The child repeated, even like part 03

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The child repeated, even like part 03
I noticed that the younger son took a mobile phone and then extended into the bathroom. But only showing up in my hand Wood has opened the bathroom door in any way. As for mom, she was not wearing any clothes at all. Just turn off the shower and turn to talk on the phone.
What do you say, dad? This woman’s voice greeted her husband.
Yeah, the chick will talk too, saying that the business is important for a moment. The voice of her husband said
Phen U will visit the souvenir shop? My friend will buy things If you don’t stop by, I’ll give it to someone else to buy instead. The person who they will leave will go today or tomorrow as well. So I asked you first if you’re convenient This woman’s voice is probably your younger sister.
Ergu, I’m going to stay. I thought that there was something When you type in the line, leave what you want. Just this, before I’m taking a shower Then the phone disconnected
The son’s voice shouted to her mother:
When I finished talking, would my mother go to play the game again?
After talking, hurry up and play the game. Mom will take a shower after we finish eating. Mother told son Concluded that she is Pen
She closed the door and continued to open the shower. I don’t know. I feel that the position she was washing the pussy on is very comforting. Stand, raise the legs, step on the toilet and shower, then aim at the pussy to wash and then use your hands to open the lobe to clean Her pussy has no doctor. As you can see from the eyes, from the distance that I am sitting here, I cannot see how you shave or how. And personally, at first I was thinking negatively that I might have prepared myself for something with my son, but I noticed that her face didn’t show any signs of being horny or tingling. And when the son extended the phone into the bathroom as much as her son did not have any indication of obscenity or lust of any kind at all It made me feel that she might have washed normally already or not. Or am I wrong That these two mothers and c***dren may not have anything in common But no, I have to wait to see because I remember that my son bought a box of condoms. I sat and watched her wash my face and wash my eyes. And she walked out of the bathroom, and I quickly moved myself to where I sat before, but what made me more confident now is that the woman mother leaves the bathroom without any clothes. She carried a towel to wipe her face, walked out, topless, came to bed. Then this woman asked her son if
Has Ann printed the order yet? What to bring? Mother asked the son.
I have already ordered my mom to print it so I don’t know what I want. But I haven’t opened it yet because I was playing the game.
Right now I’m confused about what this is. Because what this woman was doing was standing naked in front of her son, who was lying on the phone, and her son was not lustful or showed any symptoms Like in the thrilling story I read on various websites, even a little, but I think that there are some reasons, and tonight I have to see to the end that everything, everything that happens in this room will end and end. How

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