A Lesbian Love Affair – Chapters 2 and 3 of 7


A Lesbian Love Affair – Chapters 2 and 3 of 7Continued from chapter 1—————We MeetThe icy cold January wind cut through the warm interior of the coffee shop as the door opened and closed behind me. “Damn,” I scolded myself, “why did I wear this skirt and no pantyhose on such a cold day?” The line in front of me was moving along fairly quickly, too quickly as I was simply not used to trying to make a selection. I am sure that this Friday afternoon crowd had one thing in mind, grab coffee, finish up at the office and get home for the weekend. I was here because I had nowhere else to go!“Well?” the icy cold voice of the server standing in front of me said. I looked down from the display board at the skinny blond girl behind the counter and felt a chill again, not from the cold draft scooting along the tile floor, but from the cold stare of the server.I blushed when I looked about and saw others waiting their turn to order and knew I was holding up the line. I was ready to say, “Just give me a cup of black coffee,” when a woman’s voice beside me said, “I recommend the Jamaican, dark roast, if you’d like to try it will be my treat. And if you don’t care for it I will suggest something else.”My immediate thought was to refuse but the guy behind me smelled of cigarettes and kept coughing in my direction and the rude server was glaring at me.“Sure,” I said clutching my handbag with one hand and moving my free hand to the collar of my coat pulling it close to stifle the chill I felt. “Let me order for you, why don’t you find a place to sit, or were you getting it to go?” the brunette said as she reached out and touched my arm.I nodded in agreement and said, “I’ll find a table,” my voice trembling a bit. I felt cold from the draft and for some reason the woman’s friendly approach seemed genuine but yet a little unsettling.I found a table near the window and out of the draft of the door. I looked back towards the counter and my new found friend looked my way and smiled, then turned back to the server. I turned and looked out the window, there were a few flakes of snow coming down and the cold winter wind sent the flakes swirling about in a crazy pattern that almost made me dizzy.I crossed my legs hoping that it would warm me and pulled my long coat over them, I still couldn’t believe I left the house this morning dressed as if it was a warm spring day. The brightly lit coffee house was filled with the scent of rich coffee and my mind floated back to the year before when my now ex-husband and I found this little place.I caught myself swinging my foot back and forth, a silly habit my husband thought was sexy, “Oh how my life has changed,” I thought to myself. We had come here so often, he’d get the coffee, I’d pick the table, and we’d enjoy the fresh brewed coffee, most of the time I had no idea what I was drinking as I let him take care of ordering. “Why does he keep coming back in my mind?” I questioned myself, “We are no more, he has moved on and now I must as well.”As I looked out the window at the s**ttered snow flakes tossed by the wind my mind drifted to those days when we would come here for coffee and I thought, “But how many times did he flirt with a woman next to us? How many times did we take a few swallows of coffee and then run off to finish the coffee as we raced around town running errands? Why was it always his schedule, his needs, why couldn’t it just once be about me instead of him?”“Here we are,” the woman’s voice said in a wonderfully rich tone that made me think of some long forgotten 1930’s or 1940’s movie starlet. A voice that was low but not husky, a voice that made me think of black and white movies with deep shadows, satin dresses, and cigarette smoke curling up form actors lips as they spoke their lines. She set the cups and two lids down on the table and pulled the metal chair across the black and white floor tile creating a loud screech.“Oh WOW!” she exclaimed, “I hate when that happens.” She seated herself and immediately crossed her legs and as she did her lower leg brushed against mine. “Woops,” she said as she looked under the table, “A little close in here.”“That’s okay,” I said, “My name is Sara.” I offered my hand turning towards her which caused my coat to fall away from my legs, revealing my pale white skin to mid-thigh where my skirt began.“My name is Hope, but my friends all call me Peg,” she said with a smile and took my hand holding my fingers between hers and the palm of her hand. “Remind me to tell you about my name sometime.”She picked up her coffee and raised the steaming Styrofoam cup to her full lips; her lip stick was a bright red, which was a perfect complement to her dark hair and skin color. I could not help but notice her lipstick because other than that she did not seem to need or to be wearing any other make-up. Her complexion was perfect. She was wearing a cute little waist length outer coat and a dark blue business cut skirt and matching jacket. Beneath the jacket I could see a crisp white blouse with a couple buttons open but no outrageous cleavage from an over pushed up bra.The steam from the coffee rose from her cup circling around the curls of her long hair hanging over one eye. My mind raced back to the black and white movie scene for a second before I snapped back to the reality of the coffee shop. I picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip; it was hot and rich, but not too hot to enjoy that first sip of the very dark bitter liquid. I had always enjoyed coffee, not the cheap ground stuff you buy in a can but fresh ground from the beans and that first sip was such a pleasure. I looked over the steaming cup of coffee at Peg and saw her looking intently into my eyes. I was not shocked but her gaze was beyond that casual glance and I pulled the cup away from my lips and said, “This is wonderful, I think I have had this before, I love it.”