I looked up from my desk to see Diana coming in. “Good morning, ma’am. Uhmmm … I haven’t seen Mr. Mortensen, yet.”

She looked around the office quickly, apparently felt it safe, and leaned over my reception desk. My eyes dropped as I saw her blouse fall open with the unfastened buttons at the top. She giggled, “Yea, Jerry didn’t want me to wear a bra today. He said my tits would be very enticing this way.” She was blushing. “I keep pulling my arms up to cross them when I walked by people.”

“I think it is beautiful. You said ‘tits’.”

She giggled, again. “Jerry thinks we should change some of our words. It’s all because of you, slut.” She giggled, again. “Thank you.”

Just then, Jerry walked in. He glanced around the office, too, then smacked Diana’s ass causing her to constrain a yelp but her face was all smile. “Carol, can we see you in my office?”

I stood up immediately, “Of course, sir. Would you both like coffee?” They did, so I detoured to the small break room, first.

His office door was partially open so I nudged it with the toe of my shoe, put the coffee mugs in front of each of them, then moved toward the door, but stopped to check with him. He nodded and I closed the door. We didn’t bother with locking doors in the office, it was just a given that a closed door meant privacy.

I took the other chair next to Diana in front of his desk. I noticed she had a boutique gift bag on the floor next to her. I crossed my legs and waited. I was dressed similarly as Diana in buttoned blouse and mid-thigh black skirt, stockings, and heels. He powered up his computer and listened to a voice message before turning his attention to us … this was a business office, after all.

“Carol, take off your clothes. I should have said that before getting distracted.” Diana sucked in a breath but didn’t make a comment.

“Of course, sir.” I stood with my fingers already working the buttons of my blouse. I pulled it out of my skirt, finished unbuttoning and slid it off my shoulders and arms. I looked for a place to d**** it since I usually used the other chair where Diana was sitting. I d****d it over my chair before reaching behind to unfasten my large bra. My tits spilled out and I saw both Jerry and Diana appreciatively watching. My skirt and panties followed. I looked to Jerry in case he wanted me completely naked, but he usually liked me with stockings and heels on. I moved my clothes to a reference table at the side and retook my chair, legs crossed, again.

After carefully appraising my body, as usual, he looked to his wife. “Notice how she responded without hesitation even in the office? Even you have caught her out by her desk naked after being with one of the guys.” She nodded. “This is what we are talking about.” He looked at me, “Carol, I think my wife might like a bottle of water, instead.”

“Of course, sir.” I stood up, retrieved a bottle from the refrigerator in the break room and returned.

As I re-entered the office, Brian called out, “Carol, when you are done with Jerry, could you come to my office?”

“Yes, sir.”

I took my chair. Diana was watching me. It wasn’t lost on her that Brian probably was talking about wanting to fuck me or be given a blowjob. It wasn’t lost on Jerry, either. He smiled that knowing smile of what happened in the office.

“Carol, we both wanted to thank you. You and Bill were very helpful.” He looked softly at his wife, “I am afraid I have been a little clueless and less than supportive to her as she has tried to indicate her desires. That was, of course, what led us to invite you two. Your help was far more than we thought to expect.” She was smiling at him and blew him a kiss. He turned to me, “We don’t want that shared moment to be a one-time thing. We felt a special connection.”

“Bill and I feel the same way, sir.”

“Good, because Diana is intent on pursuing her own journey to see if it truly is how she wants to live.” I reached over and squeezed her hand. “So, I thought it might be good for her to see how a submissive slut might be expected to respond.” I nodded with understanding. “Bend over the desk. Diana is going to watch you be fucked.” As he opened his slacks, “Diana, is she wet and ready?”

It was almost funny to see her reaction. She and I had experienced mutual cunt eating but was now timid about checking me in front of her husband. My legs were spread in front of her as I leaned over the desk surface. Her hand did reach out and slid over my slit, a finger pushing inside. “God … she is very wet, sir.”

He laughed, “You’re always wet and ready, aren’t you, slut?”

“Yes, sir. My husband would be disappointed in me, if I wasn’t ready for all of your cocks when I came to work.”

