Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 2


Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 2
I was visiting and elderly Church secretary named Mavis and as she told me about her sex life I became more and more aroused. We had had a great morning masturbated with cucumbers before adding then to our salad. I was in the company of a seventy six hear old perverted, bisexual nymphomaniac and I desperately wanted her to fuck me.

I was now beginning to get very worked up as I listened to this older woman and I just wanted us to get on with the sex sooner rather than later and Mavis was also slowly pushing a finger in and out of her pussy. I could not hold back any more and went over to her kissing her deeply with my tongue as far into her mouth as I could get it. My one hand took hold of her breasts and my other hand moved down to her sopping cunt. Mavis was not slow and soon we were masturbating each other furiously and the ended up in a sixty nine, Her pussy was one of the sweetest I have ever tasted and she had a magical tongue that had me cumming and squirting in just a few minutes. I am no slouch when it comes to sucking a pussy and she soon flooded my face with copious amounts of her most precious juices. The two of us were whimpering and trembling from top to toe for what seemed like ages. The orgasms continued to come one after the other until we both collapsed on the sofa. After lying in each others arms for about half and hour we slipped into her hot tub.

Just as I was getting comfortable and began to doze off Mavis climbed out of the tub and I the heard a door opening followed by he sound of a couple of other voices which grew progressively louder as they approach the place where I was naked and comfortable in the soothing water of the tub.

It was Mike and another woman I knew very well,. I moved to cover myself bu was too late Val my latest conquest strolled through the door with Mike close behind. Mavis immediately explained that our quiet lunch together was about to turn very interesting and she hoped I I would not mind. I reply by saying that another cock would be welcome but I was not disappointed by the present company.

The two “intruders were soon naked and in the tub while Mavis mixed up some drinks. the surprised me when he said I could continue to enjoy my new-found granny but he would like to fuck Val in front of us. Mavis and I readily agreed and we sat back and watched with our bodies close together and our hands wandering over each other’s bodies.

Mike had a huge hard-on and his erect, engorged cock seemed to be bigger than usual. Val was looking better than ever before and had shaped up a little after going on diet and taking up regular Tai-Chi classes. She promptly descended to her knees before my husbands magnificent eight and a half inch cock. She took his thick penis inter her mouth and slowly sucked, bobed and took it deeper and deeper down her throat. I saw the bulge and she must have produces a pint of saliva which dripped out of her mouth, over Mikes cock and onto Mavis’s rug.

Mike being a gentleman soon had Val on her back with legs spread widely apart and his face buried in her crotch. Val was soon cumming and squirting all over Mikes face but he did not stop but inserted two fingers into her pussy and got her to squirt at least seven times. I had seen a woman come twenty seven times on a sex show but this was reality and there were two hot people right in front of Mavis and I.

Mike then pulled Val’s sopping pussy and he slowly fucked her deeply and seemed to go on for ages. The scene soon drew Mavis and I out of the tub and we were licking, and sucking whatever we could get hold of. Mavis was not shy and soon lowered her cunt to Val’s mouth while we embraced and kissed . There was soon an orgy of sounds, liquids and heavy breathing that eventually erupted into four simultaneous orgasms after which the ladies sucked ever drop of mikes cum out of Val’s cunt and then we had a a chance to swap thet come among us.

I soon discovered that Mavis had donned a Strap on and was pouring oil on my puckered anus. He then slowly preesd her way into me a fucked my arse relentlessly until I came more strongly than ever before.

It was the best Sunday of my life and after we had another orgy Mike Val and I bid Mavis farewell and went off home. We dropped Val off at her home and went home to gather our strength for the Monday morning when Mike needed and early start. I did sleep in and had a lazy day reflecting on the brilliant day I had spent visiting and elderly church secretary. .

The saga will continue soon.

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