Friends Mom


Friends MomBest Friends MomI got to know Jeff the first day of high school, we met in line to register for the same English class. We started talking and one thing led to another and before anyone knew it we were friends. He asked me to come by his house as we walked out of the student union and I said sure just tell me when. He told me that things were a bit messy right now with school just starting but Saturday would be cool. So I said sure sounds well, what he didn’t know was that I was and still am an early riser so Saturday I was over early. In fact he was still in bed when I showed up at the door. This worked out for me in a couple ways, first his mom answered the door in her night gown a very thin gown in fact. As I walked in past her I could see everything she has to offer and with the sun now behind her I could see her sweet ass and when she turned I saw her bush and tits as plain as day. She stood there with the sun exposing her body to me as she told me that she would go and wake up Jeff. That left me to stand there in the living room but not for long, I walked over to what you might call a dining room and as I did I could see right into the family room. One look and I knew I hit pay dirt his oldest sister was in there asleep with a couple of her friends and her top had slid to one side exposing her tits to me, I am a breast man so her tits gave me an instant hard on. Her nipples were nice and hard but they were a dark brown color in contrast to her skin which was a nice light tan. I knew that I would fuck her before the year was up but what I didn’t know was that I was going to do his mom as well.Jeff came walking out in his boxers and still trying to wake up guess he had a late night. Also his mom came back out still in her gown and that just added to my hard dick making me want to go somewhere and jack off. She asked if I wanted something to eat I told her I already ate and Jeff just sat down at the table still trying to wake up. But my eyes were on his mom and his sister. Did I tell you that the gown was thigh long sorry if I didn’t must have slipped my mind? But yes thigh length and when she reached up to get the cereal it rode up as well exposing the bottom of her ass and a bit of her pussy. I had to look away and that didn’t help either his sister was no on top of her covers now her legs wide open and her sleeping shorts to one side showing me her either shaven or prepubescent pussy. Either way I liked the looks of it and I would have killed to slide in between either of their legs. I have to say that his sister is a whole other story in itself so I will leave that for a little later but getting back to his mom now. As I said she wore that gown all morning and several times as she sat down and got up I got a nice peek at her bush and a couple times at her sweet slit. As time went on I got to know Jeff better and better and soon I was spending the night there. Again as I said I am an early riser so I would go out into the living room and just kick back enjoying the sun coming through the huge window there. A couple times his mom got up as well and we would sit and talk many a time she told me that I was older than my years and if she was just a bit younger I would have to watch out. I took that as an opening to keep avcilar escort going as I was. When she would get up early with me she would wear one of her short gowns and they didn’t cover much, and she started to not cover up as we sat and chatted. All of these signs I noticed and took to heart, I mean she would let me get nice long peeks at her pussy and she wore some of the sheerest gowns I have ever seen without being naked. Again this went on for some time and we would talk about everything, including sex which she liked to hear just what I was getting up to. I would give her all the details of the girls I was sleeping with and some of what we got up to. She would tell me the same stories of her and her husband and their sex life which I must say if it was all true it was dull. So I was not surprised when she slipped a hand between her legs when I told her of some of the things I got up to. Like I said this went on for some time even as I was screwing her daughter but I didn’t tell her I was do that.Then during the summer between my sophomore and junior year it happened. See Jeff and I had plans to go out that morning hiking so I went to his house with all my gear to pick him up. But he wasn’t there guess he forgot all about it and him and his dad went to his garage to work on his project car. All the girls were up at their grandmothers cabin which I have to say wasn’t far from my uncle’s place. That left her all alone at the house so when I knocked on the door she told me all of that and asked me in. again she was wearing that very sheer gown and we sat down to chat. Just as we sat down the coffee maker signaled that it was done and the coffee was ready. She knew I liked coffee so she asked if I would like a cup. I told her yes very much so. Of course she took her time getting up and as she did so I got a very good look at her pussy and she made sure I did so. We went into the kitchen I helped her with the coffee and we took our cups back into the living room. She sat across from me as we sipped our coffee and chatted about things, that’s when sex popped up again. Now I finished my coffee but she still had some in her cup the cups were nice and warm and as I told her about this one girl I was screw and how I liked to eat her out as well as how she tasted I watched as she put the cup on her pussy. That warm cup right on her clit and I knew she was horny. That’s when I made my move either way I had nothing to lose if she pushed me back well she knew that she was part to blame if she let me go on we were both in for some fun.I got up went next to her took the cup away from her pussy and told her that I can warm her up better than that cup. I knelt down in front of her opened her legs, and she has not tried to stop me yet, pulled her gown up and I put my face into her pussy. I sucked on her clit and I could feel her hands on the back of my head as I sucked and licked her clit. I was in so as I sucked her clit I pushed a couple fingers deep into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She let out a sigh and a deep moan as I did this but I wanted more. So I stopped and stood up I stripped naked with my hard dick stand out in front of me I pulled her up and pulled her gown over her head and off of her. She şirinevler escort was now naked as I was and I laid her down on the floor pushed her legs wide open exposing her labia to me. I pulled