Sex Dungeon 2

Sex Dungeon 2
There is a fierce rivalry between the dark elves and the Star Blade tribe. While the dark elves make formidable mages they are not equal to the fighting prowess of the surface elves.”

I giggled as I took the clothing from my inventory and put it on. I pulled the hood of my cloak up and drew my silver sword. I found a spot to reveal myself to the dark elves. I cried out and brandished my blade. The three looked up and saw the sun flash off my weapon and let go of their cocks and beat a hasty retreat. I waited until I was sure they were gone to descend and claim my prize. I freed the woman. She was so weak I had to carry her out to a safe location before I could speak with her. I kept a look out but the trio seemed to have fled all the way back to their underground realm. The woman moaned as she regained consciousness.

“Hey, are you okay,” I asked and she nodded as she slowly sat up.

“Don’t hurt me,” she begged as she saw what I was wearing.

“I saved you,” I told her as I pulled down the hood.

“A cat folk, why would you save me,” she asked.

“I think that you are hiding something I need,” I said and she smiled.

“You are a follower of the dark one,” she whispered. “Say her name and I will give you what you seek.”

“Anackire,” I said in low voice.

The dark elf clapped her hands together and then gestured producing a dark bloom. I received it and it appeared in my inventory. The she elf began to get to her feet when she saw my frown. She sat back down and asked why I was sad. I told her how I had gotten the first flower. She looked confused until I put all of my clothing into my inventory. When she saw my dual erections she gasped and understood.

“Oh you thought I was the bud you sought,” she moaned. “Do you still wish to pluck me?”

I leaned close and kissed her. She kissed me back and took me into her arms. I learned later how aggressive the dark elves can be especially the females. That is why it took three males to subdue her. I relented to her hunger and let her take charge. She was a fierce lover and was dominant throughout our encounter. I lay panting and sweating beneath her fiery passion. She took me three times before her endurance reached zero. I checked my inventory only to discover she wasn’t in my harem. I had to take her not the other way around. I drew on the others to recuperate. I rolled the dark elf onto her belly and slid into her from behind. She fought like a wild cat now. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Her fighting slowly stopped and then she was strangely compliant.

“Fine, fuck me you Futa bitch,” she growled.

“Shut up cunt,” I replied as I flexed my cocks inside of her. “Take that you cock hungry slut!”

“NNNNNN, I am… oh god I am a cock hungry,” she cried out. “Give it to me… fill my ass and pussy with your man juice.”

I grabbed her by the hair and that’s when she broke completely. I used it like a rein and worked her into a gallop. The sound of our love play echoed over the entire woods. Her scream as she climaxed pierced the air and she vanished revealing the third and final flower I required. I never expected that kind of twist in this quest. I dressed and brought my map window up. I had a long way to go before I reached the pool. The dark elf had alerted most of the woods to my presence. I was going to have to be doubly careful if I was going to reach the pool. I changed into my old clothes so that at least the three dark elves wouldn’t recognize me.

I moved as quietly as I could but was still getting used to the new body mechanics, namely breasts. It felt so weird to me and I stopped in a secluded niche to see if there was anything in my inventory that might help. To be honest the constant swaying and the rubbing of my nipples against the shirt were driving me crazy. I found a roll of bandages under my healing items and used them to good use. I wrapped up my jugs and put my shirt back on. Now I could focus on my environment instead of my poor sensitive nipples. A little later on I saw a bright blue patch ahead of me and carefully approached. I could smell the scent of urine and realized that the bright blue patch was in fact where someone took a piss. That meant that someone was nearby and I should be extra cautious.

