bobbies master


bobbies masterMaster is coming round tonight and I have the flat to myself. He wants me dressed and ready for him. Good! I am aching for his meaty manhood and looking forward to tasting his cum. He has given me instructions as to what I must wear and I know exactly what will turn him on most. I have the requisite clothes and hope he will like what I have done. The only change I have made is that I have no tights – I hope he likes the pull ups I am wearing.I take my time getting ready. The first thing is an enema to make sure that I am nice and clean for my Master man. I go into the bathroom and strip naked, my little man clit beginning to stir already. I am getting excited, not at the physical act of ablution, but the reason for it – the act of cleansing for my Master.Slowly, I lube my little anus. It is tight and I have deliberately kept it this way. I have not been fucked by many men and have exercised my tight little bud to keep it taut for the man that I want to have it. And that is my Master, the man that turns me on most. My finger pokes further into my tight little bud, pretending it is my Master pushing his finger in, with little regard for my wishes, only thinking of his, whispering in my ear what a little slut I am, how I am letting myself down letting him do this….My cock is now fully stiff and the urge to play with it is very strong, but I remember what Master says: “It is for me to decide when you cum and how you cum Sarah, so if you feel the need, phone me.” I continue to massage my anus, now pushing two fingers up it, trying, but not succeeding to reach my prostate to heighten the feeling.Talking of heightening the feeling, Master has promised that he will bring poppers tonight – I have never tried this before, but he promises that they will make me a wild sexual b**st. I am nervous about it, I have never ever taken d**gs before. However, I have read up on it and the effects are not debilitating or long lasting, so I am willing to try it for my MasterNow time for the enema – slowly I push the tube of the douche into my anus and squeeze the bag, feeling the liquid push into my colon. I get another sexual rush, imagining that it is my Master’s cum shooting inside me and my cock stiffens further. Finishing the procedure, I withdraw the douche surrendering to the inevitable dash to the toilet bowl. After this, I clean and lube my aching girly bud so that it will be ready for Master’s useWhen this is done and I am clean, my next job is to shave. I get rid of all body hair using a depilatory cream and razor. Especial care with my face. I am lucky that I do not have a thick beard, but nonetheless I am smooth as smooth can be at the end of it. I have already made sure that my head hair is especially short. I have a special wig tonight that I know that Charles will like – it has a high pony! He will love grabbing that and using it to shove his gorgeous engorged manhood deeper into my mouthI had instructions as to what I should wear and I laid each item carefully on the bed.The dress was a black cotton dress that I had picked up at a boot sale. To my joy, it fitted me perfectly and it was just what Master had ordered tonight. It came to my calves and scoped at the front to show off my bust (not that I have one, but more of that later). I loved the feel of this dress against my skin, rubbing gently eroticising the event of wearing it.Then I lay out the stockings – pull ups. I love the way that they give the feel of stockings, but without the fuss of suspender belts. Men can get at you so much quicker with hold ups! These ones were white with a faint herringbone pattern on them and I loved wearing them.Then my Pants and bra. Electric blue and lacy (though not unduly so – Master likes simplicity) and as they are silk, such a sensual feel against my skin. Also the breast inserts that fitted into the bra, giving the impression of a bust. This was the first time Master would see me dressed so I hoped he would like me!Finally, the shoes. Oh how I love wearing shoes! Master has instructed open toed strappy sandals and I have been only too pleased to oblige. These are dark pink in colour with 3.5 inch heels. I have been practicing walking in them all week and have never worn them without a hard on!With my clothes laid out, I sit at the dressing table and start with my makeup. I use minimal makeup as I always feel more is less. I put on a light foundation on my face to cover blemishes and then some blusher to ensure I look excited (as if I wasn’t!). This is followed by the eye shadow and mascara.I then put on some dark pink lipstick (it matches the shoes). It is the type that is waterproof and I’m hoping, cum proof! It has a shiny surface and I imagine Master pushing his cock into my willing lipsticked lips. Again I feel the need to cum, but restrain myself.I check my face and feel pleased with the effect. I am now quite unrecognisable as ‘me’ but am now ‘Bobbie’ my alter ego. I have learnt makeup secrets at amateur dramatics. I played a part where a man was masquerading as a woman and our makeup lady was only too glad to show me how it was done. She was the one who taught me to walk in heels as well. I owe her quite a lot (and she got quite a lot from me, but that’s another story about a lesbian dominatrix)I now pull the wig on. It is a lovely auburn shade and is made of something that feels like real shining human hair. The cap of the wig fits tightly on my head and there is no need for glue – it will not move, even when master is holding the pony and mouth fucking me. I have already put the pony in the hair and I now see it sits in the top of my crown where it should, ready for use. The wig feels comfortable and right and again my appearance changes one more step to Bobbie.I look down at my quivering penis and decide I must get my panties on or the urge to cum will be too much.I step over to the bed and slip the panties on. They are a brief type and fit tightly, but comfortably to me. I ensure my penis is pushed down between my legs as Master likes it so that it shows very little.Satisfied, I put on the bra, carefully adjusting bostancı escort the straps. I then put in the breast enhancements, ensuring that they are glued into place. They are fleshed coloured and then I put a little foundation on to ensure that the line between them and me is blurred.Next on is the pull ups. I sit on the bed in front of the full length mirror and watch myself pull them on. I look sexy in a slutty sort of way, which I hope is what my Charles will want tonight.Now I put on the shoes and thank goodness that I have practiced in them. I do up the straps and walk around the room, taking every opportunity to look at myself in the mirror. My bum is good and I am glad that I have exercised and kept my abs in shape.Finally, I slip on the dress and let it fall down my body and turn to look in the mirror. Charles has joked that if I looked good enough, he would take me out dressed. As I critically appraised myself, I knew that he would take me up on that offer.I pressed my hand to my crutch and felt my manhood, now encased in the panties and knew it was now my womanhood, my clitoris for my master’s use. I felt the tingle also in my boy cunt, knowing that Master would want to use that as well.So, I was ready. One last thing. A spray of Chanel to give me the final feminine touch. Made up, dressed and lubed and ready to go. One final look in the mirror and I went into the living room to await my fate.No sooner had I sat down on the sofa, than there was a knock at the door. It could only be one person.I got up, smoothed my dress and calmed my nerves. I then walked to the door, practicing my sexy walk, moving my hips. My stomach rolled, turning to liquid. I could feel very part of my clothes against my body now. Could feel the dress brushing against my back, and the back and front of my legs. The bra strap against my back. My cock, tucked away, but still erect within the satin feel of my panties. The gap between the top of my hold-ups and my panties, the feel of the soft flesh there. The shoes, the way they stretch my calves and made me a little taller (though still not as tall as my Charles).I opened the door and there he was. The man who was opening doors into new experiences in my life. The man who I had dressed so carefully for tonight. Who held my sexual feelings in the palm of his hand.”Aren’t you going to let me in then?” I can see his eyes, looking me up and down. Please be pleased with me. Please! I want so much your approbation of me dressed here, want you to say how beautiful I look. Please like me, want me. I am so insecure and suddenly all the dressing up and thinking I look good dissipates into thin air.He still stands there looking at me and I can see the lust in his eyes. It is the same lust the first time that we met in the toilet, when he fucked my mouth so hard, my throat was sore for two days afterwards.I find my voice “Yes, please come in”I stand to one side and he comes in and I can feel his power over me, it is almost physical. As I shut the door, he turns and looks again at me.”You dress up well for a slut” he says and I feel my cock twitch and my stomach unroll a little. He likes me! He loves to call me his slut and I love to be his slut.I can stand it no longer. I fold to my knees in front of him and look up under my mascara’d lashes. He moves closer to me so that his crutch is in front of my eyes. I can only imagine what a sight I am to him, made up as I am, wearing clothes chosen especially for him.”My little Bobbie” he says. “How beautifully slutty you look tonight” His hand curls around and caresses my pony, sending shivers down my spine. “You are definitely good enough to take out in public. But not tonight – tonight you are MY slut”His words struck home to me. He likes me! He wants