First Cherry I Broke In College Part – 2

First Cherry I Broke In College Part – 2

After we started having sex for a couple of months, Deepa and I had gotten really good at it.

On a summer day, we were in her bedroom one afternoon. Whenever her parents were at work, we usually meet and fucked at her house a couple times in a week. We quickly strip each other and get into her bed. Recently we tried 69 and both loved it.

She pushes her mouth down to my cock as I strike my tongue up into her hot, tight pussy. We licked and sucked on each other, both of us responded to very well for each other’s actions with more fire. In no time we had each other at the edge of orgasm, the first of her was usually 4 or 5 times.

I saw her pussy started to shiver and shake. As she showed her cunt and asshole into my face as she came, I put a finger into her ass, knowing she loves it. She shot her orgasm hard and squirted on my face. Then I rolled her on me and got behind her. She loves doggy style and grabbed my cock and guided me into her pussy. I loved this when she did it herself. She pushed me up to her opening and I pushed hard.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she moaned hard as I torn her pussy over and hard. As her pink asshole faced towards me, I smelled the aroma. It’s a body chemistry between us and this made me crazy. I saw her face in the mirror and her face was filled with ecstasy…eyes rolling back, jaw opens and closes and she is breathing heavily. She was getting close to cum again and she wanted to cum together.

I waited for her and slowed down my pace , but she started to cum first. Then I started about to cum and let out my cock and cummed on her face as she usually likes that. And then we both collapsed our arms. I took a towel and cleaned her face and we cuddled and kissed intensely.

“Oh God, that was fucking good. I love the way you make me cum so easily. You really know how to make me happy .” she sighed.

“Did you noticed how different your orgasm are when we do it differently?” I asked.

“Yummy yea, but I enjoy whatever you do. You can do anything you want”

“Really do you like my finger in your butt?” I asked.

“Hell yeah,” she shyly murmured, “it really feels good. It’s a whole damn different feeling and I feel I ’m zero on it when you do it. Almost there is something more intimate and trust in it. I even never had a thought about that until you fucked my virgin pussy and made me a slut.” she admitted. This was the opening I looked for and she gave it.

“huh well, what if I go on your asshole ?”.

“Ummm you can but, don’t know about that. Your finger is small and I’m scared that it will hurt too much,” she said. “If you want to try it, you can or else it’s okay. You have to stop if I ask you to stop. And please use Vaseline or something…I don’t want to do this without a proper lube.”

I went to the kitchen and found an olive oil. And this was the best I can get at that moment which can act as a lube. When I returned she looked at it and she looked at my dick and my eyes after.

“I trust you and I love you. Please be gentle and please be slow.”

“Let me prepare you for this. I love you too.” I told her.

I went down between her legs and pulled her legs back, exposing her butthole to me. I should start with something that she loves. I lightly touched her anus and teased with my tongue, moistening and arousing her. She’s enjoying and moving into a rhythm with hips.

Then I opened the olive oil and dipped my index finger with the oil. Now I’m sliding my index finger in her ass and worked the oil around and also covering her sphincter muscle. I took out and re-entered but this time I put two fingers into her and lubed her with oil. She’s moaning now as well as pinching her nipples in pleasure. She ’s turned on now and breathing hard.
Her pussy was wet and her juices dripping down on my fingers and on the bed.

“God Ohhhhh, ohhhh yeah, ohhhh God, it feels so good.” She screaming in pleasure.

This is a perfect time to go. I stood up and applied some oil to my condom covered cock and coated it all over.

“How you want me to go? behind you or on top of me for this?” I asked.

” I’m scared now but I want you in my asshole, please go behind me, please go slow and please be gentle,” she said.

I went her over on to the back, made sure that she is in perfect position and went behind her nice ass.

“Babe, finger yourself for me, want to see you play with yourself while I go on your virgin ass,” I told her.

Immediately she stuck her two fingers into her cunt and began fingering herself. I stroked my cock slowly, without taking my eyes off her asshole.