Diana moved to her husband’s chair so she could watch my face. Finally, she had to move to kiss me as I was being fucked by her husband in his office with three other men outside his door in their own offices. Jerry and I both orgasmed, not my first of the day. Bill was on the road, but Tucker seemed particularly randy when I fed him and he was at my cunt before I finished my first cup of coffee out on the patio. I do love that tongue in the morning … or any time.

When he pulled out of me, he called his wife to him. “Normally, as a good slut, Carol would lick and suck a cock clean after it fucked her. This time you will do it for her.” Diana looked at me and I could see she was comprehending more and more how very different this life might be beyond what she fantasized with her limited knowledge. But the look in her eyes was simple lust. As surprising as these steps might seem to her, she wasn’t backing away. She came around the desk, knelt in front of her husband to lick and suck his cock, then turned to kneel behind me to lap at my cunt, her tongue pushing in to pull out what cum she could.

I hugged her tightly after standing back up. It was then that she took out the contents of the bag. Inside were two sets of stainless-steel Ben Wa balls. She handed one to me. I smiled, remembering Bill’s comment, and kissed her on the lips. Jerry was all smiles. I didn’t think either of them quite knew where their path might take them, but they were fully supportive of each other in that pursuit.

I left Jerry office naked carrying my clothes. I winked at both of them before closing the door behind me. I dropped my clothes into my desk chair before walking to Brian’s office, knocking on the partially open door as I walked inside. He leaned back in his chair and considered me naked standing before his desk. He told me to sit in a chair before him and d**** my knees over the arm rests. My cunt was opened to his gaze and that was exactly what he wanted. He sat at his desk and gazed at my open, cum smeared cunt. Then, he started talking to me about his coming day and it was busy. He would be out of the office all afternoon to make a local call on a customer but needed a proposal prepared before he left. That meant there was going to be a crunch on my morning, too. All the while, his eyes flicked from my face to my sagging tits to my open, winking cunt.

Then, “Jerry fucked your cunt …” It wasn’t really a question. It was obvious by the sight of me. I nodded regardless. He opened a side drawer in his desk and pulled out a tube of lubrication. Since they started fucking my ass, there were tubes of lube stashed away in every desk and one of the drawers in the break room.

First, though, he turned his chair to the side, opened his slacks, and pushed them to his knees. Without request or instruction, I rose from my exposed position and moved around the desk to kneel in front of him. I grasped his cock and licked the outside, coating it with my saliva and enticing him with not only my tongue but keeping eye contact with him as I did it. That seemed to be effective with all the men currently using me, both here at the office and Bill’s friends at home. They seemed to find the intimate eye contact while my tongue played over their cocks especially erotic … and slutty.

After taking his cock into my mouth and sucking on it for a few minutes, he was hard. He had already indicated he wanted to fuck me and I knew it was in the ass and he was now hard enough to do that, but the guys often liked a prolong cock-sucking. With some of them, I felt it was about control and domination. Whatever … I was here to be used, however any of them decided to do that.

After several more minutes of sucking his cock and taking it into my throat, he directed me back to the chair on my knees and bent over the back. There was a pause as I guessed he was greasing his cock, then I felt lube spread over my asshole and pushed inside. Then, quickly, I felt his cock head pressed at my tight hole. I relaxed and pushed the muscle back and he entered through my sphincter. I gasped. I enjoyed anal now, but it is always tight. As I felt Brian’s cock pushing deeper into my ass, I fantasized about what this would feel like when Ethan finally decided to take my ass.

He was fucking me hard suddenly, as if it occurred to him that his busy day still lay ahead of him. He held onto my hips and pounded into me. Anal wasn’t the best way for me to get off and he wasn’t apparently going to assist me so I took the matter into my own hands … or fingers. I slipped a hand between my legs, stroking my fingers over my engorged clit, through my cunt lips and into my hole, feeling his cock and balls against my fingers as I did. I managed to stimulate a small orgasm just before his cock spewed his cum into my ass.

Unceremoniously, he pulled out of my ass quickly. I heard him chuckle, probably at the sight of my gaping hole slowly closing with his cum dribbling out and leaking over my already sloppy cunt. He then excused me with a reminder that he would be giving me the proposal draft for me to finalize and print for his meeting.