“I am glad you like it,” Peg said, “I love to start the day with this blend; it really is an eye opener.”She had barely moved her eyes off mine as she spoke and I caught myself wanting to look away or needing to do something, this seemed very personal and I wasn’t sure why. My mind reeled with what to say next, I was not used to having a lot of friends, my ex had always provided the company we’d keep through his business ventures, so making small talk to other corporate wives was all I seemed good at. Here was my chance to set with a woman, enjoy a cup of coffee, and chat over nothing, no corporate ladder climbing talk, just talk.I caught myself starting to swing my foot again and stopped as it was so close under the table, “Do you come here often?” I said as I didn’t know what else to say.“Every morning,” Peg said setting the cup down on the table. Her long slender fingers and close cut nails were like her complexion, nearly perfect. So many women that I had met in my husband’s business as well as the wives were all about their nails, “so much fuss over nothing,” was the thought that always ran through my mind.“What about you Sara?” Peg asked as she moved her hand onto her knee.“I haven’t been here in about a year, I used to come here often with my husband, well, uh, my ex-husband.” I stammered trying to remember he was no longer my husband, but after 24 years of marriage it was hard to break the habit of referring to him as my husband.I wanted to avoid any discussion of my ex, my divorce, or anything to do with him so I said, “Do you work near here?”“Yes I do,” Peg said taking another sip of the coffee, “right next door in fact.”I thought for a second, there was an empty building on one side of the coffee shop and the other was a large museum that I had never visited.“The museum?” I asked knowing the answer before I asked it.“Yes, I am an anthropologist, I work with the archeologists to help explain what, when, why, and how what they find mean.” Peg shifted in her chair and uncrossed her legs and again her knee pressed against my calf but she made no effort to apologize or move it. “Have you been to the museum?” she asked picking up the cup again.“No I haven’t, I never really enjoy that sort of thing alone and my Ex was not a museum sort of guy.” I said finishing with a drink of the coffee, the scent of which filled my head with that wonderful aroma.“So you work?” Peg asked as she looked into my eyes.“Well not for a long time, I have a major in Library Science, but gave it up with I got married as my Ex didn’t want me working. He said he needed my full moral support as he worked his way up the corporate ladder.” I said.Peg looked at me with a quizzical look on her face and said, “How long have you been divorced?” knowing the answer before she asked the question?“I know,” I said looking down at my lap and pulling my coat back over my bare legs, “I should get back to work, but I ended up with a very good settlement and have just been hanging out trying to get my life back in order.”Peg reached over and placed it on top of my hand on my knee, “its okay Sara, I just thought that since you are free of him you might want to stretch your wings and enjoy your freedom.” She patted my hand and then moved back to her coffee.“I know Peg,” I said looking into her beautiful brown eyes, “but I am so used to being told what, when, and where I should be and how I should think and feel that it seems odd to actually be able to make choices on my own.”I could hear the faint sound of a cell phone vibrating and Peg reached into her pocket pulling out her phone. She tapped around on the screen and then put it back in her pocket.“It’s okay,” I said, “I don’t mean to keep you from business.” I was so used to my Ex jumping up and running off that it seemed second nature to have it happen here.“No problem,” Peg said, “I have plenty of time, but hey what about you, do you have plans today?”“Not really,” I said, “I am not really sure why I came in here, I guess because I enjoy the coffee and perhaps just to be around people instead of sitting at home all alone.”“Then I’d like you to come to the museum and let me show you around,” Peg said putting her hand back on mine. “We can make a day of it. Tthat phone call was to report that my meeting was cancelled so my day is free.”“Oh I couldn’t,” I said even though I wanted to very badly.“I won’t beg you Sara,” Peg said as she squeezed my hand causing it move away from holding my coat, which caused my coat to fall away again. The cool air didn’t seem so cool now on my legs and as Peg held my hand in hers I could feel the backs of her fingers on my knee. There was something almost erotic about that touch and I did not pull away, I just savored the feel of another human being for a moment.I was so hesitant to accept the invitation, yet it sounded like fun and I really hadn’t planned a thing for my day. My days, since the final divorce decree, had been spent pretty much alone, wandering through life looking for a purpose. I was not depressed, “Hell may I am depressed,” I thought as I glanced down at Peg’s hand holding mine.Peg held my hand for a moment without saying kayseri escort and I felt like someone had to say something, anything to break the silence so I looked up into her beautiful dark eyes and said, “Why not? I won’t stay long as I know you must be very busy.”