Wife looses a bet

Wife looses a bet
Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. I usually have the guys over to watch the game and my wife is a perfect hostess. She serves up the cold beer and always has something to snack on. I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? The guys always tip her and when she flirts the tips are bigger. She said she would do it but she wanted something sexy to wear. I have no problem with her dressing sexy in front of my friends in fact I’ve watched a couple of my buddy’s on summer fuck her out beside our pool.

I gave her some money for food and beer and I even gave her an extra hundred for something to wear. She told me that I was wrong about my parlay pick to win. I told her that she should stick to looking sexy and I’d handle the wagering. She asked if I would like to make a private bet on the win. I said yes I’ll bet you and we each get to pick what the looser has to do. I told her if she lost the guys get to run a train on her. She said you can’t be serious, I fucked one of your friends once by the pool and you are still obsessed over me doing it again. I said first of all it was two guys by the pool and yes I want you to give your pussy away again. She was so sure she would win she agreed to take the bet. I then said in the tiny chance you win what must I do? She said when I win you will give every guy at the party a blow job . This kind of scared me. I’m sure I’ll win but that’s a terrible wager on my part. She said come on chicken shit. I’ll put my pussy up and you put up your mouth. OK we shook hands.

Sunday I was grilling some wings on the deck while I thought my wife was fixing the snack trays. She came out on the deck wearing a practice jersey and tennis shoes. Her dark tanned legs looked awesome next to the white jersey. It was small , even for her little five foot four one hundred pound body. It came just below her ass cheeks and when she did a spin for me to see the back I could see the point where her legs started becoming ass cheeks. I told her I liked it and asked what’s under there? She lifted the front to show me a pair of see through white thong panties. Her shaved pussy lips could very easily be seen through the thin nylon. What about your tits , are they braless? She pinched her left nipple through the nylon Jersey and it instantly became erect. I stepped up closer and kissed her lips. I said I wanted one last kiss before your mouth starts tasting lick cock. She patted my almost hard cock and said yours will before mine does.

Well the guys all started arriving and each one gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and commented on her outfit. She was eatting up the attention. During the game she kept us severed with cold brews and even game an ” accidental flash of her bare tanned ass cheeks. She tans topless wearing only her tiniest thong bottom so there isn’t a tan line on her boobs and a very small one on her butt. At one point of the game I was loosing and my wife whispered to me that she had Chapstick if my lips get raw. I was worried that I’d loose. But I didn’t !!

All the guys where cheering and yelling about the way the game ended. After I got them called down I told them about my bet with my wife. They sat there for a few seconds before Jimmy said bullshit. I assured them I was serious, and I called my wife in the den to prove it. When she entered the den wearing only the see through thong and tennis shoes they knew I wasn’t joking. As she stood with her hands behind her back and her perky tanned thirty four B tits on display I explained how they each and everyone could have sex with my wife.

It was awkward as Hell at first but after the first guy begain kissing her and started rubbing her pussy through the panties it was obvious it was cool. My wife’s pussy became so wet the the panties ended up completely between her smooth hairless lips. She pulled them down and immediately her pussy was being eaten while she was blowing another. Without going into a stroke by stroke description of the evening I just say every guy there sank his cock into my wife’s pussy before they left. She fell in love with Mark’s fat dick. It was twice as big around as mine. She had him setting on the couch and his fat dick was buried in her pussy. She was leaning toward kissing him when Artie started pushing his cock head against her butthole. She pushed back with her ass and in a minute Arrive was in her butt all the way to his balls. He told her to squeeze his dick with her ass muscles. He only lasted about five minutes before he came. When he pulled out another cock took his place.

After all the guys had gone I looked at my poor wife laying on the couch. She was on her back with her legs spread. Her pussy lips where red and her hair was all messed up. I cleaned up our mess as I let her rest. After the place was tidy I went over to her. I placed my lips on her pussy lips and very carefully licking her swollen pussy. She was leaking cum from both of her holes. She put her hand on the top of my head and asked me to help her to bed. Once in bed I tried fucking her but it was no use. She was so loose and wet it was lick fucking a bowl of warm pudding. The next day she told me that she was glad I won the bet.

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