Snowed In

Snowed In
“Hi Uncle Tom”, the voice coming from my cell phone greeted me.
This can’t be good. “Kelly, I’m not your uncle, we’re cousins”, I corrected her with a chuckle to myself, as I did every time she called. Kelly was my cousin David’s youngest, which made me feel old since she was now a very attractive eighteen year old. The question was, why is she calling me at 9:00 on a Friday night. “What’s up?”
“Can I ask a huge favor of you?” She sounded upset.
Oh shit, here it comes. “What’s up”, I asked again.
She hesitated on the other end of the line before continuing. “My dad came home drunk and we just had a huge fight and I need a place to crash for a couple of days. Can I stay with you, please?”
I thought for a moment, I really didn’t want anybody staying with me. I’d finally really adjusted to living alone since my wife had left last year and in fact was beginning to enjoy the bachelor lifestyle. However, family is family and I couldn’t let her be on the streets. Okay, come on over, you can have the spare room for a little bit.”
“Oh thank you, thank you Uncle Tom.”
“We’ll talk in the morning and set out the ground rules, the first of which is the whole ‘Uncle Tom’ thing.”
“Okay, I’ll see you in about half an hour or so.”
After she hung up I shot my cousin a quick text that his daughter would be staying with me. He replied back right away, “Fuck her”. He may have a temper, especially when he drank, but he did love his little girl and would want to know that she was safe when he sobered up in the morning. That taken care of I grabbed a set of sheets from the hall closet and tossed them onto the bed in the spare bedroom along with a blanket. I then went to my room to put on a pair of sleep pants, I was going to have to get back into the habit of wearing them with Kelly there. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a long term thing.
About forty-five minutes later I saw her headlights pull into my driveway. I got up and met her at the door and let her in. Her ruined mascara told me that she’d been crying so I took her small bag from her and dropping it onto the counter I wrapped her in a hug. I held her there for a while as she sobbed some more about what an asshole her father was when he drank. When the tears finally subsided I led her to her room and helped her make the bed.
“Thank you again Uncle Tom”, she sniffled.
“I’m not your uncle”, I said in mock anger.
She managed a weak smile as she countered, “I know, but you will always be my favorite uncle.”
I shook my head and told her, “Get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”
The following morning I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon filling my small house. Okay, this I could get used to. I came out into the kitchen to find bacon and eggs waiting. Kelly was just pouring the coffee.
“Good morning”, she greeted me with a grin as she set down my cup.
She sat across from me and for the first time in years I saw her face without the heavy makeup the she usually wore and realized just how pretty she actually was. Her long blonde hair was still a mess from sleep which I found even sexier this morning, and her green eyes just kind of sucked me in.
“What”, she asked, as she caught me staring. “Do I have a booger or something?”
“Huh?” I snapped back to reality. “No no, I just need to wake up”, I lied.
“Okay”, she responded unconvincingly, “I thought it maybe you were freaked out by this hideous creature at your table.”
“Hideous? I don’t think so. In fact, I had forgotten just how pretty you are without all that makeup and hairspray.”
She blushed and sipped her coffee, “Thank you, I think.” She stabbed a forkful of eggs and added, “it is nice to have a guy stare at my face rather than my boobs.” With that she stuck out her chest as she took a bite of her eggs.
I damn near choked on mine when she did. The tight t-shirt that she was wearing over her sweat pants stretched over her ample breasts and her nipples appeared to be trying to break through the thin fabric. “Those are nice too”, I sputtered, to which she laughed.
We talked while we ate breakfast and sorted out the living arrangements. My rules were pretty simple, no boys staying the night, she had to work and pay room and board which I would deposit and save for her to get her own place, and to help keep up the house. For my end, I would provide her with a place to stay and she could have the hallway bathroom as her own. The goal was to have her on her own by the beginning of summer.
After breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen. While I washed the cast iron frying pan Kelly loaded the dishwasher. My newly awakened appreciation for her sexuality could not help but notice how nice her ass looked when she bent over to put our plates in the bottom rack. Staring up at me was the word “juicy” stretched across the tight fabric that molded to those firm cheeks and I thought to myself that this might be a tough six or seven months, and discretely adjusted the semi that was growing beneath my pajama pants.