“Nonsense,” Peg said, “I am never too busy to show off what I love so much.”Peg unwrapped her fingers from my hand but let it covering my fingers, her soft finger tips lay on my leg for a moment and again the feeling seemed so secure, so gentle, and somewhere in the back of my mind, so erotic in an innocent sort of way.She pulled her hand off mine and took another drink of coffee, “It’s getting cold,” Peg said, “The coffee is getting cooled off. Do you want another cup?”“No, I am fine,” I said, “It was wonderful, are you sure you don’t want me to pay for mine?”“Nope,” Peg said as she looked into my eyes, “My treat for my new friend.”I finished my coffee, not wanting this moment to end; I had felt so close and comfortable with Peg, something I had not felt for a very long time. “Are you ready?” Peg asked with no attempt to move from her chair. “I don’t want to rush you because we have all day.”“Sure let’s go, if you are ready.” I was so flattered that she’d actually ask me if I was ready, my Ex would declare the moment we’d come and go from every setting, it was like I was his pet dog or something. Now to have met Peg and in a few moments, the time it took to enjoy a cup of coffee, I had the feeling that what I wanted mattered.The SeductionWe walked out into the cold January air, I cursed myself again for coming out in this cold air without wearing warming clothing, but it was just a few steps from the coffee shop to the museum. When we entered the museum it was like stepping into another world. All around were exhibits of ancient artifacts from cultures far from here. The warm air of the building, “perfectly controlled to preserve the exhibits,” Peg told me, felt so comforting compared to the coffee shop.“Where would you like to start?” Peg asked as she stopped to face me. We were just a few feet apart, so close I could smell the scent of her lotion of bath soap, not a perfume but just a clean scent that was not overpowering.“I guess you lead and I will follow,” I said, “this looks like such an interesting place to visit, it must be a wonderful place to work.”“Yes, I love my job and I love showing it off,” Peg said. “Let’s get rid of our coats, we’ll get far too warm with them on.” Peg pulled her off and as she did I could not help but notice her ample breasts that pressed against her blouse and jacket as she removed her coat. I was not in the habit of checking out other woman’s breasts, it was just that it was unexpected as she was so thin otherwise and with the coat on I was not aware of them.I held my coat closed saying, “Well I am not really dressed for this, I didn’t plan on …..”Peg held her hand up and smiled as she said, “You are fine Sara, I am only dressed this way because of the meeting that was cancelled. I am more accustomed to wearing pants and boots, so let’s have that coat and we can take a complete tour in comfort.”The museum was so interesting and perhaps more so because Peg was showing me all the displays and explaining how they were made as well as the significance of each culture it represented. She was very well informed on all of the cultures represented but her real expertise was the South American cultures. As we walked through the museum Peg told me of her travels with the archeologists to far off exotic places and I had to confess that I had not travelled outside of America except in the books that I loved reading when I used to work in a library.“Oh look at this display Sara,” Peg said taking my hand as if I was a c***d running off, “This display is my favorite; it is a diorama of a ancient village along the Amazon River in central South America.”I am not sure why, but Peg’s touch on my hand seemed sensual, bordering on erotic, I had never felt that sort of thing from a woman and do not know why I felt it at this moment. The scene in front of us had nothing sexual about it, the wax figures of the natives were clothed, although a bit scantily, and it was just typical village life.I listened as Peg described the village and how they had found it on a small river that fed into the Amazon. Her excitement and passion about the topic was evident and I found it interesting, but more than that, the feeling of her holding my hand distracted me. Peg turned towards me and grasped my hand with both of her hands and pulled it up and pressed our hands between her breasts. She seemed unaware of what she was doing as she held my hand between her ample breasts and whispered, “And the most interesting part of this tribe is that none of the skeletal remains included a single male member.”I looked into her eyes, her pupils were dilated from the dim light surrounding us making it as if we were standing in the dark shadows of the rain forest. “Now there are probably a hundred explanations for this,” Peg said in less than a whisper, “But from my study I seriously believe it was a tribe of Lesbian women. Local cultures in the area still tell stories of all women tribes that lived in this area.”She turned her head towards the display and I felt her hands on mine, they were so soft but strong it seemed, and I had the distinct impression that she was fondling my hands. I looked with her at the display and did note that the wax figures in this display were female only, something I had missed when I first looked at the display.Peg held my in one of hers as she turned to face the display and I followed suit. I looked at every detail of the display as Peg began telling me the local stories of ancient tribes that roamed up and down the Amazon, the wars that were fought, and how their life styles changed over time. I am normally not a real physical person, which means I have never in my life held another woman’s hand for more than a handshake, but for some reason in the semi-darkness of the museum, I was in no hurry to break the grasp.