My First MMF Experience

Aria Lee

My First MMF ExperienceFive years ago in March, hubby had to go to a conference in Vegas and I got to tag along. Since it was our first time there we went out a couple days early to have some fun. Day one was scoping the area and I found out that the first of March is College Spring Break time! We couldn’t believe the number of college k**s that go to Vegas for Spring Break. “Cheap rooms and food and sex is legal” one of them told me. Day two I was ready to have some fun. I put on a thin halter dress that came to mid-thigh with an open back that clung close to my body. After we ate supper we stopped and had a few drinks at the lounge and then I was ready for the strip.It gets a bit cool of an evening in Vegas during March and the cold air made my nipples harder and stick out even further. All eyes were undressing me and we hadn’t gotten to the side walk yet. Yes, that made me hot!We stopped to watch the show at Treasure Island when a gust of wind şişli escort came and blew up the back of my dress. I felt the rush up my legs and past my buttocks and pussy hair. That pleased the group of about 20 k**s behind us as they began asking for more. I teased them with a wink and a peak at my boob but then I spied two young men off to the side who seemed very interested in what they saw. I left hubby for a moment to go and talk to them. They were seniors and this was there last Spring Break and they wanted it to be special. I told them I would make it special for them, just follow us.We led them back to our hotel where after we walked in I turned and unbuttoned the two buttons on the back of the dress letting it fall to the floor. There I stood totally naked in front of two 22 year olds. I hadn’t done that since college! They both looked at my husband and then me. My lover said “she’s all yours boys, just do what she says”. mecidiyeköy escort The taller one Seth, was first to me as he went straight for my nipples. Ted, the shorter and thiner one, quickly stripped and dropped down to eat of my garden. I backed up and sat on the bed while Ted ate away and Seth took off his clothes. Both young men had average size cocks but I was looking forward to doing two at once for the first time ever.Seth came over and stuck his cock out for me to suck, which I gladly did. Ted was still licking away and began to finger me when Seth laid me back giving me better access to his balls and dick. After a minute or two I moved to my side and pulled Ted up to my face to kiss him and in doing so lifted my leg so Seth could put his tool in my aching kitty hole.Ted moved up and stuck his dick in my mouth as Seth pounded away at my pussy. Sensing he was about to explode, I released the hold my mouth esenyurt escort had on Ted’s prick and slid down to jerk off on my tits. I love hot cum on my chest! After he exploded I got on all fours so Ted could do me doggy while I told Seth to come on over so I could make him hard again. There I was sucking on one cock while being banged by another. It wasn’t long til Seth was hard again and at that same time Ted was about to cum. I quickly turned around and he shoot on my chest adding to Seth’s cum.Now I laid Seth down and climbed on top to ride like a cowboy. Ted moved up and let me suck him while I bounced up and down on Seth. Ted got hard quickly and I told them both to hang for on a minute. I moved down to the end of the bed with my head hanging over and sucked and licked both their cock and balls until they came on my chest again. This time, taking a prick in each hand, I rubbed the slippery goo around each nipple and sucked every last drop out of both of them.They thanked me for making this a “special” Spring Break like they had hoped for and left. I took a shower and then hubby and talked about what these boys were telling there friends about how they double teamed a Cougar. Then we screwed until dawn.

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