The kitchen cleaned we both headed to our respective bathrooms to clean up ourselves. I took advantage of the time to quickly rub one out, shooting a huge load of my seed towards the shower drain while thinking of the things that I would love to do to the girl in the shower next door. Afterward I felt like a heel and a pervert for thinking about my cousin like that, but hey, I am a guy.
I slid on some jeans and a sweatshirt along with my shoes and socks and went to the kitchen to fill a couple of travel mugs with coffee for the trip over to David’s. During our talk, I had agreed to help her get her stuff from her dad’s. Kelly emerged from her room also wearing jeans, hers much tighter than mine, and pink sweater that showed quite a bit of cleavage. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and no make-up. I handed her a cup and asked if she was ready to go.
We got to her fathers and David and I talked while she gathered her things. It was awkward at first but David finally convinced me that he was okay with it and that he was actually glad that I was taking her in. It seems that lately all they did was fight and he knew that she would be safer staying with me than one of her friends. Before we left he actually thanked me for taking in his daughter, if only he knew what had been going through my imagination in the shower just a couple of hours previous.
After gathering her belongings we went back to the house and spent the afternoon getting her room situated to where she was comfortable. That evening we shared a pizza and a bottle of wine while we caught up on things, it was a nice evening.
The next couple of weeks we eventually fell into a routine and got used to living with each other. She left her job at the local diner for a front desk position at a local dentist office. Most evenings, whichever one got home first started dinner. She worked Saturdays but had Mondays off and I did Monday through Friday so we each had a day where the other was gone so we got a break from each other too.
One particular Saturday morning I had to replace the showerhead in her bathroom so I grabbed my tools and set to work after my morning coffee. It was a pretty quick job and as I was cleaning up I noticed one of her thongs sitting on the top of her laundry basket. It was pink satin and looked like it had just come off. I couldn’t help myself, I picked up the enticing garment and brought the crotch up to my nose. Her sent was intoxicating and travelled straight from my nostrils to my dick. With one last deep inhale of her scent I wrapped my prick in the pink satin and jacked off into the toilet. Damnit dude, you need to get laid, I admonished myself as I flushed my load and replaced her panties in the basket.
That evening when Kelly got home from work it had begun to snow, which didn’t happen very often in western Massachusetts this early in the season, hell it wasn’t even Halloween yet. By midnight we were in a freaking blizzard and outside the house the sounds of snapping tree limbs echoed up and down the street.
I woke the next morning to a cold house, as evidently the power went out during the night. I looked out the front down and was shocked. The weatherman had predicted maybe ten inches, from what I could tell we had at least two feet. Because the storm hit so early in the season all of the trees still had leaves on them yesterday, not anymore, in fact, the maple tree in my front yard had lost most of its limbs.
Kelly came rushing out of her room dresses in a pair of pajama pants and a really tight tank top that barely contained her boobs. “I’m going to be late, my alarm never went off!”
Turning back to the window, mostly to keep from staring at her tits, I assured her that she wasn’t going anywhere. She joined me at the window staring in awe at the amount of snow that blanketed the world around us. The cars were just two white mounds in my driveway, speaking of mounds, I could feel one of Kelly’s pressing against my back as she leaned against me for a better look.
I went down and grabbed my small propane camp stove from the basement and set it up in the kitchen so that we could at least have some hot coffee, which was nice considering how fast the temperature in the house was dropping. Afterward we went out and cleaned off the cars and the driveway. A quick survey of the yard confirmed that none of the many branches that came down off of the trees did any damage. I also made sure to clean off the back deck so that we could use the grill if needed to cook. When I finally came back in just after noon, Kelly fixed me another coffee, this time with a shot of Jamison in it. “We may be stuck here for a few days”, she told me as she looked at her phone, “it looks like most of the power lines in the city are down and the mayor is saying that it could be up to a week before they can get all of them up just to be able to plow the roads.”