some pillows off the couch put them under her ass propping her pussy up in the air I went back to pleasuring her with my mouth. I had a couple fingers back in her and working them in and out of her as fast as I could. With my other hand I was playing with her tits rolling her nipples in my fingers as well as pulling on them. She was so wet and willing that it didn’t take long for her to orgasm and as she did so she covered my fingers with her juice. But I wasn’t done yet I wanted her to really get off so once her orgasm started to subside I went back down on her and this time I alternated between sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her. When I was tongue fucking her I would be playing with her clit and when I went to suck on her clit I would finger fuck her. She didn’t know if she was coming or going and her orgasms hit her one after another so much so that she started to brown out on me. That’s when I knew she was ready for my dick with her still on the pillows it was the wrong angle so I rolled her over on all fours her sweet tits just dangling waiting for me to play with them as I fucked her. And that is just what I did as I worked my dick into her my hands went around her sweet body and I found her tits. With one in each hand I started to pump her nice and slow at first as I played with her tits but I wanted to go a bit faster with out hurting her sweet tits so I let them go. I took hold of her waste and I went to town. I started to speed up with each stroke and before she knew what was happing or that I didn’t have a rubber on I was pumping her like a jack hammer. Her tits were swing back and forth with each stroke and my balls were slapping her clit with the force of my thrusts. She again started to have her orgasms and I could hear her say to give it to her and I was very close to loading her up. As she buried her face into the carpet I let loose with a load nice and deep in her, that’s when she realized that I didn’t have a rubber on she tried to pull away but I held onto her as I pumped every last drop of sperm into her.When I was done I pulled out my dick covered in our juices and just sat back against the couch to catch my breath. She got up and sat next to me leaned her head on my shoulder and with a soft voice said “I wish you would have used a rubber” I told her if she wanted next time I will she said ok maybe. My hand went between her legs and my fingers started to explore her pussy. I could feel my sperm on the pubic hair and I slipped my fingers into her. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I like playing with full pussies. So she opened her legs wider for me and I slipped my fingers into her which of course started us up again. But this time she sucked my dick and she was good. With her tongue she cleaned our juices off of it and then she ran her tongue between the skin and the head of my dick that was nice only a couple women did that for me and I will tell you about them later. She used her mouth in some very cool ways and she could deep throat like hell she tool all of me down taksim escort her throat and keep it there for a few seconds. She also liked to just suck on the head of my dick as she jacked me off that was fun, yes I do enjoy a good hand job and she could give some of the best ones I gotten up to that point. Well she made me cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it but what shocked her was the fact that after she swallowed I gave her a deep French kiss. I have to say it made her melt a bit as I French kissed her long hard and deep. We knew we had the morning so we didn’t waste it naked we walked into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and as she bent over to get something I could help it I had to slide into her again so I worked the head of my dick into her still wet full pussy and just went nuts on her I fucked her so hard and fast that she lost it her knees buckled and I had to hold her up as I fucked her she was yelling and moaning like a wild b**st and it loved it. When I was about to cum in her again I pulled her onto me shoving my dick as deep as I could into her and shot what little sperm my balls had into her. As the last of my sperm shot out I just held her on my dick feeling her warmth all around my dick was just so cool and I didn’t want that feeling to end just yet. But as I held her there my dick was getting soft and little by little it wanted to slip out. She was coming around and she got her legs under her, that’s when my dick pulled out of her covered in my sperm and her juice. She got down in front of me and sucked my dick clean. She stood up and with a smile said the hell with the rubbers just keep shooting your loads in me and I will be a happy camper. We got out coffee and went back into the living room. We sat them down on the coffee table and she bent down to pick up her gown, as she did so I could see a mix of sperm and juice run down her leg. Are you going to take a shower before they come home I asked her. With a smile on her face she said fuck no I want to keep your sperm inside me as long as I can. What about your panties won’t they get wet? Yes and what about it I want it that way. Ok so we walked into her bedroom where she picked out the outfit she was going to wear that day. She took her time picking it out I must say but soon she had everything laid out on the bed. She started out by putting on her panties and I could see a wet spot coming through already. She then picked up her bra and put it on she turned around and asked me to hook it for her. I said sure but before I did I got one more feel of her tits and then I hooked her up. The wet spot was getting a little bigger so I asked her about it. She walked over to me and told me to have a feel, wasting no time my hands were all over her crouch pushing her panties into her pussy was fun but I also pulled them to the side and slipped my fingers nice and deep into her as I did so I leaned down and sucked her clit making her orgasm once again. As her orgasm faded she pushed my head away and told me she had to finish getting dressed. She put on her shorts and a nice top and we walked out to sip our coffee. As we sat down and picked up our cups her husband and Jeff pulled up in the driveway. Talk about cutting it close but when they walked in we acted like always. Jeff and I went on our hike and it made for a good weekend.That was the first of many that we had sex and each time we did more with each other the before. We can get into all of them as the story unfolds a bit more but this is a good start to it.

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