Aunty Tanya

Aunty Tanya
Hi….so after my 1st and only encounter with my Aunty Tanya some time ago I had longed for another encounter like that. I was constantly masturbating over her. The 1st family get together after our encounter was bit weird and I was nervous as fuck but Tanya acted like nothing which was awesome, I felt relaxed. So a few weeks had pasted and I got a package in the mail. I thought weird cause I haven’t ordered anything online recently. I took it into my room closed the door and opened it. Inside was some white fabric and when I pulled it out of the package it was some white lace panties and matching bra…I knew who’s it was from immediately , Tanya. My cock and balls began to tingle as I inspected the lingerie. I couldn’t help it and I put the panties toward my face and inhaled. The panties were unwashed and I could clearly smell her musky sent of her pussy on the fabric. I bought the bra also to my face and inhaled, the clear sent of her perfume captivated me. This was too much for me and I lay on my bed and stroked my already hard cock all the while sniffing Tanya’s panties and rubbing my cock over the lace bra. I blew my load within minutes. I placed the garments in a safe spot and went to clean up. A couple of weeks had pasted and I got a phone call from an anonymous number, I usually don’t answer but this time I did. ‘Hello’ I answered with, ‘hi Ben’ it was ladies voice on the other end, ‘it’s your Aunty Tanya here how are you?’ I replied ‘well thanks and yourself?’ After abit of small talk she got straight to the point. ‘your uncle is going away on Friday for another 4 days was wondering if you would like to join me for a couple of days?’ ‘Sure’ I said ‘I’ll see you then’.
Well Friday came around and the anticipation of being able to fuck Tanya again was getting to me.. I was going to blow a load but thought not I want to save it for her. Later that morning I got a mms from Tanya. When I opened it, it was a photo of her naked with her fingers in her pussy, and a message saying ‘don’t be long ‘. I almost erupted there and then, I did the only thing I knew to somewhat subside this horny feeling and that was a cold shower. i called a uber and proceeded to Tanya’s house. When I arrived I went up to the front door and knocked. The door open and there she was. We said hi and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and entered. She looked wonderful, wearing a cotton summer dress that just covered her knees and sandals. We went into the kitchen and she asked if I would like a tea or coffee. I opted for coffee and Tanya started to make it. After some small talk I asked Tanya ’why did you put your clothes back on? The photo you sent earlier got me real horny’ ‘why Ben do you like me better naked’? ‘of course’ I said in a cheeky way and with that handed me my coffee and sat across from me @ the table. We talked about our 1st encounter and I told her that I blew my load over her many times after she sent me her panties and bra. Tanya said almost the same thing, she would sit on the couch and finger her pussy hard until she cum. I had finished my coffee and got up and put the cup in the sink, when I turned back around there was Tanya legs spread open skirt pulled up so I could see her beautiful pussy she had no panties on and her left hand drifting down her body to her pussy. Once her hand reached her clit she let out a small gasp and continued to tell me that she’s wanted my cock in her pussy and asshole so much she went out and bought a dildo and a vibrator just as a surrogate for me. I started to rub my cock through my jeans , still standing @ the kitchen sink. Watching every move that Tanya made, she had both hands on her pussy lips stretching them apart pulling on them hard, I’ve never seen her do this before and was very exciting to watch. I got a chair and sat straight in front of Tanya so close our legs were intertwined, I reached over and pulled her breasts out of her dress and held them in both hands and took turns on sucking and licking and biting each of her hard nipples. Tanya’s hands held the back