me! He moved another step nearer me. I could see the outline of his gorgeous weapon in his trousers. Nervously I licked my lips and looked up at him again.”Go ahead my slut” he said “you know what we both want”My hands go to his belt, frantically undoing it and then the catch and then the zip. I catch my breath and slow down. His trousers slip to the floor. I cannot stop myself. I want to make it so slow sooooo good for him, but I want so much to see his manhood again that I tear down his shorts as well.And there it is, not two inches from my face. His gorgeous manhood, already semi stiff, I can see the slit poking through his prepuce and is it my imagination, or can I already see a sheen of pre cum on it?He motions me to take off his shoes and I do. Then his socks and it is all I can do not to stoop and kiss his feet. I long to show my subservience to him in so many ways that enrich him and humiliate me.His trouser and shorts follow suit and I look up at him again, my expression asking permission to go further. He smiles and nods and I move the final two inches and inhale his musk. So masculine against my femininity.My mouth moves to his thighs, kissing gently up from just above the knee either side. Little kisses placed with love to show my attachment and subservience to him. I reach his ball sac. So big! I know how much cum they carry as well, having had my face covered in it before. Tentatively, I poke my tongue out and lick his heavy sac. I hear an intake of breath.”Bobbie so, so nice, yes, love my balls. Take them into your mouth, my she-boy,”I move my mouth up, first taking one, then the other into my mouth, lathing them with my tongue and bringing groans from him. I feel his hands on my head, pushing me into his crutch, the scent of him growing stronger as my lips and tongue work on his sensitive balls.I can feel my penis too, stiff and confined in it’s nest, longing to be released, but I know my duty is to my Master before I can have any pleasure.I look up and see you and know you want me to move onto your cock. My lips move up and I start to lick and kiss my way up his gorgeous length, each kiss a move nearer to my Nirvana, a move nearer to my mouth full of him.I am aware of everything now. I feel his hardening cock against my mouth as I lick and kiss him. I feel fatih escort ‘my’ hair on my face. I can hear his breathing, becoming more ragged. I can feel my knees through my hold ups on the carpet. Even my breasts – the fillet, glued to me hang on my chest like I imagine a woman’s breasts would. I want him, every part of him in me and in my life. He has such power over me and I am not sure he realizes just how far I would go for him. We have talked in a roundabout way about threesomes and foursomes, bondage and bukakke and I would gladly do any of these if it pleased him.Back to the present. My eager, willing mouth has reached his glans and my tongue swirls around it’s base, my hand pulling the foreskin fully back. A globule of pre cum appears at the tip. I look up and he smiles at me and nods.I dip my head ad my tongue swirls around his glans, licking up the pre cum like some ancient Roman nectar. I feel a shudder run through my body at the taste of his fluids. I feel a shudder run through his body at the touch of my mouth.I whimper as I put my mouth around his cock head and sink it a little, only a little onto his mushroom head. I want more, but pull back and show restraint.He shows me a popper bottle and I nod. This is the magic potion he tells me that will lead to my complete submission to my becoming a complete slut.He leans over and puts the open bottle under my nose and I inhale deeply.Almost immediately, I am more turned on than I could believe possible. I feel my cock in my pants grow and start to push painfully against the silken material. As I hear him inhale as well, I feel his cock magically swell in my mouth.The amyl has a magical effect on me and I have to fight the urge to rush and swallow him all the way down. I take just his head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around and dip my head in a small motion and then back up, my hand cupping his balls still wet with my saliva, so lovingly applied.I am whimpering again as I can never remember being so turned on and I hear him groan as my mouth works on his lovely mushroom head.I look up at him and he says “Bobbie, you are such a good cocksucker, such a good girl, yes, you love cock so much”. I feel a wave of love for him and continue sucking whilst looking adoringly into his eyes.Again he pushes the poppers under my nose an I inhale. He leaves them there and my inhalation seems to go on forever. I feel them kick in and I open my mouth and take his cock in, pushing halfway down his cock and coming back up again.”Bobbie, you can do better than that” he says and I take him back in my mouth and push my self deep onto his cock. I feel his hand grab my pony and push my