Home Depot Granny!!


Home Depot Granny!!
I have a part-time appliance repair business. This business is a fantastic avenue to getting to be around older white women – my most enjoyable fetish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always get sex from the house calls, as a matter of fact, it happens maybe once out of ten or so times. The situation has to be right, and the women have to initiate the flirting. Most of the times, these grannies will parade around in something skimpy, or flash me tits or ass. That’s cool. Sometimes they’ll just want to give me a hand-job. Sometimes the hand-job goes into a blow-job. And sometimes, these women want to get their BBC fuck-on.

I frequently find myself buying materials for the business at Home Depot. Recently, an older white woman was a regular cashier at the contractors checkout line. She was about 5’ 4”-ish, was heavy, had huge tits, but had a very pretty face. I put her as being from the upper midwest – Minnesota maybe, or Wisconsin. Definitely in her 60s. Like I said, heavy – heavier than I usually enjoy, unless it’s a hand or blow-job. But she had such an innocent face, pretty blue eyes, and full lips that I wanted to watch my BBC mushroom head pop in and out of.

On one Home Depot check-out, I complimented her on her smile. She slightly blushed. She commented on my purchase, which was a new kitchen faucet. I explained that I had replaced a dishwasher and the owner asked about changing-out the faucet, which I was doing. The clerk said that she needed to replace hers as well and of course I used that as a foot in the door, so to speak. We made arrangements and that was that.

Her home was a manufactured home in one of the “snow bird” parks. Yes, she wintered in the southwest from Minnesota. She let me in and I went right to work on replacing the faucet. She hovered over me as I worked. I noticed that she was wearing a long jean skirt with a wide belt, and loose blouse. Those tits were obviously held hostage by one strong bra. She wore white strap-style sandals. While on my back under the sink, I positioned my light on the floor next to her foot. Gently, I pulled the hem of her skirt and got a full-lit up-skirt view. Her ass was covered with lace, obviously some sort of body shaper or girdle. She wore nude colored thigh-high stockings. I finished under the sink and gave the faucet a try. Everything was good.

I was packing to leave and she asked what she owed. Here’s the hook: I told her that she was always nice and pleasant when she cashed me out at the store and I was glad to do it – no charge (he-he…). She said surely there was something she could do for me. I sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, facing her, smiling. She got my “joke”, giggled and spin around. I took out my cell phone and started some music if had stored. Now she laughed out loud, blushed a little and started swaying. She was getting into this! She unbuttoned her blouse and I could see her bra. Then she stooped, grabbed the hem of her skirt, stood, and let it ride up. It was sorta funny to see her there, sandals, thigh-highs, and her body shaper. She let her skirt drop back down. Now it was time to gently reel her in. I lightly rubbed my crotch. She danced over and asked if she was “exciting” me. I nodded. She passed her hand over my now hardening cock. She winked. I undid my belt and jeans and slid my pants down a bit. She could see my BBC coming to life through my shorts.

I could read her face. It read, “should I?” well, to help her answer, I lowered my shorts and let my cock out. Now her face read that I was getting hand-job at the least, which she started. Her hand was warm and soft. I wanted those tits! There was no way to pull them out of the bra, so I reached-around her back and unfastened it. She seemed a bit shocked at first, but the game at this point is to keep moving and keep heating them up. I rubbed her ass and asked if she liked being a naughty girl. She smiled. I unfastened her belt and unsnapped her skirt. She took control and lowered it to her hips. I told her to stand back and slid it down slowly. She shimmied the skirt down around her hips, bent, let it go to her knees, stood-up and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt, walked over to me, bent, and took my now throbbing BBC in those full lips. I gasped. Granny knew how to work the head of a dick! I let her go to town. I spread her legs apart and found that the crotch of her body shaper had snaps. I undid them and played with her shaved pussy. She moaned hard! Jackpot! I was getting some granny pussy!

We ended-up in her bedroom. I lowered her to her bed and let her suck my cock some more. I played with those huge tits, pulled them up by the nipples. Granny moaned and kept popping the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. I watched her pretty face, not a wrinkle, as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. I pushed granny back onto the bed, lifted and spread her legs. I spanked my hard cock on her shaved pussy. “You want this black cock, don’t you?”, I asked. “yes”, she answered. I spanked her pussy harder. “How much?”, I asked. “A lot!” she answered. I poked just the head into her pussy lips. “How much?”, I teased. “What do you want me to do with this black cock?”, I asked. “Put it in me”, she answered. “You mean you want me to fuck you with it?” “Yes.” “Tell me that!” “Fuck me! Fuck me with that black cock! Fuck my white pussy with that fat black cock!” I eased half my dick into her pussy. It was big, but wet and hot. Granny clawed at the bed covers let out a moan. I pulled out and spanked my now wet cock on her sloppy pussy. “Fuck..” was all she got out of her mouth. I ran my cock into her pussy up to my balls. She gasped out a scream. It was a fun game of cat and mouse. She’d beg for my cock, and I’d tease her with it.

