Jane at the Cinema


Jane at the Cinema
Jane at the cinema

Finally Jane had managed to get all her emails sorted, it had been a hard slog but they were finished at last giving her the afternoon to herself. She thought about going shopping but the weather forecast wasn’t good, so she decided to go to the cinema to catch the latest ‘Chick flick’……. She arrived just as the film was about to start and buying her ticket quickly made her way into the cinema. As she pushed through the curtain it was dark as the film was starting. She felt her way into the second row from the back and moved down towards the end and sat near the wall, she got herself comfortable and had just sat down after removing her jacket when she became aware of movement and looked round just as someone sat down in the seat next to her. She realised it was a large man and frowned at the fact that of all the seats in the place he had to sit there next to her. Jane wondered if he was with someone but nobody came to join him. The guy took off his coat and sat back down and placed his arm on the arm rest between them with his hand hanging over onto her side. Well that’s typical she thought, she tried to look at him but it was fairly dark and she could only tell that he was tall and had broad shoulders, in fact his arm kept rubbing against hers when he moved at all. Jane sat back and started to watch the film which seemed to be taken up with views of the main star going in and out of clothes shops with various bags displaying designer names. She looked around the cinema and realised that the place was almost empty, which again struck her as funny that this guy would need to sit next to her. She looked down at the guy’s hand which was hanging down from the arm rest and she saw that his fingers were very close to her leg. As she watched the guy seemed to shuffle slightly in his chair and for a second his hand brushed against her leg just above her knee. Jane felt herself stiffen with the shock if it, and looking at the guy wondered if it had just been an accident. He showed no sign of being aware of what had just happened and just continued to watch the film. Jane thought perhaps it was a silly mistake, but was surprised with herself to discover that she felt a tingle in her stomach from the brief contact. Jane tried to concentrate on the film but found she couldn’t settle, she crossed her leg over without thinking and the guys hand came into contact with her again. She went stiff with embarrassment, and the guy moved his fingers away slightly and mumbled an apology but his fingers stayed in contact for just a bit longer than was really necessary. His fingers felt hot on her bare leg and Jane felt her stomach do a somersault. The guy didn’t move his hand very far, his fingers were no more than an inch from her leg, just hanging relaxed. Jane didn’t know what to do, she should move her leg away from his hand, but a part of her didn’t want to. She felt hot and her heart rate had gone up, she could feel it thumping in her chest. She just sat very still trying to watch the screen but her eyes were being drawn back to this strangers hand hovering just above her burning skin, and when the guy moved his leg until it was pressed up against hers she suddenly lost all interest in the film. She heard herself gasp as did he and when she didn’t move her leg away he gently slid his hand down until he could run his fingers gently up and down her knee. Jane sat perfectly still she didn’t know quite what to do, this was so crazy she was letting a total stranger touch her, she knew she should move or stop him but in a weird way she wanted him to continue. Her heart was pounding her breathing ragged, she felt her nipples harden and a dull ache started in her stomach as her pussy started to moisten. The guy continued to move his hand up and down her knee gradually moving up until it slipped under her skirt and moved up her thigh. Jane felt his fingers sliding up towards her groin and when the guy slipped his hand between her thighs she slowly uncrossed her legs and he moved his fingers up inside her legs till he reached her pants. Any thoughts of following what was happening on the screen had long gone now, Jane sat there with her eyes closed while he explored her pussy through her pants, gently rubbing up and down her lips which were outlined in her tight fitted pants. Jane slid her self forward and moved her legs further apart and he moved his hand down and began to rub her whole pussy still through her pants. She could feel His fingers sliding in and out of her slit which was now getting very wet, she moved her legs further apart in response to his actions and thrust her pussy hard against his hand, lost completely in the moment. He moved his hand up and then slid his fingers inside her pants finding her wet, shaven and swollen lips. He could feel her clitoris was a hard nub against his palm as his fingers deftly explored her soaking quim. His probing fingers found her opening and first one then two fingers slid easily inside her. Jane gave a gasp and arched her back as she again thrust up towards him… His long fingers now deep inside her. He worked them slowly in and out but now he could sense her rising passion began to move quicker. Jane was totally unaware of her surroundings now and didn’t much care either. His fingers felt so good inside her, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her, sitting here in the cinema with her legs wide apart while this unknown guy finger fucked her, and worse she thought she didn’t care because it felt so good. He had slipped his fingers out of her sopping pussy now and was now tweaking and rubbing at her stiff swollen clitoris. Jane moaned loudly but only they too could hear. The guy could see that she was getting near to cumming and started to rub her hard whilst flicking his fingers over her engorged clitorus. Jane felt her orgasm hit and she arched her back, her body rigid, as gasping with utter pleasure she came thrusting her face into the guys shoulder to smother her groans. Her body shook with the intensity of it and she lay back exhausted in her seat, breathing in gasps, her heart beating wildly in her chest.