“This group may prove in the end to be the tribe that I have heard the other tribes describe. It seems to be a common story up and down the river and other than a few minor differences the stories tell how the women lived on their own and only had males come to their encampment when it was determined that it was time for some of the women to be impregnated to sustain the tribe,” Peg said as she seemed to get lost in the diorama.She went on to tell me the stories the locals tell of the women in this tribe raiding other tribes and dragging women off into the jungle. There were only a few women that ever returned and their stories of wild erotic ceremonies and making the captives into sex slaves.“I guess I shouldn’t have such a dirty mind,” I whispered in Peg’s ear feeling her long hair brush against my face, “but you said they were Lesbian, that means they had sex with each other and not with men?” I blushed a bit as I normally did not ask such questions but my curiosity and comfort with Peg caused me to ask what I would have only thought about.“According to the stories I have heard by other tribes you are correct, and the women that returned often would vanish from their village a few days after escaping, everyone suspected that they decided to return on their own as the raiding parties usually occurred in a very public way.” Peg said as she looked back towards me. The look in her eyes had changed from excitement and passion for the topic but almost that of lust.I blushed again and for the first time felt a bit uncomfortable. I think Peg sensed my unease and calmly smiled, looked at her watch and said, “Oh gosh, we have killed the entire afternoon it is after 5:00 PM.”“Oh I am sorry to have taken your entire day,” I said and almost by reflex looked at my watch as if to double check her report of the time.“No, it is okay Sarah,” Peg said, “what are your plans for dinner?” Peg did not allow any time for my answer when she said, “Let’s go to dinner here at the cafeteria, they have a great meal.”I had nothing planned, my days seemed to drag since my divorce as I tried to figure out what to do with my life, but the nights were the worst. I had been so dependent on my Ex to plan our entertainment that I was pretty lost for things to do.“If you have plans I understand,” Peg said looking back at the display as if she wanted to stay right here.“I’d love to,” I said, “but it will be my treat because you bought the coffee this morning.”“I need to stop by my office, how about you come with me and we’ll sneak a glass of wine in my office before going to dinner?” Peg said leading the way. We retraced our steps and stopped at an elevator to wait for a lift to the third floor where the offices were located. I didn’t reply to her question about the wine as it seemed like a good idea to me and I realized that wine would not be served in the public cafeteria.When we stepped off the elevator the look of the museum changed to a clinical office setting with a long central hall. We passed what were laboratories and shops for the restoration and construction of displays. At the end of the hall Peg opened a door and we stepped into a darkened room that was warm and smelled of flowers.When Peg snapped the light on I was shocked to see a very comfortable room not at all like the hallway and other offices. I looked around and saw more artifacts that were obviously from South America. I noticed a large planter along one wall with what looked like tropical flowers and at first thought they were artificial as they all looked so perfect.Peg moved to her desk and pushed the button on her phone to retrieve her voice mails as she said, “Make yourself at home Sara,” this will take just a minute.”I walked over to the flower display and discovered that the scent was coming from them and as I reached out to touch the petal on a flower Peg said, “I just love flowers, they are never afraid to show all their sexual parts,” and she giggled at her joke. “I have a lot of fun with my flowers, do you like them?”“I love them,” I replied, “How are you able to keep them so perfect?”“It is all about the environmental controls in the building, I keep my office more like a tropical climate than the other areas that have very low humidity, it reminds me of my trips to the tropics.” Peg said as she pressed buttons to start and stop the messages.“There, an entire day’s work done in a few minutes, red or white?” Peg asked.“I like white,” I said, “but will have whatever you have available.”Peg busied herself with opening a bottle of wine as I sat on a couch deciding the chair was probably Peg’s favorite. The couch was more of a love seat than a couch and very comfortable. I looked at a large clock on the wall, a Regulator, according to the wording on the face of the clock. It was the kind of clock often seen in old movies and train depots. The pendulum swung silently from side to side as the large clocked made a ticking sound that seemed to fill the room.Peg walked over with the glass of white wine and after handing it to me, clinked her glass against mine saying, “here is to new friendships.”I took a sip and looked up at Peg who was standing in front of me, “Riesling?” I asked.