My aunt


My auntMy uncle came home for his 14 days and I limited myself to only using “Jean’s” panties. I tried peeping a couple times to see if I could catch them fucking but somebody had moved the curtains. One day while they were out, I “fixed” the curtains again and that night I got to watch as they fucked. I watched my aunt suck my uncle’s cock and then watched her have a couple huge orgasms as he ate her pussy. They started out fucking in missionary then she got on top and rode him then they ended up doggie and that’s how they finished. While they were fucking doggie I could see “Jean’s” tits swinging and swaying as she got plowed and I shot a load while I watched but this time I made sure I was pointed at the ground and not the side of the house. Five days after my uncle left to back out to the drilling rig, “Jean” and her friends went out again. This time, it took 2 of her friends to help her in the house. They laid her on the couch and after making sure I would take care of her they left. They had gone to a country/western bar this time and her outfit showed it. She was wearing a red plaid short -sleeve button-down shirt that had snaps instead of buttons, denim miniskirt and cowboy boots. I managed to pull her boots and ankle socks off, getting a perfect view of her black panties while I was doing it. She fought me a little in her drunken state but I got them off and went to get a blanket. When I got back she was laying with her legs spread and I could see the pubes that were coming out around the leg bands of her panties. I reached down and gently rubbed her pussy through the crotch of her panties. She didn’t move and I tried the wake up tricks and got no response. I got on my knees and bent down and as gently as I could, pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and just as gently licked her pussy. “Jean” moved a little but did nothing else. I probed her pussy with my tongue, tasting her juice and deeply inhaling her musky scent. I licked her for as long as I dared then pulled her panties back into place. I stood up and laid the blanket over her. I couldn’t help myself and I cupped one of her big tits and gently squeezed it until the nipple got hard. I so wanted to take that nipple in my mouth but I didn’t dare try to unhook her bra. Just as I moved my hand and was moving the blanket up to cover her shoulders, she turned onto her side facing me. I tried again to wake her, but like last time she was out cold. I unzipped my shorts and took out my cock and got on my knees by her head. I eased the head of my cock to her lips and rubbed it against them. I felt like I had electricity going through my body. I reached up and pulled her chin down opening her mouth and slid my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t hold it back….but I did manage to move back after only shooting one shot into her mouth, the rest I managed to catch in my hand. “Jean” coughed and gagged one time but didn’t wake up. I got up, went to the kitchen and washed my hands and got a beer and went out to the porch. I finished the beer and since she was passed out on the couch I headed for my room. The next morning I got up, went to the kitchen and “Jean” had already woke up, showered and had coffee brewing. She looked like she had a hangover from Hell. I asked her if she was alright and she gave me a look that said “NO!!!!!” We drank our coffee and then “Jean” headed back to her room to sleep more of her night of fun off. Around 4 after doing some work in the yard a friend called and asked if I wanted to go hang out with some of our friends, I told him yes and to be over to pick me up in an hour or so. “Jean” was lying on the couch and I told her as I passed by headed to my room that I was going out. She asked when I’d be home and I told her honestly I had no idea. {My uncle and “Jean” didn’t put any kind of curfew on me…..they bolu escort only asked that I not stay out all night or if I decided to stay at a friend’s house to give them a courtesy call.} I showered and just as I finished dressing my friend’s car pulled into the driveway. I stayed out until about midnight and decided to call it a night. None of my friends had any money to do anything and I wasn’t about to pay for all of them so I had him take me home. I walked in the front door and “Jean” was sitting on the couch….actually leaning would be more correct because she was sipping what had to have been one of numerous drinks. Her favorite was a vodka gimlet but when she couldn’t find a bartender that could make one she settled on tequila shots. Tonight it appeared to have been both. I went to the fridge, opened the freezer and checked the bottle of vodka…….it had been ¾ full earlier that afternoon, now there was only a few ounces left. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to the livingroom, sat in one of the recliners and asked “Jean” what brought this bought of drinking on. “Just felt like have a few drinks. The girls didn’t want to go out, so I decided I’d stay home and do it.” I watched her down the last bit of liquid in the glass, get up on very shaky legs and sway to the kitchen. I watched as she made another gimlet. She came back to the couch and plopped down, her big tits bouncing as she did. I got up to go change because my jeans were getting a wee bit tight in the crotch watching my aunt’s tits. I put on a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband and a tshirt… underwear. I went back to the living room and “Jean” was in the kitchen making yet another cocktail, muttering that that was the last of the vodka. She stayed in the kitchen and downed the small drink in 2 sips and had to hang on the furniture as she made her way back to the livingroom. She sat down on the couch and was barely able to sit up. I had the TV on but wasn’t watching it……I was watching “Jean”. She was sitting with her legs open and I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. I was getting a good view of her hairy pussy and my cock was getting harder and harder. After a few minutes she was slowly leaning further and further over until she was laying down, legs open and her shirt up around her hips. I eased my cock out of my shorts and started slowly stroking it. “Jean” had been out for about 10 minutes when she suddenly sat up and said, “I gotta get to the bathroom….QUICK!!”, I was trying to get my cock back in my shorts as I jumped to help her up and she leaned against me as we fast-walked down the hall to my bathroom since was right there. We barely made it. She pushed in front of me and as she was bending over getting sick her ass was rubbing my cock. When she had finished, I wet a washcloth so she could wipe her face. She just stood there, her ass against my cock, slowly wiping her face until she said, “OK….help me to bed.” I moved back and she leaned on me again as we went down the hall to her bedroom. I walked her to her side of the bed and she collapsed. I managed to get her on the bed with her head on a pillow and rolled her onto her side just in case she got sick again. I was leaning over trying to get the light blanket out from under her and I realized my cock was against her ass again. “Jean” had passed out as soon as she hit the bed and I was fighting a losing battle trying to get the blanket and every time I pulled the blanket, it caused her to roll back against my cock. I lifted her shirt and eased my shorts down with the intention of just jerking off on her ass. I rubbed my cock on her ass then touched her pussy with the head. Her pussy was hot and damp and I knew I wasn’t going to last too long. I was just starting to feel my balls give me that familiar tingle burdur escort when “Jean” says “Stop teasing me….push it in.” I stopped dead cold… body refused to do anything……I couldn’t breathe….I couldn’t move….I was paralyzed. In my mind I could see myself getting kicked out……after my uncle kicked my ass. Then “Jean” pulled her knees closer to her chest and said, “Come on, ******* {she said my uncle’s name}, stop teasing me.” I looked at her face and she was in another time zone. I called her name, shook her and used the EMT trick but she was out. Apparently my uncle would fuck her after she had been drinking. I spotted a bottle of lube on her night table and put some on my cock. I eased the head of cock into her pussy and slowly pushed into her waiting for the moment she realized what was happening. I got all the way in and was pulling back when she started to wake up. I pulled out quick and with one hand shoved my cock back into my shorts and with the other acted like I was still trying to get the blanket. She rolled over and said, “Bathroom!” I pulled her to her feet and managed to get her there just in time. When she finished she asked me to help her back to bed. She leaned heavily on me and as we got to the bed she started to fall. I tried to catch her but she tripped and fell onto the bed, pulling me down on top of her. So there I was, laying on top of my aunt, my face buried between tits and my cock pressed against her pubic bone… looked like something out of a gawky teen movie. I started to get up but “Jean” held me in place and said, “Hmmmm……feels like you have a problem,” and ground her pubic bone harder against me. “Let’s take care of it,” she said as she reached between us and pushed my shorts down freeing my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down and as I did my cock went into her pussy with ease because she was dripping wet and I still had lube all over my cock. I was in shock……I didn’t know whether to try to pull away and run or what….my brain was doing a re-boot and my body was in neutral. “Jean” started moving her hips, and said, “Well……am I gonna have to do all the work?” Suddenly my brain unfroze and my body started reacting. I started moving my hips, pushing deep into my aunt’s pussy, pulling most of the way out then shoving it deep again. I started to feel the itch in my balls again when “Jean” pushed me back until I was standing up, she sat up, pulled her shirt over her head so I could see her completely naked. I quickly pulled off my shirt, stepped out of my shorts which had ended up around my ankles and climbed into the bed. We lay side by side and I finally got to play with her tits. I massaged and cupped them, licked and sucked her nipples. “Jean” found the washcloth she