Sunday started early due to a thunderstorm at dawn, it cleared the heavy conditions we had endured overnight, everyone then oversleeping till the dogs began to howl there having been no food at the customary time. Thus, it was midday before we were sitting eating “brunch”, some more awake than others, the dogs fed, and quiet Babs inspected the piercings’ swabbing them as necessary, and over a second cup of restorative Eve asked if anyone minded if that afternoon she rode the horse it, having been her aim this weekend. There were no objections, and we all went about the usual domestic chores, while Joe and Eve sorted out their van to return home after the event.
By three o`clock we were ready and we assembled in the dungeon, everyone naked.
Eve first mounted the horse with the dildo fitted; her feet in the new stirrups and her hands in wristlets were quickly attached as Ann had been on the lift. Sam set the a****l rocking and we watched Amazed, as within seconds Eve was showing signs of climaxing, nipples stood proud and her breath in gasps. Joe remarking, he had “never seen her worked up so quickly before!” Sam lifted the lady from her seat with the tackle I removed the clip-on dildo and opened her sex to ensure she straddled the backbone as Sam lowered her down again her recently aroused tenderised sex now taking her whole weight. We each stepped back our eyes never leaving the now rocking Eve we each felt the need of relief, Joe sitting in one armchair, fondling my wife`s nipples her being impaled on his lap, Babs with Sam and I one in each hand sitting in the other chair each of us on a chair arm, her eyes fixed on Eve now in the first phase of yet another totally agonising climax. Only Sam had had the presence of mind to check the clock. Eve`s legs now with stirrups, were able to take some weight as were her arms but muscles soon became tired and it was a case of which was worse tired arms, tired legs or the pain from her sex, Tick…Tick…Tick, the clock marked off her agony, Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.
Babs hands went into a still tighter grip as she lived this other woman`s pain, Ann now wriggling on Joe who unable to keep himself in check erupted into her, triggering her own huge climax, the sound of which set off myself and Sam our seed splashing over Babs bare legs, Babs now had her own moment untouched by anyone, just the vision of Eve now screaming to relive the worse pain being enough.
Tick …Tick, Tick… the clock `s relentless movement, 35, 36, then a full 40 minutes, a tiny trickle of blood showed on the painful seat, as finally she climaxed again shouted enough at 42 minutes. Willing hands released her, and Babs swabbed her bruised and torn sex with alcohol spray. That caused another scream as the liquid hit the now raw skin. Another hour past before our guests left, a pale exhausted Eve, now seated on a pile of pillows and Joe at the wheel, followed by Sam and Babs who now bade us farewell the weekend was over. Back to reality the dogs needed walking and Ann needed to make a meal, work tomorrow, normality.
It was the middle of the week when we heard from Eve, she wanted to pass our telephone number to Patty, so she could phone us and introduce herself. We were happy to agree, and Patty duly rang the next evening. Between us we arranged for her and her husband Teddy, to visit at the end of the month, and for their caravan to stay with us for the rest of the summer to save them travelling the thing to and from. Ann chatted for a while saying about the story starting things for us and asking about some of the details. Eve, Patty and Ann soon had, the weekend at the end of the month sorted food wise and logistically and Life burbled along.
Sam now only visited perhaps twice a week, sometimes with and sometimes without the delightful Babs, Alf and he, having taken up residence with her in the flat over the tattoo parlour.
We also met up for a swim most evenings with both dogs and I knew Ann and Babs had something they were working on in secret together.
Ann enjoyed a session or two with her rocking horse, fitted with its dildo and said it was the best thing since the invention of the wheel, Pedro too had the odd romp with my lovely wife and one Friday evening she went off on her own for “a girl`s night out” with Babs.
The next week we had a week away, Sam living at ours for the week with Babs and no doubt using the facilities, while we dutifully visited Ann`s mother, then stopped on our way back to visit friends we had known for years. We were now keenly looking forward to our next session, so that last week we abstained as was our norm. The Thursday as any other couple was spent the evening in what Ann termed a “flit round” as; Patty who we had not met was coming, personally I would have called it a deep clean, but it all depends on perspective! Thus, on the Friday evening when Ann arrived home from work, we were ready to receive a visit from the pope or some other dignitary.