I assured her that we had enough food for a week or two, and that the hot water heater was gas, so we could shower, but we wouldn’t have heat until the power came back on.
We spent the afternoon bullshitting in the living room wrapped up in blankets trying to stay warm. I grilled us a couple of steaks and some veggies on the grill for dinner, afterward we both decided to crawl into our beds and try to sleep through the coldest part of the night.
At some point during the night Kelly’s voice woke me as she shivered, “Uncle Tom, are you awake?”
“No”, I grumbled and then added, “and I’m not your Uncle.”
She giggled. “Can I climb in with you, my room is freezing!”
“Yeah, grab your blanket and climb in”, I consented without really thinking about it. At least I wasn’t thinking of the implications yet.
When she returned I noticed what she was wearing, it was a green Grinch adult sized one piece footie pajama. Well, that should help keep my sexual yearnings in check. She spread her blanket on top of mine and climbed in.
It didn’t take me long to fall back to sleep but it seemed like no time at all had passed before I woke again in the morning. The first thing that I noticed was that during the night Kelly must have removed the Grinch pajamas as we were now spooning and I could feel the warm soft skin of her back against my chest. My right arm was wrapped around her and my hand was softly gripping what felt like a flesh covered water balloon. Holy shit, I had a handful of Kelly’s tit!
I tried to discretely remove my hand from that glorious mound but Kelly sighed and moved her arm to trap mine in place. “Mmmm, your hand feels good right where it is.”
“What happened to your pajamas”, I asked as I idly rolled her hard nipple between my fingers.
She sighed softly and replied, “you’re like sleeping with a damn furnace.” She wiggled her ass against my groin, “but I think that I’m going to love your chimney.”
I knew that I should put a stop to this before it went any further and having a handful of her great tits and the feel of her sweet ass grinding on my morning wood was quickly eroding my resolve. “Kelly, we shouldn’t be doing this.”
She let go of my arm and rolled onto her other side, now facing me. “I’ve wanted to do this for years, but you were married and I was just your pain in the ass little cousin. Whenever we came over for picnics during the summer I always wore my sexiest bikinis hoping that you would notice.”
Looking back, I had noticed and had enjoyed watching her grow into the woman that she is now. “Oh, I noticed, so did Julie.” Julie was my ex-wife and she had hated when Kelly would come over to swim. She would always bitch about how skimpy Kelly’s bathing suits were and had even accused me of wanting to fuck her. Deep down, I suppose that she was right, yesterday wasn’t the first time that I’d spanked my monkey thinking about my cousin.
“I know”, she admitted, “I caught you looking, and a few times I know that she did too. Sometimes I would even give you a flash when she was looking just to piss her off.”
At that moment she looked so cute as she confessed to wanting me for so long. Her deep green eyes were drawing me in and I could see all of the faint freckles high on her cheeks as she drew in closer. Her soft warm lips touched mine for a quick kiss, then a second and finally a deep kiss, a lover’s kiss. I pulled her closer as we kissed, her soft breasts pressing against my chest. I surrendered any thought of resisting what we both knew was going to happen, what we both now knew that we wanted and had wanted for so long.
Giving in to our desires I rolled her onto her back and kissed my way down her neck until finally I reached the great swell of her large breast. I covered it with kisses and little love bites saving her stiff nipple for last. Eventually I sucked her nipple into my mouth and suckled on it like a baby.
She wrapped one arm around my head, holding my mouth on her tit, the other hand snaked between us and under the waistband of my underwear. Her soft fingers wrapped around my throbbing rod as she began stroking me while I munched on her nipple.
I slowly slid my hand down her taut belly until I reached the top of her panties. She spread her legs enough to allow me access to the steamy slit between them. I rubbed my finger along the furrow of her twat, pushing the silky fabric between her thick lips as I did. The heat that she was generating from her sex was incredible and already the crotch of her panties was soaked with her juices. With a groan of pleasure she let go of my prick and raising her hips she pulled down her underwear to give me unfettered access to her pussy. Replacing my hand I could feel a small patch of silky fur just above the silky smooth and obviously shaved lips. I slipped one finger and then a second into her hot wet canal, the rippled walls of her cunt squeezed against them, greedily sucking them in. I pumped my fingers into her slowly, making sure that my palm rubbed across her clit as I finger fucked her tight pussy.
