My mexican mom & black friend


My mexican mom & black friendMy name is Maxwell & this story is damn crazy. Let’s start off with my mom she’s a mexican women she’s 36, short about 5’1 or 5’2 she’s has a nice thick body nice size in titties 34c long black hair & beautiful light brown skin. She also doesn’t know much Spanish. Now my friend Chris his black his 19 I’m 18 by the way his pretty cool his skinny maybe 5’10 also he plays basketball. Ok now that I let you know a little bit about me & my mom & friend let the story start. One day me and Chris were walking to my house we was coming back from school. We got home and my mom was in the living room watching TV she said “Hola niños” that means hey boys in English I replied “hey mom hope you don’t mind I invited my friend over” she replied “it’s fine”. She got up to say if we was hungry I said “yeah” Chris replied “yes ms. Martinez”. She replied “ok I’ll call you boys in 10 minutes let me heat the food”. Remember my mom saying all this in Spanish though so me & Chris where playing some call of duty on my Xbox 1 after maybe 20 minutes of playing my mom is yelling “food is ready” I tell Chris “let’s go”. We was all eating & I noticed Chris keeps on looking at my mom’s titties. It was kinda bothering me but I didn’t want to say anything bad or anything. My mom asks Chris “so what you think about mexican food” & he replied with “I love Mexican women” so fast my mom started to laugh & I was just looking him like wtf my mom said “that’s good to know but I said mexican food” this time she said her sentence slow Chris replied şişli escort with “oh sorry ms. Martinez about that but yeah I love Mexican food”. After 30 minutes later Chris was on his way to go home & I told him ” ok later b*o see you in school 2mm” my mom Said “I’ll open the door for you” as I was leaving to my room I forgot I left my phone in the table so I go back but I got stopped in the conner of my hall seeing Chris talking to my mom he was talking to her saying ” ms. Martinez I have to say you are one beautiful women, we should hang out sometime” she looked at him & replied “oh god no your my son’s friend & your to young for me, so good bye get home safe”…. that night pasted I saw Chris at school I said wassup we was just talking than he said that “hey b*o you think I can sleep over at your place is that my parents are going to new Jersey to see my mom’s sister & I don’t want to stay at my place at lone it gets kinda wack” I replied “idk I have yo ask my mom 1st” he said I hope she let’s me stay I said “yeah” but I was thinking the whole time in my mind idk last night he was hitting on my mom like wtf but whatever I forgot about. We got home my mom was home I asked her if he can stay over the night she just said “it’s fine by me” Chris face expression was weird he was smiling so much funny thing he doesn’t smile much he mostly always serious looking. Around 9:00 pm my mom came to my room saying she’s going to take a shower if any of us wanted to use the bathroom before I go in. Me & Chris replied with “no its ok” maybe şişli escort bayan after 10 minutes Chris said he’s going to go get a class of water I said ok go hurry back cause we was playing online call of duty than 5 minutes pasted he still wasn’t back so I decided to go see what took him so long I’m walling down the hall before going to the kitchen the bathroom is on the left side I noticed the bathroom door was a lil opened so I looked in I saw Chris in front of my mom talking to her she only had her towel covering her from her titties down she’s telling Chris “get out before I call my son” he replied “for what I’m telling you your just so sexy Mexicana, don’t you want to have a black dick in you” she replied “Ohno I don’t like black people k**” he looked at her at little shocked than he un zipped his pants & pulled out his dick I can’t lie it was pretty big may 9 or 10 inches & kinda thick. My mom said “oh my god k** leave now” than Chris takes  my mom’s hand & places it on his dick he said were going to end this later & night & my mom was just looking at his dick “replied “just get out” I was just getting pretty pissed about to go in butIn some way I was liking it I don’t know how to explain. I went back to my room Chris came back I said what took you so long b*o he replied “I was pretty thristy”. It was like 2 am in the morning when I said Chris let’s go to sleep he said fine we turned of the Xbox & I acted like I was sleeping than I noticed Chris get up from the floor& leave my room I’m just thinking his going mecidiyeköy escort bayan to my mom’s room so  after a minute of him leaving I go follow . So  of a bitch is in my mom’s room I’m just peeking & my mom was asleep Chris staring touching my mom’s face trying to wake her up she wakes up saying “oh my god what the fuck are you doing here get out now” she turns the lights on she was only wearing a white tank top with no bra & pink see threw panties Chris said “no no we going to have some fun” my mom said I’m going to call my son he said “his sleeping already” than gets on top of my mom holding her hands back over her head She’s just telling him to get off of her. He reaching with one of his hands & pulls out his dick & starts smacking my mom with his dick saying “here enjoy it Mexicana you know you love nigger dick in you” than I noticed his trying to put his dick in her mouth she’s moving her head left right back & down trying to not end up sucking his dick than he got it in her mouth saying “suck it Mexicana” tha my mom just Starts sucking on his after a few minutes of my mom just sucking his dick & balls he gets off her & he takes her tank top off & her panties saying “get on” she was so wet I can see the pussy juice dripping from her legs she gets on top of him he’s just saying “you my Mexican bitch for now on” she replied “I’m your mexican bitch negro” after like 30 minutes of him fucking my mom he said “im about to bust a nut” get on your knees she does & he just dropped a load on her face she staring licking her fingers & mouth saying “not bad negro you got milk” this whole time I was so hard but I went back to my room acting like it was sleeping Chris came back to my room & well let’s say I kinda enjoyed seeing my mom doing that nasty shit who knows when this shit will

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