The surprise of a surprise


The surprise of a surprise
I was graduated from Schiller University, Bromley, West Wickam … My wife always wanted to visit London and the campus of Schiller ….. Last year she insisted in going to London but in full regret, I told her that I would not be available for that. She told me that if we visit London, she would be into exciting moments like experiencing some of our fantasies …

As a married couple, we were obviously talking about fantasies .. but it was the first time I had the chance to ask her “what do you dream to really experience?” She said “One day, you can arrange a program” …. I asked “A program for what?” She said “Let someone touch my body , man or woman no problem … and you watch me …. But you will not reject anything to happen or not to happen, right Cem?” I said to her that talking about a fantacy is exciting, but realizing a fantasy is dangereous for a marriage and besides we were amateurs . I told her that I would think about it and ended the conversation.

We have been together with each other since I was 18 and she was 15 … I am herfirst boyfriend, and husband …. She did not date with anyone in her life … That is what I know of course but I trust her more than I trust myself really. She is conservative. If you now ask “If she is conservative why this fantasy is to make it actual?” She needed that perhaps like each human being … and she was fair enough to tell it frankly ….. and I was happy to hear that. I was also thinking how she would behave under that kind of a condition.

In January I made an irrevocable decision and made some connections and consulted o friend of mine, Zeynep … We are still good friends and know each other’s several secrets ……….. The plan was ready to be actualized.
One night we went to a bar which we generally visit twice a month.

I ordered whisky for myself and vine for Rose. We started to talk about casual thinks, and likewise. Sooner, an astonishing blond lady was standing just behind her talking with her friends (a couple of ladies) … She was sometimes staring at Rose, sometimes vanishing from her group than being visible again. I saw that she was oftenly looking at Rose again. She even touched her ass as if without her intention …. She said “Sorry and Rose said “That’s ok” and smiled at her … then surprisingly, Rose also began to look and stare at her. They continued looking at each other for at least a couple of hours and then I told rose that I should sleep … She was unhappy to hear that .. I told her that I would participate an importing meeeting so early … Rose halfheartedly said “ok” and we went out from the bar.

On the way home, I changed the direction and drived through to a good hotel near Bosphorus (Istanbul). Rose was just about to ask me what I was doing. I said “dont ask me anything now, we are not going home” …. We arrived the hotel, then went directly to our room …. She wasnt saying anything. She saw the suitcase with our casual belongings in it which was sent to the hotel in the morning.

We talked for a while , drank until we finish small alcohol bottles. Than I told her to take her clothes off but keep the underwear on … She kissed me for a good night and I said “we will not sleep” … told her to turn back .. she turned and blindfolded her with my tie …

She said nothing and did what I told her. She sit at the corner of the bed … like a real victim whom doesn’t know what would happen within a couple of minutes …I started kissing her neck and ears for a while and my hand was touching all over her body …

In a meanwhile,the door knocked … I said “I ordered some wine and whiskey” …. and told her to lie face downwards while waiting for me … I opened the door , The door knocker was the lady in the bar … AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENNED?

It was Zeynep …

I know Zeynep for more than 10 years … and the bar issue was a plan of ours. And I also knew that Rose would be happy to see her in our room .. I behaved as if I was carrying the bottles and I whisled Zeynep to undress and wait for me until I signal her to come to bed .Rose began to take her underwear off while remaining her position still with blindfolded eyes …I sat on the bed and kissed her ass with small bites … no touching the hole…

For perhaps 5 min I masssaged her back .. again started kissing her neck … with weak smashes to her ass. She wanted my fingers in her pussy from back but ı did not do that. Then she made herself semi doggy style to enable me to touch her pussy more easily, again I did not touch that hole … My fingers were everywhere on her body but I was still not touching the both holes … She began to moan and switched on the tv, a music channel … a perfect launge music .. and Rose was wrigling in the bed. I saw Zeynep watching us and playing with herself.

I gave Zeynep the eye-signal she was awaiting for.. She walked in the room just towards the bed. I stood up and we changed places with Zeynep … Zeynep put her head down on the bed and began to touch rose’s pussy with very weak tounge movements .Rose tried to move to feel the tounge ..than she stopped immediately.