“Oh fuck”, she groaned as her hips began to rotate, fucking back against my hand. Her breathing grew more ragged and her pussy was literally dripping as her orgasm approached. “You’re going to make me cum”, she whined and her tight pussy began to clutch at my fingers. Suddenly her thighs clamped my hand in place and she squeezed my face hard against her chest as she came. As her young body convulsed in orgasmic pleasure she practically ripped my hand from her spastic cunt. “Holy fuck”, she gasped, trying to catch her breath as her whole body shook.
I kicked off my boxer briefs and making sure that I kept the blankets over us I rolled over on top of her and between her legs. I kissed her deeply and rubbed the head of my cock in her wetness. Slowly I slipped the tip into her entrance. I fed more and more of my prick into her wet sheath, she wasn’t a virgin but damn was she tight. This has to be the best pussy that I’ve ever had I thought to myself as I bottomed out and begun to slowly fuck my cousin. Then again, what man doesn’t think that whenever he’s balls deep in a new cunt for the first time.
Evidently the feeling was mutual. “Ooh, damnit, Uncle Tom, this ,ooh, is even, ooh, better than I’d imagined!”
I didn’t bother to correct her, in fact I found it kind of hot. Looking down on her innocent face, as I pumped into her furnace like pussy was surely a dream come true. Her legs wrapped around my ass, urging me to fuck her harder. I was only too happy to oblige and soon the headboard of my bed was banging against the wall with every pounding thrust. The blankets worked down off our upper bodies and while the cold air of the room was chilly or the sweat of our exertion, neither of us cared. My gaze moved down from her angelic face to her big titties that were now jiggling back and forth in time with my piston like thrusts, the effect was hypnotic.
Gradually the grunts she was giving gave way to profanity laced cries of pleasure as another orgasm began to build. I could feel her nails tearing at the flesh of my back as she succumbed to the waves of pleasure that swept over her as she screamed out,”fuck me Uncle Tom, fuck me!” The clenching of her cunt muscles milked my cock and soon I could feel my balls boiling over. With one last mighty thrust I buried my rod in her as deep as it would go and blasted her womb with my seed. “Oh my fucking God”, I gasped and collapsed on top of her sweaty body, “that was fucking amazing!”
We lay there for a little while, cuddled up beneath the blanket and basking in the after sex glow. Eventually we decided to get up and shower so we both threw off the blankets and ran naked through my freezing bedroom and into the bathroom. Under the hot spray of the shower I got my first good look at her in all her glorious nakedness. Some guys are into tits, and she did have a very nice pair and some are into asses, and she was no slouch in that department either. Me I love vaginas and looking down at Kelly’s I was stunned. A small blonde landing strip pointed strait down at her puffy lips, it was perfection in my eyes.
We washed each other, each spending a little more time than was necessary cleaning the others more intimate areas. Once we rinsed off I maneuvered her to the back of the shower stall and against the wall. I kissed her deeply and while playing with her great tits. Slowly I worked my way down until I was kneeling under the spray of the shower and kissing the top of her mound.
“What are you doing”, she asked.
“Your pussy looks so good I have to taste it”, I replied as I urged her to lift one leg up onto the side of the tub. I lowered my face to her pussy and let my tongue glide across her lips and she shuddered. Using only my tongue I pushed them apart to access the sweet meat contained therein and was rewarded with my first taste of her juices. It was everything that I thought it would be, I’ve always loved eating pussy and hers was fantastic. She squealed and purred as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I ate her pussy like that until she came, rewarding my work with a mouthful of her gushing nectar.
“Holy shit, I’ve never felt anything like that before”, she cooed as she leaned against the wall on shaky legs.
“Nobody’s ever ate your pussy before”, I asked incredulously as I washed her juices off of my face.