Sam and Babs arrived, and we sat with a glass in our hands when a tidy blue minibus towing a caravan arrived, the occupants introduced themselves as Teddy a medium height thin chap with a shaved head and glasses, not my mental image at all, his wife, Patty though had a build very like Eve well stacked still with a fair shape, greying hair, and a twinkle in her eye that said she could be real fun. We all sat and had a drink at the new bigger table I had built to replace the old table that had finally given up the ghost having been misused so for such a long period.
Having got the initial ice broken, Sam Ted and I set the caravan up against the doors of the garage / dungeon that never open nowadays. It would not be in the way there, long term, Ted levelling the thing with blocks and generally setting up camp as our last guests Eve and Joe arrived, they too after the usual greetings, setting up their little camper, this time at the other side of the car park. Sam and I shifting our motors to accommodate them while Pedro and Alf bouncing round all of us both eagerly expectant of some sport (as were we all I have to say!) and leaping up to greet Eve in a most over-friendly manner.
Ann, Babs, and Patty had cooked tea, local caught fish, with crusty bread and a crisp local salad, light but filling, and very tasty, which we all sat at the outdoor table to chill and chat for a while on a get to know you, basis. Ted had the photos he had taken of Eve and Joe with the handsome Trevor in various painful poses, all very well taken. Ann was keen to see the set of the branding, and he produced them, saying they suffered from camera shake as it had been so emotional.
Ann said she was not at all surprised and that the one of the actual second when Joe struck the brand in place was so graphic you could feel the pain and heat from the picture. Eve looked deep into Ann`s eyes and asked if that was what she still wanted now that she had seen the pictures. Her reply shook me, I expected her to back out, but she said, Partly for Peter, but mostly for me, I shall go through with it; but on my buttock not my breast as I was going too.
She added I will have a tiny one under each nipple, but I will do that myself and this weekend. But what would we use for an Iron, Joe asked the T was one that Trevor had had made by a friend in London and it took forever.
Sam said he had a blacksmith friend who would do it, but it would take a while, as he had a “roaring trade “in them as folk used them to brand their garden furnishings. We ordered a 1 ½” `P` for Ann, Eve then asked for a `J’ in 1” to match the `T` already on her other buttock. I, also promised for Ann, to make a tiny one in bent welding wire by the next day, if she was so sure, if that was what she really wanted. but warned it would not last long,
She now astounded me; by slowly untying her neck halter of her swim top, and revealing her lovely breasts much to Ted`s enjoyment it must be said he, having never seen this pair before. She motioned me closer and beneath each of her lovely now erect nipples was the tattooed around the areola a logo in tiny letters saying `property of Peter`. She had had it done by Babs on the girl`s night before we went away and had hidden it from me till now. I could not resist kissing my thoughtful wife.
So nice was the evening we sat as friends do talking of this and that and time frittered away, Sam brought up the subject of partners and from that we explained to the newcomers our rules of “engagement”, That no man shall sleep overnight with his own partner. Partners for each night were to be drawn on the first night, and what happened or was said was not for discussion ever!
Ann produced some paper and a pencil, on the first sheet she wrote, Thursday; Peter, with Babs, Friday patty, and Saturday eve, Sam with Patty, Eve and Anne, Ted with Eve, Ann and Babs and Joe with Ann, Babs and finally Patty.
Friday and Saturday anything went, but in strict rotation so as to maximise the fun, Sunday we explained was a day of vanilla sex with anyone who mutually agreed, of either sex, however if there was something anyone wanted to try that would potentially leave them sore or with bruises then that was up to them. Throughout though, the agreed safe word would stop any action as quickly as possible. Everyone was happy with that and Ted picked the word PORRIDGE, which we all agreed to use on any session.
Ann then brought up the Menu, explain that we had thought the marked ball`s that Trevor used were just a bit too complicated, so we had each person put forward whatever he or she fancied then wrote a simple menu changing it as we went along, to taste. Eve explained that last session she had ridden the horse and when fitted with its “saddle” (an 8” dildo) she said she had come in under a minute. Patty said she wanted some of that, so it went onto the menu
Ann then explained she held the record for riding without the saddle at 42minute`s but it had cost her dear as the soreness did not wear off for some days. Patty asked for details and said she would try that before she went home on Sunday if no one minded. Ann said I was down for piercing as was Eve and herself for nipple rings if Babs did not mind and had brought the necessary as asked, Patty and Babs already were pierced so they suggested Saturday afternoon for that. Babs requested a golden shower, as she wanted to try it, and Joe said he didn’t mind what was done to him as long as it was Ann and Patty who did it and it was their choice.
