in front of my face. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I started to ‘pop’ her clit between my teeth and tongue, making her legs shake every time I did it.

I felt hair brush my cheeks, followed soon after by a whisper. “You dick and mouth are occupied, but you have your hands.” I couldn’t help but smile, glad indeed that I could use my hands, as Lisa guided my right hand to her crotch.

“Hey,” Jenny nearly shouted, “don’t leave me out.” And I soon had three fingers deep in her cunny, as well.

Faith’s colon gripped my rod hard, as she started to cum, and I felt Sarah’s tongue gliding against my balls as I pounded into her daughter. Realizing that I now had five women all right here, I looked up from mom’s juicy pussy, to see her, Jenny, and Lisa in a three-way kiss, as each fondled another’s breasts. Overwhelmed by everything, I dove back into mom’s pussy, attacking her clit for all I was worth, as I unloaded into my half-sister’s colon.

Jenny and Lisa both came right after, Lisa’s legs actually gave out underneath her. I sucked hard on mom’s clit as I came, and was soon rewarded by a mouthful of her cum.

I collapsed backwards, exhausted and completely satisfied, only to have five naked women all try to cuddle up next to me, and shower me with kisses.

* * *

Thinking back on it now, I still can’t believe everything that led to this point in time. I stood nervously, wondering if I was making the right decision. I knew how I felt, looking at the women standing across from me. My beautiful mother, young looking despite her years. Lisa standing next to her, her glorious face framed by her auburn hair. Sarah was next, and I liked how her brown roots were showing at the base of her bleached hair, her eyes smiling, as she looked back at me. Faith, my half-sister stood on her mother’s right, the last of the line, her large chest heaving, and I could see she was just as excitable as the rest of the women.

I still can’t believe I am about to do this. The last year seems to have flown by so swiftly, and once again I start thinking about how it has come to this. From way back when I’d walked in on Jenny and Jones fucking in my apartment, and the accident that had left me nearly helpless afterwards. How mom had had to masturbate me, just so that I could pee. A smile crossed my face at the way Lisa had seduced me into taking away her virginity.

I still felt guilty sometimes when I thought about the revenge I’d given Jenny. Finding out that Sarah and mom had known each other in college. The night Sarah had brought her daughter over, and Faith and I had watched Mom and Sarah eat each other out, only for me to fuck Faith right after, not knowing she was my half-sister till afterwards. Geo and everything else that followed afterwards flowed through my mind, as I stood waiting.

Music starts, pulling me from my reverie, and I look down the aisle to see Jenny start a slow stately walk towards me. She looks absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and I feel my mouth go dry at the sight of her.

The adoption agency won’t let us adopt unless we are married. For obvious reasons, I can’t marry Lisa, Faith, or mom, and Sarah told me she was too old, and it would look suspicious. Jenny had happily agreed, and in a short two months, I now found myself facing my future wife, and our four girlfriends, so that we can start adopting k**s.
The End…..

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