I was just topping a hill when I saw the flash of sunlight on a piece of metal. I froze and stared at it. My heart began to pump in my chest and my muscles began to tense as if I was getting ready to attack. Oh dear god it was a hunter’s version of a red laser dot. I turned away and got ahold of myself. I now knew there was at least one bad guy in the area. I moved in a circular pattern away from the tree where the piece of metal hung. I wanted another angle on that tree to see where they were positioned. I found a good spot and waited. I remained motionless and found it was easy for me to stay still without muscles cramping or going asleep. The hunter was not quite as patient. They moved and I caught a profile of their head and saw the prominent fangs. It was an orc. I couldn’t tell their sex but I decided it was time to turn the tables on them. I popped my claws and easily climbed a tree nearby. If my plan worked I would use the branch as a springboard and launch myself at them from the side and take them out. Before I did that though I wanted to make sure they were alone. So once more I waited patiently for someone else to reveal themselves. Someone, actually something arrived and it too was hunting the orc. It must have found where they took a piss and tracked them to the tree. The lizard was huge, at least twice the size of a full grown horse and smelt of sulfur something fierce. It was a dark green with red and yellow markings along its back and flanks. The head was reminiscent of a komodo dragon and made me glad I was up in a tree and nowhere near that vicious maw it possessed. It stalked straight up to the orc’s tree and as I watched it sprayed some sort of liquid on the base of the tree from its mouth and one spark later the tree was engulfed in flames.

The orc cried out in pain and surprise. I watched as she leapt from her branch and shoulder rolled away from the blazing tree and the b**st that had nearly roasted her alive. I changed out my weapon without thinking. I had the silver sword in my hands and timed my leap with perfection. I launched my body into the air and took aim at the spot just behind the skull of the b**st. It would be more vulnerable there I hoped. I hit my mark and with my entire body weight behind it the sword nearly decapitated the thing. It dropped lifeless beneath me and with a jubilant tone vanished in a cloud of pixels. There were items left behind which I added to my inventory before checking on the wounded orc. She was barely conscious and huddled in a fetal position on the ground.

“I won’t hurt you,” I said as I searched my inventory for anything that might heal her.

“You… you killed it,” she whimpered. “…with one shot… who are you?”

“I am Shadow Oak, but my friends call me Shadow,” I said in introduction.

The only thing I had to heal her with was my saliva. Apparently cat folk can lick their own wounds or those of others for a minor restoration of hit points. Her health bar was in the yellow so I told her what I had to do. I helped her out of her armor and discovered the worst of the burns were on her back side and her lower back. I smiled as I brought my face to her lower back and began to lick. She shivered at first and then moaned as the anesthetic effect of my saliva started to work. As I worked my way down her moans got louder and more insistent. Once I had licked her ass cheeks and the back of her thighs the she-orc insisted on moving to a more mutually pleasurable position.

“Two… you have two cocks,” she gasped. “Oh I am going to be in heaven.”

As I licked her soaked slit she went down on me and stroked my other erection eagerly. I found her sensitive clit and teased her to an ear splitting climax. Once more I was worried my position might be compromised but no one came or interrupted our little love fest. The she-orc, who went by the moniker of Black Thorn, was now straddling my erections and eager for the next stage of pleasure.

“Let me do it,” she begged. “Please let me fuck you.”

“How can I possibly say no,” I replied as she impaled herself completely.

“Oh god… my pussy… my ass… nnnnnn… let me be your companion please,” she groveled as she rode me. “I will be your protector.”

“I don’t understand,” I said until I looked closer at her health bar. She wasn’t an A.I. she was another player. “I didn’t realize… oh damn… you are squeezing me like crazy…”

“You won’t find a more skilled or eager lover than me Shadow. What do you say?”

“Let’s see how this all works out,” I said and she agreed.

Thorn rode me like a mad woman. She wasn’t like any of the other females in the game. She did things that made my toes curl in record time. I was panting and ready to burst when she changed things up and slowed down. She let me catch my breath and then rode me hard only to slow down again. She did this a few times until we crossed the point of no return. When I finally did climax I nearly passed out. Thorn lay next to me and asked me how long I had been in this world. I told her even as I claimed a new level and a new achievement, one of your own. She had just cracked fifth level and had finished her quest, to find and seduce a cat folk. She was laughing when she told me she had also gotten an achievement of her own.

“I… just got ‘double dicked’. It’s a pretty rare one according to my familiar.” She said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“A she-orc huh,” I said and she nodded.

“I wanted a strong female role to play,” she confessed. “A Futa Cat Folk… I have to say that is far more interesting than mine.”

“I tend towards the unusual,” I said. “Besides what guy hasn’t fantasized about having tits.”

