My little pervert

My little pervert
My pervert $on

My name is Jessica. I’m in my early forties. I have shoulder length brown hair with a little bit of curl, brown eyes and an average body at best. My tittys have grown a lot with age and after the birth of my s(o)n Johnny. I wear a 36 FF bra. My tits don’t stand out as proud as they did when I was younger. As my tits grew so did my nipples they are more browish and big, really big they cover the whole front of my big tits. Several veins and stretch marks on my tits. That’s to be expected they did grow very big. I’ve gotten use to the stretch marks and their size. I think the visible veins are kind of hot. I kind of like them now it makes me different then most women especially my huge nipples. When I’m horny which is most of the time the nipple itself grows to at least a inch. An inch and a half when I’m going to cum. Maybe in part it’s from me pinching and pulling on them. Although my husband left us several years ago I still groom my pussy hair. I like a little bit of hair on my pussy. I feel it’s cleaner and sexier even though I’m not married. When I have my private time I like to feel sexy for my evenings of self pleasure.
Even though my s(o)n Johnny still lives with me I rarely wear a bra when I get home from work. It’s warm here most of the year. I have the A/C up a little to save a few dollars so I like tank tops and drawstring shorts. I thought nothing of it. What s(o)n would be checking out his mothers floppy tits especially one in her early forties when he has all the teen girls with their firm budding tits at school.
Little did I know my s(o)n Johnny would turn out out be a pervert.

When my husband left me several years ago most days when I would shower I spent a lot of time soaping up my pussy and enjoying the shower massager. I also use a small vibrator. I really loved my showers and I would always cum a few times.

Like all working people YEAH it’s Friday. I couldn’t wait to get home and slip out of this damn bra. More then that I was really looking forward to a nice long evening pleasuring myself after my s(o)n left the house. I order a vibrating egg online. I sure hope it arrived today. I was anxious to try it out to see how it filled my pussy and make me cum.

I arrived home and there was a package in the mailbox. Good my vibrating egg is here just in time.
I said hi to my s(o)n went to my room to get out of my bra and opened my package.
The vibrating egg looked big. That’s exactly what I wanted. Can’t wait to try it out this evening.
I took off my bra gave my tits a good squeeze and slipped my tank top on. My nipples were really pokies today. I slipped into my drawstring shorts with no panties.
I was horny and wanted to try out the vibrating egg. I asked my s(o)n if he had time for dinner before he left trying to figure out what time he was leaving.
No thanks mom I’m leaving shortly.
Perfect I thought.
As soon as he shut the front door I went to my room shut the door and was out of my clothes. I laid down on the bed put some lube on my pussy not that I needed to my pussy was already wet and lubed the vibrating egg and inserted it in my pussy. I didn’t turn it on just yet. It filled my pussy perfectly. I rubbed some lube on my huge nipples rubbing and pulled on my nipples. I turned on the vibrating egg. Ooo shit it feels so good better then I expected. The vibration started to work it’s way to my clit leaving both my hands free to squeeze my tits and pull on my nipples. The more I opened and closed my legs the better it felt. Fuck I’m going to cum already. I arched my back and cried out oh mother fucker I’m cumming, ohh fuuuccckkk. Wow that was intense. I opened my eyes and my s(o)n was standing there naked stroking his cock. I tried to cover up my big tits with one hand and my pussy with the other.
Johnny what the hell do you think you’re doing?
You sure came hard mom. I like watching you.
He kept stroking his cock and pulling my hand off my tits.
Stop it Johnny I’m your mother.
You’re a MILF and one I’d like to fuck.
This isn’t right Johnny stop stroking your cock and get out.
I have a hard dick right here for you why would you want me to leave? I want some MILF pussy your MILF pussy.
I was over come with lust. Here’s a teenager with a shaved nice size thick cock wanting to fuck me. I haven’t been fucked in years but yet it’s my s(o)ns cock.
Johnny kept pulling my hand off my tits. I was a little slower covering them up then before. Maybe he’ll cum on me and he’ll be done.
I love your big MILF tits and those nipples. Younger girls don’t have tits like yours. You say you want me to leave but your nipples are erect.
Johnny still stroking his cock now pulling my hand away from my pussy.
Stop this is wrong.
It’s not wrong. I have a stiff dick that needs pussy and you have a pussy that needs to be fucked. Your butterfly pussy lips are open and inviting.
Tell me you couldn’t go for a fuck. A nice plum crowned dick pounding away at your MILF pussy.
Before I could answer Johnny came. One hot rope of his cum on my pussy hair, another on my leg and yet another on my stomach.
I was somewhat relieved and honestly disappointed that this may be over. Johnny then began rubbing his cum all over my pussy hair. His cum slippery finger slid down and found my clit and he started rubbing it. My swollen sensitive clit responded almost immediately. I pulled the string on the vibrating egg freeing my pussy. It felt so good to have someone else playing with my clit. Johnny inserted his finger in my pussy and was rubbing his thumb on my clit. I so badly wanted to scream from the sheer pleasure. Instead I closed my legs tightly around his hand and came.
Suck my dick mom.
No Johnny it’s not right. I’m your mother.
Your a MILF now suck it.
I don’t know what came over me I opened my mouth and took his limp dick in my mouth tasting a little bit of his salty cum. It didn’t take long for his cock to get hard. When it did he face fucked me, his cock head going almost down my throat. I was drooling down my cheek onto my pillow.
You liked me finger fucking you, I see you came again like a good MILF. What does a MILF really want?
I umm… I..
Talk dirty to me. Tell me what you want.
You really do want me to fuck you don’t you? Tell me!
Yes I want you to fuck me.
That’s it. Tell me how a MILF likes to get fucked.
I couldn’t believe what was to come out of my mouth. Hard, fuck me hard, cum anywhere you want. My face, my tits or my pussy it’s up to you just fuck me.
That’s better. Not like some young teen too afraid to say what she wants.
My legs were spread wide for my s(o)n.
Lift up your ass. I want this pillow under your ass. I want to see your MILF pussy.
I lifted up and Johnny slid a pillow under me. Perfect he said.
Johnny was rubbing his cock up and down my slit.
Look at your beautiful MILF pussy. Nice meaty butterfly pussy lips open for my hard dick. Nice big tits. I love your huge brown nipples. You’re making my dick so hard.
My s(o)n was telling me everything I wanted to hear making me hotter. My pussy was so wet I blurted out fuck me Johnny fuck me. He finally slowly slid his dick in my pussy. Oh the real thing after all these years feels so good. Johnny fucked me slowly sliding every inch of his cock deep in my pussy then back out over and over again.
Your pussy is so wet and yet tight. I want to just hammer away at you.
Do it Johnny fuck me fast and hard I need it, I want it. Johnny grabbed my big tits and pounded my pussy.
Oh fuck Johnny that’s it fuck me hard and deep. Beat my MILF pussy up.
I’m going to cum mom.
I wrapped my legs around my s(o)n give me your cum s(o)n give my pussy all the cum you’ve got. I could feel him explode in my pussy. I came with him. I love the feeling of his hot cum filling my pussy.
Johnny collapsed on top of me. I started to feel guilty until Johnny whispered to me You’re a great fuck mom. Everything I dreamed about. I’m going to fuck you in every room of the house. I want to titty fuck your big tits, cum in your mouth. One day I’m going to take your ass.
Oh Johnny my little stud let me clean your dick. Mmm the taste of my pussy and his cum.
I fell asleep naked completely satisfied.

