a little more on the meaning of control


a little more on the meaning of controlTrying to think of something special for our second date..I think i am going to dress you for dinner again.. i make you come to me naked and stand in front of me.. i make you turn slowly so i can look at all of that amazing body. I move close to you, moving behind you, running my fingers up your back, and down your sides. I move closer, slowly moving my hands around your hips. I place one on your belly pulling you back into me.. you feel my breath on your neck as i slowly carress you. Moving my other hand slowly up the front of you. I work around your breasts, squeezing gently, avoiding the nipples. Moving up to your neck, i push on your belly holding you firmly against me as my hand wraps around your throat and under your chin, lifting it and turning your head to the side. I place my finger in your mouth for you to suck on as i start to nibble and kiss your neck and shoulder. You reach back and put your fingers in my hair as you moan, arching your back and pressing your ass into me.I slowly start to kiss down your back, turning you slowly, kissing up your belly. I lick and bite your nipples making sure they are nice and hard. I reach into the bag and pull out a piece of rope, dr****g it over your shoulders making sure the soft nylon grazes over your nipples. I pull it under your breasts, making a cupless bra. Holding your breasts out. I reach into the bag again and pull out a pair of small clamps fethiye escort on a chain and attatch them to your extremely hard nipples. Then i get a thin fancy choker and put it around your neck, attatching the chain to it in a way so it will be discreet but every movement of your head tugs on your nipples.I move behind you again, kissing down your back. I reach up and pull down on your chain, making you bend forward. I start to lick your sensitive anus, making you moan and pull against the chain. You try to push your clit against my chin but i hold the chain so you cant. I lick and get it very wet, and you feel the small butt plug being slowly inserted. I graze my fingers across your clit as i seat it firmly in place. I let you stand up straight as i turn you around again. I make you your knotted panties again, giving some extra tugs on the knots as i am tying them, pushing the knot across your clit and holding the plug firmly in place. You struggle to put your sweater and skirt on because of the constant pressure on your clit and the plug, and the pulling on your nipples. The soft sweater moving over your nipples every time you move is in itself enough to drive you crazy. We go to eat, and you are in a constant struggle to contain your torment as every move you make teases your extremely sensitive nipples, every time you move in your seat, the rope pushes the plug and rubs your clit. And i sit beside you, randomly reaching under your escort fethiye skirt pushing my finger into your soaking pussy, then making you taste your sweet juices from my finger before kissing you deeply.The walk to the dark theater is a mix of torture and extasy and your juices are running down your thighs. We sit towards the back and there are only a few people there. I open my pants exposing my hard cock, and pull you onto my lap. Inserting myself between the ropes and into you, making you moan outloud. I pull on your chain holding you still, but you cant help but to rock your hips, grinding me into you, pushing onto the plug and grinding the knot into your clit. I grab your hips and hold you still, not letting you come. You moan loudly, hoping that the movie stays loud so no one hears you. We get up and leave, walking back. You can barely walk now. Every move is exquisite torture. We get back and i pull your sweater off, making sure to rub and tease you with it as you moan louder. I unhook the chain relieving some of your torment. I untie the panties, and give your clit a little kiss as i slowly pull the plug out. I move you over to a chair and make you sit on it backwards. Your breasts pushed out over the top and your ass exposed to me. I tie your arms to the sides of the chair back, and your legs to the chair legs. I pull out an anal hook and slowly insert it into your ass, then running a small rope from it up your back. I move fethiye escort bayan in front of you and gather your hair in my hand, pulling your head back then tying the hook to your hair. I bend down and kiss you deep, forcing my toung into your mouth and pulling on your clamps making you moan into my mouth.I stand up and rub the head of my rock hard cock on your lips. You stick your tounge out and i push into your mouth, slowly fucking your mouth. You feel every gentle thrust pulling on the hook. You are so close to coming, you look up at me with pleading eyes begging me. I move behind you, rubbing my cock up and down your soaking slit, rubbing itagainst your clit making you sqeal every time. Finaly i push into you. You gasp and moan as i grind into you pushing against the hook. I start to fuck you slowly. I lean down into you ear and ask you if you want to come. You breathlessly manage a yes.. i give your neck a nip and reach down and press hard on your clit as i thrust into you.All the pent up tension releases in a flood as your orgasm hits. I thrust harder and faster, my fingers are moving rapidly on your clit. You scream out as it overwhelms you and you collapse into the chair, but i dont let up. I keep thrusting and rubbing as wave after wave of pleasure wash over you. I lean down and pull your hair back, biting your neck as i thrust hard into you, grinding deep as i come sending one last shockwave of orgasm through you. I untie you and carry your limp body to the bed as you try to calm yourself. I hold you tight against me, telling you what a good girl you were tonight. Stroking your hair and gently kissing your forehead as you finaly are able to calm down.

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