“Suddenly, people watching me in the work room parted quickly to allow Lieke to approach me on the table. Lieke had removed her leather bottoms and panties and was now totally naked below the waist with the most wonderful erect cock protruding flat out from her crotch, hard and menacing, perhaps eight inches or more in length, circumcised and fairly thick with a silver band cock ring at the base of her cock. She had beautiful “balls” to go with the cock and now stood before my spread legs. “You look a little excited and very aroused young lady and I see a well- prepared bum hole before me. Is it possible that you wish more than a spanking here in front of everyone? Perhaps you need your bare bum to be thoroughly opened and filled by a suitable cock? Is that the case young lady?”
I could not stop staring at Lieke’s incredible cock and found myself nodding my head once more and in a quiet voice telling her she was once again correct and that my bum needed to be used in front of everyone.”


I should have been terrified and terribly ashamed at being in such an obscene position with my legs fully tied back and spread apart, everyone present staring at my thoroughly wet and more than a little parted pussy and worse, my now completely lubricated anus also slightly parted and beckoning for Lieke’s swollen cock to enter and explore my nether region. However, instead of being ashamed, I was excited beyond imagination, partly at the impending entry of the cock poised at my bottom entrance and perhaps more so, at my brazen exhibitionism. Knowing that not only the people in the work room were watching intensely, but also knowing that people in the brownstones and in the parking lot two floors below were also watching my shameless predicament.

My thoughts continued to center around Lieke, as I took in her height (I learned later that she was a little over six feet) her very athletic figure with her open short leather top emphasizing her upper torso and breasts, and then the lower half now completely naked with muscular thighs, a lean waist and that incredible cock easily eight inches in length and at least one and a half inches thick in its swollen erect state.

“I think” continued Lieke “that perhaps I should explore your cunt first before I enter your ass and fill you to the core. What do you say young lady?” The large windows in the work room could be opened in such a manner that they swung completely back against the red brick walls of the building and on orders from Yara and Femke, two of the store customers had now opened all the windows that way making my exhibitionism even more clear and visible to the people watching from the brownstones and parking lot below. It was a pleasant breeze across my thighs and buttocks that made me aware of the windows being opened, together with very audible comments from the parking area below such as:

“She is a lovely sight with her holes totally exposed and just waiting to be used nice and hard Lieke.”

“All the way up her ass Lieke. She needs to be filled and stretched.”

“Give it to her good Lieke. We can see that her ass and cunt are dying to be used in front of everybody here.”

The voices and words did nothing but excite me more, when I should have been literally petrified and thoroughly ashamed at being seen this way with my soaking wet vagina and lubricated anus, eagerly presented to Lieke’s incredible cock and perhaps many other insertions.

Hearing Lieke’s question amid the shouted comments from below, I found myself once again nodding my head in agreement and actually trying to slide my bottom closer to the edge of the table towards that waiting cock much to the amusement of Lieke and those close to me on the table. At that moment I realized my only desire was to be opened and filled in both my sex holes with as many strangers watching as possible.

It also made me think of the many times that some of my lesbian friends had taken me to public places such as adult cinemas in Paris and private clubs there to be stripped nude in darkened corners, bent over cinema seats with legs spread wide, having my anus well lubricated in front of complete strangers (there being no need to lubricate my already wet pussy) and then having my lesbian friends use their strap-ons to penetrate me as the watching men masturbated with all interest in any x-rated movies on the screen forgotten as they enjoyed my lewd exhibitionism.

Suddenly, I was brought back to reality as Lieke slapped my bare and obscenely offered bottom, first my left cheek and then the right cheek, leaving hand prints in their wake. “Now young lady” spoken in a crisp, no nonsense voice by Lieke, “it is time to explore your cunt and ass and if you behave yourself, others will explore you too, perhaps two at a time. Imagine nice hard cocks thrusting into your cunt and up your ass at the same time, filling your lovely holes and everyone watching.”

I was now fully alert on hearing what Lieke was suggesting. I had experienced two of my lesbian friends taking me with dildos at the same time, but I had never experienced two actual cocks inside me at the same time. I found the idea very intriguing, if not truly exciting and with all these people watching my lewd exhibitionism. Again, I nodded my head at Lieke as she placed the head of her cock at my pussy opening, now soaking wet and then slowly pushed her cock into my vagina.