I walked out of his office; my clothes already dumped on my chair behind the reception desk. Just then, as I reached down for my panties, the main office door opened. I hoped it was Ethan or Kevin, as was the odds. But I wasn’t lucky today. The UPS guys with a package and I remembered the brochures we had ordered were due today.

The guy stopped in his tracks; the door partially open behind him. Recovering somewhat, he stepped away from the door and it closed behind him. He smiled at me, “How are you this morning, Carol?” Trying to sound casual, is he? His smile grew larger as his eyes scanned over my naked body as he placed the box on the counter in front of my desk. “I do enjoy your office being on my route.”

I looked into his eyes, determined to put on a brave appearance, “Doing well … how is day going?”

He chuckled, “Much better at the moment.”

Then, as if it couldn’t be more embarrassing, Diana came out of Jerry’s office. She smiled at me and raised her gift bag in her hand. Then, I remembered. I looked down to my desk to see the BenWa balls in their packaging clearly in view on my desk. The UPS guy’s eyes had followed mine and was now smiling with recognition.

Diana called out with too much cheeriness given my situation, “Bye, Carol! Thanks for your help this morning.”

I was a beet red as I forced my eyes back to the UPS guy. He smiled and backed his way toward the door, bumping into it as his eyes never left my tits.

I placed my hands on the desk surface and sagged over them, shaking my head at the embarrassment and the excitement. Then, “That was interesting.” It was Kevin standing in his doorway. I wasn’t even aware he was in the office, yet. Just then, the door opened, again. I looked up with dread, but it was Ethan. Kevin added as my eyes locked onto Ethan’s with relief, “Carol, I think I really need to see you in my office.” Ethan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

As he passed me on his way to his own office, “No sense in getting dressed, dear. After Kevin, you might as well come straight to my office.” He stopped as we came to Kevin’s open office door. He whispered, “Have I had you anally, yet?” I nodded my head. He smiled and continued to his office. Oh, God. That thing is going into my ass? I shivered as I stepped naked into Kevin’s office and it wasn’t because of the fucking Kevin was going to give me.

After Kevin, I tentatively stepped into Ethan’s open doorway. He looked up, “Been a busy morning so far?” I nodded. Two cunt-fuckings and one ass-fucking and I had only briefly sat at my desk. “Do you need a break? A rest?” See, that was the difference. Jerry and Ethan have no issue with using me, but they also think about me.

“No, sir. I … I …” He just sat watching me. He motioned me inside and it was only then that I realized I was still standing in the open doorway. All the while I was being fucked by Kevin, I had one thought and it wasn’t Kevin. I stepped to the side of his desk and must have appeared like a timid girl, not the slut who has been fucked in these offices regularly. I dropped to my knees, “May I suck your cock, sir?” I did like sucking and fucking his big cock, but I had always tried not to show it too much. After talking to Bill about Ethan’s cock, he warned me about showing favoritism in the office. Although they were warned about treating me well, I was still at their mercy and bad feelings or jealousy could get in the way of this being fun.

He smiled, “You know I like the way you suck my cock.” I could see he was going to make me do it, though, take it out to have it in my mouth. I undid his belt and zipper, pulling his slacks down until his cock was exposed. It was already semi-hard, no doubt from the teasing of me about my ass, and thinking about how it would feel to stretch that hole out. “You like my cock, Carol?” I nodded as my mouth took the head in. He stroked my head, “I want you to get me hard with that pretty mouth of yours, then it is about time I feel how your ass feels around it.” I shivered at the thought. I wasn’t afraid, but it was more cock than I had taken back there.

When he was very hard, he raised my head off his cock by putting a finger under my chin and raising it. All the while I was sucking him, feeling it in my mouth, all I could think about was being ass-fucked by it. Even as my head was being raised, my eyes stayed fixed on his cock, until I finally looked up at him. He was holding a tube of lubrication in his hand. Oh God … he was going to make me do it all. I squeezed some lube into my hand and spread it liberally over his cock, my fingers caressing his cock in the process. I then squeezed a generous glob onto two of my fingers. He raised my chin for me to look at him, then he nodded for me to do it. I shuddered. He was having me look into his eyes as I pressed the lubricant into my ass. It was exciting the way he directed me, made me prepare myself for his use. Bill was clearly my dominant, the man I was truly submissive to. Jerry was next because Bill directed it that way. But of the other men, Ethan’s attitude and confidence made him exciting.