“Yes,” Peg said and took a sip of her, “you know your whites.”It was nice to sit down as we had walked all afternoon and my feet were killing me, the low heels I had worn were not really the best shoes for a long day in a museum. Peg turned and sat down beside me instead of taking a seat in the chair opposite the couch. She set her glass on the table beside the couch and reached down pulling off her high heel.“I should know better than torture my poor feet with these, I should have changed to my boots,” Peg said as she rubbed her sheer stocking covered foot. “How about you?” Peg asked as she kicked off the other shoe.I took the cue and kicked mine off saying, “Yes, it is good to have them off for a bit. I really like running around with no shoes when I am at home.”My feet were heavily marked from the shoes and when Peg noticed she bent and pulled both of my feet onto my lap turning me on the couch to face her side. “You poor thing, you should have said something and I wouldn’t have dragged you around this stuffy old museum.”I was shocked at her pulling my feet into her lap but did not move as she began to massage my feet. It felt wonderful to have my feet massage and like when she held my hand I began to get a sensual and slightly erotic feeling at her touch.Peg stopped for a second, took a sip of the wine, and then began talking about her work again. I loved hearing about her trips and laid back against the arm of the couch, sipped wine, and sort of drifted into a dream world of travel and adventure. It was like getting lost in a great adventure novel or movie.I must admit that I am a real lightweight when it comes to alcohol so when Peg offered a second one when she noticed I was finished with mine I hesitated knowing I get a little giddy if I drink too much, but the wine was on the table beside Peg so I agreed.As I finished the second glass of wine I was, as I knew I would be, getting a little light headed and I looked at Peg, my bare feet in her lap, and the beautiful woman she was. I felt so comfortable with her and today was like a dream, a new friend, adventure, and now just comfort.Peg looked towards me and reached for the glass, “You look like you have had enough wine Sara,” she said with a smile. “I’d hate for you to think I was getting you drunk like the Lesbian tribe members we were talking about today.”If I had not been drinking wine I would have picked up something from the remark, but my guard was down and I giggled at her comment and she continued rubbing my feet and now her hands were moving up my legs a bit and it felt so heavenly.I watched as she massaged my feet and felt so relaxed. Peg shifted off the cushion and laid my feet where she had been sitting. The couch was so warm from her setting there and the warm humid air around me gave me a dreamy feeling like being wrapped in a blanket.Peg took another sip of her wine and moved towards me, sitting on the edge of the couch and then turned my head with her soft hand and bent forward and kissed me on the lips. It was a light sensual touch of her lips to mine, her lips warm and soft and I could smell her perfume and her silky hair against my face. It had been a long time since anyone had kissed me, and a faint distant voice in my head said, “Why is a woman kissing you on the lips.”But the wine, the warm cozy feeling of the office, and my comfort with Peg made me ignore the voice and I closed my eyes as she kissed me a second time. I had never kissed a woman before and had never really made a judgment about same sex encounters, so this was new to me but yet comforting.Peg moved her hand to the side of my neck and when she kissed me this time I parted my lips and felt her tongue slide between my lips. I had no thought in my head at this moment about what was happening except that I liked the attention and I kissed her back, parting my lips further and met her tongue with mine.Peg’s hand moved from the side of my neck to behind my head as she pulled me towards her. I responded by awkwardly wrapping my arms around her neck and felt the glow that always comes to me when I feel that rush of early arousal. There is this warm feeling all over my body, the feeling of being loved and wanted, the feeling that everything in the world is calm and this moment is all that is important.Peg broke the kiss before I was ready and I felt her warm moist breath on my lips as she whispered, “Sara if you don’t want my advances I won’t be offended,” and she looked into my eyes. At this distance I could clearly see her pretty eyes; they were as dark brown as her hair and seemed to be looking right into my soul. “Have you ever been with a woman?” she asked.“No I haven’t…” and I said nothing more. I moved my lips to hers this time, probing her mouth with my tongue in an effort to show her I was not offended by her attention. I felt the passion rising within me, my pussy tingled and I could feel the wetness begin. Peg sucked on my tongue as I probed her mouth, tasting the sweetness of the wine we had shared.I broke the kiss, feeling the wetness her tongue and lips left on my lips. Peg was looking at me as I opened my eyes, “You have the prettiest blue eyes,” Peg said, “I have such boring eyes, so dark.”