My female boss preps me for my boyfriend.


My female boss preps me for my boyfriend.I didn’t put this in my original story. But, after my birthday surprise. I also took the next day off. I was quite nervous and apprehensive about how that coming out would go over. My supervisor called me later in the afternoon to see how I was doing. I talked things out with her. She told me that she spoke to a lot of the girls and they’re fine with it. A couple of the older, married ones. Not so much. But, they wouldn’t be a problem. She added that I need to come in tomorrow for work and straighten my desk out too. Some of the girls got me some birthday presents. I also swapped some texts with a couple of the girls I know better and worked with. One in particular you might find funny. A very attractive, younger blonde Jennifer. We both liked football and would talk about that at work. She was younger and out of my league. So, we never had that sexual tension some co-workers do. Here’s her text. I think she was a bit of a BBC slut. But, wasn’t sure.Jennifer How big?Me – About 8 inchesJennifer – Thick??Me – FairlyJennifer – Does it hurt?Me – Not if lubed properlyJennifer got me a humongous bottle of lube…..LOL I had some panties, a stocking and garter set, a nightie, coupon to get my nails done and a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret from my supervisor. Fortunately, not much changed at work. A few dirty jokes from the gals, but I’m a big boy. I can take it. The sex was great at home for me. My boyfriend said I was a little rough around the edges. I’m sure he was correct. He wanted to get me to act more feminine. I’d wear nighties and panties around the house. That turned him on. I never had any headaches:)This was my first relationship in a gay one. With me as the woman. Not sure what your routine was. I’m an early riser. So, I get the worm..err black cock. I love to take care of his morning woody. He was always rock hard in the morning and almost always had a big load for me. Said it was good for my complexion. Our evenings were time for the lights down, r&b on the stereo, me on all fours and getting fucked silly. Which I loved. Nothing too kinky at this point. A little light avcilar escort bondage. Blindfolded. My hands tied together. Once, he had my hands and ankles tied. Blindfolded me. Just started doing a few things around the house. Leaving me like that. I had to beg him to fuck me I was so aroused. He liked to finish me off by fingering me as he sucked on my little dick, or clitty he called it. He’d bug me what I was doing about becoming more feminine.My birthday is in late October, we were out shopping a month later. Thanksgiving Weekend. We bumped into my boss at the mall. Right away. She says; “Oh, look at that happy couple.” I’m sure my face turned a little red. She said that she saw Anthony on my birthday but haven’t been properly introduced. I introduced them and they seemed to hit it off. The only problem was that I was the subject they were talking about. It was like I wasn’t there. She asked him if he liked my birthday presents. He laughed and chuckled, “Oh yeah!” She turns to me and wiggles her nose embarrassing me even further. Anthony notices and rests his hand on my ass. Whenever we’d see an older woman alone in public, he always liked to put his hand on my ass to let those bitches know I was his, he’d say.He whispered something to her and said he had to go. I was starting to follow him. He said no, Diane(My boss) would help me finish my woman shopping he called it. She would take me home. Diane loved this. Treated me like I was one of her k**s. We got some curious stares when we picked up the sexy clothes she helped me pick out. She’s a tiny woman and I’m a bigger guy. All of the stuff was XXL. The sales girls would look at us kinda funny. They figured out it was for me. We even stopped at the nail salon and had my toenails done hot pink. Quite possibly, the most embarrassing thing ever done to me. No turning back now. If I’m gonna be his woman, I’ve got to get used to it.Diane drove me home but said she had to stop at the Adult Shop. She went in by herself and was out a couple of minutes later. She wouldn’t tell me what she got. Once we got to my house, she helped me carry the stuff in and şirinevler escort I thanked her for taking me home. She told me that we weren’t finished yet’honey’ in a bossy tone. I was starting to get suspicious. I think her and Anthony texted each othera few times. She said; “I need to get you all dolled up to present to your man.” She had me take my clothes off. She chuckled when she saw the panties I was wearing. She must have bought a wig at the Adult Shop. She put some makeup on me. Blush, eye-liner and lipstick. Showed me how to do it. Shaved a couple areas for appearance. We got the sexy garter, panties that were accessible from the rear, and stockings on me. Put a nice black see-thru nightie on me. Put the wig on me and fixed it up a little. I wasn’t sexy at all. But, I sure felt like a woman. When we heard Anthony’s car pull up, she told me to get in the bathroom and would yell when to come out.I was in there for what seemed like forever. Checking myself out. LOL. I heard some music come on and was wondering what they were up to. Diane came in to get me. She whispered to me that she wanted me to walk sexy as she held my hand. Pretend I was dancing. She was liking this too much for my taste. She was getting to know way too much about me. She walks me out and I’m trying. Probably not too well, to walk sexy. She’s holding my hand and walks me up to Anthony. May, I present you Marcie she tells him. His eyes are bugging out a little seeing me dressed and acting like this. He’s always the one in charge and asks Diane if she wants to stay for the show. I’m like what show? The one you’re about to put on for me he tells me. Diane is giggling like a school girl. He grabs his camera and gives it to Diane and instructs her to take some pictures. He puts “Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain on the stereo. Tells me. Start dancing bitch. Kinda startled Diane. I start to dance for him and she’s clicking away. Showtime now baby he tells me. He instructs me to get on my knees in front of him. Promptly, blindfolds me. He asked Diane if she wanted to stay. She says; “I’m not leaving now. I want to see my work taksim escort put to use!”We did the usual. I sucked him off. But, in addition to him commanding me to suck his dick. Diane is talking smack to me too. Suck that dick Marcie. You bitch. Keep going. Startlingly, Diane asks Anthony when is he going to fuck his bitch. Right now, he tells her. The submissive part of me is loving this. Getting bossed around by my lover and my boss is watching!! I can hear her giggling as he has me shake my ass for him like he always does. Lubes me up a little. Has me rocking back and forth on his finger. I’m begging him to fuck me at this point. No sensual fuck here. He got his dick in me and just started slamming me. Take it bitch. You my bitch. Tell your Boss what you like. I like big,black cock I screamed at her. You sure do you bitch she yells at me. And, I’ve got some nice pictures too. I had never had sex in front of anyone before. I was always too shy to do that. I was excited, embarrassed, thrilled, humbled and just didn’t care that I was getting fucked by a big black cock in front of a woman. My boss! Whom, I see nearly every day. She’s a divorcee in her late 50’s, k**s are grown. Probably bored with her social life. I got my usual 2-3 loads in a well stretched out boy-pussy. He got me to come. And, I thought the day was over.As we’re relaxing, he asked Diane if there was anything she’s interested in. Well, I haven’t had my pussy eaten out in a very long time. I mentioned in my first story that I didn’t find her very attractive. Older, tiny woman with a big ass. And, not that great looking. Anthony orders me to get on my knees and eat her pussy. He did tell Diane, that she isn’t getting any dick. Nobody plays with Marcie’s dick, except him. Her pussy was hairy, but at least clean. I’m munching away. Anthony order me to lick her ass too. Diane is really starting to get off telling me to keep going bitch. She tells me to get back to work on her pussy, she’s about to come. She had a tremendous climax that had her whole body shaking. Probably, the craziest scene she ever encountered. As she was getting dressed and ready to leave, Anthony surprised me by asking her if she wanted to fuck me. I was like whaaaaattt? She gives me that bossy look and licks her lips. Oh yeah. Can’t wait she says. She reminds him to make sure that she gets a look at the pics she took too. That scene will be in my next story.

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