Sam said he wanted to suspend the ladies with weights, and Patty and Eve asked for a pussy whipping as they had seen it on a film and had fancied the effect, Babs and Ann saying that they had never thought of it before and would like to try it too That was scheduled for straight after breakfast on the Friday.
Patty wanted to try one of the dogs and Ted never having experienced anything like it and never having seen a film, was all for that. But he also suggested worm`s, his treat as the ladies had asked so much about it and he wanted to do an experiment.
Our menu now read; Friday morning pussy`s all round, partners as the night before. Friday pm, worms, Teds trial; followed by an evening swim then a pint at the pub, before, for Babs we would have a shower session a golden one. Saturday is lady`s suspension with weights morning and after dinner piercings as ordered and Joe and myself to be used by the ladies in any way they saw fit. However, Eve wanted her breasts whipped by me at some point as I had said that is what I wanted to do during the last session. Sunday; afternoon Patty would ride the horse we said that perhaps we would fit in a session with the dog in the morning if she really wanted but that it would be better to wait till next session as it was to be on our Anniversary, and it would fill a ½ Day before the branding. After which we didn’t think those who had had it done would want anything more than to scuttle off home.
All this time I had sat with a small pair of pliers fashioning from a gas welding rod a tiny `P` which I now presented to Ann, she said it was perfect and that before bedtime she would have two prints of it one under each breast. She lifted her lovely breast by the nipple and showed me where exactly it was to be.
Patty said that that was a sensual as she had ever seen, and Ted asked her if she wanted one for him, no she said she didn’t, but she would if he insisted.
He did not push it, but you could see disappointment written all over his face, so she said she would have it for him, but he must do it and she must be held down by the rest of us as she did not have the self-will to do it to herself as Ann had said she was going to. I fashioned another iron this one as a `T` and the table was cleared.
Sam fetched the blowlamp and my pair of welding gloves as Patty removed her dress, blouse and bra to reveal a lovely large pair of breasts with a huge areola large nipples and rings. She was laid on the big Table on her back, Joe appeared with some thin cord and a pair of weights which he attached to the nipple rings and lowered over her shoulders to hold her lovely breasts up and present them to the iron.
We gathered round, and each held an arm or leg or any other piece we could hold. She was then asked; which one of us is to do the deed. She said, “Ted the second one but anyone who wanted for the first but to be quick and get on with it or her bottle would go.”
Sam asked if he could do it as he wanted the practise as Ann had asked him to do her buttock the next session and he wanted to practise! She shouted that “she did not care who just do it or she would chicken out” the blowlamp was lit and the rod soon glowed, Patty shut her eyes as the red tip was plunged against the soft breast an inch below the nipple and dead centre.
There was a loud scream from Patty and her whole body rose despite the six of us full weight holding her down, as smoke rose from the brand and it was quickly removed. In the nearby field, the sheep normally placidly grazing taking flight from the sudden sound. Ted took the rod and it went back into the flame, tears ran from her eyes her head rocking with the pain, thrown right back over the end of the table the weights jangling about beside her ears, as she saw the livid red brand pass over her head on its way to the second brand, her whole body again convulsing as the wicked red end again sent smoke upwards and a deep scream rent the air. Patty was sat up and her new wounds tended and covered with a plaster, she tenderly kissed first her husband then Sam then had another drink to “ease the pain.” I said to Ann she did not have to do this, but she assured me she did “as her word was her bond and she had promised both herself and everyone else.” She said she would do the first herself if I would hold the rod, but she said that she wanted to have patty do the second and she would need to be held as we did for her as knowing what was to come would be far worse. Patty was not to rush as she wanted it in just the right spot and the right way up! The light was dropping now we had a cold trial to ensure the brand was at the right height the cold rod gripped in my gloved hand resting on the table, Ann stood back from the table as Sam used the blowlamp to bring the tiny `P` brand to a glow. Ann nodded to Sam he stepped back as she stepped forward and lowered her left breast onto the red-hot metal, keeping it there for a good second then lifting it by its nipple and stepping back. The pain hit her as she stepped back, and she slumped down holding her breast in agony. In a trice she was helped up again and onto the table. We all grabbed at a piece and Patty like a shot had the brand in the flame and back up to heat as I lifted her breast and positioned it cupped in my hands, her creamy breast that I had played with all this time, suckled, kissed. even whipped, the iron struck and did its work, smoke, a scream and it was over. The lamp out and the rod discarded her wounds were tended and admired before a plaster was applied and we drifted away to our respective beds, Sam and Joe being warned by their partners not to venture into the breast area tonight unless asked. It was a long night I suppose we were all fired up after the mini branding
My partner for the night was young Babs, we were in the front bedroom and she was eager to get laid, she said her breasts were not as yet in pain so not to be too precious with her.