“I love your eyes,” I said, “They are filled with your passion for your work.”Peg kissed me on each cheek and then moved to my lips, her mouth wide open this time and it was as if we were each trying to swallow the other as our passions built to a fever pitch. “My Ex was never any good at kissing,” I remember thinking, “And would always stop short.”Peg pulled back a bit and said, “Are you okay, I don’t want to take advantage of you.”“I am fine,” I said looking into her eyes. Our faces were so close, her silky hair glided across my cheeks as I blushed with the realization that Peg had sensed my negative thoughts about my Ex. I was hesitant to say much but wanted her to know it was nothing she had said or done so I said, “I just thought of my lousy Ex, he had no idea how to kiss a woman or how to arouse her.” I stopped blushing again, thinking I might have said the wrong thing.“Then I am arousing you?” Peg asked with a cute little smile. She did not wait for an answer but kissed me again, her lips pressed against mine felt so divine and I became aware that her hand was moving down from my neck and my instant guarded reaction was, “is this over?” Her lips pressed against mine, our tongues dancing between each other’s lips should have been the answer to that question. Our mutual heavy breathing between each kiss should have answered the question, but my body was responding to the touch of her hands as well as her lips.Peg shifted on the couch, pushing me against the back of the couch as she lay beside me. I could feel her silky stockings against my bare legs as she shifted on the narrow couch so she would not lose her balance. She moved her right hand around to the small of my back and her left arm slid under my head as she bent for another passionate kiss.Her subtle perfume filled my head like the tropical flowers in her office, her silky hair cascading over my face as our lips and tongues were pressed together. I was so aroused by this attention, I had never been kissed so passionately nor so much in my entire life.I had several lovers before marrying my Ex, the young ones were like all immature teens, hot to tear off the cloths and penetrate me with their fingers or cock. The college age guys were all about oral, theirs for the most part, and when they went down on me it was brief and not satisfying. Sex with my husband turned into what he wanted and how he felt during our sex, I rarely had an orgasm and when I did it was usually because I was fingering my clit while he was thrusting wildly.Now I was lying on a couch with a woman that I realized was not only trying to arouse me, she was seducing me. The guys I knew were not into seduction, they were about their physical release. Peg was obviously the aggressor in this encounter, but she was gentle and seemed to respond to the slightest change in my body as the arousal mounted.With her hand in the small of my back I laid my hand on her bare arm, sliding it towards her shoulder. Her skin was so soft and the sensual feel was like me touching my body. I felt her breasts against mine, a feeling that is beyond description. The warmth of her body engulfed me, made me feel wanted, protected, and aroused beyond any arousal I had ever felt. Her embrace removed any reservation I may have had about being with Peg in this way.I moved my hand onto her shoulder, hesitating a moment not wanting to be too forward, and the I moved it to her neck, tangling my fingers in her hair and pulling her lips hard against mine. I could feel the change in her body as I did this, I now knew what she felt in me, she seemed to melt with my touch just as I did from hers and I was lost in the kissing and her hand on my back.I broke the kissing first, my breath was coming in gasps and I buried my face between her head and the arm circling under my head. My head was filled with scent of her perfume, the shampoo she used, and yes, I caught the scent of our mutual arousal. I had never been so immersed in a sexual act and never felt more desired by another person.Peg nibbled on the lobe of my ear as her hand slid down over my butt. I am of average build but have never really liked my butt because it tends to be too rounded and perhaps the biggest fault I found in my shape was what some guys used to describe as a “bubble butt”. But I did not resist the move of her hand onto my butt.I felt my skirt slide across my panties, the nylon lining of the skirt against my satin panties added such a sensual feel to her hand making small circular motions and I was lost in the sensual feeling of being caressed without a rush to be touched or to touch in an overtly sexual way. I felt her right leg press against my knees and without hesitation I spread my legs a bit to allow her knee between mine. My skirt pulled up to mid calf as I felt her silky stocking covered leg rest lightly between my bare legs.Peg nuzzled my ear and started kissing my cheek as she moved back to my lips. She kissed me lightly, almost a brush across my lips with hers and she whispered “should we get comfortable?” I felt her lips against mine as she said the words and in answer kissed her lips and slid my hand from her neck down to the waistband of her skirt and tugged at her top pulling it free. My fingers slid under her blouse and her soft warm skin felt like the finest silk as I slid my hand up along her ribs.I wanted to be naked with her, but more than that I wanted this moment to never stop. So many guys I had been with rushed from kissing, to fondling, to penetration and their need for release. I had never really felt an orgasm that shook my world with a guy and now I wanted this to last all night.Peg read my actions and continued caressing my butt and