My hot times with a huge SSBBW


My hot times with a huge SSBBW
This is a true story of my multiple hook ups with a sexy ssbbw.

I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to give my throbbing cock entry to her beautiful fat pussy. And of course her ass was huge and bouncy, which I couldn’t wait to get behind and pound doggystyle. So basically she was a hot fat girl that was exactly my type of woman.

So, onto the story…

We talked for a few weeks, traded pics, and talked about how hot we were for each other. So we arranged to meet and get a room somewhere in between the two cities we lived in.

We picked a day and met at the motel. We had a few drinks in the room which led to the conversation turning sexual. I told her that I found everything about her so fucking sexy and asked her if she was into dirty talk. Specifically, would she be okay if I used the word fat in a positive way to convey how hot I thought her body was. She said she was comfortable with her body and that sort of talk would be a turn on as long as it wasn’t used to put her down. I assured her I am attracted to big girls 100 times more than those skinny twigs that do nothing for me.

As always, one thing led to another and we started making out and grinding. Her big soft body felt amazing against my hard skinny body. I started removing her clothes one article at a time before removing my own clothes. We layed down together, both of us completely naked, enjoying the feeling of our bare skin against each other. Her body was so soft and fluffy, I sucked on her big tits and hard nipples while squeezing her all over. She started begging me to put my hard cock inside her fat pussy. I asked if I should put a condom on and she replied “fuck no baby, I wanna feel your bare cock inside me”.

I didn’t hesitated spreading her meaty legs apart and sliding my rock hard cock into her warm juicy pussy.

She asked “Do you like having your cock inside my fat, wet pussy baby?”

“I fucking love it baby! Your fat pussy feels amazing. I want you to cover my cock with your fat pussy juices until it’s dripping down from my cock to my balls. I want my cock to smell like your beautiful fat pussy baby.”

After I said that I could feel her pussy getting tighter around my cock and her juices start flowing even more. I could smell that delicious pussy all over my cock and balls which was getting me so hot. A few minutes later I told her I was going to cum.

Without hesitation she begged me to please empty a big load of my hot sperm inside her. I heard that and it sent me over the edge. I pumped and pumped and pumped my massive load deep inside her. The feeling of my hot cum inside her sent her over the edge and she started cumming hard.

“Thank you for filling me with your hot jizz. I’ve never been with anyone that’s made me cum. Usually guys last a minute and then jump off, but you made me cum so fucking hard. That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.” She confided.

“You should get used to it because we have the rest of the day and night to fuck all we want” I replied.

We went out for some food then made out way back to the motel room. I sat on the couch to watch some tv. A moment later she walked in naked holding a cold beer. She told me to sit up and handed me the beer as she unzipped my pants after lighting a cigarette for me. She whipped out my cock and began sucking it while I sat there drinking, smoking, and watching some tv. It was amazing!

After that we jumped back in bed and I mounted her doggy. I slid my cock in her dripping fat pussy, grabbed a handful of her rolls and watched her body jiggle all over while I pounded her. I was so fucking turned on and asked her where she wanted my cum.

“Shoot your hot sperm deep inside my fat cunt again! I want to be filled with your cum all night.”

As I shot me load and started cumming at the same time. She said the feeling of my throbbing cock emptying my massive a loads inside her made her cum intensely.

She started screaming, “Yes! Yes! Baby! Fill my fat pussy with your load! I want to feel your sperm swimming deep inside me!”

We were both so satisfied. She got her pussy full of my swimmers and I had a cock emanating the sweet aroma of her sweet fat pussy.

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