As Jane’s orgasm began to subside and her heart rate started to slow, she lay back in her seat in a warm haze her eyes tightly closed with a smile spreading across her face. She felt the guy take her unresisting hand and move it over into his lap. She felt something warm and hard and very familiar. She turned and looked and was shocked to see that he had undone his trousers slipping his erect cock and balls out. Jane looked round to make sure no one could see, but there didn’t seem to be anyone near them let alone interested in what was happening. Jane’s eyes were drawn back to his lap and in the dim light she could see his manhood standing proudly up fat and fairly long, about 9inches she guessed with a thick helmet that was throbbing steadily in her hand. She slipped her hand down and cupped his balls which were smooth and recently shaved. They felt heavy and moved in her hand. Wow they must be full to the brim she mused. She slid her hand slowly back up his shaft, feeling the ridges and veins below the skin, his cock gave a throb. Jane wondered if this was anywhere but the cinema would he be sliding this deep inside her wet pussy…. She felt herself blush at the thought but smiled to herself enjoying the idea. She ran her finger up to his helmet and discovered that his precum was starting to dribble out of his cock eye. She dipped her finger in and then raised it to her mouth tasting the slight saltiness and swallowing it down. The guys cock lurched in her hand as he watched her, twitching repeatedly. She slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft, his foreskin sliding up over his helmet and then back down again smearing his wetness around his cock head. Jane continued to work him up and down and then leaning towards him ran her Tongue over his earlobe , sucking it into her mouth, the guy sighed loudly grabbed for her breasts squeezing firmly through her clothing, finding her hardening nipple and tweaked it till she gasped loudly too. She took a firmer grasp of his cock and started to jerk him off with Brisk strokes. He cock seemed to harden even more and throbbed madly in her hand. He groaned with utter passion his turn now to collapse back in his seat with his eyes closed breathing heavily. Jane wanked his hard dick expertly; the guy was even starting to thrust up to meet her down strokes. She felt that he might be getting close to cumming so slipping downwards until she was on her knees on the floor and between his legs, leant forward and began to lick up and down his shaft, sliding down to take his testicles one at a time into her mouth and sucking gently. The guy was definitely well on his way towards orgasm. His hips thrusting at her face while his cock twitched madly. Jane licked slowly up his shaft to his fat helmet licking it clean of his juices before slipping his fat cock head into her eager mouth. The guys precum bubbled out filling her mouth and she slowly allowed it to slide down her throat. Jane began sucking and licking his cock head as she moved her mouth up and down drawing him in and out of her mouth, always keeping the pressure on. The guy put his hand on her head and started to thrust upwards into her mouth getting more and more animated. Jane knew he would shoot his load anytime now and prepared herself. She kept a tight seal around his helmet and thrust harder up and down milking him hard the guy was frantic now thrusting and gasping and finally with a grunt he went rigid and came forcefully into Jane’s eager mouth. He shot the first load straight down her throat, then again and again until he filled her mouth completely with his hot cum. There was so much that she had trouble swallowing it all and some escaped to leak down her chin. Jane greedily drank his hot salty cum enjoying the taste, and eventually his cum stopped and his fat cock started to deflate. Jane continued to suck him until all traces of cum were gone and his cock wilted as did he with a grateful sigh. Jane climbed back into her seat and watched the guy as he slipped his cock and balls back into his trousers. He turned and she could make out a faint smile on his face. He leant forward and pecked her cheek and whispered in her ear…. you look so pretty with my cum on your face. He then got up and walked out, although somewhat unsteadily. Jane sighed contentedly licking her lips, the taste of him still heavy in her mouth. She decided that as she had missed so much of the film she would forget it and decided to go to the ladies and get cleaned up. She stood up and made her way towards the toilets and missed seeing the dark figure rise from a seat directly behind where she had been sitting quietly and followed her out…..
