sis and her best friend


sis and her best friend
Episode 1 – Postman’s Knock

Writing about my encounters with Mrs Simpson during my late teenage college days got me thinking back to my younger days and my first sexual experience. This is a gentle story of youth and innocence so apologies to those of you who like your stories a little raunchier. It takes a while to warm up so please bear with me.

I was 12 and s*s was 15. My parents were attending a funeral which meant they would be away for a few days. s*s was left in charge and her reward was that her class mate and best friend Jenny was allowed to stay with us. They were sharing s*s’s room and I had my own room – mum and dad’s bedroom was strictly off limits. On the first night I was allowed to stay up a bit later but was eventually packed off to bed. I was woken by s*s and Jenny talking and laughing in the next room. I got out of bed and tip toed to s*s’s bedroom door which was slightly ajar, just enough for me to peek through the gap.

They were sitting up on s*s’s double bed brushing their hair and chatting. Nothing much there for a fast developing and curious youth but suddenly it got more interesting. They stripped off in readiness to put their nighties on but paused to compare their bodies. s*s was tall and slim and didn’t have much up top at that age. Jenny was shorter and of a heavier build, certainly not heavily built, there was just more meat on her bones than s*s. She had already developed what could certainly be described as breasts. s*s had thin, even skinny, legs and thighs but Jenny’s were fuller and fleshier. She had thick, jet black hair and as James Bond once said … the collar matched the cuffs! I was both fascinated and excited but nervous I might be discovered. Jenny was kneeling, sitting back on her calves but then raised herself up to put her nightie on. I caught sight of her bottom … OMG! … it was the pertest, cutest, utterly gorgeous bum you could ever hope to see. I gently eased the door open another inch or so for a better view and as I did so Jenny seemed to look directly at me. My head instinctively jolted back and my pulse was sent racing. I quickly retreated to my room not sure if I’d been rumbled.

At some point in the middle of the night I was woken by the sound of the loo flushing. It was pitch black but I became aware that someone had entered my room … it was Jenny. She sat on the edge of the bed on my right hand side and whispered … sorry Bill did I wake you? It must have been all that pop I drank; I woke up needing a wee. I mumbled something on the lines of it not being a problem. I was convinced she was going to scold me for spying on her and s*s but instead she just chatted quietly to me about routine stuff and that it was a bit unfair I wasn’t allowed to have my best friend round too. Thinking I had got out of jail free she suddenly said … I saw you watching us Bill. I gulped and went beetroot red in the face (luckily in the darkness she didn’t see that) … I was rendered speechless and struck dumb. I knew you were there but it’s okay I quite liked it knowing you were watching me. You must have seen my titties … I mumbled in agreement … did you like them? Yes I did, I replied. It’s only natural at your age to start getting interested in girls. We girls like to look at boys too you know. Did you get excited when you saw my titties Bill? Yes, I replied and feeling more relaxed I added … I also saw your bottom. Did you now and did you like that too Bill? Yes I think its beautiful Jenny … I think everything about you is beautiful. Are you still excited Bill? Yes Jenny, I croaked. I want to see, she said … her hand crept under the covers and soon found the root of my excitement. Her hand was warm and soft and felt wonderful. What about s*s I whispered? Don’t worry she’s fast asleep …

At this point I need to go back a few months to the Christmas party in the village hall for the local 11 to 15 year olds. I had yet to reach my 12th birthday. I imagine it’s not allowed these days but back then we played a game called Postman’s Knock. This involved one of the party goers going into a small room and sitting on a chair; once seated the light would be switched off and the door closed. This would be followed shortly by a knock at the door. The person in the room had to say … who’s there? ‘it’s the postie’ (always a member of the opposite sex) would be the reply ‘close your eyes I have a parcel for you’. The postie was then invited to enter the room so in theory you didn’t know who it was. The door would then be closed plunging the room into darkness again and the postie would sit on the person’s knee and give that person their Christmas gift. In return the person had to give the postie a kiss. Eventually I got my turn at being the recipient and when the postie said ‘close your eyes I have a parcel for you’ I recognised the voice as Jenny’s. She sat on my knee and handed me my gift and I thanked her by shyly pecking her quickly on the cheek. Jenny wrapped her hands round my neck and gave me a huge smackeroo right on the lips. I’d never kissed a girl properly before and it was like a lightning bolt hitting me. Next thing her tongue was in my mouth and she took my hand and placed it on her inner thigh. She continued snogging me and, realising the effect she was having on me, she gyrated her hips on my lap. She pushed my hand up her dress until I reached her panties which were slightly damp and I could feel the outline of her pussy lips … all too much I’m afraid … I came in my underpants. Fortunately I wasn’t producing then or at least very little, so no embarrassing stains on my trousers. Then a knock on the door and a voice saying … okay times up. It was an earth shattering, exhilarating and bewildering experience … but I loved it …

Back to the main story … as she gently stroked me she whispered … remember when we played Postman’s Knock at the Christmas party Bill? Yes I replied. Remember you touched my panties … I would have liked more of that but you came didn’t you? Yes Jenny. I knew you had. Would you like to touch me again Bill? Yes please Jenny. She peeled back the covers, folded her left leg, stretched her other leg down the bed and for the second time took my hand and placed it on her inner thigh. Don’t be shy this time Bill, as she reached again for my aching member. I tentatively moved my hand up her soft thigh until I felt the fluffy down of her sex. Put your finger in Bill, she whispered. I did as requested and as I fumbled for her opening my finger slid past her outer labia and entered her wet recess. Just like the party game it was all too much and breathlessly I came, spurting a small quantity of seed on her hand, but I stayed hard (those were the days, lol!). Put another finger in Bill … as I did so she held my hand and guided me to her swollen bud … mmmm that’s it Bill rub me there. It was like being in a dream, a dream you never want to awaken from … as I rubbed her clit she continued stroking me … she placed her free hand at the back of my neck, lent in and kissed me, pushing her wet tongue against mine … then, pressing her lips to my ear, she sighed, moaned softly and said keep rubbing Bill I’m cumming, then she trembled in orgasm … heart pounding I came again, just a trickle of seed seeping onto her fingers.

To be continued …

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