Suddenly, I heard the front screen and door close. Somebody had come in. I stood there, my cock up to the balls in granny’s pussy, he moaning and squirming, and there stood grandpa! The look on his face was priceless! Here was a black man’s bare ass in his face, hard cock fucking his old white granny wife. HE looked embarrassed! On a whim, I said, “it’s okay, have a seat and enjoy.” which to my surprise he did. Granny smiled and actually started to taunt him. They actually started to argue! Granny laid there, my cock in her pussy, arguing with her husband. As she spoke, her pussy tightened and tensed. It was fucking wild! I took a couple of slow strokes on her to calm her down. Grandpa seemed miffed at this. “you’re just going to keep doing that to her?”, he asked. I took my cock out of granny and faced him, holding it by the balls so he could see all of the shaft and head. “Look, this does not go down on its own. It has to finish. We’re enjoying a good fuck here, and I’m going to finish.” I saw a portable camera and desktop computer. “why don’t you get that camera going and record us? Turn on that camera and put us on the computer screen.” I could see that grandpa was reluctant but did not want to upset me. He seemed resigned that I was going to fuck granny regardless of whatever objections he had.

While grandpa set up the video camera, I took off one of granny’s sandals and thigh-high stockings. I put her sandal back on her foot. I took the stocking and put it over my head. Granny loved it. Grandpa put granny and I on the computer monitor with the camera. I spanked granny’s pussy with my cock. “No!” she said, put her hands on my arms, and winked at me. “oh, so you don’t want this black cock in you juicy, shaved white pussy now?”, I said. “I don’t want it! Take whatever you want, don’t do this!”, she stammered. Wow, granny had a force BBC fantasy! I spanked her pussy harder. “well, you’ve got it hard now! You have to take it!” I looked at the monitor. Grandpa had a shot of me between granny’s legs, but too much to imagine. I motioned him to give me the camera. I adjusted for a close-up of my cock at granny’s pussy. I eased it in, granny squirming and stammering. Fake crying. I turned her head to see the monitor. “Watch my black cock fuck that pussy!” I snapped my hips and drove into her. “Feel it?”, I asked with each snap of my hips. Granny pawed at the bedsheets and cried. I lifted one of her legs for a better drive of my cock. It was a show!

I changed granny’s position a few times, each time driving my cock deep into her. We had to get a shot of those huge tits swinging, so it was doggy-style time. I got granny on her hands and knees and positioned behind her. I slapped her ass a couple of times as she gasped and moaned. “hike that ass up for me! Lift it up! Do it!” I eased my cock into granny’s pussy. I got up on the bed on my feet, crouched-down behind her. “YOU fuck that cock! Rock back on it!” Granny slowly rocked back on my cock – damn! It was good! “Faster!” I slapped her ass. She sped-up her rocking. “Rock and twist that cock or I’ll fuck you in the ass!” “NO!” Granny fake-cried and continued to fuck my BBC. Tits swinging, me slapping her ass now and then. Grandpa, the new cuckold, was recording.

I knew that I couldn’t keep this up much longer, so I flipped granny over for the cum-shot. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Where you want it?” Granny shook her head. “No!” “In the pussy it is then! I’m gonna creampie that big sloppy pussy!” I got on my knees, put granny on her side, straddled her leg, and drove my cock into her pussy once again. Now I could watch granny’s face and my cock working her pussy. I made a big production out of getting ready to shoot my load. “Here it comes! Here it fucking comes! AH! (with each stroke) AH! AH! AH!” I held in deep. OOOOOOOHHH! OH FUCK!”, as my balls exploded deep inside granny. She abandoned the fake crying and moaned in pleasure. She looked over at the camera and licked her lips. “Cum inside me, cum inside me, deep, deep DEEP!” she screamed in orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her and jerked-off the remaining jizz on her ass cheek.

I stood and started to get dressed. Grandpa sat there in his chair, holding his camera. Deflated as my cock. Granny laid on the bed, softly moaning. I gathered my tool bag and left.

Granny and I have gotten together a few more times. Grandpa figured-out that he’s not cut out to be a cuckold after all, so granny and I get a room. May as well show grandpa at least that much respect.

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