Trevors bootcamp visit

Trevors bootcamp visit
one of my buddies that has had sex with my wife has a son that called asking me to entertain him and his buddy at the all nude strip club in Canada.
They just got out of bootcamp and wanted to see a strip club for the first time. he remembered that I often went there with his step dad and he wanted to experience it himself.
Trevor and ricky were fresh out of high school and were really naïve to life other than a couple of girlfriends.
I took them to Windsor and we had a good time. Trevor was real drunk on the way home and kept saying how he needed to find a girl and get laid cause he was horny now.
I stopped for gas and Called home to Peggy and explained how they were both trashed. I told Peggy to act like she didn’t expect us back so soon and to be naked in the hot tub. I told her I would drop the guys off and tell them I was going to get some beer and for them to go enjoy the hot tub. They had said they had no swimwear and I told them it was ok as we normally didn’t use any when we went in. I also told them as I had discussed with Peg, that Peggy would be out at the bowling alley. I did go to get some beer and Peggy told me that the guys came out into the backyard with towels around their waist and she acted like she was asleep. She listened as they discussed what to do. Trevor whispered that they could act like they thought we knew they were going to be naked and act surprised when she woke up. They got in and Peggy waited to see how bold they would get. Trevor actually started first and was feeling her boobs and then Ricky joined in and they were actually quite loud (drunk) She moved a bit and spread her legs allowing them access. Trevor saw she had her legs apart and felt Peggy’s pussy. He said Damn Ricky get a feel of her pussy she is so nice. Trevor then slid his fingers into her and he slid her hand onto his cock and gripped it as he jacked her hand on his cock. she went along with all this and then Ricky stood and said hey Trevor watch this. He slid his cock on her lips. Peggy spread her mouth open and allowed him to slide in. He started face fucking her and then Peggy took over and she was giving him head as she jacked Trevor’s cock. They were all enjoying each other and Peggy took a breath and said oh my Gawd you guys are so horny. Trevor started to apologize and she said no don’t. I love it. Trevor said what about when he gets back here. She said don’t worry about him, cause he gets off watching younger guys fuck me.
Trevor said are you shitting me. Then she said speaking of which I need one of you guys to fuck me now. Trevor was closest to her pussy so he stuck his cock into her and began fucking her. Ricky to her surprise got down and started licking her pussy disregarding the closeness of Trevor’s cock. Trevor didn’t seem to mind and soon he was unloading a huge load of cum into Peggy. Ricky was still licking when he pulled out and dripped cum on Ricky’s face. Ricky licked it off like no big deal and then he shoved his cock into her. Peggy noticed Trevor had the biggest cock of the two and Ricky was still fairly large at about 7 1/2 inches, but Trevor was around 8 1/2 inches long and fairly thick. Ricky was sliding in and out and she noticed Trevor start to lick her clit as Ricky had done. Ricky didn’t give and inch and Trevor had to push his way in. he was licking her clit and as Ricky slid out Trevor would lick a bit of his cock with her juices and his on it. Trevor then slipped his finger into Ricky’s asshole and this brought him off. I pulled into the garage and dropped the door and then walked into the yard and set the beer into the cooler as I watched the two of them finish their first round of fucking my wife. Trevor saw me and said are you cool with this. I grabbed my crotch and showed him how hard I was and said does it look like I am enjoying this. He smiled and said you guys are the shit. Then eh started to make out with Peggy as Ricky lay back catching his breath. I joined in and we had 2 days of fucking and sucking before they decided to tell his mom and dad they were home.

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