How I discovered I was a cuckold, and that it turn

How I discovered I was a cuckold, and that it turn
My wife had always been very open with her sexuality. I was less confident in myself but put up with her showing her tits all over town because that same sexual confidence was one of the things that drew me to her in the first place. Plus, she seemed to really enjoy the attention that the light flirting and flashing brought and I liked to see her happy, even if it made me a little uncomfortable.

Our physical relationship went through a long rough patch: I was waking up at 4am to work construction, not coming home until 5 or 6 pm. She was home trying to keep the house together and raising three k**s; lots of stress and not much time to relax, much less be intimate. I felt guilty for not giving her the attention she deserved, so on weekends I encouraged her to go out and spend time with friends because she needed to blow off steam and have fun, and I’d stay home with the k**s, inevitably falling asleep long before she’d get home from the bar or club. This also had the added bonus of her coming home very horny most of the time, which meant more often than not i’d get woken up with a late night blow job and fuck. The combination of alcohol and dancing always seemed to get her pussy dripping wet, and the sex was great, with my wife having multiple intense orgasms.

There had been one earlier incidence of her cheating on me, a one night stand, after which we had all the typical responses and arguments. She said it was a terrible mistake, one she’d never make again, that it hadn’t meant anything, it was purely physical, blah blah blah. Part of me felt like I had more or less driven her to it by ignoring her physical needs, and I just wanted to move on and not think about it anymore. We carried on in a kind of sexual stalemate, neither of us really happy about it but both unsure what to do.

Several months later, after another late night out “dancing with friends”, she admitted to me that she had actually gone to one of our friend’s house after the bar closed, just the two of them, and that they ended up having sex with him. She assumed full fault, asked me not to blame him, and asked forgiveness, all while crying genuine tears of guilt and remorse.

While I was, of course, angry about it I also felt some guilt for not being able to fully satisfy her needs for physical intimacy and outright sexual urges. We talked around the problem, I told her I could probably forgive her in time, but meanwhile I was angry and hurt. I found myself unable to get the idea of them fucking around out of my head, anger coloring every conversation we had and making even the most benign interaction a tension filled mine field.

One day we were having yet another conversation/argument about it (her trying to talk to me, me stewing like a sullen teenager), and she said “crap, I have to get ready for work, but I still want to talk about this. Will you come talk to me while I’m in the shower?” “Yeah, fine…” I muttered angrily. Although I was still angry, I couldn’t ignore her smooth pale skin, pert round ass, and those sexy hanging D tits topped off with good sized, beautiful pink nipples. As she drew the curtain closed I went straight back to brooding.

“Maybe part of the problem is that you’re imagining all kinds of things that happened when we messed around, you know? Do you think it would help to know exactly what we did, or would hearing it just make it worse? I hate knowing that I’m the reason you’re so upset, I’ll do anything to help.”

”I don’t know, maybe” I replied, with a strange feeling in my stomach. Dread? No. It was more like nerves.

” Do you want me to start from the very beginning? We mostly just made out.”

”No, just go straight to the part where you started cheating!”

“Look, if this is just going to make you even angrier I’ll stop.” She said with a quiver of sadness in her voice.

”No, it’s fine. I’d rather just get this over with. Sorry I raised my voice. Maybe just start at whatever point he pulled his dick out.”

”Umm, ok. Actually, I pulled his cock out as soon as we walked into his house. He didn’t even have time to close the door all the way. I told you I’d been drinking, and you know how horney I get. Plus we haven’t had sex in so long.”

”We’ve been over and over that, I don’t want to talk about it right now. Just tell me what happened next.”

She continued to tell me about his cock, the piercing at the tip, how it was about as long as mine, but much fatter. She also said that she didn’t suck on it too long (unusual, because she loved having a dick in her mouth), because she was curious about fucking a guy with a piercing, and the more she felt it in her mouth the more she wanted to feel it in her pussy.

All this time I’d been sitting on the closed lid of the toilet next to the shower, asking a few questions here and there but mostly just listening while she gave a very detailed account. When she started to describe the feeling of his piercing clicking against her back teeth when she put his entire cock in her mouth, I looked down and was startled to see my own cock straining against the front of my pants. I quietly unzipped and pulled it out, and saw the tip of my dick and the entire front of my underwear covered in pre-cum. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I wondered, but only for a second because my wife was describing how incredible it felt to feel his piercing and his fat cock head push against her pussy lips and pause for a brief moment before her lips spread and his cock slipped all the way in to her very wet pussy. “All the way until I felt his balls slap my asshole, in one stroke!” I didn’t even have to ask if he was wearing a condom; my wife had always hated using them, saying “if I wanted to feel plastic in my pussy I’d fuck a vibrator.” Knowing that, and that her tubes were tied after our last c***d, I was certain that she was taking his dick raw.

Almost as soon as my dick was out I had begun stroking it, the whole time picturing my wife while she described her encounter. At some point I must have been quiet too long, because she poked her head out from behind the shower curtain to ask me something, but stopped short with wide eyes and her mouth hanging open. “Are you jerking off to this?” she asked incredulously. “Well, yeah, I mean, I don’t know, I just… well I just got horny for some reason.” How could I explain feelings I was still struggling to understand myself? She looked at my rock hard dick in my hand, tip covered in shining pre-cum, a mixture of disbelief, arousal, and mischief on her face. “Umm, should I stop, or keep going, or…” she asked. “Well don’t stop now! I still want to hear the rest of it. Should I stop jerking off? Does that make it too weird for you?” “Oh, no! I mean, you don’t have to stop because of me. Uh, will you tell me when you’re going to, you know, finish? Is it ok if I watch?” She asked, almost shyly. “Yeah, it’s ok, and I’ll let you know when, I know you like seeing me cum. Just finish the story!”

She continued to describe the different positions he fucked her in, and how each one felt for her, what he said to her while he was fucking her, what she said to him, every detail she could remember. Finally she told me he said he was close to cumming. “ Cum inside me, it’s ok” she told him. She said he looked kind of confused, and pulled out of her, saying again that he was going to cum. “I was kind of pissed, because I wanted him to finish in my pussy, but I dropped to my knees in front of him and shoved his cock in my mouth so he could finish in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head, and said he was about to cum. And holy shit, did he cum! There was so much that I couldn’t swallow all of it at first, and some of it kind of squirted out from the corners of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could though, and tightened my lips around his dick so I could suck the rest of it out. There was only that first little bit that got out, and I cleaned most of it up just by licking my lips.”

Picturing her taking his load in her mouth, with cum dripping out of her mouth while she sucked the rest out of his cock was almost too much for me. Instead of being angry or disgusted, I was more aroused than I had been in years. “I’m going to cum!” I called to her. She quickly yanked the shower curtain aside, far enough that I could see her big tits glistening with water droplets, her nipples hard enough to cut glass. “Oh yeah, let me see that cum” she moaned softly. I looked up at her face, imagining cum dripping from the corners of her mouth, and squeezed my dick tighter and stroked faster, seeing her eyes widen and hearing her breathing quicken as I jacked off hard, her eyes constantly darting from my cock to my eyes, then back again. “Here it comes L****, I’m going to cum!” I jerked out a huge load while I had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever felt, while my wife gazed hungrily at the cum covering my cock, hand, and stomach.

She mumbled that she was going to be late for work and needed to get out of the shower, so I cleaned up and went out to the living room to let her get ready. I had a lot of thoughts whirling around in my head, plus now I had to deal with being angry and horny every time I thought about my wife fucking around on me. I had no idea how much hotter things would get in the following months!

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