“I want you inside me now, Fuck my ass now Oh God!!!! Fuck me.”

I waited for a second to make sure that we are okay and put the head of my cock against her asshole. She grabbed her both ass cheeks and pulled apart, inviting my hard long dick into her virgin ass.

Absolutely her asshole was a tight one and I went down slowly into the head in. The oil made it sure to get that far. I told her to trust me and be calm. Somehow I managed to get into the head at last. She panted and went solid, every inch of her body was tightening now.

I pushed a bit further and now she opened up for me something. She let a scream with the high cry of pain and hugged the pillows to bear the pain. Slowly I pushed further, halfway by now. She is not asking me to stop or resisting against me, but she’s still nervous tight.

“Do you want me to try another position or stop?”

” OUCH another position? What other can we try huh!!!” she got out in my conversation. While talking to her I went into her asshole all the way into her finally. I took a deep breath, as I was not prepared. But it was incredibly tight and rigid, but it was amazing. I took my dick out about halfway and went in back.

0 Go slow!!! Ohhhh god,ahhhhhh, fuck my ass.!!!!” she moaned
I went in very slowly in and out and she’s producing sounds now. A pleasure sound. God!!! I have no idea that a woman could sound like that. They were guttural.

“Ummmmmmmm…Fahhhhhh…..Ohhhhhhh…Guhhhhhh…Owwwwwww..Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!! She is screaming.

I’m in a nice rhythm at this momentum and sliding in and out easy and nice, feeling her tight grip of the asshole with each stroke, the oil really helping to keep my dick inside her smoothly and her butthole making nice sounds with my in and out thrusts. she tensed up suddenly and I was like she’s having a pain and going to ask stop now. I’m not sure maybe she had enough and done with now

But for my luck, she let a scream and also an orgasm. Fuck that I’m sure as hell she registered that in a mind-blowing Richter scale. She turned her head side to side and up and down, pushed her ass back onto my cock.

“Fuck ohhhh. I going to cum… God my heart is beating so good. My god fuck me hard… fuck my ass hard…. fuck my dirty shithole!!! Ohhhh God ” she’s moaning as she came out. This was an amazing feeling. Contractions of her ass abusing my hard cock. I’m giving her what she wants and started to pump her shit hole as hard as I can. And she is taking it.

” Fuck me hard you motherfucker…. Now or never… Fuck my tight ass!!” she yelled.

I ’m going my balls deep with every stroke with a force as much as I can dig, I’m giving her a pleasure her until she begs me to stop fucking her shit hole.

Suddenly she collapsed on the bed with my cock still inside her asshole. I slept on top of her and kept banged away inside her. She is just shaking her body and on some sort of seizure maybe. I turned her head to me and looked into her eye. She is here but her mind is somewhere else. I pulled out my cock and went her over and went right back into her ass hard.

She opened her eyes and locked her eyes with me. And I asked if she is enjoying this and she just nodded, but couldn’t talk as she is hell weak. I was close to letting out my cum and told her. She said she needs it inside her ass and again I asked her “Are you sure” she nodded. I took out my cock, removed the condom and put my dick in her ass and my cum exploded inside her. She panted and hugged me tightly. Once I ’m finished, I collapsed on top of her and I felt I’m totally exhausted. We both fell asleep immediately.

When I got up, she was still sleeping next to me. When I saw her, she looked totally mess and I too. I went to washroom cleaned up and went back with a wet cloth. She ’s awake and I gently cleaned her. Her butthole was bright red from the bang session. I made sure she is okay.
I went to the kitchen and bough some juice her and made her drank.

“Fuck what happened? I can’t remember much.” She confused.

” I think you liked it, yea we passed out..” I teased her.

“I did my best with you today and my ass feels like it’s on fire. I can’t do this again for a while, but I like to do it again,” she promised. I fucked her once more that night, nice and gentle without hurting her much.

The anal part of our sexual life was nice until we split up.

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