The next morning I went into my s(o)ns room he was gone. I noticed his computer was on. I moved the mouse and xhamster site popped up. He had pictures of me in his gallery. At first I was upset. I noticed he had my face blacked out. There were pics of down blouse, nipple slips, tit slips and creep shots. I saw a lot of high ratings and I read a lot of the comments on how people loved my body especially my nipples and how they wished they could fuck me. I noticed several pics of my neighbor Nancy in his favorites. There were a lot of fa(m)ily videos also in favorites.
Johnny walked in.
Oh good you found my xhamster page. What do you think?
I umm… I don’t know what to think.
People love your big tits and huge nipples. Here look.
I didn’t tell him I already did.
Good, I think. Not letting him know I liked it and I felt dirty being exposed to the world as long as no one saw my face.
How would you like to watch some videos with me?
I don’t know about that.
I felt my s(o)ns hard cock pressing up against my ass check and his hand going up my top.
Johnny stop! He undid the drawstring of my shorts and pulled them down. His hand went straight for my clit. He said I’m going to eat you out and you’re going to ride me until I fill your pussy with my cum.
My s(o)n and his dirty talk got me wet again.
Johnny pushed me back on his bed, spread my legs and began eating me out.
I felt I had to say this isn’t right I told him. I’m your mother. Saying I’m your mother was starting to turn me on.
One way or another I’m going to fuck you, why don’t you just enjoy.
Johnny was very giving. He made me cum twice licking my pussy lips, sucking on them, flicking my clit and tongue fucking me.
Johnny then laid on the bed holding his cock up and told me to sit on his dick facing him. I kind of liked being told what to do. I mounted him. Johnny grabbed my tits as I rode his cock. He kept talking dirty to me, slapping my big tits and pulling on my nipples. I never thought I’d like to be treated like that but I did. I liked the fact he enjoyed using me. I wasn’t just a fuck I wanted to be fucked. My s(o)n made sure I came too.
He made me cum hard again. I’ve never cum being fucked.
That’s it mom keep riding me I’m going to cum.
I rode Johnny slowly. I heard him grunting.
Fuck, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming.
This is only the second time I felt cum filling my pussy. Both times it was my s(o)ns cum.
I collapsed on top of him pressing my big tits into his chest and let him go soft in my pussy.
I got off of him and without him telling me I licked and sucked his dick clean. I never knew I was such a dirty girl. I like being a dirty girl. I liked it so much I asked Johnny to take a picture of my pussy he just creampied and post it in his galleries. He was excited to do it.
We were posting my creampie pussy I told him I wanted it captioned “MILF creampie”
What’s with the pics of our neighbor Nancy?
Ricky put them up. He opened one and clicked on Rickys profile.
Ricky had a lot of his cock pics, some spewing cum. There were a few of him where he had cum on his mothers pics.
What’s this I asked?
Those are tributes.
Yes Ricky cums on pics of his mom and then he posts them.
Creepy isn’t it?
Kind of but he’d like to fuck her so he figures this is the next best thing.
He wants to fuck his mother too? What’s with you guys?
MILF’s. She’s a single mother like you. He figures she needs to fuck.
He’s right, she does.
How do you know this?
Girl talk. She misses the warmth of the real thing, especially the cum.
Hmm… I thought should I tell Ricky or make my move????

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