A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #6


A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #6I went to my bedroom and changed into something cleaner and nicer than what I had on and checked out my computer, to see if there was anything that I may need to save, as far as dad was doing behind our backs, while waiting for my mother to get ready to go, which there really wasn’t anything other than his buisness or his job, which ever one want’s to call it.When mom was ready to go she stopped by my room and asked, “How do you like this dress handsome?”I looked at my sexy mother and my mouth must have dropped, “I take it that you like it, since your mouth just opened up?”. She had on a dress that was sleeveless with a deep V neck line that dipped all the way down about half way between her tits and belly button, then the dress tail stopped just about an inch below her groin and butt cheeks and even thou it wasn’t form fitting, it was still snug on her from top to bottom and red in color, and when she turned around, the back came down in a V, stopping just about an inch above her butt crack.”Oh man, you are sexy as all get out in that. I not only like it, I love it. Wow! I managed to say after a slight hesitation.”Why thank you. You are the sweetest man I know to date.”Once out at the car helping mom into the driver’s seat and then me sliding in beside her in the car, I was able to see that she had no pantys on under the dress both times, and her nipples were trying to poke through the material, at the top of her dress.”There is a restaurant that your dad would never take me to and I’ve all ways wanted to try it out, so how do you feel about cheeking it out.” as she backed out of the drive way.With a thought in my mind as to why dad wouldn’t take her there, “That sounds good to me. That way we can maybe see why, he wouldn’t take you there.””The only reason I can think of, is cause he’s been there and the food may not be to his standred for the prices maybe.””I think it maybe because of something else myself.””And what may that be?””Knowing that you and I go out to eat from time to time, while he is supposed to be on a buisness trip or eats out before going home, like he’s going to be doing this evening, he takes that flusy with him there, and don’t want you there to see or catch him with her there.””Mmm, you may have something there son.”Mom and I talked all the way to the restaurant and when she pulled into the parking lot, I looked to see if dad’s car happen to be there in the parking lot all ready, she parked in among three pickups that kind of had the car hid from sight, if anyone happen to be looking for it, then we got out with me opening the driver’s door and helping her out, getting another view of her pussy again as she got out.”I didn’t see your dad’s car any where.””I didn’t either, but then I don’t know what his secretary drive’s either.””I don’t know that either.” as we walked arm in arm to the restaurant door.Once we were inside the restaurant and at the hostess desk, “Yes, I called in a reservation for two, under John Russal.””Are you related to a Mike Russal?””May I ask, why you ask, before I answer your question?””The two Russals are requesting for a corner table.””Mike is my ex, and I do not want him to avcilar escort know I am here, or even got a reservation here tonight, if he is to ask about us, unless he is all ready here.””No he’s not here yet and I will make sure, he is seated on the other side of the room from you, in the other corner.””Thank you, and I do hope you fix it to where no one can ask him about us when he does come in, or you may have a fight in here, desterbing everyone here that want’s to eat in peace.””I’ll take care of that right away. Thank you for the heads up on it.”I saw that she did a lot of scribbling in her reservation book, before picking up a couple of menus and showing us to a corner table.When the waitress brought our drinks and took our order and walking away from our table, we saw dad and his secretary step into the door and step over to the hostess desk, and we noticed that he had his arm around her, like mom and I had done when we came into the restaurant, all the way to their table in the other corner of the room.While keeping our heads low while we watched dad and his secretary, they sat with their backs toward the door and didn’t even look around the room, to see if anyone was here that they may know, and we even saw them kissing each other like lovers do, which is what mom and I did and kept our faces hid from his view, just in case he did happen to take a look around.When mom and I finished up with our meal and paid the bill, we saw that dad and his secretary were still eating and kissing each other, like lovers do sometimes, mom and I got up and walked out the door and to mom’s car, and not seeing dad’s car, we decided to wait to see if they come out, to see which car or cars, they get into when they come out of the restaurant.While mom and I sat waiting, mom had unzipped my pants and managed to fish out my hard cock and was stroking it, while I had my hand down between her legs, rubbing around her pussy and causing her to have a orgasm and soaking the car seat and my hand, just before dad and his secretary stepped out the restaurant door and walked to a car and got into it, and then drove off with a final kiss, before backing out of their parking spot, with dad driving.”That must be her car. I also must say, you hit the nail on the head as to why he never would bring me here to eat.””Sorry mom. I was really hoping that I was wrong about it, after saying it.””I’m just glad to have it all cleared up, as to why he wouldn’t bring me here, when I would ask him about comeing here. Now let’s go home and get ready to meet him in my new dress, that you helped me pick out, and get you some reliaf from your big problem there.”While mom drove home, she kept a hand hold on my hand, to keep me from fingering her pussy, and we talked as she drove.When we got home and in the house, mom went to her bedroom and got undressed, then came to my bedroom, where I had her new blue dress and blue thong pantys and blue bra, both the sheer one’s, laid out on my bed for her to put on, for when dad got home.Mom helped me get undressed while I was going through the video of dad’s office, starting where I had left off to go out to eat, then as it played through, mom gave şirinevler escort me a blowjob.Mom licked my balls and my dick all the way to the tip before