head further into him. His cock sinks into me and into my throat. My nose is buries in his pubic area. I stay still and try not to panic as his cock fills me up, stopping my breathBut isn’t this what I wanted? Didn’t I want my Master to have complete control? My whole world was centred on his cock that was pushed down my throat, his hand holding my pony at the back, pushing me ruthlessly down.I moaned onto his cock and he responded by pushing it further in making me choke more.Then he was letting me up and as his cock came out of my mouth, I took in a thick rasping breath. As his cock came out, I saw long streamers of saliva dripping between my mouth and his cock head. Oh god! I was like one of those women in the porn movies where they get their face fucked. How many times had I jerked off to one of those? And now it was me, a girly boy getting his face fucked.I looked up at him and saw the lust in his face now, the need to fuck me.The poppers bottle came down again and I inhaled deeply, beyond caring now. He too took a huge sniff.”Please, fuck my mouth” I pleaded”Open you mouth slut” he replied, grabbing my pony tail and pushing his engorged weapon into my waiting, willing mouth.He was completely without mercy now and he shoved his massive cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat seemingly without compunction. I started to make choking noises, but it only drove him on to push it deeper into my mouth.We were both lost in the lust of the moment: using and being used. I was now choking and spots were appearing before my eyes.He was saying things to me that inflamed my desire. “Choke, bitch,fucking gag on my cock you cunt” and “Oh yeah, that’s nice, that feels real good, bitch, fuck I could come right now”.Then he pulled his cock back but not out of my mouth and I had to open my mouth to breathe around his cock. I looked up at him.”You are a good little bitch aren’t you?” he said “Yes, I want to fuck you some more before I cum in you. What a slut you are, I’m going to make you choke some more on my cock before I shoot my load in you.”Then he took his cock out of my mouth and I felt a loss for it’s going, my mouth reaching for it , but his hand pulled my pony back.”Your dress is a mess go into the bedroom and take it off”I got up and moved into the bedroom and let the dress slip from my body. I looked at him and saw him hungrily assessing my body again.I can’t properly explain what it felt like to be stood there dressed as a woman, in those heels, those pull ups, those panties holding in my girly boy clit. Small comfort was the fact that at sometime, I knew that I would look good in a schoolgirl uniform.”Nice” he said “get on the bed on all fours”I shuddered again – he was going to fuck me! He had not done this yet and I yearned to feel his meat deep inside of me. Obediently, I climbed onto the bed and assumed the doggy position.He came up behind me and I felt my panties pulled down. His finger entered my lubed hole. As soon as it was in, I pushed back like a slut on heat and pushed his finger further into me. As soon as I reached his top knuckle, I pulled back and pushed in again. He pulled out and pushed two fingers in me, and I gave a start, but let him dictate this time. Slowly he fingered fucked my little bud until I was almost constantly moaning my assent.”Ooooh please” I whimpered “finger fuck me then fuck me with your dick. You can feel I’m tight – please give it bağcılar escort to me””Such a slut, aren’t you Bobbie?” he said “You want my cock in your pussy, don’t you, Bobbie? Tell me how much you want my dick hard in your tight little cunt” “Oh please don’t make me beg” I begged “OK no cock then slut”Oh please sir, please I’ll do anything for you, please I’m begging, don’t leave me without your manhood inside of me, please please please, take me however you want, I promise I’ll be good. Please, I want your meat inside of me now, push it up me and use me like a slut, please sir”I felt his body come up behind me, felt his rigid cock touch my bottom cheeks, then push between them. I felt excited, good and ready for it. My Master was going to fuck me! No matter that it would hurt, this was what I wanted what I longed for. I felt the mushroom head push against my anus, gently teasing the little bud. I gave a low moan of desire.I felt his mouth by my ear. “Sorry little girl, not today. Your mouth is too fucking good to not use till I come. I will put your dildo inside you though”. He picked up the dildo that I had bought last week, but never used. I had bought it in a reckless moment. Eight inches long, it was shaped like a love god’s manhood and I immediately wanted it. Now I was not so sure. Having Master inside me was one thing. This was another thing altogether.But I had no choice, no word in this. I felt the hard rubber push at my cheeks and then come to the entrance to my little rosebud. It did not stop long and he continued the