Jane walked out of the auditorium through a small side door looking for the toilet and found herself in a corridor. She walked down and eventually found a door marked Staff Toilet. There was no one around so she thought what the heck and pushed the door open. She found herself in a small dimly lit room with only one Small window up near the roof. There were two hand basins and one cubicle with the door ajar. The place clearly wasn’t use very often, so she wandered over to the sink and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She could see the wet sticky patches on her mouth and face where the guys cum had trickled from her overflowing mouth and run down her chin. She could still taste him her mouth heavy with the salty taste and she licked her lips at the thought of it. Even now she couldn’t believe what had happened, she had read about these things but never expected it to happen to her. She had to admit though once she had gotten over the initial shock it had been exciting and a little scary. She felt an aching in her stomach that hadn’t been fully relieved by the guys fingers and she wished that they had gone a little further, her heart skipped a beat at the thought. she sigh and started to wash her face and while splashing water onto her face she failed to hear the door behind her open and close quietly. Jane was drying her face and hands on a hand towel when someone slipped up very close behind her and reached round and grasped her breasts and whispered in her ear “hello sweetie I was watching your little performance in there just now and you were so good, and I’m feeling so damn horny now that perhaps you would like to help me out too. He was tweaking and teasing her nipples through her blouse and they were hardening in response, she gasped with the utter surprise and shock of this new situation. It obviously wasn’t the same guy as before, this guy was tall and well built and had big hands which completely engulfed her breasts , and he was standing so close to her that she could feel the heat from his thick erection which was pressed hard against her ass. She didn’t know what to think she knew that she should push him away and leave but the churning in her stomach and the ache in her hard nipples were sending signals to her brain and before she could change her mind she found herself being led towards the cubicle. The guy helped her in and got her to sit down and closed and locked the door. He turned and came and stood in front of her, his groin close to her face. Jane looked up at him and he said go on honey; show me what you can do. She looked down at his groin and could see his erection outlined in his trousers. She put her hand up and ran her finger slowly up and the length of his cock which was hot through the material. It looked to be long and thick she heard the guy sigh quietly and she pushed her hand against him and gripped him tightly. Jane felt her heart rate go up, his cock was huge and twitching madly. She found his zip and gently tugged it down and his cock almost sprang out. She slipped her hand inside to discover that he was wearing no underwear. She took his throbbing cock in her and tried to ease it out but it was trapped, the guy then undid his trousers and dropped them to the floor. She sat back to admire the view and took a deep in breath of air as she took in the sight of his magnificent member. It was long and fat with thick veins above a heavy pair of balls. Her hand reached up and grasped him and positioned his fat helmet by her face. Up close he smelt good, clean and a little scented. She leaned forward and ran her Tongue around the end of his cock, tasting his wetness that had leaked out, his precum tasted sweet. She took a moment to swallow, and then leaning forward again she slipped his cock head into her mouth and looked up into the guys eyes as she began to suck and lick him. He sighed loudly this time and put his hand on her head and pushed forward into her mouth. His helmet was big and filled her mouth, and as she sucked him his precum bubbled out and into her mouth. As it begin to fill her mouth she had to slip his cock out before she could swallow. The guy was gently thrusting in and out of her mouth while Jane sucked hard until her jaws started to ache. She let him slip from his mouth and began licking up and down his shaft and then slipping down to suckle on his balls. Sucking them into her mouth one at a time. They seemed to Jane to be full and heavy. Age moved her hand up onto his cock and started to jerk him slowly working her fist up and down while fondling his balls in her hand. After a while she again slipped him into her mouth and gobbled up his precum which coated his helmet and continued to pump out of his dick and down her throat………
