Anonymous Sex

I ordered a pizza and the app said it would be about 25 minutes. I ran to the bathroom to grab a quick shower before it arrived. I stripped out of my work clothes, leaving them on the floor where the fell. The water felt nice against my skin. Cool, but not cold.

I lathered up the lufa and began washing the day off. The soap felt good sliding across my body. I hung the lufa on it’s hook and finished lathering up by hand. The feel of my breasts, heavy in my hands. My palms sliding across my stomach and down between my legs. My finger tips rolling my clit gently between them.

I had just started to feel a tightening begin when I heard the faint sound of the doorbell!

I must have lost track of time, it had been so long since I’d had sex.

I turned off the water and grabbed the nightshirt that I’d slept in last night, pulling it over my head on the way to the door. It was long enough that I didn’t need any bottoms, barely, and hung off of my right shoulder barely covering my breast. And because I didn’t bother to dry off, and it clung to my wet skin, revealing every curve.

I rushed to the door and opened and a blast of cool hit my wet skin immediately causing my nipples to become hard as rocks. Before me stood a fairly attractive young man with my pizza. He was probably in his mid 20’s with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. His eyes ran over my nearly naked body, as I wasn’t wearing even the skimpy shirt. He smirked slightly, making him even better looking.

If my pussy hadn’t already been wet, it would be now!

As I grabbed the pizza I said, “Hold on a second while I get some cash out of my purse.” I put the pizza on the table next to the door, and bent to grab my purse off of the floor. Too late I realized my mistake and I knew he had a full view of my naked ass.

When I stood back up he was blushing. It was cute.

“I’m sorry, my wallet wasn’t in my purse. Why don’t you come in for a second while I go get some cash for you.”

He hesitantly stepped just inside the door but didn’t come any further.

I had cash in my bedroom so I went to get some. When I returned the hem of my shirt had ridden up slightly and my pussy was on full view. When I came back into the living room I was going to pull it down but noticed him staring.

“Do you like what you see?”

“I… I… umm… Sorry…” he stammered, turning about four more shades of red.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” I stepped closer to him, our bodies’ only inches apart. “Would you like to touch it?” I asked, grabbing his hand and holding close enough that he could feel the heat rising off of me, but not quite touching me.

He reached out a finger, rubbing it along my slit, but not quite putting his finger inside.

I backed away, still holding his hand, pulling him with me as I backed toward the couch. If this turned out right, I wouldn’t have to masturbate again tonight! “Would you like to get a closer look at it?” I asked, turning him so that he was sitting on the couch with me standing in front of him with my legs slightly apart to give him a better view.

This time he spread my pussy open with this fingers, exploring its depths and folds. When his finger made contact with my clit my hips arched slightly and I nearly lost my balance. I took off my shirt and leaned forward, bracing myself on the back of the couch and thrusting my tits in his face while he continued to play with my pussy, now thrusting his fingers inside of me. He used the other hand to guide my right nipple to his mouth where he licked my nipple, making it even harder before sticking it in his mouth and sucking on it gently.

I startled his lap, staying on my knees so that he could continue to play with my pussy and sucking my nipples, his mouth alternating between my right and left breast.

I couldn’t believe how good his finger felt moving inside me. My pussy was so wet I was surprise it wasn’t actually dripping! He expertly manipulated my pussy lips, working his fingers in and out of me all the while rubbing my clit with his thumb! I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t help it. I could feel the muscles in my pussy tightening as I came!

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying this,” he mumbled against my breasts while I moaned more loudly than I intended.

After I caught my breath I put my feet back on the floor. “It’s only right that I return the favor,” I said as I reached down to unzip his pants. I reached in and found his cock rock hard and throbbing.

He groaned when I touched it. I grabbed the waistband of his pants and pulled them down as he arched his hips to help me gain full access to a cock that was much larger than I initially thought it was. I leaned over and took it in my mouth, grabbing the base with my hand. There was no way I could get it all in my mouth! I couldn’t remember seeing one that big in quite some time!

I moved my head and hand up and down on his dick, sucking and licking the bulbous head greedily. I took my mouth off of his dick long enough to slowly lick the vein underneath. I started at the base of what had to be his 10 inch dick and ever so slowly, just barely touching it with the tip of my hot wet tongue worked my way back to his pulsing purple head, all the while cupping his nuts in my hand.

When I reached the head of his cock I circled the tip with my tongue before taking it hungrily into my mouth again.

I had really only intended to suck him off, but I felt my pussy getting wet and beginning to ache again.

After another moment or two of sucking his dick greedily, I stood up, startled him with my knees on the couch, and slowly lowered myself to him.

First I just rubbed my pussy up and down along the full length of him, teasing. Then, slowly, I engulfed just the head with my wet pussy, pulling back before he could push himself deeper inside me. Then lowering myself again, a little lower this time. I did this repeatedly until he was fully buried in my pussy.

I began grinding my hips back in forth, feeling him move and grow even thicker inside me. I hadn’t had a dick this big in me in years! It felt so good. I began grinding my hips faster, rotating in small circles, first to the left, then switching to the right.

I could feel the friction building on my clit as I was getting ready to cum again.

As I was grinding I could feel his hips moving up and down, increasing the pressure on my clit. But I didn’t want to stop! I kept grinding my hips along his cock! Faster and faster! Letting the pressure build upward from my clit all the way into my stomach.

“I’m going to cum again,” I said as I road him harder! Finally the pressure exploded all through me, causing my entire body to shake and quiver while every muscle in my pussy tightened and pulsed on his cock.

A moan escaped my lips that I’m sure the neighbors could hear down the street!

“Fuck yes!” He exclaimed rolling us to the side so that he was on top of me.

He thrust his hips hard against me, driving his cock so deep inside of me I could swear I felt the tip hitting my lungs! Harder and harder he pounded until he also began to shake, and at the last second pulled out and shot his load all over my stomach and tits! I had never seen so much cum!

After we had both caught our breath he reached own and pulled his pants back up. He looked embarrassed and said “Sorry about the mess. No charge for the pizza,” and took off through the still open door.

Looking at the clock by the TV, I realized that I had just enough time to clean up before my husband came home. Even though I was completely spent, thinking about what had just happened made me start to get excited all over again. Maybe, if he wasn’t too tired, I’d even fuck my husband after dinner…

I grabbed my night shirt off the floor, closed the front door, and went to take another shower before he came home…

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