First Gay Tendencies (part 6)

First Gay Tendencies (part 6)
After our intense ménages à quatre, we were all quite sore for several days. We had continued on that late afternoon for another hour or so, until Ellen had to leave to pick up their son.

Afterwards, my wife and I were as close as ever. We were just so affectionate with each other. I brought her flowers everyday and she laughed at all my little jokes. And we were constantly pleasing one another, it didn’t matter what time of day. But it wasn’t so harmonious with our young neighbors next door.

It appeared that Benjamin was going through several stages of guilt, turning into anger; not only over his own sexual behavior, but Ellen’s as well. She complained to my wife daily about his verbal abuse. There was a lot going on in his head, and things were moving just too fast for him. And sometimes he would look pissed at me, like I was to blame. “So be it” I thought. Better it’s my fault than him making accusations towards his impressionable wife.

But we had one thing on him that he just could not get over: it was his regard for my wife that held him at bay. It was more of a fear than anything else; a respect for her that he no longer afforded his own loving wife. He loved how she was able to put him in his place. And her dominance over him in bed had opened an entirely new perspective he hadn’t comprehended before. He was in awe of how she pounded him with her strapon, while commanding me to take his young wife in front of him. But it was how she mocked and belittled him that was so arousing. He loved how helpless he felt while being put in his place. But he was also spiteful that Ellen had witnessed it all, even taking part in his humiliation. It just wasn’t what he expected of his loyal spouse. And he had all kinds of thoughts he was conjuring up in his mind.

But in fact, jealousy hit all four of us quite hard. With Benjamin’s unstable range of emotions towards Ellen and myself, he still lusted for my wife’s dominance and her big breasts, he just couldn’t help himself. In turn, it was only natural that Ellen felt neglected, and she had been for sometime. For her, this provoked an appreciation of just how much I was attracted to the young beauty. My wife too was taken with the youthful Ellen, but confided in me that it wasn’t only about lustful feelings. She explained her concerns over Ellen’s thoughts for me, and how easily our situation could be misconstrued by the starry-eyed babe. She believed Ellen was attracted more to men in general, and I had given her something she hadn’t had in a long time. And with her hormones exploding, I made a greater impression on her than I had originally thought. Trouble lied on the path in front of us. And to make matters worse, someone else re-entered the picture.

One Saturday evening my wife and I drove into the city and dined at one of her favorite Italian restaurants. I could tell the stress between our neighbors hit her closer to home, and she needed a night out, away from it all. And she smiled and enjoyed herself the entire time; until we pulled back into our driveway. Ellen was sitting on our front porch, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Apparently, a young guy knocked on their front door, looking for me. We knew it could only have been one person: this young stud Jeremy, whom my wife caught me fucking several weeks before. It was a meeting of destiny, one which sparked change in all four of our lives. And apparently, Benjamin took to him immediately, inviting him in before engaging in
physical contact straight away. Ellen at first saw it as a chance to get closer to her husband. But both males took no interest in what she had to offer. Benjamin told her to take the baby to her sister’s for the night, and that they were to have a serious talk in the morning. Ellen feared for the worse.

Understandably, she was upset. She dropped off her son with her sister and came back to wait for us. She then asked me to go over and speak to him, after all, she was desperate. My wife objected, “In light of the circumstances, I don’t think that’s the best idea at this particular time?” Then she gave me this look of total mistrust, I could tell she looked stressed again. “I’ll go” she tentatively proclaimed. But was she really worried if I was capable of controlling myself, alone with this vulnerable, horny babe? Or was she concerned of her own hormonal susceptibilities, in light of what was undoubtedly taking place next door. I put my arm around Ellen and led her through our front door. She looked at me as if I had just comforted her from her worse nightmare, and my wife had seen that gaze as well.

“Hey, cheer up. Benjamin loves you. He’s just got a lot stuff stirring up inside of him” I told her. “Yeah, but he’s releasing it into someone else’s holes” she observantly remarked. “Do you want a drink?” I asked. “Whiskey, straight up. In fact, bring the bottle”. “But aren’t you breast feeding”? “Not after tonight. I need a drink”! I then brought out two highball glasses along with a bottle of a single malt scotch I had been saving. I knew the way my wife gets when she drinks, so I was apprehensive for what this might turn into. As I poured us two drinks, Ellen smiled at me with great appreciation. “Thanks so much for being here for me. You have no idea what goes on in that house”. “For you Ellen, always” I said as we toasted to better times.

“You know, it gets old, getting called a liar, a slut, a whore. All on a daily basis” she admitted. “Is it really that bad?” I surprisingly asked. “He really hates me. I just wish we could be like you two. You guys accept everything so casually” she explained. “Oh, we’ve had our ups and downs. And we’re still learning about one another. It all comes with time. Be patient, you’ll get there” I said. She stared into my eyes like a lost soul and said “You’re just so cool about everything. I wish my own dad was more like you”.

After a few more drinks, she really did seem to settle down. But I began to wonder what was happening next door, and just how long their discussion could go on. Then the thought came to mind; was my wife pulling a threesome? With Benjamin, he was surely open for it. But Jeremy, she just didn’t seem his type. So I kinda brushed off the notion and continued consoling Ellen. “Tell me how you two met?” I asked, as I thought it would help conjure up positive thoughts about her husband. “I don’t want to talk about him. I would rather talk about you, and how you fucked me so well the other day” she said.