Jane continued sucking the guys hard cock while squeezing his heavy balls and pumping her fist up the full length. He was breathing heavily and he suddenly stopped her and pulled out of her mouth. He bent down and said wow you are such a great cocker sucker baby but let’s slow things down a bit. I think it’s my turn to taste you. He pushed Jane’s skirt up revealing her thighs and pants. He slid his hands up her legs and grasping her pants started to pull them down. She pushed herself forward and lifted her ass up to give him better access and he obligingly slipped her pants down and pulled them off. He held them to his face to inhale her scent and said ‘Oh my God, these are soaking wet!! You have a very wet pussy babe; I had better have a closer look at that, with that he slipped her soaking pants into his pocket. He used his hands to move her knees apart and pulled forward so her pussy was inches from his face. Jane could sense the wetness in her pussy from earlier and now she was getting even wetter with this horny situation. He leaned forward and started to run his Tongue along her slit which was still swollen from her earlier lover’s attention. He lapped gently at her wet cunny tasting her sweet precum and swallowing it down. As his Tongue slid up and down her lips she could feel herself oozing even more and her pussy was now dripping wet. The guy was sucking and licking at her intently now slurping her juices, he moved his hand down and slid two fingers deep into her. His Tongue was now teasing her hardened clitoris and he began sliding his fingers in and out, slowly at first but then began to speed up rubbing against her g spot causing Jane to moan loudly and push down hard against his face and hand. She could feel herself moving towards another orgasm, her clitoris was hard and feeling over sensitive to his tongue work and she put her hands on his head and pulled his face down hard onto her throbbing and swollen lips. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open and was started to breath harshly her orgasm getting closer and closer but to her utter dismay he pulled away and smiling at her said not yet honey, I need you to cum on my cock and he started to remove his clothes………………..
The guy pulled her to her feet and started to help her undress, and very quickly They were both naked. Jane felt the guys hard cock prodding against her thigh, it looked very large and a little bit scary throbbing wildly. He was tweaking and pulling at her stiffened nipples while Jane reached down and gripping his cock slid her hand up and down untill the guy gasped and his cock twitched invitingly He sat down positioning himself with his cock rearing up and pulled Jane over until she was straddling his waist, her wet pussy was now inches away from his angry swollen cock head. Jane now took over, she leant down and holding him firmly guided him towards her opening and when his helmet was touching her wet lips she slowly lowered herself, her pussy gradually engulfing his huge fat cock. when she had taken half his length inside her she raised herself up until only about two inches remained inside her, then with a big sigh she lowered herself again until his full length and girth was deep inside her pussy, his cock head pressed up against her cervix and his heavy balls were hard up against her ass. Jane had never felt anything like it, her pussy was filled and stretched like never before. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was ragged and her pussy was clenching against his hard dick she could feel every ridge and vein on his cock her g spot already reacting to this intrusion. She felt precum squirt into her pussy as her body’s reaction to easing the feeling of tightness. The guys rock hard member gave a huge lurch inside her as it twitched uncontrollably. A loud gasp escaped from Jane’s lips and the guy reached up to grasp her breasts. Her nipples were so hard now and aching. He leant forward and took then one at a time into his mouth and sucked greedily, making them stand up stiff and long, as he grasped and squeezed her breasts. Then while still sucking on her nipples he leant round with both hands and grabbing her ass cheeks he squeezed them roughly and then holding them tightly he lifted her up so she slid up his cock till he was nearly out of her and then pulled her down hard impaling her again on his fat cock. Again Jane moaned, louder this time her pussy twitching badly on him. Then Jane took over. Once more slowly sliding up him and back down again feeling his cock head stretching her open, and filling her pussy completely. Her g spot was becoming sensitive to the movement and her clitoris was a swollen hard edged nubbin which ached for release. She move up and down slowly at first but began to speed up as her pussy became more used to the enormous intruder. She could feel spasms in her groin, her heart was pounding and her mouth wide open and she moaned loudly every time his cock swept back into her. She rode harder now driving down onto him all thought to the situation vanished from her mind, replaced by the utter need and desire to