Her cock was incredible, fully erect, hard and warm, sliding slowly up inside my womb, filling every centimeter, pulsing, taking my breath away, almost a dizzy feeling and then I moaned loudly as Femke used her finger to rub against my swollen clit, squeezing it between two fingers then slowly rubbing it very gently as Lieke began to move her cock in and out of my pussy. The dual actions of Lieke and Femke began to have an exhilarating effect on me.
I was intensely excited, the feel of the cock inside me moving more quickly, penetrating me completely. I was aroused beyond anything I had ever experienced with my attention totally focused on Lieke’s knowing eyes as her cock now thrust in and out of me.

People laughing, shouting, removing their clothes and revealing hard erect cocks, understanding that Lieke had awakened a female open to complete domination, to being used in all her holes – willingly, anxious to experience sensations never before realized. Happy to have everyone watching her shameful display and waiting for the next act in her lewd, sensual, uninhibited performance. Waiting for the elegant and very attractive young lady to take Lieke’s superb cock up her offered and very bare and exposed ass.

I was on the point of an enormous orgasm when at a signal from Lieke, Femke stopped what she was doing to me and Lieke pulled her cock out of my pussy. Lieke then motioned two of the semi-nude customers around me and whispered quietly to them. Their cocks hard and erect, swaying slightly as they approached me, and then each took turns to smack my bare bottom. Somehow Lieke knew that I enjoyed being spanked on my bare bum and the smacks only added to my wetness and arousal.

It seemed that everyone around me also sensed that I was enjoying being spanked more and urged the two customers to spank harder and to make sure that the spanks were applied to my wet pussy and openly displayed ass hole. The two customers complied, and I became even more excited and terribly aroused. At that moment Lieke stopped the two customers and moved closely to me, placing the head of her wonderful cock against the entrance to my now well lubricated and partially open anus. Before I could think about what was happening, Lieke’s incredible cock slid past my anal ring and slowly began to tunnel up my bum until I was impaled on the full length of her cock.

The feeling was more than I had previously felt with friend’s dildos and the occasional male cock, filling my passageway completely, stretching me and causing me to moan in abject pleasure. “Now young lady, I am going to complete that orgasm for you with everyone watching your ass opening for me” Lieke told everyone around me as she began to move her cock in and out of my bare bum. Everything was a blur around me as I felt my body jerking and moving to the steady thrusts of Lieke’s cock up my rectum, dimly hearing the encouragement of everyone watching my thorough public sodomy –

“Look how her ass opens for all of Lieke’s cock.”

“Harder Lieke! Pump it up her ass. You can see she is enjoying it!”

“We are all waiting young one to use your cunt and ass and let everyone see what
a beautiful slut you can be.”

“Her ass hole is going to be gaping when we are all finished.”

What had started as a casual afternoon shopping in Amsterdam had turned into something very different as I found myself arching repeatedly, reacting in the most lustful way to being publicly sodomized knowing all these people were staring at my open bum hole being stretched and filled by Lieke’s fantastic cock and I wanted my bum and pussy to be used completely. What a story I would have for my lesbian friends when I returned home.

At that instant, my entire being erupted in the most delicious and incredible orgasm. My moans were so loud that Lieke thought at first, she had injured me, but as my body writhed on the ironing table and the wetness from my pussy spread on the ironing table cover, she realized what had just happened and that triggered her own orgasm pumping warm liquid up into my bare bum. Later, I was told that my orgasm was the longest and most vibrant seen by any of the people present and Lieke continued to keep her cock in my bum as I slowly calmed down from the most incredible orgasm that I had ever experienced. When she finally pulled her cock out of my bum hole, all around could see that my anus was very open, and my pussy soaked.

The now large crowd below in the parking area cheered wildly and suggested that Lieke and her two owner partners bring me down to them, but Lieke refused to do so. The owners of the unusual store recognized that I was a little exhausted from the unexpected experience that afternoon and untied me from the table and took me to a private bathroom to refresh me in every way. They also allowed me to choose fresh clothing from their extensive inventory, but not before taking photos of me completely nude with my own iPhone and using their own smart phones, making me touch my toes and pull my bum cheeks apart to show a very open anus and still wet pussy.

I was told that I would be welcome back anytime, particularly at night when they would make my time there exceptionally enjoyable and very meaningful for my delightful cunt and beautiful ass. When I returned to the hotel that evening and looked at the photos that they had taken for me with my iPhone, I had another orgasm as a result and vowed that I would indeed return to their store, perhaps with some of my lesbian friends in the very near future.

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