By morning, we were more tired than we had been before the night but boy it had been good. The rest appeared slowly some bright and some tired, all dressed Sam, Ted, Patty and myself in track suits Ann and Eve in pyjamas and house coats, Joe fully dressed and Babs in a baby doll nightdress, as usual nothing was said of the nights activities.
Ann and Patty had their respective burns dealt with by Eve and Babs with sprays and creams before hiding them again under plasters. Ted soon had bacon in the pan and I the eggs, the other`s doing the rest of the chores so we all sat down to breakfast at the table together enjoying the lovely weather. The washing up completed the ladies gathered back at the kitchen, Joe and I selected ropes while Joe collected the weights. Ted put a selection of single tails and crops in a box listing them on some pieces of paper, as crop or whip for the partners to draw; he then wrote 3,4,5,6 7and 8 on another set of folded slips, putting them in a jug. Sam meanwhile had fitted each lady in turn with wristlets. They drew cards for who would be first, and were told to wait in the kitchen, Patty won, or lost dependant on the view-point, drawing a crop.
She lay on the altar raised her knees and we fastened the wristlets to her ankles and a cord from knees holding her sex wide open, the crude Piercings’ and rings now had cords attached and the cords to either lip rings she was now as open as could be.
Sam Her partner of the night before, now drew a slip and showed his victim the number thereon, a four, the minimum strokes. With a swift single stroke, that crop fell hitting squarely at her clitoris her top jerked upwards then as she fell backwards the second blow fell, and again she folded upwards, this time she spent longer folded double falling back after a second or two, the third blow, she let out a harsh groan, and stayed down so Sam administered the last blow before we released her, her pre-cum running freely down her leg. Sam fetching her to climax by sitting her in the armchair and using his tongue and fingers, it was megger. She lay collapsed as the next victim was prepared Eve was soon in the position legs akimbo wrists and ankles locked together, and the dreaded weights attached to the rings her lips wide the target clear, she too had picked a crop.
Ted Her partner of the night, picked an 8, Eve whispered for him to be quick, lay back and closed her eyes slap, slap, slap, slap, a scream then a small break then slap, slap, slap, and slap her voice echoed round the dungeon in a long single note. As before, she was quickly released for Ted to send her into that bliss-full state of climax with tongue and digit,
Babs appeared. She had heard the sounds made by the previous victims, and had drawn a whip she was visibly shaking as we secured her. Patty now recovered saying soothing things to her all the while. I drew for her a 5, my prayer answered, as I doubted she could have taken more. The sound of the thong swishing past my head to strike the young flesh came like a whistle followed by a smack, there was a scream, Patty said something to the girl then stopped me and fetched a gag, holding it in place she nodded to me and I took the second swing, tears fell and even with the gag she could be heard, three and four followed in quick order her head held in place by Patty, the last blow, softer than the earlier ones, fell and she was soon released, Patty helped me carry her still in tears to the armchairs near to collapsed. My tongue was soon at work on her red hot and painful clit as my wife was fetched in by Sam, glancing at the tearful girl in obvious pain now d****d over the chair, as she passed. She too had drawn a whip, willing hands securing her as before and Patty forcing a gag into her mouth before she could protest. Joe drew a 6, a shudder ran through her as Joe swung the first stroke both Eve and Patty willing it soon over for their friend. Crack, a muffled scream, crack a second, by the third tears were flowing crack, another louder scream, crack another and the last stroke hit was covered by the scream of the previous stroke. Joe was soon on his knees lapping at the poor woman`s stinging hot pussy, Babs by now having a huge orgasm, my face wet with her spend as she poured her fluid in torrents. Ann now adding to the sound of exited orgasm as Joe expertly fetched her to the boil sill in the position.
