Ana dominated by a black neighbor


Ana dominated by a black neighborAna dominated by a black neighborOn a warm Thursday, Ana told me she was very horny and willing to be fucked by one of our old neighbors, Jerome, a huge black man we had met for years. She confessed me that she used to spy on him every time he was in his back yard; she told me she got wet when he was around, showing his huge muscled torso naked.I knocked at his door and asked him if wanted to fuck my sweet wife. He seemed a little bit surprised but then he answered, of course yes, he would love to fuck Ana as she deserved. He clarified that she was to be fucked as he wanted and would be dominated as a bitch by him. I agreed, knowing that my sweet Ana loves to have me in control and she was very willing to submit to any stranger man.The next evening, on Friday, Jerome came by our house for a drink like he had done just two weeks before. Jerome was a good neighbor but also a nice friend, for both Ana and me. She always had thought he was even interested in her. After a second round of margaritas, Jerome was telling some stories about fishing, when his right hand landed on Ana’s right knee and did not move. Then, as he was still talking to us, his hand started to move up the inside of her leg, right behind her skirt.From then on Ana never looked at me. She and Jerome moved onto the couch, right in front of me. My sweet wife opened her legs for the arrival of Jerome’s fingers in her cunt and smiled at him as he kissed her on her lips and neck. His large hands took her right breast and squeezed hard, making Ana bahis siteleri moan in pleasure.Jerome looked down at Ana, telling her: “I am going fuck you hard, very hard”.She just whimpered “Yes, please”. Jerome warned her from this point on she was his bitch and she would do as he told her. She replied she was ready for everything that could happen.Then he ordered her to strip naked and get down on her knees before him. Ana stood up and took off the cotton shirt she was wearing, showing him her tits before turning around and bending over to remove her skirt, showing Jerome her pussy and ass. The huge black man grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and spread them for a better view. Then he turned her around and had her lean over so he could get a mouth full of tits. Ana was then dragged to the floor as Jerome removed his pants and exposed his black thick ten inch long cock for my wife to see.Ana gasped in surprise and she seemed pleased because she loves big black cocks.She took his cock with her hand and went to work sucking on it. But then he ordered her to stop and she looked up at him and he said in a very deep commanding voice:“You are going to be my whore for the night, sweet Ana. Hope you understand that”. She nodded and went back to work taking more and more of his huge piece of black meat into her sweet mouth and finally her throat. I loved the sound of her gagging as Jerome called her all the names in the book for a slut who was my wife.He was enjoying the blowjob but suddenly stopped her, telling he wanted more than her fucking mouth. canlı bahis He ordered her to get up on the couch and kneel over in front of him. He moved behind her and asked if the slut was ready to be fucked; of course, she nodded a moaned a soft yes, she was ready for him….Jerome moved into position between her nice long legs and soon I could see his throbbing cock entering my wife’s cunt. With one swift motion he was buried deep into her wet pussy and holding her hips proceeded to bang her harder and faster.Anita grabbed the couch with both hands and moved over Jerome with each stroke of his cock in her wet stretched cunt. She started asking him to fuck her harder and make her his fucking bitch whore, which seemed to turn Jerome even harder. As I moved to another chair opposite the couch I saw him begin to finger Ana’s ass, which I had forgotten to tell him it was off limits or so I thought. Ana moaned as he went deeper with his large fingers into her ass and continued to pump her with his hard cock in her wet cunt. She did not seem to object to what he was doing in her asshole, as she continued to beg him to fuck her deeper and using her as a fuck toy. Jerome reached over with his other hand and pulled Ana’s head back with a hand full of hair. He yelled her in her ear if the slut whore was ready for the opening of her back door.Without hesitation she moaned: “Yes, please, fuck me in my ass right now”. Suddenly Jerome pulled out and reached over to his pants, taking a tube of lube, which he quickly opened and applied to both his cock güvenilir bahis and her back opening. He said smiling: “You will love my huge black cock in your ass, bitch”.Anita still did not hesitate when she said: “Just go for it, I will bear the pain”.Jerome moved back into position. He needed no encouragement and plowed my wife’s ass like this was a normal event for her. Ana let out a yelp but told him not to stop. I could see this huge hard cock was really hurting her, but again she never said stop.Jerome had no problem in fucking my wife’s ass like he had her cunt just before. Ana seemed to move past the pain and started enjoying the banging into her fucking back door. He grabbed her hair again and asked how the whore liked this cock buried deep in her. My wife turned around smiling and told him to do whatever his cock desired. Then Jerome grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as it was possible. After a few minutes, he got to the point he had to cum so he pulled out, turned Ana over and got her laid on the couch ready to be his cum drinking slut. He placed his cock close her willing wet mouth and said her choice, all over her fucking face or down her throat. Ana answered quickly taking Jerome`s cock and starting to suck his load into her mouth. When he said it was about to happen, Ana just opened her mouth and took the first of several shots into her mouth.The black man shot all his sticky cum in her mouth and on her face. He covered her hair also in cum. Then Ana went to the bathroom and came back full cleaned up.Jerome was exhausted. He told me he could come again to bang my sweet wife everytime I wanted. I said him next time her asshole would be banned for such a huge cock, but he insisted, next time Ana’s asshole would be spread out and well fucked…

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