“MMMM speaking of tits,” she purred. “Let’s unwrap these babies and have a taste shall we.”

“Wait… unnnn… stop…”

It was nightfall before we zeroed out our endurance meters. I was impressed with her stamina and she adored my cocks. It was a match made in virtual reality. We ate dinner and I told her I still had a quest to finish. She once again offered to be my body guard. I took her up on her offer and we agreed to head out at first light. We slept in the trees for fear of another of those damn fire breathing lizards showing up. Well that and her thunderous cries when she climaxed might have drawn any number of wandering monsters near our camp. I didn’t sleep much. I was still a little wary of her for now. I did close my eyes long enough to recharge my meters though. Dawn came faster than expected but then again this was just a digital landscape. Though it felt, smelled and tasted very real to me.

I brought up my map and we headed out after a light breakfast. Thorn was eager to blaze a trail but I insisted on stealth. So while it took us longer we were able to ambush several monsters and a few hunting parties along our way to the pool. When we did reach the pool I didn’t know if she could follow me or not. She understood and agreed to guard it until I returned. I retrieved the three blooms and dropped them onto the surface of the water. They rippled and once the last flower struck a metallic tone sounded and a voice called out to us.

“If you would enter the temple you must come sky clad or not at all.”

“I guess we are going naked then,” I said.

“I just got a side quest,” she said with a smile. “Do you mind?”

“No, the more the merrier,” I told her and we deselected all of our equipment.

I dove in first and Thorn followed after. We could only swim down several feet when something strange happened. The water rose up out of the pool in a glittering column with us trapped inside of it. A scintillating light engulfed me and I cried out as I fell into yet another pool. This one was quite warm and soothing. Thorn came up sputtering but unharmed. It was a hot spring and there to greet us two hooded acolytes of Anackire. They dried us off and offered us robes of our own. One of the priestesses touched a finger to her lips for our silence before leading us into the sanctum of the goddess. The cavernous chamber was so large I couldn’t see the roof and even our bare feet sent echoes announcing our presence. The two acolytes took Thorn to the side of the chamber as the scene unfolded.

“You are called Shadow Oak,” the disembodied voice whispered.

“I am,” I said.

“You are a bold one,” the voice replied. “No male has attempted entering my service for a thousand years. I wonder what it is you hope to gain.”

“You are the goddess of chaos and magic. I thought that would be obvious.”

“Speak plainly to me,” she purred in my ear.

“I want… to please you. I want power as well.”

“Clever Cat,” she said as the sound of running water began. “You choose your words with wisdom. You wisely put my needs ahead of your own.”

“As it should be,” I said as fog rolled out from the center of the chamber and the sound of water became louder now. “How can I endear myself Anackire?”

“Bold Cat,” she hissed. “You speak my name in my house. So what does Anackire desire?”

The fog thinned and a wall of crystal could be seen. It was thick enough to obscure details but thin enough to reveal the very feminine figure behind it. I could see as she pressed her breasts against the crystal and they flattened revealing her dark nipples and areoles. She moved, no she danced away from the wall and vanished. Once more she pressed her body against the crystal but this time it was her very firm very round bottom. What a tease I thought to myself. The wall split in half and I saw the waterfall beyond and from its roaring waters came the goddess incarnate. My jaw dropped open seeing her perfection made manifest. Her features changed as she moved. One moment she was elven, another she was orc and another human. Her skin and body took on those characteristics as well but always mixed and matched. She sported a cat folk tail now with the ebony skin of the dark elves. She was completely mercurial but always female.

“I am Anackire,” she said her voice booming in the chamber. “I am Chaos.”

I caught movement in the corner of my vision as the acolytes and Thorn dropped to their knees. I stood there enraptured by her seemingly endless beauty. I was riveted to the spot as aroused as I had ever been. My erections were painful from the hunger to touch her. She danced and as she danced she seemed to grow limbs, arms specifically. It was like a Hindu goddess dancing for me and me alone. I tried to count her arms to take my mind off of her body but failed completely. Nine, she had nine arms now and each hand was making a different gesture. Was that her secret? Were the gestures the key to her power and her magic?

“I am Anackire,” she purred as she moved behind me. “I am Power Incarnate.”