on my head whispering in my ear ‘suck them baby, suck on Aunties tits’. I continued to spit and suck on the getting them wet. After a few minutes I stood up and took off my clothes standing in front of Tanya with my hard cock pointing @ her. She took it in her hands and looked @ it then looked up @ me straight in the eyes and took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. The softness and wetness of her mouth wrapped around my cock was fantastic. I could hear her moaning each time my cock was deep in her mouth. I held the back of her head and started to guide Tanya over my cock and made her pull it out of her mouth and suck on my balls. Her hands were stroking my cock as her mouth and tongue entertained my balls. Suddenly she stopped. I looked down with spit dripping off her chin Tanya said ‘bedroom now Ben’ I took her hand and helped her up off the chair and Tanya walked 1st toward her bedroom and I closely followed. We got in and she closed the door behind her and I sat on the end of the queen sized bed. Tanya took off her dress and left only her bra on, and went into her makeup table draw and got out a dildo, vibrator and a bottle of lube and placed them on the other side of the bed. She walked past me and I stood up and held her and started to kiss her passionately holding her ass tight and my cock was sandwiched between our bodies. I reached around and began to finger her pussy from behind but Tanya pulled away and said ‘we have time for a lot of fucking Ben’, then went and lay down on the bed. I turned around to move up next to her but she whispers ‘stay there Ben and watch me fuck myself’. My thoughts were holy fuck and my heart started racing. I watched and she got comfortable took the bottle of lube squeezed some on her already wet pussy and I little on her hand, then place some on the dildo. Tanya then took the dildo in one hand and spreads open her pussy with the other and slowly yet gently teased and then slide the dildo over her pussy and clit until it entered her. I watched as her back arched and her legs opened wider as she pushed the rubber cock inside her cunt. She slowly moved the dildo deeper and deeper gasping every time it penetrated. I moved up to get a closer look and to take off Tanya’s bra and massaged her breasts, her nipples were rock hard I had to suck them. As I held and sucked licked and bit her tits I looked down to see both of Tanya’s hands firmly on the rubber cock and giving her cunt a good work out. I wanted to see more so I knelt up so my cock was above Tanya’s breasts and cheekily rubbed the head of my cock on her nipples the pushed my throbbing cock toward her face and mouth. Tanya opened her mouth invitingly and moaned as she swallowed my cock. I was to busy watching her fuck herself with the dildo to take notice of my cock in her mouth. I heard her say ‘just the way I remembered it, oh my god Ben your cock tastes real good ‘. So I held onto the back of her head and started to fuck Tanya’s mouth. With my cock in her mouth I could hear Tanya’s breathing getting quicker shorter, I think she was nearing an orgasm. I kept fucking her mouth and looked over to see her hands furiously reaming the dildo into her dripping pussy. Then my cock slipped out of her mouth and Tanya let out a loud gasp and cum. I gave her a couple of seconds then pushed my cock in her mouth still while she was cumming. She devoured my cock until her orgasm subsided, I turned my head to see her hands were caressing her breasts but the dildo was still deep in her pussy. I have wanted to have something done to me just for the experience and that’s get ass rimmed. Without even asking I moved into a 69 position with me on top and spread my ass cheeks open. ‘Mmmm what’s this?’ Tanya asked. All I said was ‘lick my ass’ and with that I felt Tanya’s hands spread open my ass cheeks and felt her spit on my asshole @ 1st then a soft wet tongue explore. I must admit it tickled @ 1st but the feeling was amazing. I felt her mouth move from my shaved balls to my asshole and back again Tanya was spitting and using her tongue expertly.