pressure, pushing the head inside me. Initial pain and then the bottle of poppers at my nose again. I took a deep sniff and then he pushed the dildo into me and did not stop pushing. In the initial popper rush all I felt was ecstasy as I felt him fill me with the device. Throughout I groaned and whimpered at the dildo filling me, loving me. “Oh god please Master, more, fuck me with it please” But to no avail. He had moved againI finally felt the plug pushing against my bottom and he pulled my tight panties up round it, settling my girly cock down in the correct position again. I felt so full and although I was disappointed that it was not him, nonetheless, it was exciting that he had planted this monster in me. I wriggled my bottom experimentally and felt the dildo move within me, brushing against my prostate. My girl cock tingled with that feeling and I tried again to regain it.But Master had other ideas for me now. “Lay down on your back”As I complied, he straddled me, his knees above my shoulders so my face was trapped. His cock was just in front of my mouth and I opened my mouth wide to show I was ready. I saw him taking poppers and then he pushed his cock forward.Slowly, so slowly, he pushed his manhood back into my mouth. A it came in, I closed my lips around it to make my mouth as much like a cunt for him as possible. He pushed it in until my nose was against his crotch, choking me a little. I made little choking noises which I thought would turn him on. They did – he pushed it in further. Just as I thought that I could take no more, he pulled it back and the rammed it in again, once again in slow motion.Whilst he was doing this, I frantically wriggled my bottom. It was brushing my prostate again and leaving me in a high state of excitement. Despite the fact that my girl cock was pushed down I was now so turned on, anything could have happened to me. The position of the dildo inside me now, pushed in by my weight was driving me into a sexual frenzy.My Master was into his stride now and as he fucked my mouth, it made loud slurping noises. He too was very excited “Oh, yes, Bobbie, so nice, so very nice, take my dick, fuck your dildo, you hot little pretty queen”His words spurred me on. When he left his cock in my mouth, I frantically sucked on it, lathing my tongue up and down it’s length. The he would fuck me equally frantically, using my throat like another cunt to be used and abused.I knew he was close to cumming – I could feel the tightness in his cock, the stretched skin on his sac and his moans becoming more sexually provocative.Then he pulled out of my mouth, and his cock was in front of me. He had big balls and I thought he would cum a lot and I was not disappointed.He jerked his cock once more and a great spurt shot out over my despairing mouth and shot over my right cheek and into my hair. Desperately, I put my mouth up , opened in supplication by the tip of his weapon and stuck my tongue out.I was rewarded by three massive jets of cum landing in my mouth. I quickly closed and swallowed the precious liquid. While I was doing these Master wiped his great mushroom head around my face, spreading the cum there. I eagerly opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in again and I milked the last two dying spurts from his manhood.He pushed his cock in front of me and I took the chance to lick and clean the glans, my tongue eagerly lapping for as long as he wanted me too.”That was good slut” he said, his voice low. He went to my panties and pulled them down and pulled the dildo out of me. It came out with an audible ‘pop’ and I felt immediately empty.Pulling up my panties, he rearranged my girly cock so it was laying against my stomach. Getting up off the bed, he picked up my digital movie camera and said “rub yourself until you cum Bobbie”As he started the camera, I rubbed my cock through my panties. He put the amyl to my lips one last time. As I inhaled I felt nearly as turned on as when he was face fucking me.Here I was, dressed as a woman, with cum all over my face, an anus that felt like I had just had a particularly cruel fucking and rubbing myself off. It was all too much for me.”Oooohhh Master” I moaned and felt my cock spurting my load into my panties. I shuddered as my orgasm swept through me, pumping out my load of semen.”Now take your panties off and put them in your mouth” my Master ordered. Quickly, I took them off and shoved them in my mouth, tasting my own fresh cum on them.”Take them out and lick the cum off them”Obediently, I took them out and turned them inside out. In the gusset lay my fresh cum. Making sure the camera could see it, I licked my cum carefully off the gusset.After that, things slowed down. We both stripped completely and got into bed, where I snuggled into my Master’s arms and fell asleep.When we woke in the morning…. Ah but that’s another story!

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