The one night that turned into a steamy affair


The one night that turned into a steamy affairIt all started the day my best friend phoned me for a favour, my friend and her mother were going away for a spa weekend…. That wasn’t a problem the problem was there was no one to look after her younger siblings as her aunt had taken unwell and let them down at the last minute. My friends father worked till 9 or 10 most nights as he owned a very successful haulage company. So my friend asked would I be able to stay at her parents house and look after them, the two k**s were 5 and 2 and I loved them like they were my own siblings, my friend and I are both 21 and had known each other practically our whole lives so I was no stranger to the family, I was practically a family member it was also my weekend off work so I agreed, and I was no stranger to the k**s I would often help look after them if my friend was on babysitting duties, because her parents had trouble conceiving after her that is why there was such a big age gap between them. I also internally did a happy dance that I would get to spend the weekend at her parents home with hopefully a bit of time with her father, I have had a massive crush on Jack since I was 16…. I was always more attracted to older men and for 45 Jack was handsome and toned and the star of my wildest fantasies. Sometimes I swear I catch him watching and I am not ashamed to admit I flirt with him shamelessly every chance I get.I arrived at thee home at 2 knowing my friend and her mother had to leave by half past, the k**s were glad şişli escort to see me, after they left I got dinner organised… Sorted the k**s and tidied up after them before I knew it, it was bed time…. They both are well behaved and went down without a fuss.So it was time for me to unwind with a shower, mousturing and making sure I had on a tight vest top and shirt pyjama bottoms and planked my butt in the living room waiting for Jack to arrive home…… I may have poured myself a glass of wine. Around half ten I heard the garage door opening and did an internal squeal!He arrived home looking more than handsome in his trousers and shirt, ‘hey Linda said you were here, thanks for doing this’ was hemisphere greeting ‘ it’s my pleasure, k**s are in bed and sleeping so would you like some dinner and wine?’ I asked’The wine sounds like a plan’ was his happy response.Two bottles later we were a giggling mess talking about his k**s and the things me and his daughter used to get up to growing up….We were sitting very close on the couch and the smell of his aftershave was driving my wild… We were sitting that close everytime one of us moved we were brushing against each other……Jack asked me did I have a special someone in my life and when I told him no he seemed shocked… ‘How?? I mean you have the whole package, looks, personality…. I don’t get it?”Yea but I like men and boys my own age don’t cut it…’I left that hanging for him, hoping he would take the bate.. He did. I went on mecidiyeköy escort to explain I like older men, men that know what they are doing. His eyes widened and he muttered a quiet ‘fucking hell’……. Then he just blustered ‘ you have been flirting and teasing me for years’ I just nodded….The next second our lips were on each other’s…… I was quick to throw my leg over his lap and straddle him… I broke our kiss to lick to his ear and whisper ‘how long have you wanted to fuck my tight pussy?’……. ‘Since that holiday in Mexico were you came with us and wore that tiny white bikini the first day’….. ‘ I bought that bikini, thinking of you……. Now I am going to do all the things I have wanted to do to you for years… Wou do you like that Jack?’…… ‘Fuck yes baby….. I don’t normally do this but you have been in my head for three years, when I wank my cock I think of fucking you, when I’m with Linda I think of you….. Your tight body and soaking pussy’I started grinding down on his very hard cock for some friction as he reached to pull my top over my head… ‘Fuck look at your tits’….. Instead of unbuttoning his shirt I just ripped it open and quickly pulled it down his arms, once he was free I slid back and off his lap, he was quick to try and grab my hips to keep my there but I slapped his hands away, I turned around and started shaking my ass slowly for him and bent down and rested my hands on the coffee table infornt making sure he was getting a good esenyurt escort view of my backside, he reached up and pulled my shorts down my legs and whacked my on the ass, once free from them I continued shaking my ass but righted myself and turned slowly swaying my hips to a beat in my head and running my hands up and down the front of my body paying particular attention to my tits and pussy….’Like what you see?”’Fuck yes’ he grunted as he reached down to open his slacks and free his cock….. His long hard cock…. I moaned like the little slut I was……I continued my swaying watching hime wank his cock until I leaned down and took Him in my mouth….’Fuck Linda hasnt sucked me in years…. Yea like that baby’After his words I knew I was going to enjoy sucking his cock, I made sure to lick it from balls to tip paying special invest to his slit on the head, I took him in as far as my throat would allow, I was soaked with listening to him monad of pleasure as he fucked my face, with a good grip on my hair….’I’m gonna cum…. You gonna swallow my cum baby…. You want it in your mouth…?’I hummed in response round his cock….. Not 30 seconds later his grip on my hair tightened and he shoved his Cock so far down my throat I choked as cum shot down my throat……’Fuck fuck fuck….. That’s my good girl….. Take it all’ he was chantingI made sure to clean his softening cock off with my mouth before realising him,When I looked up his eyes were closed with a massive smile on his face…. Suddenly his eyes popped open…’Get up here and sit on my face’……. I quickly got up for a dirty sloppy kiss dirt which was really us exchanging spit and tongue fucking each other before he scooted down and lifted my up and over his face…… The first like had my nearly screaming

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