As I did that, he kicked off his shoes and removed his slacks and underwear. He seemed to want me to straddle him, which confused me momentarily. But he indicated for me to turn around and back up to him. I spread my legs and backed over his legs. I reached back and spread my ass-cheeks as his hands grasped my hips and guided me down. One of his hands disappeared as the other continued to guide me. Then I felt the head of his cock at my puckered hole. I was thankful now for being fucked by Brian there.

He pressed his hips up but pulled me down more with both hands as my sphincter was spread and forced open. I gasped and shuddered as it passed through the tight ring and several inches pressed into my tight passage. I released my ass-cheeks and put my hands on his thighs to stop any more movement. I had to adjust and he understood that as one of his hands left my hip and reached around to stroke my clit. It was like he had done this to women before, this stretching of assholes from what a ‘normal’ cock opened up and what his cock would do. And, ohhhhh … was it opening me up.

He shifted back into his chair and pulled me back with him. Then, he released his hold on my hips, one hand going to my tits and the other between my thighs. “Now fuck me,” he said. I raised up and dropped down. It took a half dozen times of movement up and down before I had his cock completely buried in my ass. It felt like he was pushing into my bowels. Nobody had been so deep inside my ass.

As I fucked him, that was what was happening, his fingers were tormenting my nipples and clit, and every now and then his finger would probe into my open cunt. I cried out as an orgasm crashed over me but he wasn’t ready, he flexed up into me to encourage me to continue my fucking and on weak legs I did. I felt his cock thicken and become even more rigid in my ass and his efforts on my body increased, too. As I felt his first spurt into my ass, he pinched my clit, sending me into yet another orgasm, my juices running out of my open cunt onto his probing fingers and down over his cock throbbing in my ass.

I collapsed back against him, panting for air. I felt his own gasping, his chest underneath me expanding and slacking as he fought to control his own breathing. I leaned my head back alongside his, turned and kissed him. He turned his head and we awkwardly mashed our mouths and lips together.

As I gasped, “My … God, sir … that was … amazing!” He chuckled and thanked me. “I … suppose … uhmmmm … I usually … clean off … I mean … I am supposed to … after …”

He turned my face to make eye contact, “Yes, slut … you need to clean my cock.”

I wasn’t sure why I thought it more … something. I guess because I envisioned his cock going further inside me? Regardless, I raised myself up, feeling his cock pulled out of my ass. When the head came out, he pushed me onto the desk in front of him, my ass pointed at him. Then, I heard, “Damn, Carol, that’s a wide-open ass with cum running out. Sweet.”

I blushed profusely. It’s one thing to do it, another thing to have it described to you.

After cleaning his cock on my knees while avoiding looking at it or thinking about the different tang I found there, I rose and made my way to the door. I stopped while part way out the door and turned back to him. “Thank you, sir.” I was smiling for real, too.

I gathered up my clothes from my chair and casually walked through the office to the restroom. I seriously needed to try to clean up a bit before putting clothes back on. Fucked in the ass and cunt twice each and surprised by the UPS guy and Diana. Quite a morning. And, the day was just beginning.

I wondered about the Ben Wa balls. They were heavy and something on the packaging made me think they had a weighted ball inside. The heavier they are, the harder it is to hold them inside, and produces better exercise for the muscles. Maybe will all the cock I am getting stronger muscles would be a good thing. And, the separate weights inside should make them move in interesting ways as the balls move and the weights move independently. Bill indicated to use them when I’m not likely to get fucked. The way this day is going I think I’ll wait until the drive home.

I was just passing Jerry’s open office door. “Carol, are you still naked?”

I turned back and leaned in. “Yes, sir. It’s been a busy morning.” He chuckled and shook his head.

* * CHAPTER 8: ETHAN’S FRIENDS will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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