drive herself to orgasm on this strangers cock. She was lost in the moment riding up and down, harder and faster now, a low keening coming from her mouth. Her eyes tightly closed, the only thought now was to cum . She felt the sensation building low in her stomach and spreading upwards to engulf her whole body. She was riding on a wave of intense feelings that she had never experienced before, getting closer and closer. She was holding on tight now to his neck her head thrown back and rode his cock like never before driving down onto him again and again until with a mighty gasp and loud sigh her orgasm hit her, like an express train , writhing through her body again and again. Her pussy was clamped down hard on him and spasmed out of control her juices running from her open lips and coating his cock and balls. Her whole body clenched as her orgasm peaked and began to ease off. Jane’s body relaxed and she collapsed forward onto his chest panting for air and finding his face she thrust her Tongue into his mouth clamping down on his lips in a passion filled kiss ……..…………………… To be continued
Jane lay slumped forward on the guys chest, her eyes firmly closed still breathing hard from her now fading orgasm, but the guy gave her no time to recover. He motioned for her to stand up, which she did on rather unsteady legs. He stood behind her and told her to bend over, and then positioned himself up close behind her, with his still hard cock brushing up against her leg. Jane arched her back pushing her small ass up into the air to give him better access. He grabbed his cock and bending slightly slid his fat helmet up against Jane’s open hole and then pushing forward slid his full-length straight up inside her soaking pussy. Jane moaned with pleasure her muscles gripping him tightly inside. She reached down underneath and fondled his heavy hanging balls, he slapped her playfully across the ass and started to move in and out of her cunny, pushing fully inside then withdrawing until he was only just inside then thrusting back in until his balls slapped against her ass. He held onto her hips and used them to help power himself into her harder making her groan even louder, pulling her down hard each time he thrust into her. Jane still had her eyes tightly shut lost to the intense feelings, the guy was thrusting hard and fast now grunting, his breath rasping as he began to near his own climax. Jane’s legs were still shaking , the guy was keeping from collapsing by holding on tight to her hips and slamming into her from behind, his heavy balls slapping against her pussy whilst her soaking wet pussy slurped noisily, there combined wetness trickling down her legs. She knew he wasn’t far from cunning now, his thrusting harder and more urgent, his breathing loud and hoarse. Then suddenly he pulled out of her and said quick turn round. Jane spun around and dropped to her knees, the guy was holding his red angry cock and pumping it hard with his hand. She heard him gasp and a spurt of hot cum shot out of his cock and landed on Jane’s face. She leant forward taking his pulsing erection in her mouth as he emptied spurt after spurt down her throat, his hands now on the back of her head as his cum gradually subsided to a trickle and stopped. Jane continued to lick and suck him until
he had to sit down, his huge cock now shrinking after his exertions. They both sat there getting their breath back and grinned self consciously at each other after their impassioned encounter. He was the first to move getting up and pulling his clothes back on. When he was finished he slipped a card outbox his pocket and gave it to Jane. It just had a mobile number on it. He smiled and said just in case you wanted to catch up at some point. She grinned and nodded at him as he unlocked the door and walked out. Jane sat there for a while thinking back over all that had happened since she had arrived. It was all such a blur, but very vivid at the same time. She couldn’t really believe it herself but had thoroughly enjoyed the whole crazy thing. She sighed contented and looked at the card the guy had given her. She smiled and thought wickedly I had better keep this very safe, after all she would probably have to come back to see this film again…… several times !!! With that she got dressed and made sure to wash the guys cum off her face. She was just about to leave when the door burst open and a rather pompous looking man stormed in and stood with his hands on his hips and said ‘madam this is a staff toilet, please explain yourself!!’ Jane walked over to him and smiled and slipping down onto her knees unzipped his trousers, the guy was so shocked he didn’t move. Jane reached inside and slipped his small cock out and looking up at him Said, ‘ oh I’m terribly sorry about that, let me make it up to you ‘. She leant forward and the guy’s eyes rolled up and he sighed.
The End.

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