Sam now took Patty to his bedroom and no doubt `consoled her` Eve and Ted went off to the sofa in the sitting room Ann and Joe were still in the dungeon, so Babs and I retired to the front bedroom, there to make slow gentle love. We convened again in the kitchen for a late snack a long while later,
The girls swapped notes, Patty said the climax was good, but she had been lucky. Eve said the climax was good she agreed but she had drawn an 8 and that had been much more than she really could bear she said a 4 or 5 would have been enough. Poor Babs, we had forgotten she had a pierced clit, so the strokes had been magnified, and she had drawn a 5 and that had been like 10 really hard strokes and with a whip it had been too much, and we decided the whip was out for that from now on, Ann saying her 7 was hard but she was glad she was not pierced down there, but that Joes magic tongue had made up for everything before.
Having finished and done the washing up Ted said he had fetched the worms from the van, before we used them, he wanted to conduct an experiment so each lady in turn was to come to the altar one at a time carrying the bottom half of their swimsuits, two were to wash out there sex very thoroughly with water only and two not, he would explain why later each lady would assume the position they were in that morning unsecured, Then we were all to go for our evening swim. We sat in the kitchen as Anne and Babs went off to wash out and Eve swimsuit in hand went to the altar, she assumed the position and Ted gently inserted a funnel a short wide funnel into her, he then pushed a short pair of earthworms into her sex telling her to put on her swimsuit and wait in the sitting room but not to sit down, he then did it to the other three woman each in turn being told to wait as Eve had. The minibus soon took us all to the beach, the girls carrying summer dresses to cover the swimsuits for the dress code of the pub the men carrying tracksuits.
Each of the ladies seemed to be enjoying the experience, Babs and Ann more so than the other two; we were all splashing away happily within the hour. The seawater, doing wonders for our burns, marks and scars, aches and pains. An hour of swimming and frolicking saw us in the bay window of the pub, pints in hand, the rule being no shorts tonight. A few pints later we poured ourselves back into the bus and home we went. Ted now explained his experiment he said that he believed there is an enzyme in a woman`s virgina that will kill any living thing not meant to be in there, he wanted to see if he could prolong the length of time a worm would live in there, so he had put a couple of worms in each woman to see if the things lasted longer. Patty said hers did not last long at all, Eve said hers went quiet about the seashore area, Ann said hers was still active as she left the pub and young Babs said hers was still alive, she dropped her swimsuit and allowed Ted to ease the thing from between her sex-lips, its mate though was limp, but revived as did Ann`s, in clean water, the other two ladies pets were dead, well past reviving. Babs said the whole effect of a worm on her clit had been marvellous.
Eve said she needed a Pee, so we moved to the dungeon, and everyone stripped, Babs was soon on the altar and Eve straddling her, Every-one got in on the act the ladies standing above the girl and the men two at a time, using their water like fire-hoses, the ladies like showers, Eve facing her head managing to fill the waiting open mouth. Outside we used the hose to wash off the cold water fetching tired bodies back to life before we set off to our respective nests, this time with different partners tonight I had drawn Patty, the wise mother of two who had been in my sights since we met. It was to be another long night, she specialised in anal sex I soon found and so good was she, that since I have become a total devotee.
It was a tired pair that emerged and put a pot of coffee on, Joe the old experience Joe looked a shadow of himself after a night with a hyped-up Babs. Eve had to be called by the fit Sam, well exhausted but we had to call Ann and Ted who when I went and called them were still wrapped round one another.
Breakfast was quiet, but the coffee revitalised some of us, and usually we would have sat and chewed over yesterday but other than the golden shower which Babs said was strangely erotic, watching three fannies empty at her and being use as a gent`s urinal, we had little to discuss. I noticed Ted had given the girls a pint of orange juice apiece, not once but twice each. Eve dragged me into the Dungeon, and stood under the lift dropping her top to leave her breasts exposed, for me to secure her hands she then told me she wanted her tits whipped she would allow just 4 strokes now then she was to be left hanging with the other women until teatime. That would be four hours away.

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