Hotel with friends final chapter


Hotel with friends final chapter
The last week and a bit of the holiday consisted of lots of sun and sea, lots of alcholol and weed, lots of sex, Maria, James , Sarah and İ were going at it mostly every where in the hotel, the spa area, the beach, all 3 swimming pools, anywhere we can find. One of our last mornings we was walking through the reception when we saw a leaflet on a private beach south of the island. İt looked beautiful and suprisingly we had never been there even though we lived on the İsland. We went back to our rooms to get ready, Maria put on her bikini bottoms along with shorts, and a white mini tshirt with her bare tits wobbling underneath, this holiday has really get her really comfortable in her own skin.
we went to our car and was waiting for James and Sarah, Sarah walks towards us wearing nothing but her thong very casual gives us both a kiss on the lips and then jumps in the car
James: should we get going?
Carlos: Lets goo
after a couple hours of driving and crossing the borders, we finally arrive at the beach, it is fairly empty except for a group of elder women and 20 odd men in various parts of the beach, everyone nude, Maria has never been exposed to soo many dicks at one time, she hardly knows where to look.
Sarahh: its so beautiful here!
the beach was white and streched the entire view of the coast, and the sea was crystal clear, shrubbery and high bushes was covering most of the area surrounding thr beach so there was privacy.
We start walking down to a nice spot pretty close to the shore
Sarah: its amazing i cant believe we havnt been here yet (she says loudly)
at this point every guy there has noticed her tanned petit body naked bouncing around in excitment of her surroundings, and they all seem to be ready to jump on the chance to rub their cocks while watching her.
Sarah: come on Maria lets oil up!
Maria takes off her tshirt exposing her perky bcups and then strips her bikini bottoms down too, i was in shock, every one of those 20 naked guys are now jerking off looking at my fiances bare bald pussy!
Maria: i love this (she says to me as she gives me a kiss)
Sarah takes out the baby oil and starts appling it on Maria, this is grabbing the attention of everyone
me and James have even stripped nude and now rubbing ourselves while watching our girls oil eachother down.
Carlos: girls you look amazing, every guy here is watching you
Maria: abit more then watching i think
James: i dont blame them, youre both so hot.
Sarah: well why dont we give them a quick tease (she says as she locks lips with Maria, grabbing her thicc ass)
most of the guys have no made a rough circle around our spot trying to sit in the best view of our naked oily babes.
We start chilling out smoking and drinking, flirting with eachother, fully aware of the surroundings of dicks trapping us from escaping from what it seems. As a few hours go by and the sun & wears us out we start to get a bit drunk, Sarah took out a deck of UNO.
Sarah: guys lets play!!
Carlos: really? haha i dont think im down with card games right now.
Sarah: lets make it interseting, everytime some plays a +4 the person who recieves it has to do a dare.
James: thats my girl
Carlos: im in (getting ideas)
Maria: what kind of dares?
Sarah: good dares (she said with a seductive winks)
we start our first game, the first dare card goes to me
Maria: baby i dare you to get up and start twerking infront of all these guys (giggeling)
Carlos: baby what the fuck?
James & Sarah: do it do it do it ( they chanted)
Carlos: for fucks sake (i said reluctantly as i got up)
i started twerking, that was a low point in my life. felt like a bad stripper.
the next dare come from James to Sarah
he dared her to do 10 jumping jacks infront of one of the naked dudes. she did it without hesitation. the guy probably thought he was in a dream, frantically wanking his pole infront of her. She likes this kind of attention anyway. A few dares later and a few more drinks i finally got to give a dare to Maria.
Carlos: okay baby turns up haha i want you to start eating Sarah pussy untill she comes infront of everyone.
Maria: baby no what about all these people
Sarah: im down for this (ofcourse she is)
James whispers in Sarahs something then smiling.
Carlos: come on ass in the air baby you need to start eating some pussy
Maria: oohhh fine ya, im gonna get you for this (she says as she gets on all four, ass in the air as she starts eating sarahs beautiful tanned pussy.
James came over to me and whispered
James: im gonna start fucking Maria okay? in the mean time i want you to signal people to come jerk off around us.
Carlos: sounds sick, im in.
James lowers himself behind my Fiance and thrusts himself inside her.
Maria turns back: woahh
James pushes her head down: shshsh eat that pussy
İ slowly go silently signal everyone to stand behind James to get a better view. Maria has her head deep in Sarahs pussy she doesnt realise the crowd of guys jacking off right behind her, Sarah does and she loves it. As James is ramming her i take out my phone and start recording, it really is a sight to see. James pulls out before he cums and signals the guy behind him silently to replace him, i was in shock, i didnt know what to do, just recording my Fiance getting fucking in public by a complete stranger!
The first guy lowered him self behind her and pushed himself in, he wasnt bad in size but she couldnt feel the difference or maybe she didnt want too. The man started fucking her as hard as he can for a few minutes while everyone else was quietly beating their meat waiting for his turn, when i saw the first guy was about to cum i signals him to come on her back so he did, then fell back, up and moved out the way for the next guy, Maria was eating away at that pussy, she was ovbiously really enjoying herself as she was moaning with her mouth full.
The next guy went in and nothing was said by her so the rest of the men including myself and james formed a circle around them, As soon as Maria realises its not me or James fucking her she turns her head and sees a stranger inside her, she looks back at me, gives me a smile and dives back into her “meal”. My Fiance has changed, from the shy innocent girl into a freaky sex addict of a woman, the guy currently fucking her got up and also cummed on her back, a little pool of semen was forming on the arch of her back, the next guy was up, thats when Sarah jumped into doggy position and starts tapping her ass for someone to enter which they did, and two men when infront of them to get some mouth action, now both Maria and Sarah are getting spit roasted in public and it was very hot, one after another the guys fucking would pull out and cum on the back, and the guys recieving head would just burst in their mouths. İt was an İncredible sight, something im so happy to have recorded. After all the guys had finished and walked away one by one, the girls were left covered with cum, all over their back and face, pussies were swollen and their legs left twitching. After we cleaned up we had one last dip in the sea and drove home. We was exhausted, especially the girls, We decided to eat straight away then go sleep the night off. The remainding days of the holiday was left with us chilling and enjoying eachothers companies, As we drove our friends to the airport we kissed and saif goodbye
Sarah: im gonna miss you guys so much, ive had the best time
Maria: yeahh me too,im so happy to have met you two
James: i bet you are (he said quickly pinching her braless nipple through her top and giving her a wink)
Carlos: we should do this again next year
eveyone says their final goodbyes and we parted ways.
on our way home Maria and İ discussed our last 2 weeks, it was our most amazing memories together and has changed our lives forever.

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