had used to wipe her face and wiped her juice and the lube off her pussy and then my cock. She then got on her knees, straddling my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I licked her as deep as I could, wanting to get every drop of her juice. “Jean” was grinding her pussy against my mouth….I could feel her clit throbbing against my nose. She suddenly stopped, and turned around and lowered herself to my mouth again. Just as I was starting to probe her pussy again I felt her bend forward and take my cock in her mouth. I nearly blew my load….it had been a very long time since I had felt a mouth on my cock. She took my entire length into her mouth and throat, licking the shaft as her head bobbed up and down. I was still reeling……here I was…..laying in my aunt’s bed and she was sucking my cock. It was more than I could take……I lost control and shot my cum into her mouth, “Jean” didn’t slow down, her head kept bobbing and she swallowed every drop. She took my cock out of her mouth but got a tight grip on the base to keep me hard. She sat bursa escort up and my tongue found her puckered asshole and pushed in. I could hear her inhale sharply as my tongue penetrated her ass. “What are you doing?” , she panted. “Oh….shit……oh fuck!” she cried and I felt her body shake and a little wave of juice hit my chin as she came. She fell over and landed beside me breathing hard and little shivers still going on. “You realize we can’t say anything to anybody….right? I’m on the pill so no worry about getting pregnant. But if the family ever found out….”, she said after a minute or so. I agreed and we agreed that it could only happen when my uncle was gone……no playing at all when he was home. We decided we needed something to drink so we walked naked through the house to the kitchen. Alcohol was out of the question, so we settled on GatorAde then we went out onto the porch. I was a little nervous about being outside naked but “Jean” said, “Don’t worry. That house is empty, you can’t see over here because of the fence and the hedge hides the house from the one’s behind us. I used to come out and sit or sunbathe naked all the time. I stopped when you moved in.” I put on a sad face, pouted my lip and said, “Sowwy”. She laughed and said she might do it again when {my uncle} was away. We talked while we recovered and she told me that even though she had been drunk she knew I had done something to her one of the nights she came home because when she woke up she could taste cum. Then she asked me where I learned to “to that thing with the ass”. I told her that a girl I dated a few months back liked when I did it to her and that I had read about it in porn magazines. We went back in and as “Jean” leaned over to put her unfinished bottle back in the fridge, I dropped to my knees and attacked her asshole with my tongue. She stayed bent over…..her head nearly in the fridge, I spread her asscheeks and tongue fucked her asshole until she was close to cumming again then I stood up. We went back to my room this time and I had her lay on the bed and I got between her legs and lowered my face to her pussy. I teased the lips and grazed her clit with my tongue causing her to squirm and moan. I slid 2 fingers into her pussy and began lapping her clit. When I heard her breathing get faster and heavier, I pulled my middle finger out of her pussy and pushed it against her asshole. I felt her tense up, but then she relaxed and my finger slid into her. I slowly fingered her pussy and ass while I sucked her clit. I looked up and “Jean” was massaging her tits and roughly pinching her nipples. “Oh god……that feels so good…..don’t stop…….please…….I’m so close……I’m….”, she panted and her voice trailed off and put a pillow over her face and screamed into it as she had a huge orgasm. Her pussy and asshole were squeezing my fingers and her body was heaving. I pulled my fingers out of her holes and moved up and slid my cock into her pussy. I could feel it still contracting as I fucked her. I looked down and watched her tits move in time with my thrusts and bent down and gently bit a nipple. “Jean” was panting and moaning and moving her hips in rhythm with me. I was now pounding her pussy, our bodies making a smacking sound when we came together. “Jean” was on the edge of cumming again when I stopped and told her to get on her hands and knees. When she got into position I plowed into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pounded her as hard as I could. She lowered her head into the pillow to stifle another scream and as she came I quickly pulled back, spread her asscheeks and buried my tongue as deep as I could into her asshole. She screamed louder and came hard, her body convulsing and shaking. I moved back up onto my knees and shoved my cock back into her pussy. I glanced over to the mirror and could see the reflection of her tits swaying as I fucked her and that did it for me. I pushed as deep into as I could and shot my cum into her. We stayed on our knees until my cock softened and slid out of her then we collapsed onto the bed. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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