Black Neighbor, Wife, Daughter & Me-Part 4 Tru


Black Neighbor, Wife, Daughter & Me-Part 4 TruBlack Neighbor,Wife & Me-Part 3-Please CommentThe last story was accidently deleted so I Reposted it here-This is Part 3 -the continuation of the same story )We fucked maybe twice a month and when we weren’t with Jerome when I fucked my wife I would talk to her about how big his dick is and how he loves fucking her and how I See how much SHE loves it and I love making her so happy. She still had never seen me actually suck his dick although she knew I sucked her pussy after he came in her. Then we invited Jerome to spend a weekend with us in our cabin by the lake up in the mountains. It was like our private paradise and in the summer we would be able to walk around nude without anyone being able to see us. Jerome spent the first weekend with us on a day in August…I remember that day because it was the first time my wife took Jerome’s dick and gently fed it to me as she encouraged me to suck it. I had woken up to the bed gently moving and I assumed he was fucking her again (As he did throughout the nights we spent together-I would eventually fall asleep and gaziantep escort bayan wake up to her riding him or him on top of her ).What I saw was Jerome laying on his side with her head on top of his bottom thigh and his other leg around her head and he was gently and sensuously moving his big beautiful black dick in and out of my wife’s ,warm, soft mouth! The contrast was beautiful! His big ,thick black dick, sliding in and out of her pretty white mouth. I felt myself getting hard hearing her softly moaning, and cooing..She Loved sucking his dick more than she ever loved sucking me…and I Loved watching her do it and was so happy that I could provide my beautiful wife as a “Gift” to Jerome and his Black Dick.He was softly talking to her which always gets her hot when she sucks. He was saying,”Suck it baby”..ohhh,that’s good baby”,Suck my black dick…ooo yeah just like that. I reach down and touched my wife’s slit which was soaking wet as I had expected. I said to her,”you look like you’re enjoying his dick”, “does it taste good”? and without a word she pulled her mouth off and held it in her hand and said “here ,try it ” and pulled my head to his beautiful dick-I tried to act like I had never sucked a dick before and put my lips around his head and sucked like a baby on a pacifier, Puling my cheeks in ..She leaned down and sucked his balls so for the first time he had Both of us , Husband and Wife, sucking his Big Alpha Black Dick !!I fucking loved it !~ He said he wanted to try something new and asked us to get in a “69” position and she climbed on top and started sucking me while I licked her wet pussy-then Jerome got on top of her and slid his dick into her while my face was up close giving me a view 99% of men Wished they had!He would slowly move his dick in and out of my wife’s pussy pushing down slightly so whenever he slid his dick in her his big succulent chocolate balls dragged across my forehead and across my tongue ! I licked his balls as they passed my mouth and licked his dick as it slid in and out-Hearing her moaning with each thrust made me so hot until finally he pushed his dick deep inside her and his balls heaved up and down and I knew he was cumming inside my wife. I got so hot I shot my load in her mouth and she moaned louder and had an intense orgasm! Sucking my cum while his big black dick was deep inside her ! I Fucking loved it ! He laid on top of us for a bit then slowly slid his half hard dick out of her mouth bringing a thick wad of his stud cum with it and it plopped on my face near my mouth so I licked it up with my tongue and he leaned down slightly so I could suck her juices off his dick and every drop of his delicious Black Stud Cum ! I was in Fucking Heaven !!We fucked like that once a month at the cabin and he would spend the entire weekend naked along with my wife- I would go get the wine and cook while they licked ,sucked,and fucked each other. Sometimes she get kiss him passionately while I sucked his dick to get him ready for her, sometimes I would suck her pussy-But I really loved sucking her AFTER he came in her ! Her delicious Black Stud Cum Cream Pie was a Real Tasty Treat. He Owned us and he knew it . I loved sucking him and licking her when we got together and after he would leaver I would suck her real good and finally fuck her myself.Next time I’ll tell you about the time Jerome introduced us to one of his Dominant Buddies…

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