“Nobody’s ever done anything to me like you have so far this morning”, she replied. “I’ve had a couple guys make me cum with their fingers, but not as hard as you did, and I’ve only actually done it with one guy but he never lasted long enough to make get me off either of the times that he fucked me.”
By now the water was starting to cool so we got out, dried each other off and got dressed while the bathroom was still kind of warm from the heat of the shower. I made us some SPAM and eggs in a pan on the grill while Kelly made coffee. After breakfast there wasn’t much to do since the street was still snowed in so we got naked and climbed back into bed. We spent the afternoon cuddled up and talking, when we weren’t fucking like rabbits. Evening brought the same thing, a long hot shower, getting dressed, dinner and then back to bed for another round.
And so went the rest of the week, a lot of fucking and a lot of conversation lying in my bed sweaty and naked. We talked about pretty much everything, work, family, our past exploits and our fantasies. She told me that this week had fulfilled most of her fantasies when it came to sex with the exception of having a threesome.
“Would you want it to be with two guys or with another girl”, I asked, my curiosity piqued.
“I guess I would like to try both at least once.”
“I’ve done a threesome with another guy, never had two girls before”, I told her, then explained how my buddy and I had gotten my ex drunk one night and she agreed to do us both. The next morning when she remembered it she made it clear that it would never happen again and that I was an asshole for letting it happen in the first place.
Kelly then asked me if there was anything else that I would like to try sexually. I told her that I’d never had a girl anally and would love to have two women at the same time. We lay there quietly for a few minutes before she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, “gotta pee.”
I watched her gorgeous ass wiggle across the room and into the bathroom. A few minutes later the door opened and I could hear the shower start. “Are you coming,” she called seductively.
Who was I to resist an oversexed teenaged girl? I was out of the bed in a flash and heading to the shower. I climbed into the shower to find her bent over at the waist, a bottle of baby oil in one hand and one finger from the other buried in her asshole. “So what do we have here”, I asked sliding in behind her and grabbing one her firm white butt cheeks.
“You said that you wanted to try anal and I figured why not.”
I took the bottle from her and coated my fingers with the oil. I slid one and then a second finger into her tight poop chute, dragging as much of the lubricant inside as I could. My fingers make a slight squishing sound as I pumped them into her virgin ass. Meanwhile Kelly reached over and stroked my cock until it was rock hard. I squeezed a good bit of the oil onto her hand and she lubed me up.
“Are you ready”, I asked as I took my shaft from her hand and lined it up against her puckered star. She nodded and clutched the towel rack at the back of the bath enclosure. With the steam of the hot water to keep us warm I pushed forward. Her asshole resisted but not as much as I expected and soon I had pushed past her ring and had almost half of my prick buried in her ass. I’d never felt anything quite like it, it was similar to a pussy, but not quite, and extremely tight. “Are you okay”, I asked. She nodded again so I pushed in the rest of my rod. This time as my balls came to rest against the lips of her pussy she asked me to give her a minute to get used to it.
She nodded again and I pulled all but the head of my cock from her ass and slowly fed it back in to the hilt. Slowly I began to fuck her sweet tender little ass. It was incredible. I grabbed her hips and gradually picked up speed. “Play with your pussy while I fuck your beautiful ass”, I instructed as I leaned forward to grab a hold of her big swinging tits.
“Oh my fucking God”, she swore as she furiously rubbed her twat while I punished her ass, “fuck me, fuck my little asshole!” Her body began to tremble as her orgasm approached. As she came the muscles of her ass gripped even tighter around my shaft and soon I was cumming too. The flooding of her colon with my hot goo seemed to reinvigorate her orgasm and I held onto her hips tightly and rode it out with my prick still buried to the hilt.
It was at that moment when the bathroom suddenly got brighter. It took us both a minute to realize that the lights were back on. We stood there in the steamy shower, my prick slick with cum and baby oil and her ass gaped and leaking creamy semen down the inside of her thighs, staring at the light shining above us.
“Damn, I should have let you fuck my ass a week ago”, she laughed.

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