I remembered that the dildo was still in her pussy. I fell forward and removed it about half way so I could get familiar with her pussy and clit and ass again. I spread her pussy lips open to reveal Tanya’s swollen clit, then gave it a lick and placed it between my lips and sucked on it. Her thighs squeezed together and I heard a deep moan. Tanya’s lips and tongue were lashing on my cock balls and asshole. I was almost going to cum but I moved off of her and laid beside Tanya softly caressing her body. We looked into each other’s eyes and Tanya whispered’ I need you to use me like an old whore, like last time Ben. Having your cock in my ass was the best feeling, and I want to feel it in my asshole again.’ Then Tanya rolled on top of me and slid my cock into her now soaking wet cunt and slowly grinded her pussy on my cock. I reached up and cupped her breasts as Tanya fell back put her hands on my knees and slowly gyrated her hips in a circular motion. All I could do was lay there and watch Tanya pleasure herself on my cock. Slow and sensual were her movements, I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute. She was moaning deeply enjoying having my cock in here pussy. Tanya then leaned forward put her hands on my chest and started to really ream her pussy on my cock, her ass was slapping against my balls. After a few minutes Tanya slowed down and reached over the other side of the bed and grabbed the vibrator. I looked @ her in the eye as she bought the vibrator up to her open mouth and began sucking on it like a cock. Tanya then switched it on and slowly placed it on her clit. Her head went back and she let out a loud gasp and a deeper than usual moan as she rubbed it on her clit and pussy. I started to push my cock up into Tanya as she busily vibed her pussy. I reached around and spread her ass cheeks open and thrusted harder into her now gushing wet cunt. With the vibe still on her clit Tanya scream out ‘oh my god Ben, I’m cumming, fuck yes I’m cumming again’. And within seconds she stiffened up and then released, gasping for breath , talking like a mature slut that she is. Tanya looked me straight in the eye and said’ Ben I need you in my ass right now’. She slipped my cock out of her drenched pussy and place my cock @ the entrance of her tight asshole and pushed down. I felt it pop into her tight asshole and Tanya slide down on my cock until it was deep in her ass. The feeling was fantastic just how I remembered. Again Tanya placed her hands on my chest and her asshole fucked my cock with long strong strokes. I looked @ her , Tanya’s eyes rolled back and her mouth wide open breathing heavily. I reached up and pinched her hard nipples and she leaned forward so I could suck and bite them. I could fell Tanya’s asshole relaxing more with every minute my cock was in there. She looked @ me and told me to hurt her tits ‘bite them hard Ben fucking hurt me’ I did as she asked and bite, slapped , spat her tits. ‘good boy’ she moaned. And without a word, she sat straight back up grabbed the vibrator turned it on and plunged it into her dripping cunt and turned it on. Tanya looked @ me and yelled ‘fuck my asshole Ben use your Aunties whoring asshole ream the fuck out of it’. I did what I was told and thrusted up ha d and deep into her open ass. All the while Tanya fucked her beautiful pussy with the vibrator. The look on her face was pure ecstasy. Cock in her ass vibe in her pussy Tanya was loving it. She moaned out ‘ I so love having my holes filled Ben. I really feel like a dirty whore, your dirty slutty whore’. I said nothing and just continued to ream the fuck out her asshole. After a few minutes more of this I told Tanya that I was going to cum. She looked @ me and told me to cum in her asshole and I will cum with you. Sure enough I grabbed onto Tanya’s hips and exploded my balls deep into her slut asshole. I think I shot about 4 times. About on the 3 spurt in her ass I felt Tanya’s asshole tighten up and she let out one of the deepest huskiest and longest moans I’ve ever heard her do. She had a very strong orgasm, then slide the vibe out of her now gushing cunt and slumped down on my chest, licking my nipples then my neck up to my mouth. I pulled my cock out of her cum oozing asshole and Tanya gently place her pussy on it. She was spent and so was I .she whispered in my ear that her pussy and asshole feel fantastic and she really needed my cock doing those things to her. I could feel on my cock how wet Tanya’s pussy and asshole was, my own cum was dripping from her open asshole and her cum mixing in with it. I told Tanya to lick my cum and her orgasm juices off my cock, I wanted her to taste it. She looked @ me with a smile and proceed to clean, sucked and lick all our cums off of my cock. I never took my eyes off of her as she did this. She also looked up @ me with my cock in her mouth and cum dripping from her lips. I told her how beautiful dirty whoring slut she looked and she come up and kissed my mouth cum lips and all. Tanya slow got up and went to the other side bed side table and got something out of the draw. She threw it @ me and I saw it was a packet of Viagra. Stupidly I said ‘what are these for?’ Tanya replied ‘ there Cols when he tries to fuck me’, ‘take 2 and go have a shower’. And with that I went for a shower to come back for another session later.

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