taking my cock into her mouth and sucked it down her throat, then backed off and sucked on the head, then back down her throat again.While mom sucked and licked up and down my cock and balls, she played with my balls with one hand and stroked my hard dick, with her other hand.After a few minutes, “Oh fuck, sexy, I’m about to unload in your sexy hot throat.””Mmmm.”With mom humming like that did the trick. My cum shot out of my cock and and down her throat, then she backed off some and just sucked on the head of my cock, while I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth, and she swallowed every bit of it.When I finaly stopped cumming, mom sucked on my cock for a little bit to get any cum that may have still been in my balls, before letting my cock come out of her mouth with a pop, then looking up at me, “Do you feel better now handsome?” “Yes I do, sexy, thank you, so very much. Now it is my turn, to give you some reliaf.”Just then, we heared dad say, “We better go and get something to eat, before we go to far here and get caught, then we can come back and have some fun, after everyone is gone for the evening.””Your car or my car?””Let’s take your car this time. We’ll take my car the next time.””Okay, here are my car keys.” as the secretary pulled a set of keys out of her purse and handed them over to dad, then they turned and he opened the door as they stepped out of his office.I then backed up and deleted everything, up to where dad’s secretary stepped into his office, where they started kissing and let their hands roam all over each other, till they left the room, then saved the part where she stepped into his office till they left, then fast forwarded it and deleted the time that his office was vacant.After some time had passed, the cams came back on when dad and his secretary stepped back into his office, hand in hand, then lights came on, then dropping her purse to the floor, they was all over each other, kissing and even undressing each other, all the way over to the couch, that is in dad’s office, when nether of them had any clothes left on to take off of each other.I had sat down in my desk chair and mom had sat down on my lap, as we watched everything that dad and his secretary were doing, then after they did some forplaying, dad got down on his back on the floor, for her to climb over him in a sixty nine, and when they finished oral on each other, she moved down and rode dad reverse cowgirl for a little bit, then she turned around and rode cowgirl, before dad had her get on all fours for dogy, then dad had her get on her back on the couch for missionary.I slowly moved the show till it was up todate, to watch it on real time, and after a few final strokes of dad fucking his secretary’s pussy, he filled her pussy up with his cum, and we saw that she had a few orgasms herself, and then a final orgasm, when dad filled her pussy up with his cum.Dad collapsed down over his secretary, and she had relaxed some too, but kept her arms around dad while he lay on top of her, and taksim escort they hugged and kissed for a few minutes, before he finally raised up and helped her up and they just sat side by side there for a bit, talking to each other and holding each other, with one arm around the other and one hand rubbing around on the other, with his playing with her tits, and her’s rubbing up and down his dick.”I figured he was messing around on me, but couldn’t prove it till now. That bastred, had he told me the truth and either filed for a divorce, or something, then my life would have been better than it really has been, till you and I started playing grab ass like we’ve been doing, the last day or so. Can you make a copy of all this onto a disk for me to show him, and maybe even black mail him with it tonight?””Yes, I can, but how about you wait till I’m able to retrieve my cams, and see if they do any more with each other, till he decides to take another so called buisness trip, for your anaversary.””That would be a good idea.””Also it will give me time to do some editing, so that it doesn’t fill up the whole disc, to where something may get cut off, that we want to see, and make copys of the disc, incase he does something to the one disc, that can be a big help in a law suit if it comes down to one.””Are you studing law or something, in school?””I’ve been studing up on different things, trying to figure out what I may want to do, and how much collage I’ll need for each fild of work, and that is the basic things about law suits.””Wow. At least your not just using your computer for just porn stuff.””Is that all you thought I was using it for?””No, I must confess, that I’ve looked at the history on here, and saw every thing you’ve done on it, the days that I’ve checked. Please don’t be mad at me for it.””Why be mad, your just doing your motherly job is all. Have you told dad about me watching and reading on porn sites?””No, for the simple fact he doesn’t really want me talking to him about things like that. He just tells me to deal with it, how ever I see fit. I must say, that I’ve even read the stories that you have saved, and wrote yourself. I guess that is why I’ve let things go as far as they have between you and me, and not fight with you about it. Besides it got me horny and helped me get myself off, when I was needing it so bad.””How do you feel about going all the way now, that we have crossed the line, and you knowing what dad is doing behind your back now?” then we saw dad and his secretary cleaning up some and starting to get dressed.”I’ve thought about it since our first night eating out, after going to the mall, and the reason I wouldn’t go all the way is, I was really waiting till I knew for sure that your dad was cheating on me. I will go ahead and wear that see through dress there, but without the bra and panties, till I’m ready to change for bed, then I will put on one of the sheer night gowns and nothing else, unless he says something to me about it, then I will tell him I saw him kissing and loving on that flusy at the restaurant tonight, and that you saw him too, and go from their, only if he says something about what I am wearing around in front of you.””What if he doesn’t say anything about it at all?””Well,I guess you may have a bed partner, if, he doesn’t say anything to me about it.”Take a look at my blog as to why it has taken me so long to add more to this story. I do hope everyone will keep reading as i get it wrote.

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