And said .. “Cemmmmmmmm” in a bit loud voice ……..

Not angerly but curiously she unblinded herself so rapidly and tried to look her back .
I said “Keep still Rose …. Please keep still” ….. And surprisingly she kept still …
I walked towards her head and put my dick in her mouth totally and the same time Zeynep began to lick her so agressively … My finger was around her butt hole.I have not witnessed her moans like that before …I blindfolded her again ….

She calmly said “ You are living this night according to your fantasies but also live it according to my wishes” …

I was shocked to hear those words from her. In the meanwhile, I saw Zeyenp bringing out a purple rabbit vibrator from her bag. ….

She switched it on and directly drilled it into Rose’s wet pussy ………….. She of course knew that a stranger woman was fucking her the first time in her life, but she still did not know whom her lady fucker was.

At the same moment, I looked at my watch …. It was around 04:00 … IT WAS THE TIME FOR THE NEXT SURPRISE.

I went through the door, opened it and saw a man standing there. He came in front of the room at the precise time as planned !!!!! He was nearly in 30’s and athletic… He was awaiting me to invite him in … I whisled him to wait for my signal and send him to the bathroom. He went to the bathroom, undressed and started waiting for my permission ….

The magic think was, neither Rose and nore Zeynep did not know and even feel that there was a new visitor as they were so busy in fucking. I looked at them, Rose still was not looking her back, and was still blindfolded …

Zeynep promply helped Rose for the doggy style and began licking her ass as she became doggy in front of me. … I got so so excited again as two georgeous ladies were in doggy style like a train wagoon…

Than I told Zeynep to exchange places but keep the same position. Rose asked me to take the tie off to unblind her as she was willing to see the woman fucker. And I told him to be patient for only a few minutes. I moved towards Rose and began touching her pussy lips with my dick, while she was licking Zeynep’s ass and fingering her pussy. It was an amazing moment. As Rose felt my dick, she opened legs in doggy position to welcome my totally erected dick in her fully wet pussy.


I told Rose not to look back … She said “ok”.. and unblinded her. She saw Zeynep’s body, squeezed her long blond hair and pulled her face … She was shocked and screamed happily … and laughed loudly……………………………..

Than said “watch me now!!!” Zeynep was doggy style again and Rose was eating her ass with strong hand smashes. Without turning back, told me to fuck her ….. I told her to go on like that for a while
I signaled the guy, he came in and inserted his thick dick into Rose’s pussy
Rose of course felt the difference. Slowly turned back and saw the guy.. and guess what?

She looked at the guy than me … smiled, stood up and put the guy’s dick in her mouth until she became breathless.
She became a whore. She laid to the bed on her back and said to the Guy … Rose said” Fuck me when I am looking at you” …. She opened her leg and the guy put that dick in the whole vagina of MY WIFE ….I was about to have a real heart attck … I could not beleive that a guy was just fucking my wife in front of me … and she was not moaning any more … she was screaming!!!!

Than she sat on the guys face and bent over .. Zeynep was watching us in smiles and happiness. I began to fuck Rose in her ass while she was sitting on the face going back anf forth.

Than Zeynep came towards my back holded my balls behind and she started licking my ass and all that was good …
After a shower … Rose told me that she would love to make a threesome with Zeynep and the guy. She even fingered the guy and licked his all body.

After a shower break Rose told me that she would love to make a threesome with Zeynep and the guy. And she made it … She even fingered the guy and licked his all body and again jerked him with her tounge only ….. The guy wanted her to stop after jerk off, but she sucked him a couple of minutes more …..I watched, and watched and watched them … Than Zeynep took me to the bathroom and she jerked me with pressurized shower water and I did the same application to her clit until she was orgasmed again … I left her in the shower and went back to the bedroom.

After all finished, the guy left our room and we (Rose, Zeynep and I) slept till the afternoon

After this amazing day, Rose told me that she is into woman .. It was a good experience for her to fuck a man but it was enough for her. And now rarely we fuck ladies ….

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