each circular motion dipped lower on my butt and onto my thigh. And with each pass up my skirt moved with her hand until I felt her hand slide across my satin panties. I was transported back to the first time a guy felt me up, yet this was different, she made no move to pull my panties down, instead kissed me, probing with her tongue, her breasts pushed tight against mine, and circled my butt with her soft hand.I pushed my hand up inside her silk blouse and my fingers came in contact with her bra strap. I had never thought about how this would feel, it was always a guy mauling me, tugging at my bra to get to my breasts, now it was me, feeling her as if I had no clue what a bra was.I ran my fingers along the lower band, feeling the silky soft fabric where it met her equally soft skin. I felt along her back to the closure point, felt the bump of it and without hesitation gave it a twist and felt the straps pull away from my fingers as the elastic let go. I felt her breasts heavy against me, no longer constrained in their garment.I wanted to touch her breasts, yet I did not want to move for fear this was just a dream and it would all end as quickly as it started. Then I felt Peg shift, rolling away from me a bit and knew she was perched on the very edge of the couch. Her breasts remained against mine as if they were glued to me, the bra no longing them snugly under her blouse.Peg broke our kiss and pulled back so she could focus on my eyes. “Sara,” Peg said in almost a whisper, “I want to remove your clothes, but if you want to stop I understand?” She bent towards me not giving me time to answer and kissed me again, and I knew this would not end until we both had what we were lustfully yearning for.I pulled my hand out of her blouse and felt for her hand that was still on my butt. I pulled it away and felt Peg tense as if to say, “I am sorry you want me to stop,” and as if to reassure her I pulled it between us, leaving her hand near the top button of my top.“Take me Peg, show me what to do, I want you,” and I closed my eyes and drifted between realty and a dream state, feeling the pleasures I had never felt. Peg was gentle, yet I knew she had done this before, she knew how to pleasure a woman and I wanted it, I was desperate for her touch.When Peg opened my blouse I felt like a teenager again, but she made no rush, she removed each button peeling it open to further expose my breasts held tightly in my bra. With each button she’d stop and lightly caress the flesh exposed with that button, rubbing my exposed cleavage with the backs of her fingers, and as she reached for the next button she would look directly into my eyes watching my reaction.She was deliberate, yet so slow that I lost track of time, and when my blouse was open to the waist she pulled it aside and bent to kiss my breasts and nuzzled them with her nose. My breathing was erratic as the passion built within me, I knew my panties were soaked with arousal. My first sexual arousal with a guy produced the same wet panties and I was so embarrassed to have him touch me thinking I had a problem.Bu I wanted Peg to feel my arousal, as I wanted to feel hers. I felt Peg reach under my arm and unhook my bra and I now knew exactly how it felt to release a woman’s breasts from their bondage, I had never thought of it as part of the sex act before, now it seemed like one more small step towards the ultimate goal of sexual release.I moved my arm a bit and felt peg pull the bra free from my arm as she tucked it between us. My breast hanging free as she looked into my eyes, and then down to my breast. I felt my nipple tighten, I liked the feeling of that reaction and wanted to feel her hands on my nipples.Peg shifted off the couch and pulled me up, removing the other arm from my blouse and bra, my breasts, not large by any means, never seemed so exposed. Guys would suck a nipple, knead the breast, and then move on. Peg cupped them, examined each one holding me in her hands. She leaned in, kissed my lips, then moved to kiss my breasts again, this time just above the nipple.I gasped with the feeling, wanting more, but I wanted something else too. When Peg looked into my eyes again I moved my hands to her buttons. I never felt so clumsy; my hands trembling as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, folded it back and then peeled it off her shoulders. Her breasts, although large, seemed to have very little sag, and as I pulled her bra off was amazed at the size of her nipples. Her areolas were much darker than her skin and her nipples were very prominent, I wondered if they were protruding that way from arousal or if they were that way all the time.I ran a finger over them as if I had never seen a breast or nipple, but then I hadn’t, not like this. I loved playing with my breasts and nipples, making them tighten up, feeling the pull as they became rubbery nubs from my play, but I had never experienced how it felt to do this to another woman. i explored her breasts as she had mine and then I could stand it no longer, I lay back against the couch and pulled her onto me, feeling her breasts pressed against mine. I felt one of her breasts slide between mine, “what a delicious feeling,” I thought as I reached up and cupped the one near my hand.Her breasts were full and felt soft as silk between mine and as she would move I’d feel her nipple trace a line across my flesh. My hand held her breast as Peg moaned softly in my ear, “Yes Sara, I love your caress.”I said nothing more than ”Ummmmm,” as I felt her hand