I found that I could move again. My hunger had reached its limit and could no longer be denied. If she was going to burn me to ash then let me earn her ire by touching her. I spun around and her back was to me. I stepped up and slid my arm around her waist. I pulled her to me. I took in her scent and dared to kiss her long elegant neck.

“Burn me goddess but my desire for you can’t be denied,” I growled as my erection slid beneath her divine sex. “I cannot do otherwise but love you.”

“Then be burned Shadow Oak,” she moaned. “Kiss my lips and face the wrath of heaven.”

I took her in my arms and turned her to face me. I looked into her ever-changing eyes and then leaned close and let our lips touch. She was warm as any woman but the contact was electric. I gasped as I felt her power enter me. I closed my eyes and our kiss deepened. I did love her. My whole being felt a connection. If I were to die at this moment I would be at peace. She pressed her body to me and more of her power flowed into me. I imagined my health bar turning white and burning out. She broke our kiss to ask me one last time.

“Would you turn back,” Anackire growled in my ear. “Would you deny me anything?”

“I belong to you,” I said.

“I accept your sacrifice,” she whispered as she hopped up and impaled herself on my erections. “YESSS!”

I cried out as the pleasure gripped me. I took her hips in my grasp and began to lift and drop her. She was goddess no more just a woman that I would make howl for me. I wanted only to hear her cries of release as she climaxed for me. I stabbed my hips upward as I lowered her down. While I appeared to be in control I quickly learned that she could keep me on the edge of bliss indefinitely and never let me climax. I didn’t care. I kept making love to her even as my body shook at being so close and yet denied. The chamber shook when her first orgasm struck. I could die happy now. But she wasn’t done.

“Down Shadow Oak,” she moaned. “Take me from behind… Take me like a whore…”

I bent my knees and her feet touched the floor. We disengaged but only for a short time. Soon she was bent over at the waist facing away from me. I slid back into her and did as she commanded. I fucked her like a whore. I dared to grab her ethereal mane and slam my cocks into her over and over again. I was in perfect agony as my body remained in that perpetual moment just before release. Anackire slammed her hips back against me and drove me as deep as I could go. I reached with my free hand and mauled her breast. I cupped it and squeezed it and even dared to give her nipple a savage twist for good measure. I knew I was going to perish so I wanted to do it all. Her second climax was so great she nearly pushed me out as her pussy and ass clenched around me.

“Take me like a lover… a wife…” she commanded.

I stopped and eased out of her. We lay on the temple floor with her beneath me. I gently slid back into her and kissed her as we made love. I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts and loved them as I drove my cocks into her in a nice slow pace. There was hurry now. She had come twice for me. I was panting the entire time and soon she was whimpering and crying out.

“I am going to cum,” Anackire cried. “I am so close Shadow… just a little…”

Her back arched and she came for the third and last time. I was still stuck in limbo. She shoved me onto my back and took my cocks in her hands. She licked the tip of one as she stroked the shaft of another. Soon all nine hands were working on me and two pairs of lips licked and sucked me. My eyes closed as I reached a new level of pleasure and with a howl that echoed everywhere I finally came. The goddess drank from me and I did black out. I opened my eyes and found myself in a massive stone bed. The mattress felt like I was on top of a cloud. The covers were warm and comforting.

“So this is the afterlife,” I whispered.

“Silly Futa,” Elara said. “If she wanted you dead, trust me you wouldn’t be here with me husband.”

“Husband…” I said trying that word on for size. “Wife… where are we then?”

“In the Sanctum Sanctorum, the holy of holies,” she purred as she snuggled close. “I am the high priestess of Anackire. I am the secret maiden. She will at times take over my body when it suits her. She was very pleased with your performance. She has done something she has never done before.”

“What is that?” I asked as Elara kissed my neck.

“She has granted you the nine hands,” she purred as her kisses moved lower and lower.

“UNNNN that tickles,” I moaned as she suckled one of my nipples. “What are the nine hands?”

“Well,” she giggled as she took both of my cocks in her hands. “When you are strong enough she will reveal one of her secrets to you. The gesture allows you to create a magical effect. You are hard already. I am amazed after how draining she can be.”

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