Atlantic City Part 1

Atlantic City Part 1
Atlantic City: Part 1

He drove up to the train station and saw her standing there, in a short tight dress, waiting for him to arrive. He pulled the car up, got out, and ran around to open the door for her. It had been over a year since he laid eyes on her, and she was more beautiful than ever. After she got in, they began the usual small talk. “How have you been? How’s work?” Neither cared. They knew how each other were. They kept in touch via text message ever since they saw each other at a mutual friends’ party in the city. At first it was friendly back and forth, until it gradually became talking about sex and desires unfulfilled. She knew going away with him was a mistake, but she made it known that this weekend was more important for her than her lousy boyfriend and his friends back home.
The small talk continued and she waited for the inevitable question. “Where did you tell your boyfriend you were for the weekend?”, she nervously waited for. But he never asked. He clearly didn’t care. She agreed to be his for three days and that was all that mattered to him. And it didn’t take long for him to make that known.
They had only crossed the George Washington Bridge 15 minutes ago, and his hand was already on her left leg. She didn’t shy away, slowly inching her skirt up to reveal her black thong. Small talk was over.
She knew she shouldn’t be there. In a car, on her way to Atlantic City, with her college crush, and a boyfriend at home. But she couldn’t resist. Either could he. They had fucked once before and it was the best night of his life. Not only could she keep up, but she opened doors for him. Hair pulling, choking, name calling, role playing, anal. All things he had seen in porn, but never imagined doing in real life. He wanted to show her what she turned him into, and she was more than happy to oblige.
His hand slowly moved up between her legs. She was already wet.
“Not yet, daddy”, she whispered, as she crossed her legs.
She was soaked and his dick wasn’t even out of his pants yet. She had fucked a dozen guys in her life, and never did she have a cock like this. It had been years since he was inside of her. She wanted it again, needed it again.
“Now”, he said, as he Spread her legs open, gently rubbing her clit.
She couldn’t resist any more. She loved when he took control of her. It made her weak in the knees. Being submissive to his dominance was orgasmic in itself.
She rolled the top of her dress down and began rubbing her nipples. He had one hand on the wheel and one finger on her clit. “You are mine until i drop you off Sunday night, understand?”, as he slipped a finger up her tight pussy. She came immediately, closing her eyes, gripping his right knee and squeezing it until her orgasm was over, slowly muttering “yes daddy.”
After processing what just happened, she began to open her eyes and saw him struggling with his belt. She leaned over and helped him. She could feel his erection through his jeans. It made her wet again. She unzipped his pants and put her hand down his boxers. It was even bigger then she remembered.
She pulled his cock out and began to slowly stroke him. Her small hand barely fit around his thick cock. “This is mine until you drop me off Sunday night, understand?” Before he could even say yes, she had leaned over and put his cock in her mouth.
After a few minutes, he began to remember what made that first night so amazing. She would gently lick the tip of his cock before attempting to deep throat him. He knew it was impossible, but loved to hear her choke on him as she tried over and over again.
“Rest Stop Next Exit” read the sign as glanced up at the road.
Before she even realized what was happening, the car was parked. They got into the backseat and ripped each others clothes off. He bent her over and started to eat her out from behind. She was still wet from sucking his cock but he wanted to taste her. “Fuck me”, she demanded. He took his cock and rubbed her pussy, up and down, driving her crazy. “Fuck me right now”, she demanded again. He took his cock and slowly put it inside her. She was still tight, which turned him on even more. He grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled. “Harder”, she yelled, “harder.” He took all her hair with his left hand and pulled back. With his right he began spanking her. “Make me your slut”, she started to beg. He came inside of her as soon as the words left her mouth. Neither move for a minute, eventually catching their breathes. He pulls his cock out and spreads her cheeks, watching his cum drip out of her pussy. She takes a finger and scoops some cum dripping down her leg and licks it off.
After cleaning up, they hit the road again. “That was amazing”, she said, as she finally pulls her dress above her breasts. “And were not even in Atlantic City yet”, he replied.

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