on my breast, pressing hard against it. My nipple was so hard it felt like a lump in the palm of her hand and I became conscious for the first time what it felt like to have a woman’s breast pressed against my hand and an erect nipple cutting across the palm. I kissed her neck and up under her chin as she arched her neck back allowing me room to kiss and nuzzle the soft skin of her neck. My legs were spread wide and Peg was between them lying against me as I was lost in the feel of her warm body against mine. My hand left her breast and moved across her back. I could feel her spine as I ran my fingers down her back. Peg was nibbling on my ear as I slid my hand down her back and for the first time felt her ass in my hands.I felt the fabric of her skirt shift across her ass, just as it had on mine, what a wonderful feeling, the fabric intensifying the touch and feel. But the passion within me was ruling my brain and my touch as I pulled against the thin un-lined fabric of her skirt and pulled it up and over the curve of her butt.My fingers touched the bare skin of her butt and just like with her breast I began exploring this mound of firm flesh. I moved my hand to the cleft between her cheeks and found the thin band of fabric disappearing between them, “she is wearing a thong,” I thought as I followed the fabric to the waistband that was pulled tight across the top of her bum, just barely covering the top of her crack.Pegs lips were all over my face, my ears, kissing the closed lids of my eyes as I moaned with pleasure, unable to hold back the sounds that I make when fully aroused. It had been so long since the sounds of my pleasure were caused by another. I slid my hand down over her butt again and pulled at the firm flesh and felt her grind her pussy into mine, I gasped at the feeling of her mound rubbing across mine.I arched my back allowing full contact with Peg as I spread my legs as wide as I could; I wanted to feel her, all of her. I wanted to have an orgasm, my arousal reaching a crescendo with her on top of me. “Was I being selfish?” I questioned to myself, “Shouldn’t I want to bring her pleasure first?”As if in answer to my thoughts Peg nuzzled my ear kissing just below it, nibbling on my lobe, her breath was warm and moist on my ear as she whispered, “Let me bring you to the top of the mountain, I want to feel you as you reach the point of no return, to feel you have an orgasm.”She said nothing more, didn’t wait for an answer, but reached between us and slid her hands inside my sopping wet panties. Her fingers were soft and warm, yet strong and slender and as she slid them along my flesh it was like the first time I had ever been touched. I was scared, my orgasms sometimes seem to take forever, rarely did my Ex ever get me there, but I felt the passion within and wanted to cum so badly.I felt her fingers tangled in my hair, she lingered as she toyed with the wet matted patch of kinky hair hiding the outer folds of my swollen and wet pussy. She kissed my neck again, low this time and moved to my shoulder as I felt her hand probing my slit, my satin panties pulling tight across my butt as her hand pulled them out to allow her hand to find the source of my arousal.I pulled at her butt feeling the flesh mold to my hand. I moaned softly at first, “Ummm, ugh, ummmm,” and then I could hold back no longer, I squealed with the pleasure she was bringing. I buried my face against her neck, inhaling her scent and I felt her fingers slide along my slit, my nectar flowing almost continuously and then her nimble finger tips slid around my clit. I jerked involuntarily at her light but deliberate touch and arched my back to encourage her touch more.I often brought myself to orgasm during intercourse by timing my stimulation of my clit when my partner was near his climax, but tonight there was no man humping into me wanting his cum, instead it was a woman touching me as only a woman can understand. Her finger tips seemed everywhere, first near my opening, then right on top of my clit, bumping up against my clit and then pushing down on the hood that could no longer cover the swollen nub of pleasure.Never before in my life had another so fully aroused me, never had another cared so much about my pleasure, my need to be touched, and her words filled my head, “I want to bring you to the top of the mountain…..”Suddenly it all made sense, I saw blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a gentle breeze filled with the scent of flowers, her finger pushed inside me, just the tip at first then deeper. Her lips on my shoulder, wet kisses, then little tender bites at the soft skin, then a nuzzle between my neck and shoulder, the entire time her finger probing inside me.Then it was two fingers, filling me arching up to the roof of my vagina, probing and sliding, and I felt it, I was near so near, I held her ass tightly, and my other hand went to the back of her neck, holding her close, Peg moved her lips to mine, and then the first rush of my orgasm washed over me.I felt myself flush, as if too warm, and then I tightened every muscle in my body, Peg’s tongue was in my mouth, mine was in hers, she exhaled, I inhaled, sharing the same air as I arched my back pushing against her fingers, wanting her deep inside.I felt the fluid from deep inside me gushing out, I was so wet, wetter than I have ever been as the orgasm took over my body, my brain, I was hers at that moment it was Peg and I at the top of that mountain.

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