Here again, she appeared so perfect in my eyes at that moment. I knew it was enhanced by the scotch, but now she was looking like the ultimate supermodel. And her natural beauty had considerably grown on me over the past days. But then I just started wondering; how could this super hot babe even be interested in someone twenty years her senior? I also thought about how much I loved fucking her ass, and remembered how much she wanted to pull an ATM. That’s when I became mesmerized by those stunning lips of hers.

“I really love the idea of you being my loving father. And I would do anything in the world to please my caring, protective and wise, old daddy”. I almost choked on my scotch as she spoke. She continued “Don’t you remember that you promised to cum in my mouth? Have you been thinking about me at all”? she said with conviction. “Have I? Of course! I normally like brunettes, but you are basically the hottest blonde that has ever got me going. You know I came three times, and mostly because of you? You have to realize because of my age, that that hasn’t happened on the same day, in a very long time”. “Do you want to shoot for four?” she asked. “Now?” I nervously asked. She then sat next to me on the couch. “Right now” as she started to kiss me.

I then thought about my wife, that if she were here, just how much she would be enjoying this. And then there was the viagra, just in case I had already drank too much scotch. And did she just say “shoot for four”? I decided that viagra was a must take for the evening. And what on earth was taking my wife so long over there? “Hold that thought” I told Ellen.

I ran up to the bedroom and took two pills. Hurtling myself downstairs, I yelled out “I have to get her approval”. Ellen then remarked “I hate to say, but I really admire you for doing that”. I flung open the front door and ran next door.

As I steadily approached their front porch, I could already hear my wife’s distinct moans. I nervously peeked through the partially shut inside blinds, and there she was, the loyal love of my life…on a living room sofa chair, getting the double penetrating fuck of her life. Both males were madly kissing, as my wife was sandwiched inbetween them. “Wow! Some negotiator?” I thought. Benjamin was pounding her particularly hard from behind, as he had one foot up on the right arm of the chair, and my wife was sitting on top of Jeremy facing him. I just didn’t know what to think. After all, I started this entire frenzy by fucking Jeremy. I then thought of Ellen.

I ran back and found her naked on our sofa. “Did she say yes?” she asked. “Oh yeah, I got her approval all right”! As I charged towards her, she dropped to her knees. She then immediately unbuckled my pants and said “This time, you’re going to cum in my mouth”!

She began by sucking with those wonderful lips, but I soon had the imperative urge to feel the tightness of her ass once more. I lifted her up and carried the petite beauty over to our sofa chair. First bending her over, preparing her for docking; but this time around, I went straight in without much resistance. When she was able to fully take my length, I picked up the pace as she let out a long, deep moan. Then I pulled out and guided her upright. I sat down in the chair as I wanted her in the same position my wife was just in. “Sit on it” I told her. She straddled me and leaned in to kiss me. I again found her backside hole and loved watching her expression as I entered. The viagra hadn’t yet kicked in, but I was as hard as a steel rod from her mere presence. I wanted to kiss her, and she tried her best to kiss back as she took me. I was pinching those milky nipples, and soon felt the need to taste them. After sucking for several moments, I looked back up at those beautiful eyes and she asked “Tell me when your going to cum”. She then laid her head down on my shoulder and just enjoyed.

My anal penetration was stimulating nerve fibres in her urethral opening, causing swelling in her vulvar and clitoris regions. Due to the thin membrane tissues between the lining of her vagina and rectum chamber, it was when she leaned in towards me that allowed my cock direct contact onto her nerve pathways.

Ellen had realized the first time we had anal sex, that her vagina was massively wet, even while taking it in the ass. Secretions of fluids were flooding her throughout as I had continually pounded her. But this time around, we pinpointed the exact location, directly onto that nerve. And she knew it from first contact, and was soon to have a massive orgasm because of it. I could see it on her face as well. This wasn’t a combination of experiencing pain and pleasure like before. This was pure joy as I pounded again and again and again. And tears ran down her face once more, as she demanded, “Don’t you fucking stop daddy”!

We didn’t hear the front door open, or that my wife and Benjamin had entered. They couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, but didn’t possess the gall to neither speak up or intervene. They just watched in awkward silence, as Ellen imploded from the inside. After she finished screaming, she jumped off me in a panic to suck my cock. “Give it to me daddy”! And that’s when I noticed them standing there. I must admit, it was a major turn on, having them both observing, mostly in shame. It immediately triggered a tremendously powerful orgasm, which Ellen was enjoying to no end. When she finished she said “Oh daddy, I think I’m falling in love with you”.

Indeed, the two had thoughts of their own on the matter. But I handed my wife a tissue and instead notioned the cum all over her face. But I couldn’t hold it against her, not after all I had done.

In the aftermath of those erratic times, Benjamin left Ellen and their c***d for another guy from his office. Ellen and her son moved in with her sister, before settling down with a well off, older gentleman. And what a prize she must have been for him. My wife and I settled the storm for a while, before joining an exclusive membership club. We continue to live passionately and in love to this day. And what a ride it’s already been.

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